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Justin Bieber promotes NSN DVD to Ryan Seacrest


What a weird video. Usually Justin is very smooth at making these videos. He seems totally out of it here. And it’s titled “Ryan Seacrest” and JB clearly said “Brian”. What’s going on here?

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  • CarlySug

    he seems very out of it here, it could be because he is sick but I still feel like he is going through something lately.. LOVE YOU BIEBER

  • Anonymous

    he is definitely making it awkward on purpose to try to be funny, and I heard Ryan but I can see how you could get Bryan out of that. Its because he said whats up ryan, which can sound like pryan, which sounds like bryan… if that makes any sense hah

  • Lightstrider

    Drugs? Medications? Sleep deprived? He has been touring… Lol

  • Aniestin

    he said ryan it just sounds like he said brian

  • kimmm

    i think he was being weird on purpose lol just for fun beacuse hes friends with seacrest

  • Alexandra

    Obviously he’s making it awkward on purpose. It’s probably some personal joke they have or something.

  • nvvn

    nhfhnv1fv i love justin bieber he has a boner 🙂

  • Patricia

    I can’t see the video 🙁

    • Mrs. Bieber(;

      me either):