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chrisbrown justinbieber 2011

New Chris Brown & Justin Bieber music video is going to be BIG

On Tuesday, fans immediately became excited by the news that Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have plans to shoot a video for Brown’s F.A.M.E. track “Next 2 You.” Luckily, that same day, MTV News had the pleasure of speaking with the video’s director, Colin Tilley, who shared a bit about the clip.

He teased:

Tomorrow, I’m shooting New Boyz and Chris Brown … then Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, together. I can’t tell you anything about that yet, but it’s going to happen. It’s gonna be big. It’s gonna be big. I can’t say anything else.


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  • oh!that so great!!!! do it Bieber!!!!i am waiting…,always love u

  • anne durias

    oh!that is so so so great……….go JB!!!!!!!! im always supporting you!!!!


  • Patricia

    Wow we really learned a lot in that interview……. its gonna be big lol. I love this song, I can’t wait for the video.

  • Me

    Who is that guy in the benie

  • Gaby

    Justin is amazing, and he deserves everything he gets, i am excited about the video,
    I also want to say Justin is a also a good person, and he deals with the haters and doesn’t make it a big deal, he stands up for his dreams.
    I love you Justin. <3

  • Great Ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I want to watch the video 😀

    Go Justin Bieber 🙂

    • i love u justn as my borther i lover u justin bieber

    • justin u are a handsome boy and funny and uare the best boy in the family and your mother loves u justin go to thank uri mother ilove u as my borther and i love u all i love u justin bieber i love u justin bieber

      • ryty


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  • hey justin biber my name mickel sammy i am from guyana i am a huge fan of yours and i love all your songs ,i want to say that u change my life and u tell us that life is great if u make the right choise and never say never to oppertunity when its come in our way i wish i could see u prform live in our country but not all time u can wish for everything at once any way keep up the good work justin i never miss eny of your songs od bless u bro bye.

    • Anonymous

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  • justin u rooockkk

    i love u very much
    u r the best singer in tis world for me
    luvv uuuu

  • rika

    I love you

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  • ashok

    you r so cute i love u dude

  • Anonymous

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