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Justin Bieber Manila Philippines Concert: OLLG

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  • Marie


    • nMn lYk U!! 😀 cN i gEt uR nUmber??????????

    • Anonymous


    • nanood ka po ba ng concert?

  • SHET ang swerte nung girl

    shet!!!!!!!!!!! ang swerte nya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lala

    jb is so cute ung girl………ugghhhhhhhhh no comment :p

    • Anonymous

      Bkit ang ugly ng girl???

  • lala

    my comment to the girl is shes so LUCKY!!!

    • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • why? people are jealous to dat gurl?????

  • OMG!cogratulation that girl!she so lucky!

    • rozlovesJB

      we r jbs fans but when some fans like put posters for him on every cm in here room it would be stuipd it would be so much absetion and if any one of his biggest fans met him she would probably will not know wt to say omg so silly if i met him i would ask him everything and talk alot soo i couldnt waste anytime being surprised i will
      take the chance i love jb

      • Alexaheartsbieber

        Ur so right

    • Anonymous


  • Julie

    thats so unfair they say that girl is the daughter of one of the owner of smart

    • megggiii

      No she was chosen out of a crownd of 23,000 people. She was not the owners daughter. That is a rumor.

      • twitter belieber

        oohhww..so that’s a rumor..

    • mich

      no she’s not the daughter of the owner.

    • no she’s not the daughter of the owner or sponsor she was chosen out of crowd 23,000 people she was so LUCKY!!!!!!!!….

  • Kill JB’S OLLG of Manila.

    • megggiii

      why? because justin wrapped his arms around her sang to her and hugged her? is that why. ? Well first off all i wouldnt start any death threats towards the OLLG because it wasent her fault she was chosen out of a crowd of 23,000 girls. If YOU were choosen would u like me saying KILL AUBREY JBS OLLG , NOO you wouldn’t be nice and respect the fact that you werent his OLLG that night., maybe another night you never no.

  • Awrillian

    The OLLG:

    Positive things to say:
    She’s Lucky.
    She received a bouquet of flowers from him!

    Negative things to say:

    Oh dear God, The stuff on my head are offensive! So better to not say anything before I change my mind.

  • Ellen Bieber

    That Should Be Me! HA see what I did there LOL

  • Patricia

    awww that was so cute.

    • Anonymous


  • twitter belieber

    someone told me na yung girl nag-bayad daw para jan..daughter daw ng may ari ng smart comm..but not sure about this info..

    • Anonymous

      wehhh . . d ngah

  • Anony-mouse

    Will you just please stop hating on the girl and leave her to be happy? It’s as if all of you are prettier than her. She is NOT the daughter of one of the owners of SMART nor the daughter of a sponsor. She paid to meet & greet him, which took her backstage. JB’s mom picked her out of all the girls who were there, including one of Francis Magalona’s daughters. It’s not her fault she got picked, she definitely just got lucky.
    All you haters out there, just stop making yourself look stupid. She met JB, she had her flowers. She is One Less Lonely Girl.

    • Anonymous

      You can pay to get meet and greet? :O

      • Anony-mouse

        Yes you can. You should’ve done your research before his concert.

  • christina

    hes lipsyncing. i know the song off by heart.

  • shella

    .may mabibili bng DVD para manood ung concert nia?

  • Jusnnie

    so lucky tlga nung girls sna ako na lang…love u JB

  • reymond gomez

    super naman ang blessings ng babaing yan…..share naman….

  • megggiii

    christina- hes lypsincying ( or however you spell it) because he was sick and vomiting back stage at this performance. Don’t hate on him he went out and performed while being 100 % sick. #proudofubiebs

  • megggiii

    also for the people who are hating on JBS one less lonely girl. She was choosen out of the crowd of 23,000 people and had no idea that it was going to happen. Imagine you get choosen your not going to say no of course ur gonna say yes so thats what she did and was really happy with justin her dream prob came true. so dont hate on someone who really had no idea that this was going to happen in the first place. what if it happened to you? would you want to be hated on?

  • Anony-mouse

    @megggiii – I hope everyone thinks the same way you do. Some people are just too narrow-minded bullshitters who wants to believe all the gossip. That’s one thing I hate about being a filipino, is that so many people like to shit stir and spread rumors which aren’t true. The girl is normal, infact, I know her so well. I grew up with her and her family. They’re normal people. I hate the fact that she’s getting so much shit for being JB’s OLLG. It shouldn’t be that way. Why can’t they just appreciate instead of hate?

  • sophia jade

    wow ang cute n JB super..!!!

  • guess who

    jeeezz..he was lipsyncing..I know he’s sick by that time..but, what about those who watch the concert at the last row..they were not able to see his face much closer..hear him sing live is their only hope….but…..still LOVE JB though!!

  • my comment is:
    that girl is very lucky because there are many many girls in that concert and they like Justin Bieber very very much. I think they are very jealous.
    But I’m so happy for her.

  • hi!! justin your songs are so beautiful like common denominator because i realize that song in my love life.hope u can come back again in philippines
    especially bacolod. you have a lots of bieliebers here.

    your concert here in manila was so very nice…thank u 4 mking other people happy..♥♥♥



    i love u 🙂

  • Anonymous

    gumanda lang sya nung namatay yung lights. seriously

    • Anonymous

      hi justine bieber you life me

    • nag sabi ka na gumanda lng sya nung namatay ang ilaw ang gwapo gwapo nya ……………..walang tatalo.para sa akin

    • Anonymous

      ang swerti ng grl….nka daste nya c justin..

  • Justin you are my idol forever and ever my all collection is you my dream is to see you in personal.i love u muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

  • ang panget nung babae

  • mayabang c justin bieber

    • super yabang nya tlaga

      • ang panget panget naman ni justin bieber

      • mOnkXx

        ..no he’s not !!

      • uuthjgf

        Don’t you dare talk to Justin Bieber like that!! baka ikaw yung mayabang diyan

  • fudgeee

    ang daya naman!! dapat ibang girl kasi siya yung anak ng owner ng smart eh yung smart yung nagasikaso nung concert >___< daya talaga!! tapos ang panget pa nung girl ANOBAYAAN!

  • Ilgın Bieber

    OMG! I Live in Türkiye My Belieber I love you Biebs