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justinbieber philippines 2011

Justin Bieber throws up while performing in the Philippines

Justin Bieber was so sick last night at his show in the Philippines, TMZ has learned, the singer repeatedly took breaks during his set to run backstage … and barf his brains out.

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ, JB came down with some kind of chest infection last week — and when he hit the stage last night in Manila … the wooziness was way too much to handle.

Gotta give the kid props — in fact, just before his concert last night, he tweeted, “Sick as a dog … But the show must go on.”


I can’t believe how many times this lady throws in some English to trip us out. And this is a professional news reporter. Is this how things usually is in the Philippines?

So does that mean to really understand Filipino tv means you have to understand 2 languages?

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  • The biebs is amazing hahah LOL…even though he was sick he refused to cancel the show…but i hope u feel better justin..I love uu <3 <3

    • Anonymous

      fuck justin bieber.. i hope he dies in sleep!

      • Patricia

        How disgusting can you be to wish death on someone? Thats really messed up! If you don’t like him, then get off this website smh.

        • Anonymous

          Thats true!How can you wish a dead!

        • Anonymous

          isnt justin biebr lik so cut and guess what he is having a concert in november…………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I now right idiots

        • Anonymous

          i agree thats wrong!

      • Jeanne

        Hey buddy what did justin ever do to you? You have no reason to HATE him ok so mayb you dont like him doesnt mean you have to wish he will die & if you dont like him why are you on this page anyway?

      • AB!!!!

        GOOOO die in A hole and eat ur own POOP!!! :b

        • Christy


      • dat is so meannnnn

      • Alexis

        Fuck u hope u choke on a dick and die

      • Patricia

        FUCK YOU ! bitch. .hu u? addict go to sleep

      • Anonymous

        That was very mean!

      • Teenager.

        Woahhh, jealousy alert πŸ™‚
        just coz hes bettr than your fake ass dont mean you have to trash him πŸ™‚ .. And also, why are you searching justinbieber news when you hate him :L ? Gosh, do you still live with your mom or something? Or did your gf break up with you?

        ^ notice how i dont even know you and i hate you and im assuming things? Thats how he feels.
        I hope i did No harm dude. Just giving you a taste of your own shit.

        • jb roks

          f you your a fucking ass whole I don’t like you.
          i wouldn’t even wish for you to die even know I hate you
          its awful to wish for some one to die πŸ™

      • Anonymous

        Justin Bieber can’t even sing.. He’s just another white kid that was properly endorsed and blown out of proportion. Who even thinks he’s cute? His 12 year old fans? Please. Don’t disgrace the art of singing with garbage like his music. Sinatra, Aguilera, Charice, can sing and hit high notes. Justin Bieber can’t even hit half of what real performers are. What a terrible joke. Hating? Jealous? You wish, i am wealthy enough already, it’s the horrible goddamn truth. Listen to his music closely and your in another sugar coated weak jingle. Almost as bad as the singers that sound alike. Jason Derulo, Trey Songz, Usher, and everyone else with the pinch my testicles and sing crap.

      • Anonymous

        yes he is a fucker i hate justin omg i want to abuse him very very much i mean i want to meat him wen i will meet him i wil ask only one question how many time he do sex with defferent girls selena is fucked by himhow more he want to selena is a bitch

        • Anonymous

          dog justin bloody bull basterd i hate such sucker

      • Anonymous

        you fucking asshole, how dare you say that about justin.
        why would you even say that? omg i cant even.
        someone block this fucking idiot and teach this twat a lesson! how could you even say that? im in actual shock. FUCK YOU!

      • jb roks

        don’t swere stupid itiot Justin Beiber is awesome.
        and he is a person don’t wish for deth of someone

      • Anonymous

        Shout up and leave Justin alone he had never did Inything to inyone

      • peaches

        wow that messed up ..smh …you dont need to like him but u souldent wish he would die ….. if you dont like him you are on his site?

      • Anonymous

        your a sick person hes just a kid trying to live his dream you jerk what has he done to.. Your gf probably wants him more that you

      • Becky

        Ok One Question What Are You Even Doing On This Page?? O.o
        Wow You Made Yourself Look Really Stupid… Good Job, Nice Going πŸ˜€

    • Justin I hope u feel better baby I love u sexy justin

  • he always amazing.love him!!!

  • Cara

    what a babe πŸ™‚

    • jb roks

      hes my role model I love u justin feel better

  • Lovie

    Justin I hope you feel better I’ll pray for you ily <3 God Bless

    • Anonymous

      yeah il pray for u 2 to die fking idiot

      • Anonymous

        why don’t you stop dissing jb and get a life?

        • Anonymous

          I agree

      • Anonymous

        stop dissing jb and get on with your own life!

        • Bieberz Fan101

          Can You Really? stop who Eva Started it stop Fighting like 2 Year Olds

  • Julie

    Tagalog and English are both official languages in the Philippines ..so even if you cant understand pls show some respect to Filipino’s

  • elle

    i agree with julie. the reporter is not “throw[ing] in some English” to trip YOU out. first of all, it was aired in filipino television, that means it’s meant for the filipino audience IN the philippines. you’re saying it as if you own the language, it’s not like we can’t speak it. smh, ignorant ass.

  • Anonymous

    let me translate
    oh truly a dedicated performer justin bieber is because in one of the articles of a hollywood blogger perez hilton says that teen pop star justin bieber is seen vomiting backstage at the MOA concert grounds one girl doctor looked at bieber and found out that he has a chest infection the doctor told him to stop the concert but he said the show must go on he still continued to make his thousands pinoy fans happy in his 1 1/2 hour concert

    pls respect the filipinos

    • Jeanne

      Thanks for translating!

  • ilovejustinbieber18

    Philippines speaks 2 languages Filipino and English. This was aired in Philippines and filipinos speaks both languages so either way, we still understand what she said. (And what Justin usually says on twitter #respect) i was offended on what u said.

  • toni

    yeah me too.

  • Julie

    thanks to everyone who agree with me #respect

  • Zarah

    We filipinos speak that way cuz both English and Tagalog are our official languages. We mix them all in cuz it’s in our literature books. I’ll even let you borrow all my textbooks and you will see that thats just how we talk. Please don’t dis on us, cuz we give you respect and we deserve to be respected back. We all love JBiebs and i think he would like his fans to have peace.

    • camilla

      i think is so cool the way u filipinos talk!!

      • awww.thanks! thats sweet of you.

      • Tamii Bieber! ((: CERTIFIED BELIEBER!

        hahahahahah lol! XD thanks ! amen! NEVER SAY NEVER! i love it when Justin said this “For my fans in the Philippines thank you for supporting me! MAHAL KOW KAYOONG LAHAT”

    • Anonymous

      hey miss ignorant its not stated in the book that you can mix two languages while communicating. I totally agree with Daisy that the news reporter was totally being unprofessional she didn’t took mass communication in college. oh btw there are professional reporters like jessica soho who always reports in straight filipino language not some stupid taglish crap

      • Angel

        There are some words that can’t translate to Filipino words so we can use the original. Also, DAISY generalized Filos. Certainly we’re not boorish in English. Point taken she didn’t know we speak BOTH languages, but isn’t she supposed to know before she talks?

        Just saying.

      • Hey ! Anonymous !! u evil little rat !! How dare you insult bieber you just can’t shut ur mouth can’t you?! if u hate him don’t say u want him to die if u just hate him then ignore him not insulting him like this ! ha, u must be jealous that he’s living he’s own dream !! what if u become a celeb and others insult you to !! That feels bad, right?!! so shut it!! Love all the JB fans and JB!! Justin Bieber: don’t get hurt with this anonymous guy he’s just jealous and evil and needs help …

  • Get over it.

    Why are all of you tripping like she really insulted you, she did not know filipinos spoke two languages and i am sure she did not want to insult you get over it. #nuffsaid

    • i’m not tripping okay. i just got offended a bit. im sorry if you think that was very prissy of me. #sorry

    • TSSSK :/

      Then she should have checked before she said such things. This is a public blog and not to mention one dedicated to JB, which a lot of Filipinos could easily see. Don’t tell us to get over it as if you’re sure enough she really didn’t mean it, unless she says it herself. And I wouldn’t say sorry for being offended.

  • Anonymous

    rumor is Justin got sick from Selena Gomez eww

  • Patricia

    awww poor baby he does so much for us fans, even sacrifices his health for us. I really hope he gets better soon <3

    • Tamii Bieber! ((: CERTIFIED BELIEBER!

      i know right that’s like a lifetime sacrifice!

  • β™«~Β¨[Φ†ΘΆΙ›Φ„Ι¦ΗŸniΙ›]_Β¨~β™«

    lol yup, it’s always like that in the Philippines. xD I think they call it “TagLish” xD But yeah we’ve got 3 official languages which are English, Tagalog and Spanish and we always mix Tagalog and English. x)

  • Erin

    i luv u Justin and i hope u get better really soon its so amazing that u still wouldn’t cancel! GET BETTER SOON!! XOXOXO

    • berni

      awww poor baby!get well soon. your fans will stand behind you. if your sick take care of yourself.your so awsome. luv ya!!!( i am so proud of you. you did it all by yourself!!!)

  • Monica Phillips

    i hope you get well Justin. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • emma

      so to the retard who wished death on my boyfriend, FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK YOU

  • Yuhna

    Hey, are trying to discriminate Philippines?
    I’m a Filipino, but well, I can obviously speak English.. What is it to you if we have more than 40 languages? And what is it to you if we are the English speaking nation in Asia?
    Speaking this way doesn’t hurt anyone, and is not meant to TRIP others out. By the way, you don’t have to learn Tagalog WITH English just to understand our language, even tho we use it, because English language should be automatically learned by educated people AROUND THE WORLD, why? It’s the universal language. Just saying, I was just really startled on how superficial things can be said like these πŸ™‚

    • Tamii Bieber! ((: CERTIFIED BELIEBER!

      i’m with ya! sseriously! NEVER SAY NEVER! \m/

  • TSSSK :/

    FYI, I’m a Filipino and yes, we speak two languages. Is there a problem with that?

    And have you done your grammar check before you hit “Publish”?

    “Is this how things usually ‘is’ in the Philippines?” :))

    I’m truly offended. :/

  • Pinoy

    Justine Hello Fuck you…. “A message to all Pilipino Bieber Fanssss :-p”

    • Tamii Bieber! ((: CERTIFIED BELIEBER!

      really?(: well i’m actually not with that comment! YOUR SO MEAN! seriously /:) you talk trash. i’m also a Filipino! so please you’ve become one of those haters , hearts who are filled with heatred and Bullshit! if your just gonna put comment like this then actually your talking trash! .,|,. so back the hell off! YOUR NOT CERTIFIED BELIEBERS! and please wag ka mandamay! /:) your so mean!

  • Tamii Bieber! ((: CERTIFIED BELIEBER!

    ahwwww. poor Justin :'(( this is how he showed his love to his Filipino Fans!
    he did everything! he sang his heart out! I’m really mad at a radio reporter guy he was so mean at Bieber seriously! the name of the radio station is DZMM!(manila radio) he said mean things about Bieber! and i was fuckin’ pissed off. the radio reporter said “Justin Bieber shouldn’t have come here because he’s just a waste of money” and i was like “As if you were the one who paid for the concerrt! DZMM DIDN’T EVEN SPONSOR FOR THE CONCERT!” i’m so thankful that Justin came here in the Philippines! and did everything ! so the concert wouldn’t be a mess! DZMM reporters i would really kill them and slap there butts! strangle them. i actually understood at the fact Bieber roll out of the gates fast! because he was sick! Justin get well soon! and those who are accusing Justin , Just give him a break! as if Justin did anything wrong to you! your just jealous people! and seriously i would kill the haters but it wouldn’t make me rich or anything or get me to any of my dreams! it would just make my life worse! Justin inspired in many ways ! i read his book and i was touched! Justin i love you soo much. i felt down to earth at the fact Bieber didn’t pick me to be his ONE LESS LONELY GIRL but still i thank God i saw him!(: Justin <333 i'll be your crying shoulder , i'll be the greatest fan of your life :"))

  • makibaoh

    mga p0tang ina kayong lahat! BADING JUSTIN BIEBER! bobo! inutil! walang respeto.. walang kwenta!

    ../.. (0o,) ..\..

  • makibaoh

    bobo reporter ni JUSTIN BIEBER! bago manghusga, alamin muna, magresearch muna kayo! walang pinag-aralan!

  • makibaoh

    sa katatagal nyang sikat, wala pa siyang nakantot! yucks! bading nga noh? kuha mo?


    ../.. (0o,) ..\..

  • sheridan

    justin i hope u fell better and i looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee you alot so again get better soon

  • AB!!!!

    RAIN rain go away thts what all my hatters say!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexis

    I love jb hope u get better I will always be ur BABY lol

  • brianna


  • brianna


  • brianna


    • Anonymous

      oh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u could neva get him……………………

  • Justin I love u baby u are so sexy hot

  • hai hapipi justin bierber kifak wa sahwalak wa fas dahmal! wa arsouk han li dakpali yahoo mail li dakrahiha koula houref wa louve you justin bierber wa marhapa pik li dahraf madan li douhani oukinha hamaka lpika hiha madinade hiha tuins wa kardas kapiran fiha karasi wa malahin . ana halamde pik li nahmal ana wa anda li harad houp fakad li anani houhipek wa hasak fik wa ana farihde pik fi houlami wa masilde moukram fik wa haihain masilde fi houlami wa louve louve justin bierber wa soukran han kouram pik wa ila dahihad hapipouk wafa houpi wahid justin bierber wa pahi.

  • erika

    of course we are filipinos. wer can speak english well and our own language! our language can also be called TAGLISH. tagalog-english.

  • hope u get well soon justin!! luv u hony!! always did and im looking forward to seeing u sometime soon!

    uve got all the luv u need from ME!!

  • Richard

    why are you all angry with justin bieber………???

  • Filipino

    We can speak both English and Tagalog (our native language here in the Philippines). She spoke in Taglish (tagalog-english) She’s not tripping you out. It’s normal here to use Taglish. And that’s showbiz freaking news (not some serious, global issue kind of news), so she can be casual, and throw in some english words if she wants. We also have News shows here that use PURE Tagalog or PURE English.

  • :)

    u guys r fuckn mean

  • Even though he had to cancel his show he was still cute ilove justin bieber hope he feels better soon…I love justin justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bieber rocks !! all haters get off this website and get some friends πŸ˜›

  • Skystrike

    gotta admit, he’s got guts to sing even after throwing up…

    I still hate his songs though…

    I don’t very much like mixing two languages up…

    ah kapuya niya Justin uy! dili jud ko ganahan niya!

  • Anonymous

    Gago ka Justin mamatay ka na bitch

  • fucking kid. . y dnt u go play wid ur mum boobs. . certainly u wil horney after play it m sure ur mum wil giv her asshole to u. . so lick ur mum asshole n put ur dick in ur mum asshole stop fooling around wid our world . . u motherfuckeq JB Dog

  • U all go fuck ur mum asshole who lop dog named Justin Bieber . . lick ur mum asshole 2 fuckers

  • Shalini

    Aww…. poor Justin… hes so cuteeeeeeeeee!!! I hope he feels better now. Man, hes been getting sick so much!! Aww….. poor baby!!!! AAAAAAAAHHH I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCHHHHH!!! <33333333333333333

  • Fuck ur dog . . .

    • hahahahahahahahahha fucker justin good with u go die somewere

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahahahahahha fucker justin good with u go die somewere

  • Anonymous

    hahahahhaahahahhahah jusin bieber so me sick kyle jusin

  • kylecalvo85

    hahahahhaahahahhahah jusin bieber so me sick kyle jusin

  • Dot

    In the Philippines, they are taught to speak English in school. So yep, it’s normal to hear English pop-up in all forms of media in the Philippines.

  • Honey Bun

    ewww tmi

  • Kristin Mina

    I Hate You Justin Bieber ! !

    • Anonymous

      i do not

      • Anonymous

        Justin bieber is asome why do you not like him

    • Well thats just fuckin mean

    • dannica

      that is not nice if you dont like him why look thing up about him

  • chocolate lover

    justin…i went to your concert and i wasnt really looking forward for you to get me sick.i was at the front row and i remembered you were touching us in the first row.i paid a lot and i love you but after thet night i got “sick as a dog”.after that i had to go to a fifty dollar doctor to give me 3 shots!ive been sick for 3 weeks.i realized that i had a fever.

    • Anonymous

      who cares get over your self you cheap bastard

  • chocolate lover

    i coudnt even talk too.i had a throat virus.

  • Anonymous

    I love u justin

  • mousic justin bierber


  • Justin's Girl

    Awwww…my poor baby throwing up :,( I will take care of u Justin

  • Anonymous

    Get well

  • dannica

    you got to hand it to him he is so hot i love you justin

  • dannica

    if you dont like justin than dont look things up about him i am his biggst fan i love you sooooo much justin

  • philippine warrior

    Bieber ends now! Bieber sucks! and the filipinos really hates him! u Girls should go with him to hell! die!

  • Justin

    evry body who swore to me and wishes that I would die you should think about your actions and evry body who stood up to me thanks I <3 u!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    justin is an amazing person and tries his best to make everyone of his fans happy and he usually,always does so dont waist your time making fun of justin because you are just making yourself look bad

  • Ilerya

    I love Justin to peaces I don’t
    Think he should be dating Selena
    Because I believe thay just fight to much

  • Ilerya

    Love justin so much I cry over him I just want to got to his concert do bad

  • Ilerya

    Justin my name is Ilerya I love u so much
    And I think your talented cute and funny
    And I also think selena is lucky to have u
    That’s the truth love u more then INYTHING

    Ps..I’m not a crazy crazy fan I’m not
    Saying i dont love u and your music
    Im just a calm fan. I will love to
    Get to meet you some day love u

  • Mrs.bieber

    Hay Justin love u forever your cute funny
    And talented lov u

  • bieberfan1

    i love him no matter what his so cute

  • Mrs.bieber


  • dejanee

    OMG i love you so much i have popters pictures albems of you your hot and sexy and i am going to be famous to me and cousins and friends are making a show.

  • Alex

    Feel better Justin!

  • Anonymous

    I dislike Justin Bieber not because of the music he produces, but because of his fan base. They are “in love” with him, yet they fail to realise that this “love” is just their obsession. These fans are mostly little girls trying to look older, but their real age is 8 – 14. At these ages you have not yet finished puberty, (or even started it), making you a child in the eyes of the world. Yet Justin is seen as an adult, therefore dating him would make him a pedophile. Just wanted to make that one clear.

    Please do a favour for yourselves, if you want to seem like an interesting, intelligent, and amazing individual, don’t be such a zombie. Zombies are predictable, don’t have brains, are a horrible sight to see, and group together with other zombies. Sure listen to the music, but don’t become so obsessive! You don’t realise it’s not only your looks that make you unattractive, but also your personality. An obsession or addiction of any kind is extremely unattractive.
    I know about 70% of you can be that amazing person, mature and beautiful in their own way. Just don’t ruin it with this Justin Bieber craziness.

    Any ways that was pretty decent of him to continue the show, even though he was ill. I know some bands have cancelled performance because they became intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, which is self inflicted. However, a chest infection is not, so I hold my glass up to his effort.

    Oh and if you’re about to type, “if you hate him why are you here”, than that goes to show how predictable you are, and maybe you might wanna step back and take a good look at yourself.

  • dacuycoy

    JB you’re a BAKLA!!!!! Greetings from the P.I.

  • Anonymous

    Hay heard you threw up on stage!

  • Anonymous

    What the……..was that

  • Daphne

    I hope you get better jb

  • Anonymous

    Dear, Justin I hope u feel better

  • Cheyenne

    Get well Justin:)

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI, many Filipinos talk in a mix of Tagalog and English. It’s kind of like when people talk Spanglish. Some call it “Taglish.” So I suppose you do have to know 2 languages, but if you grow up hearing it all the time, I suppose it’s no big deal.