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justinbieber philippines 2011

Justin Bieber throws up while performing in the Philippines

Justin Bieber was so sick last night at his show in the Philippines, TMZ has learned, the singer repeatedly took breaks during his set to run backstage … and barf his brains out.

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ, JB came down with some kind of chest infection last week — and when he hit the stage last night in Manila … the wooziness was way too much to handle.

Gotta give the kid props — in fact, just before his concert last night, he tweeted, “Sick as a dog … But the show must go on.”


I can’t believe how many times this lady throws in some English to trip us out. And this is a professional news reporter. Is this how things usually is in the Philippines?

So does that mean to really understand Filipino tv means you have to understand 2 languages?

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