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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never DVD [Unreleased Bonus Clips]

This clip of Justin getting his hair cut never made it to the movie we all watched in the theatres, but you can find it in the Never Say Never DVD which comes out May 13. You can pre-order here or you can enter JBShrine’s contest coming up soon (we have a few copies of the dvd to give away and some other prizes too).

Here is another bonus clip:

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  • Christie

    HEY! im so excited! When is the contest thing!

  • joanna

    where can we enter the contest? I wanna win so bad! 🙂

  • Patricia

    Actually I saw these two clips a long time ago already so they’re not actually new. But I still can’t wait for the dvd to come out 🙂

    • janine schoonmaker

      but there aesome clips of him (sexy) 🙂

  • me love justin biber

    • Anonymous

      u cant spell Justin Bieber

      • Anonymous

        i agree i fink she needs 2 learn haha 🙂

      • Lucy Bieber :P

        hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahhahahhahahahaha and she didnt spell his name with a capital – Justin is important isnt he??

      • Anonymous

        soo watt

      • Anonymous

        soo watt

  • Vicki

    what shops cab you buy NSN?? 🙂

  • Ellie

    Love Justin bieber

  • i think u are sexy….text me at 678-357-6477 any time

  • Allison

    Omg he so awesome!,i luv you justin!

  • amy

    i lovee justin bieber i wat to get his movie beacuse i his number #1 fan i would like to meet him in person ♥♥♥♥♥

  • omg i cant belive they cut his gorgest locks im so serprised 🙂

  • hi jb i relley like never say never im a big big fan saw im hope i get one by love u
    #1 fan

  • hi jb i like your songs

  • Courtnee

    When does never say never come out? in australia?

    • Elana


      • becca

        argh why soo late
        love you justin

  • Kirstyn

    When does never say never come out in Melbourne, Australia??

    • Jaime-Lee

      ummmm yer i dunno ! i live in New South Wales…i think it comes out on the 25th of june!

      • Elana

        it comes out in Auguust im pre sure! 🙂

  • gharibyan vika.mail.ru

    I love you justin.My name is Elizaveta.I15-old,you are my life.

  • I LOVE YOU JUSTIN, where can we buy nsn? 🙂

  • becca

    heyy justin can you come visit me like you did with paige please

  • Princess Louise Bieber

    I think the DVD comes to Australia on the 18th of August>:( thats to long 😛

  • i love you justin bieber .

  • Brooke


  • i love you justin bieber

  • i love you justin where can we buy nsn