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Justinbieber isreal

Justin Bieber In Israel


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  • bieber fever . . <3

  • True Belieber

    Is there somewhere where I can watch all the ‘on the road with JB’ episodes? A YouTube page or something?

  • Patricia

    I seen this already yesterday. The part at 1.54 almost made me die of laughing hahahaha. Wtf was he doing??? He always manages to make us laugh. I love him <3

  • he is soo funny i mean he still gets hyper

  • Anonymous

    in such places you should remove the cap from your head!

  • i love jb he rocks if oly i cud meet him but was wierded wen i saw a pic wen a wave took his underwher away

  • o how i love to see him duggie n jerk ily:):]

  • nani fever

    i’m verry like justin bieber and i want to met with him ♥ ♥ ♥ #alwaysJb


    hi my boyfriend justin drew bieber
    im your girlfriend brishea drew bieber mmmm my baby little jerri she love so get me 2 tickets to your show?