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Justin Bieber paid $25,000 for ‘Stewie’ Family Guy necklace

Justin Bieber dropped $25,000 on his new Family Guy-inspired necklace — which contains over 12 CARATS of rubies and diamonds– and TMZ has learned, the singer helped design the whole thing.

Famous Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben tells TMZ, he and Bieber designed the Stewie pendant together — adding, Justin “had a specific vision for how he wanted it to look.”

Jason tells us, the necklace contains 12 carats of precious stones — including multi-colored rubies and white diamonds — and they’re all set on 14-carat gold.

Victory shall be Bieber’s!


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  • Caitlin

    wow thats mad but remember when he said he didn’t like bling

    • tiffany

      you are right

  • Terri

    There’s a line from an old song that goes ….

    “money changes everything …”


  • Nikki

    money does change everything maybe even sombodeys tastes

  • christina

    thats kind of over the liimit….still respect that he can get whatever he wants…but remember when the first thing he wanted to buy was a house for his mother?? and hes now buying basically everything for him?? who knows if the flowers for selena were even bought by him. maybe they were bought by the company for their fake relationship?

    • tiffany

      do you think that their relationship is FAKE . . . hmmmmm i dont now

      • David Dalton

        Daer justin bieber
        justin bieber
        you come my birthday no may 6 th
        I am 25 may you get me jusitn bieber tictek and backstage pass
        I love you justin bieber you my heart so much to you
        JB all your fans
        love David Dalton xxxxxxxxx

    • Anonymous

      i think, he can do whathe wants withhis money, its his money and hes earned it. hes an amazing person, im a MASSIVE fan, have been for years and not yet seen him in concert 🙁 maybe one day 🙂 hes totally aamaizng and i hate it when people bad mouth him! and leave thheir relationship alone ye?! im jel of selena obviuosly, but who int, but i respect him and therefor i respect that hes happy with selena and if hes happy, im happy, so leave the poor guy alone 🙁 !!

  • Anonymous

    he only says that hes still the boy from canada

  • He ain’t the same since he started dating Selena gomez he said I don’t want to date a celebrity and he did he lied to his fans and the world I think she’s just using him for the fame cuz she ain’t that famous she thinks by dating the great biebs she will make it on the covers of magazines n stuff he ain’t thee same down to earth h

  • he let money and fame get to him he’s become a jerk since dating Selena gomez.

  • You suck eggs! 🙂


    stewie rockz man he is a awzome inapropite lil dude and FUNNY LIKA CHOCOLATE BUNNY