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justin bieber kenny hamilton

Justin Bieber slaps his bodyguard Kenny Hamilton


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  • JVBieber_stunna

    Lol I am cracking up! Also 1st person to comment! Just sayin!

  • Terri

    He’s sooooooooooo lucky Kenny loves him so much. =)

  • Aniestin

    haha kenny didint say anything he just woke up…but nicee justin haha xD

  • Tooja

    LOL hahaha kennys face like wtf 😀 justin i love u when u laugh and smile makes feel good but u havent smiled alot lately i guess its getting really boring smiling all the time haha 😀 it must be tiring too

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  • Nikki

    LOL this is so funny i think i am not going to stop smiling

  • josie

    there the justin i rememeber he hasnt been his self recently 🙁 xx

  • OMG SOOOOOOO rude!!!!!

  • Zoe

    Justin Bieber slapped his bodyguard? Well, it’s quite funny either way. I kept laughing for about five or ten minutes after watching that video.

  • damn im gonna have sex with justin bieber for the 2nd time….It will feel good again

  • Selena Gomez

    I love Justin Bieber very much and he is my baby and my boyfriend