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Madison Apple meets Justin Bieber at LAX airport

Awww that’s so sweet of him.

Just to touch on what happened at the airport in the Philippines… People are going to have good days and bad days, including Justin. He’s only human. On that day Justin had just flown into the Philippines sick. He was puking during his performance earlier. I’m not trying to defend Justin but that man, who is an employee of the airline, should not have tried to stop JB as he was walking through the corridor to the terminal. That is not the place to ask for an autograph. Personally I thought it was pretty rude of the man given that JB is a customer of the man’s company.

And to the horrible websites that reported that the CD just fell, JB tried to pick it up but security hurried him along, or that JB noticed it was a pirated CD – WRONG! JB did knock it down from the man’s hands (watch video below) but only because he was annoyed. And really I would be too. No employee of the airport should ever harass their passengers for autographs. PERIOD! His supervisor should have a talk with him.

ps. Filipino Beliebers do not take this personally. Justin wasn’t trying to disrespect your people. Jasmine Villegas is Filipino. So are members of Poreotics and Legaci. And so is Marvin Millora his dancer. So yah he doesn’t hate Filipinos, he was just sick and annoyed.

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  • Terri

    I sure can’t say I’m pleasant all the time … especially when I don’t feel good. He was traipsing all over the freaking world and everyone expects him to be Mr. Cheerful … it’s sad really. He’s a great guy and very loving and giving … 99.9% of the time.

  • Aniestin

    aww..hes so nice to his fans and care
    plus the people were really nice they werent like teenagers screaming..well..cause shes a little girl but..stil..idk haha xD
    but hes soo nice to his fans 🙂

  • Tooja

    justin u r the sweetest celeb i know u really love ur fans and u care about them plus u still humble and generous i love that about u <3<3<3

  • Julie

    yeah we do not take this seriously but the justin bitters i mean justin’s haters are tryin’ to make a mess in his name.

  • Terri

    okay he’s so cute with that baby I can’t stand it. He’s going to make a FANTASTIC father.

  • i love u, u r the hottest guy ALIVE!!! email me.

  • i fu****n hate selena gomez cuz she said to us justin bieber fans to get over him and find ourselves some1 elts cuz justin was takin uhuh they r not right for each other. she is just jelous cuz more ppl love him and not her huh bieber fans??/

  • Nikki

    aw hes the sweetest guy i have ever seen!

  • Rosemary

    His crew was rushing him…thats why he didnt sign it…it only dropped cuz he picked it up from the guy and one guy from his crew grabbed him cuz they were in a hurry…and he accidentally dropped it.