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justin bieber selena gomez makeout

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez make out in Maui



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  • nano maryo

    justin bieber u r a realy bad kisser 😛 and thts the truth hehhehe

    • yoshi

      your wrong your just jelous that he kisses better then you

    • Anonymous

      okei sisssti

    • Rodel

      Vowdy do im rodel

    • how whould u know

    • tanga

      ur rit

  • Giani Bieber


    • yoshi

      you toooo your stupid

      • Anonymous

        not like you youre so dumb no wonder your parents hate you

    • Anonymous

      justin looks like bigfoot

  • viki

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! i wud love to kiss him ahahahahh XD

    • yoshi


  • Kaitlin

    E! needs to get their facts straight. Scooter & Carin are chaperoning…not his mom. She just tweeted about being so far away from him!

    • Hayleigh Bieber

      U go!!!!


    He’s really not a bad kisser! 🙂

    • Niggg

      Get a life lol

      • hey girl , play nice be happy for selena if its really her, but if it is i am SOOOOOOOOOO JELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • rad

        what about you i think you should get a life!

    • yo mama

      haha u wish u was sekena gomez

  • in my opinion, it’s fake but cos they have been doing it for so long theyve decided to make it reaal and become a couple also i dont think selena says aw yeh well do it for the papz & thatt! but at the same time justin bieber is a changed ‘man’ now and he needs a a girl who beautifull, he wants to let people knw that <3

    • Niggg

      Its not fake. I dont know why anyone would say this. The only fake relationships come from much older people who are disillusioned from reality and/or money thirsty . But its still in a sense real. These kids are not just putting on a show for the world to watch, no.
      These pics are hot all im saying is get it selena AND get it justin (cant deny selena is hot-yes im a girl)
      So all in all, let these kids fuck in privacy, there gonna do it anywayz.
      Bieber isnt a saint or god’s gift to humanity, hes a random kid found in a million on youtube. He may of had high morals when he was a boy, but now hes trying to mak the transition into man-hood both personally and professionally. Selena as well.
      So no, this is not scandalous at alllll, he only thing that makes it scandalous is because they unfortunately haveto grow up in the public eye.
      Same with miley ripping the bong, GO MILEY, gained my respect.

      Okay, im done for now

      • Kaitiee

        OATHHH!!! <3

    • yoshi

      that ture you go girl

  • kaitlyn

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    • Anonymous

      what the hell is wrong with you!

  • Veronica

    I have to say I was a fan of jelena until I found out they where in a 4 star hotel for a night just the two of them and that I saw Justin touching sellys ass like seriously how old r they? I feel really stupid bc I thought Justin was different from all boys but I guess not:(

    • true..

      • Anonymous

        Right but maybe he’s seriously in love with her

    • tiara

      yall know if this was miley she wouldve got talked about so badly and from looking at these selena is a worse off than she is

    • Justin’s age : 17 years old Selena’s age : turning 19 i think

    • Carolyn

      Justin is different from other boys in many other ways, but when it comes down to it, he’s still a TEENAGE BOY, whos hormones are raging & you cant expect him to not have his hands wander, and not to mention, this is supposed to be a vacation for THEM to get away, but of course papz are everywhere. Its not like he was doing all this at the Billboard Awards, THEN you could be upset with him, but frankly I dont think anyone should be upset by these pictures. Theyre on a beach, in bathing suits, in young love & youre telling me you wouldnt be all over your significant other? Especially if youre hormone raging teenagers? I think not. So back off & let me have their fun. Carin & Scooter wouldnt let them do anything stupid.

      • Steph,

        SAY it like it is! 🙂

    • yoshi

      he is its just that he really in love if you know wt i mean

    • I used to love Justin Bieber...but when i saw him rubbing Selena's ass at the beach i was so jealous!!

      Date 5th July 2011,time 5:23

      • jennah gonzalez

        so wat that is hes girl

  • Aniestin

    just to let you guys know, their relationship isnt fake
    if it was fake they would be talking about, they would be saying how much they love each other and everything, but their keeping it very private so i dont think its fake.
    naw i luhv them their sooo cute <3 jelena <3

    • yoshi

      i agree

  • Johail

    Scooter his manager and another person are chaperoning them for all of ya info there not alone and I support jelena and I also doubt that there having IT because he said himself that he will stay pure till marriage and in the billboard he was wearing the ring prOmisIng to stay pure till and that ring is not selenas, selenas ring is silver and justins is black.

  • Anonymous

    They want to stand for purity, yet they’re rubbing and grabbing on eachother the whole time. Do they not understand what leads to SEX!!!! Selena already doesn’t wear her purity ring… I think the fact that everyone is talking about how cute this is and how they want to be Selena is gross! I like Justin, but he is doing an horrible job at representing Christs intentions for pure relationships!!! If that’s what they’re doing in public what the hell do you think they’re doing in private!!! UGHHH FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!

    • feda

      OMG! if they want 2 to hva sex’ let them fuking have SEX !!! it’s there privet life!!!! i love jelena and they kan grab ich other as much as they want.

      • Anonymous

        sure if they wannna have sex is there business just don’t go around claiming to be all about purity because God’s your #1, and then be a total hypocrite!!!!! IT’S FREAKING WRONG!!!!

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog 2011, web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here how can you say that this is it fake at all , i what to state this question it was just from the beinging just when they were datting just from the beinging , when mis selena marie gomez took off her promes ring , and it,s not about that she have to wehere the promes ring , it was only just about that selena gomez just broke her vows just to god and her foster parents & her ste dad , pepole , and they lied to there fans and there public as well , and plus with justin bieber as well he is the one that promes to god not to have sex just untill hes married , how dumb this that ,, love david conway

  • Anonymous

    Think about it. They definitely have not had sex yet. Justin is 17 and doesn’t have armpit hair yet. He’s definitely a really late bloomer. So I’d bet that he isn’t… developed enough to go further with his gf. If he’s going to satisfy her… then he can’t be like a 13 year old below the belt…

    • asha

      omg it is like yall never had love when u guys was in high school si give them a break they r in love here

      • Anonymous

        i now give him a brake

    • bebe

      he is a ass. selena was a good pretty one now justin made her in to a bitch!!!!!!!!fuck her now

      • wahahaha she is really damn good bitch before met justin U KNOW?! she is liar with her angel face

  • Merle:)

    Justins hands are always on her ass:P

  • THE REAL Selena Gomez

    Hey, Justin and I are perfect! I love all of my fans out there and thank you for supporting me and justins realationship!! 🙂 Love Selena 🙂

    • i love you Justin..whatever they say! go for it! be happy!!

      • jennnah gonzalez

        Justin doesn’t like u

    • jennnah gonzalez

      i am so happy that u all r going out

    • jennah gonzalez

      u can kiss he all u wont he is your guy

    • dasia

      Uhh,I don’t like u bitch

    • chic_with_the_puple_hair

      why r u comenting on ur selve it makes so sense btw cant stand u

    • chic_with_the_puple_hair

      i want u to break up btw i cant stand u

  • Don't ye all understand how young they are to be having babies or stuff like that? I know they're in love, but Justins spending most of the time rubbing Selena's ass! I AM SO JEALOUS

    Lisa,date 5th of July 2011,time 6:41pm

  • I wish I could kiss Justin Bieber!!! it would be one intence makeout!!!

    • jennnah gonzalez

      u wish u would kiss him he is going out with u now who

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i am happpy for then n i am a fan

  • j.j

    They r a gud couple

  • j.j

    U all NEED to get over it they r dating and u aL can DO NOTHING about it ok u all can b jealous kno one CARES ok u cnt tell justin KNO GET A FKN LiFE N DEAL With is ok bitcheS!!

  • Wayne


  • Wayne


  • sabeel

    you fuck selena&…..j

  • Kaitiee

    my opinion is that you all need to get over it, BIEBERS FANS should be happy because he happy, i dont like selena never have but im happy for her, for them. and if you were his TRUE fans you would know he wouldnt do that kind of stuff like seriously…..and you shouldnt be hatin on them, even if its Fake we should be here for Justin if Selena hurts him. SO YOU GUYS AHOULD ALL STOP WHINGEING ABOUT THERE RELATIONSHIPS AND LIVE YOUR LIVES TO THE FULLEST AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON HATIN OR JUDGEING PEOPLE AND THEIR CHOICES :@

    Much Lovee Kaitiee

  • ebony

    dear selena gomez

    i love your songs and your adorable and i really want you to come to my b-day cause i told my friends i was going to invite you to come and sing some songs for my bday but they didnt believe me

    so can u plz come to my bday i love you soooo much plz plz plz i even had a dream about you at my bday and you were in a beautiful blue dress with sparkles and i was in a pink one and you went in my shed and sang

    so plz will you come

    from ebony

  • chic_with_the_puple_hair

    omg i wish they would break up allready so sick of jelena i would like to see him debbie ryan reply on who youu want to see jb with plz