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Justin Bieber’s new tattoos are fake

Justin Bieber tattoo 2011 is fake

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  • Carolyn

    im pretty positive the ones on his left arm are fake, but I wouldnt be surprised is the hebrew tattoo is real, is the ones on his arm are real he is really stupid! but I dont think he is so im pretty sure theyre henna!

    • Anonymous

      it is sooo not real but if it is then i dont like him anymore

      • Anonymous

        i dont like him any way

        • Anonymous

          why are you on a FAN website then..

      • Anonymous

        They are real

      • Anonymous

        if u dont like him anymore just becuz of a tatto ur NOT a real fan

      • bieber sucks

      • Anonymous

        ohh ist ok nobody likes him anymore any way only lo

      • then just stfu and leave his fansite’s BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

        • nahh im good i likehis new song boyfriend plus hes hot srry cnt help it!

        • Alex

          i bet he would think ur a bitch

        • fuck you alex i like him so just go suck it!

      • Anonymous

        if your not gonna like him over a tattoo he has out on HIS body then you were never a good fan the hebru one is real but the star is not!

    • listen fans of justin bieber all his tattos are real so if your a hatter of justin bieber i suggest you to not post anything bad that makes justin bieber,s feelings get hurt badly like about something like for example : of his hair or his shoes or his clothes because if you have something mean to say : then dont say anything at all thanks peace

      • Anonymous

        say what u want i thank he is a pig


        • Anonymous

          and you are….. dont call him a pig until you have done half of the things he has done because trust me you probs never will if you dont like him then get of this page about him!

      • stay outta it we the ppl have the right to say what we want when we want !!!

        • Anonymous

          not when its negative when it is nice then yeah say what you want but until then dont its as if you ppl live and breath to hurt ppls feelings because you are jell GET A LIFE!!!
          justin is amazing

    • jill

      Um… No they r real!

    • Anonymous

      what de fuck is wrong

      • school sucks i mean im getting bullied every day so bad one day i didnt even want to exist.

        • Alex

          trust me ur not the only 1. omigosh! one day u didnt even wanna exist?! I feel SOO bad for u-not! mayb ur bullied becuz your; oh i dont kno-a jerk?

        • im not a jerk im a girl with cancer i try to fight but i get bullied all the tim ive tryed to kill myslf 7 times but it never seems to work you the jerk

        • This is izabella’s friend- for real. you better shut the fuck up alex. ur a stupid bitch and i dont think anyone would care if you disappeared-for good if u r gonna b tht mean to people. leave her alone and shut up.

        • This Is another one of Izabella’s friends and if ur gunna talk shit about anybody It shuld b about urself and if u are so fucked up that u have to pick on sombody Pick on me NOT Izabella u got that Alex freak
          You can find me on fb
          Megan Bullard

        • Anonymous

          why are you telling ppl that on here this website is about justin get counciling then!

    • hey kayleen powers wats ur #???

    • jelena lover frever

      the hebrew one’s real. the belive one is real too and so is the small one near his chest area…tehy are all real apart from the ones he draws on which say ‘beliebers’ and a star and all the other stuff.!x

  • Marnie

    I think the new ones are fake but if they are real i think that should be enough for him.

  • bizit

    is it REAL PICS JB>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • SoccerCrazy101

      I think all of them r real his dad has a lot of tattoos so he might be following his dads footsteps but I hope he doesn’t get anymore

  • bizit

    ANY WAY JUSTIN BIEBER never say never is coolz video i’m goona appreciate it .a man

    • how can he never say never when he is saying never it dosnt make since its stupid.

  • Maddie

    its henna 😀

  • Hayleigh Bieber

    OMG there r other blogs and he also has a card on his arm!!!!!!This one is henna and so is the other on on his arm he only has 2 real ones I thing!

  • Artis Bielebs

    It looks fake bt I thnk it real 🙂 i lalalalalala love him 😀

  • Anti-jelena

    To be completely honest I think the “Jesus” tattoo is real not the other new ones 🙂 but hey it’s self expression so who cares if they are real or not he is expressing himself 🙂 I like it <3 luv you JB

    • Anonymous

      i agree the jesus one is prob real but the other 1s may not b and if they r real i hope he dosnet get nymore he is prefect they way he is

  • joymee jayoma

    ohh…it’s awesome justin has a new tatto i like it..<3hahahaluv you JB and Selena Gomez

  • Anna

    ahh they are so cute together!! and i think that that the spade and star are just henna but if they aren’t it doesn’t matter people shouldn’t care, its his body so he should be able to do what he wants. if if was anyone else people would pay no mind, so he shouldn’t be getting any criticism. love you Justin and Selena !


      Well i think they are fake they are made of henna , and it can last 2 or 3 weeks or maybe months but if you can see it looks fake,but i dont like selena she’s changing him a lot

      • Confused Fan

        tell me bout it!! she has a tiny tattoo on her wrist & i bet she told him to get the new ones!!!! i cnt tand it……….. BTW did u hear tht there r rummors on twitter tht she PREGO!!!!! Do u think its true?????

        • Anonymous

          no i dont think its true jb wound not do that he onlky 17 and she 18 or 19 whateva idc i dont like her but i love him but justin is not the kind of guy who does stuff like that in a book it says he wants 2 b married b4 all that stuff happens

        • Anonymous

          dont believ every thing u read

        • Anonymous

          i wish theyd brake up shes bad news

        • Anonymous

          I agree with u he is not happy with her

        • Rena Bieber

          Do you know how many ppl like him and how many pplllok up to him and Jelena Is perfect they are made for each other and if you have anything to say just dont say it and i dont just like Justin Bieber i LOVE him and he is the best singer in the world I get bullied everyday for likeing him and its kinda boring but Justin I love you

        • Anonymous

          omg thats so out of order he loves selena she is not changing him its a tattoo get over it i feel so sorry for selena and justin there in love and they get so much hate what are they doing wrong nothing if they wasnt famous then no 1 would care but ppl just get jel over what they have if you was true belibers then you would love justin and all of his choices that he makes to and NO she is not pregnant it is silly little people makeing up stupid rumors why cant they be left alone???!!!!

  • SoccerCrazy101

    Personally I think Selena got Justin to do all this Justin would’ve been himself if selena and him never started dating . I think it’s alll Selenas fault

    • Anonymous

      i agree with u

      • DealWithItBxtch

        I so disagree wit both of yhu If one of yhu girls were Justin’s girl yhu would tell him to do this or that. Just stop bitchin’, let Justin live his life, & yhu just don’t worry about wat he does he’s a damn 17 year old livin his damn life to his own desirers

    • leave selena alone she didnt do bull crap to u.

  • Mira

    I now hate Justin Bieber, fuck him 3 tyms

    • mikaz

      why would you hate him wat just coz he got a fake tattoo ur so stupid

      • Anonymous

        exactlly they were never true fans if a couple of stupid tattoos made them not like justin it annoys me he spends so much time performing and making new songs and doing posters and so much other work for FAKE fans!!!!!

    • Katie

      THe star and card are fack but the jesuse and seagull are real

    • mira u realise it hurts his fillings! whene some one ses that they hated u ! without personaly knowing u !u realise his fauther jermy has a family tradition with tha seagull tattoo and his fauther has a star justin loves his fauther! plus it doesnt look like hena ive used hena and it doesnt look that colour. sure i have a purple flower tattoo done by the same guy that did my mums ,and my deaddy let my git it even thougth he doesnt like it he still luvs me not tu metion his parents is ok with him haveing those tatoos

      • Anonymous

        i agree and honey u really need 2 learn how 2 spell not being mean or anything

    • you wish

      • Im sorry cuz i know alot of people hate me because of this but i dont think god is real were is the proof??? Their is none i belive what i do, go buzz of and leave me alone nothing good ever happens in my life so their, their is no devil and no god deal with it.

  • Confused Fan

    y wld he do tht all his fans hate him………… i bet selena even told him 2 cut his hair cuz she cut her hair 2………………

    • *Jazmyn Bieber*

      thats not true i dont HATE HIM !!!

      • i hate his skinny little white ass he can go fuck his self over and over and over again for all i give a crap.

        • Anonymous

          and who the hell do you think you are you are so out of order he has done nothing to you people say he has done all these things wrong but no all he has done is give boys and girls that like him someone to look up to!!! and you should not be racist just because he is white so WHAT so are alot of people what difference does that make anyone and he would probably have a better time fucking himself then you if you dont have anything good to say then dont say it as he is AMAZING!!!

  • Katie

    SElena is a controlling freak justin didn’t want to cut his hair and her said all he wanted was tatto which was the seagul. What next is selena going to make give her a shout out at every concert and radio meeeting. I think she is way to cling and she and justin are in for a hard break up

    • wat ever.

    • Anonymous

      and you know all this how has he told you this in person if them to are not happy then let them sort it out because trust me people posting this all over the internet are not helping either of them she is not controlling you dont know that all this is true you should not belive everthing you hear and im sorry but to be honest no one cares what you think about them your opinion is not gonna hold him back is it come back to this site when you have done anything as amazing as he has because trust me you probs NEVER will

  • guadalupe

    no me gusta q sea novio de selena la odio

  • guadalupe

    no mentiraaaaaa hacen linda pareja amo a jus y respeto lo q el quiera

  • guadalupe

    era una broma lo primero respeto lo q el aga lo amooooooooooooooo

    • Anonymous

      Ummm Justins tattoos are real the only fake one is the star on his elbow

  • Georgia

    selena is a controlling freak and justin dervese alot better than her if she making him do all this kind of stuff its not good i think she needs to havea good think bout who she has and relise to let justin b who he wants 2 be it kinda seems she hasent got over the fact that she going out with jb and she thinks if i do this he will do she could b blackmailing him u never no anyhway i hate the chick so idc bout her bout i love JUSTIN BIEBER!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • I cant believe I let my daughter go to a Justin Bieber concert. Seriously, Justin dating Selena. I dont like the couple one bit. They are probably dating for publicity. And Justin and the tatoos! GET REAL! They probably are real. No doubt about it.
    HE is a bad influence to many kids around the globe. He’s just like all the other celebs getting caugth up in the publicity. Next thing u know, in 2 weeks he with have piercings and tattoos everywhere and he and Selena will be making out on a motor cycle that Justin bought Selena for her birthday!

    • HELL YA me tooooo!!!!!! My thoughts exactly
      !!!!!! 😐

    • *Jazmyn Bieber*


    • Anonymous

      Fuck u all Justin bieber is the greatest person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why don’t u people get a life

    • Anonymous

      Em sorry?! That was way uncalled for!!! Wtf r u thinking!!! Sorry I sound rude…

    • Anonymous

      no im sorry t your the bad influence your the one that is bitching and talking about your daughters idol do you want to break her heart knowing that her mum will never want her to go and see justin again in a concert and never like him no!! you should be teaching your daughter to not be so steriotypical and not to judge a book by its cover justin loves all his fans and all his fans love him so you shouldnt be dissing him for being happy and if he gets a piercing so WHAT its up to him!!!! get a life how old are you your pathetic!!!!

  • DealWithItBxtch

    People gotta stop bxtchin’ like the bitches they are & let Justin live his fuckin life. He’s a damn 17 year old wantin a damn peaceful life still. Let him get all the tattoos he wants all of the piercings he want. & if he wants to get high let him be already before all the yhu guys are all doing & sayin goes to his head it’s not Selena who changed him it’s us, yhu become famous yhu change no matter who yhu are, even if yhu try to stay humbled. Just stop already y’all millions of girls & guys who are bitchin’ at Justin, look really stupid if yhu didn’t know. & FYI yhu don’t know Justin fuckin bieber or Selena fuckin Gomez, cause half of the stuff yhu know bout bieber & Gomez aren’t even true shit ok well

    peace Niggas


    • Anonymous

      actually he is 18 getting ready to be 19 march 1st 2013 im true belieber

  • Nina

    if this was “CLEVVER” tv…then they would know to say “Do you think THEY’RE fake… not their”

  • Goog?e

  • hi justin bieber what your tattoos is fake?

  • Mackenzie

    i dont think that he needs any more on his body he is already perfect!

  • none of your buisness

    listen, ppl in this world date! jusin is 1 of dem and theres nothin wrong wif it. though i have 2 aadmit 2 mny tattoos rnt necesary still back off. selena is nice ( not aroun justin) but watevs and justin is kwl so let dem b happy and mostly let him b happy! man and clever tv is just sad!

    • Anonymous

      btw i luv justin biebr so dont mess wif him! pllllzzzz 😉 lmao



  • brandy

    They can be real his arms are red


  • Anonymous

    i hate slena

    • Jazmyn Bieber

      y do u haave 2 hate her?? what has she done 2 u????????

    • TheNorwayGirl

      If Your a real beliber you should care more for justins feelings for Selena, instead of hating her.

      • Anonymous

        thats what i think to i mean leave then alone the amount of hate they have to put up with they dont need it if you do not like him then fair enough keep your opinions to yourself jerk!!

  • Anonymous

    i want her gone. i want hem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ymm the one on his upper body is real coz ive seen pics of him getting it with his dad or someone on the exactly same spot but the one on his arm is fake i think plus no one can force him to have a tattoo he made the choice by sitting in tht seat pluz justin is exactly the same person tht he was before selena hasnt changed him but it looks like you all care about his body about urself its his choice!!

  • maria bieber

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it dont matter if they are real or not!! its his life he is 17 for fuck sake!! and what he is getting tatoos maybe his mom lets him and some ppl need too get a life and QUIT da bitchin just coz you are jealous of him!! and just wannah lett you knoe justin bieber is sooo fuckin sexiiii and ilooveeyoouhh justin!!!!:) <333

    • Jazmyn Bieber

      i agree wiff u he is SEXYYYYYYYY!!!! and FUCKIN HOT!!! =) <3

  • Jazmyn Bieber

    i dont think its real bcuz he is a nice guy and the only ones that r real r only 2 not all of them. i still LUUVE justin bieber no matter how he. HE’S MINE 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

    • Jazmyn Bieber

      i meant no matter who he is. =) <3

  • Anonymous

    i think his tattoos make him look EVEN HOTTER!!!

    • mrs.biber

      u r so rigth but the two girls need to get out of his life

  • Anonymous

    all u cussers can shut up and let people say wat they want and spell how they want u r no better and just to let u kno justin is a PPPPIIIIGGGG

  • Anonymous

    the bird on his hip and the writing meaning ‘jesus’ under his arm are real and the star on his elbow is a henna he got while on holiday in hawai with selena xx

  • My guess is fake (at least the last one) but the first 2 are real?

  • my guess is that the other 2 is fake but why selena have 2 get one of his name like u not that cool 2 get one any ways so u get that off

  • jessedziedzic

    That’s very scholarly piece.

  • BOB

    ……my goodness….. do you guys have lives. fighting and defending justin beiber like the world depends on him.
    To people who love him: okay, we get it he actually decent looking, and can sing decently well, but there is not need to obsess you can be loyal fans without obsessing or stalking him
    To people who hate him: i really don’t get you guys, if you don’t like him them why do you look at things about him? just ignore him if you must, but purposely going out of your way to insult him? why hate someone ’cause they’re famous?

    • BOB

      my goodness your like a genius right?

      • Justbelieb67

        I honestly think that the last two are fake but the eagle and the Hebrew one are real! I love Justin bieber n matter what!!!

    • I am so agre with you girl

    • u all need to get your heads outta justins ass and pay attention to the real life.

    • that what we think yo

  • Justbelieb67


    • mrs.biber

      u r rigth

  • mrs.biber

    the tatoo is fake and i dont like selena i think justinbiber is hot and if they r real i will alway love him

  • mrs.biber

    if i got to me the two girl i will tell them to stay out of justinbieber life for good because he is all mine

  • Yasmin orton

    I dont think the tattoos on his arm are real but the one underneath his left arm I think it is real, seeing the pictures with his dad at a tattoo place looked very realistic to me, well I don’t think the ones on his arms are real…..

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s hot if their real and if their not then I really don’t care and for all u losers out their that won’t like it if their real don’t be a f in hater

  • Carmen Valentina

    i love j.b no matter what….. im a belieber!

    • ashley wolf

      i am to

  • well it’s his choes and selina likes him wery muth selina is relly luky girl

  • The world is yours not biebers so get ya head outta his ass he can do wat the hell ever he wants and date whom ever the fuck he wants so just deal with it bitches

  • hes cute but STILL

  • someone gave me 2 #s sayin it the biebs try them 5732207771 and 5732207772 go ppl lets try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • helllloooowwwwwwwwwwwwww mama its bieber i call halllloooolooiiiiiiooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • kayleen powers love tay l.and jb

  • Their happy, i say leave them be.

  • I love justin bieber and I dont care what ppl think about him he’s hot aaaaaaaaaaaand cute aaaaaand selina is so lucky to have him

    • ashley wolf

      u r right. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • justin is really
    cool if u think about it

    • ashley wolf

      yes he is. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I thought Justin Bieber has always been cool! He is one of the reasons i fight for my life. He says when people pushed him he pushed back harder! I wish i was strong but I’m very week, everyone at school hates me everyone hates me because a boy named Michael Putt told everyone I’m preg-o and everyone believes him. The only people that don’t believe him is my boyfriend James Stewart and my friend Tara Laforest, everyone else believes him. I cut my arm so bad it looks really bad. And i just lost my best friend I’m so stupid I wanna leave this world so bad everyone says just kill yourself no one would care and at this point i don’t think my mother even cares what the hell is up with the “Alex” girl? I’m not trying to be mean but your cyberbullying me!

    • ashley wolf

      that’s hard to be cyberbullyed but if u leave this would your going to miss your friends and family and justinbieber don’t let people be mean to u if they do be me to u knock them out cold that’s what i would do don’t let them tair u down be u ok. 🙂

  • This is izabella’s friend-for real. You better shut the fuck up alex. ur a stupid bitch and you better leave her alone. If u r gonna be tht mean to people then i dont think anyone would care if you disappeared. for good.

    • ashley wolf

      that’s mean to talk back to someone than to say it to there face.

  • pete

    wow, this kid is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ashley wolf

      why is this kid ungly

  • Justin Bieber’s NEW song live my life and Boyfriend are amazing!

  • ashley wolf

    hi justinbieber i’m your biggest fan i have u on facebook as a friend my name is ashley wolf i love u very much i wish u would have a concert in waco texas because july 5 is my birthday and i really want to go to your concert in waco texas on my birthday if you do I hope u you sing one less lonlly girl and pick me out of the odence that will be the best thing i ever wanted i love u so much i’m about to cry because i’m talking to justinbieber bye have fun.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you justin bieber and go fuck yourself

  • dinahlynn

    what is true

  • Anonymous

    you ashley fondy you red drr

  • Adjeff

    OMG, Bieber is such a dweeb. I’m actually embarrassed for him. He walks around thinking he looks like some kind of tough guy. Its laughable. Negligible talent as well. PULL UP YOUR PANTS, BITCHBOY