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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez presenting at 2011 Billboard Music Awards

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are both presenting at the 2011 ‘Billboard Awards’ this weekend! The couple will spend their long awaited reunion in Sin City!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may always keep us guessing about their relationship, but this weekend the couple will finally be together again after Justin’s international tour. Justin’s last concert date in Japan is on Thursday night, and then the 17-year-old pop sensation is due in Vegas this weekend for Sunday’s Billboard Awards.

The awards show has confirmed both of the teenage lovebirds will be presenting at the show and we wonder if they will attend the event together? Despite recent interviews in which both Justin and Selena failed to talk about their relationship, we think the couple will be happy to be in same place after being separated for two months.

Managing a long distance relationship is hard to do, so now that Justin is finished with his international tour the couple will be able to spend more time together and strengthen their relationship.

Tell us what you think! Are you excited for Justin and Selena to be reunited at the Billboard Awards? Do you think they should present together?


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  • bieber fan forever

    I love them together. Selena is beautiful. If Justin and Selena are truely happy then we all should be happy for them as I am…. 🙂

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      oh thank u guys for supporting me and justin i hope we’ll win the billboard awards 2011

      • yeah i am happy 4 you guyz as well xxoo

      • i hate both you and justin and selena i cant believe you are such a hore letting a guy touch you as if he owns you. you should break up with him he has been cheating on you this whooolllllleeeee time.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


      • i do,nt like you selena gomez you just losing justin bieber just for more publicity act , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      Lol dat photoshop doe

  • Inna Louise Cajefe

    Im happy for them even though i dnt like selena but now i do because justin loves her. GOOD LUCK both of you.

    • Hannah

      nuhhh.. she skank man

      • Noone

        true dat. shes a WHORE.

        • fuuuuck youuu SELENNNA GOMMEEZ first youuuu dont havvee A ASS OR BOOBBSS givve juusstiin somethinng to look ahht duummm bitcchhhh I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU ; nd onnnneee daaaaay im guuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa KILLLL YOUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheeeeeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    i think their relationship is weird! don’t you think she looks like she should be her older sister?! especially in that pic ^^^^

    • Anonymous

      *his older sister*

    • Hannah

      OMGGGGG!!!! i totally agree wiv u galll! spec, the way she huggin him! n in de uver pics wiv her in da silva dress n she is huggin him… it looks like he looks up 2 her, like i lk up 2 my siss!!!!

      • Terri

        That’s an old pic don’t forget ….

        • viki

          i dont like the way she said that hes just an kid and hes like a LIL BROTHER to herr !!!!??? -__- seriously is she thinks that then y is she with hIMM ? i think shes just using him and this is only my opinion u can totally disagree with mee !


        • Anonymous

          no she’s not..!
          since justin came she had a crush on him.. >.<
          if you're a bieber fan you should be happy
          if he's happy with her..

        • Rebecca2504

          I like them as a couple and ur sooooo wrong an she does look like hi older sis

        • Aniestin

          she was just didnt wanna tlk about it they wanted to keep it private, thats what scooter told them to do

        • Anonymous

          they are nothing together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Aniestin

      yeah but justin looks older now, she doesnt look like his older sister

      • unknown

        ur ryt . “AGE DOESN’T MATTER” as long as they are inlove .

        • i do have a messages just for the actress and the singer just off selena marie gomez , i just wish that selena gomez can just kiss my dick , and happy 19 th birthday selena tomorrow , love david b conway

    • you are soo hot for girls;

  • LucyLoo_9781

    their noses are identical! har har

  • shenay

    are the billboard awards going to be aired in Australia??

    • Anonymous

      OMG i hope so!!!

      • Anonymous

        Do you know what channel they are on in australia??

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      no it’s going to be in las vegas

  • Terri

    I guess it doesn’t really matter what WE think … he’s smitten and she’s got herself convinced she is too so even if it makes our blood boil they are going to be together …. and I think after all the crap he’s been through these last few months I believe he deserves to have a little “Justin” time and do what he wants and that is going to include Selena. I just want him to decompress so that he’s in top form when he gets his little tush back into the studio and shares his regal talent with us in the form of a new CD … then some time after that it’s back to the road and THEN I will finally get to see him!!! Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    • True BieberBabe

      Amen! We are in it for the music. I can’t wait for BELIEVE to be ready. Each experience Justin has will have an impact on his music. Love, break-ups, getting back together all that stuff addes to the texture of his music. LET’S HEAR THE MUSIC!

  • Anonymous

    this photo does make them look so not like a couple. I guess it is an old photo. but still, even now they seem more like brother and sister! still, if justin loves her, ill just have to deal with it i guess.

    • Anonymous

      that’s what i think too! i was watching a video of selena on the letterman show and he asked her how she met justin and she said “my mom phoned his manager”! that made my opinions on the relationship think that it was even more of a fake!

      PLUS she treats him like a little brother, even when they’re out together!

      • viki


  • claudia

    i dont think they suite each other and it will be weird them doing it together :\

  • VOOlala

    he hasn’t finished his my world tour

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      yes the my world tour is finish

      • Hi selena

        I am doing this magazine as a school assignment and I would realy like to know what you would wear on a date with justin bieber and what is your favourite clothes. what you will be wearing to the next red carpet and any other fashion information that you want to put in.

        I live in Aus and I am a big fan. I really am happy that you and justin bieber are together, I think your perfect for each other!

  • MrsBieber

    im confusedd about themm twoo :s

  • getatthisbieber

    well i’m not thrilled because of jealousy but it will make Justin SO HAPPY, which makes me SO HAPPY so yes i’m excited about it!

  • Sheisafamemonster

    This whole Jelena thing is BEYOND annoying. He has spent this past tour only caring about her, and only thinking about her. He has been stubborn and a little bratty. He only has an interest if it has to do with Selena. he puts in more to the relationship than she does because she is using him for fame. These freaking fancy bracelets and dinners, and hotel rooms he is smothering her with is not worth it. She is only in the relationship for the money, attention, fancy dinners, hotels, and EXPENSIVE BRACELETS. It’s heartbreaking how he is making himself clueless to the fact it’s fake. That video at the St. Regis hotel broke my heart. The fans are asking for a picture and he’s with Selena but he goes “NOT NOW GUYS.” Really?

    Newsflash Justin, we brought you up there, and we can bring you back down just as quickly.

    It’s that last sentence that I never imagined myself saying. It’s this whole comment I’m leaving that breaks my heart. Without us selena wouldn’t know about Justin. And he’s forgotten that lately. I NEVER thought I would stop liking Justin as much as I did. My Bieber fever was so high, SO HIGH. Now it’s dropping. The only person that can lift it back up is Justin himself, and right now he’s not doing a good job at that.

    You can comment me back and insult me for my opinion, but there are so many other people out there who feel the same and are fed up with Jelena and all the crap it’s brought upon Justin, and us. It’s sickening, and she LOVES it.

    You can say that Justin hasn’t changed but you KNOW that he has. You don’t want to believe what he has become. Its heartbreaking. The minute I heard about the IHOP thing and saw how much attention it was getting I KNEW she would jump right on using him. And it all began. Justin must’ve left his old self in that IHOP.

    This tour hasn’t been as fun for him as the others. You can see pictures of him with his crew from last year’s My world tour. This year I haven’t seen any of that. I’ve seen a new boy. The type of guy I hate. The middle finger flipping, disrespectful (I found it disrespectful to girls when he called Selena “hot”), sort of bratty, type.

    Like I say and so many more girls have agreed. I don’t like the 2011 Bieber that much. I like the 2010 and years beneath Bieber. I hope that he changes back. Because he’s breaking our hearts with every step he takes and every “I love you” that escapes his lips.

    • Paloma

      I really liked this comment. I agree because I am not and have never been a Selenator(and when I mean never its never, trust me). I have tried to listen to “her” music and idk sort of be ok with her, but it isnt working. I dont know if shes using him or not because its all so mest up right now, but i know for sure that Justin is either infatuated with her or really in love with her. It is sad to see this happening but like I’ve said to many beliebers, I’d rather be there to catch Justin when he falls than to have judged wrong.
      But anyways like I said earlier I love this commnet cuz its very straight forward and I agree! You have my support! much love

      • Aniestin

        you cant tell justin who to date and who to not. hes in a relationship with someone he really cares about, just leave him/them alone.

        • Sheisafamemonster

          We aren’t telling him who to date. We care about him and if you care about someone you don’t want to see them get hurt.

    • Anonymous

      no life comment

  • Patricia

    I’ll be happy seeing Justin, but I’ll probably change the channel when selena the famewhore is on cause I can’t stand her. Im praying that they won’t have to present together. Im just happy that Justin will finally be back home in the USA!

    • Anonymous

      Justin is canadien

  • i’m happpy that justin bieber and selena gomez r at billlboard awards> i hope i’m going see them at billoboards awards at the tv

    • Rain

      me too!!

  • i live in jamaica,but i guess the caribbean is to dangerous for you to come here:(
    and i didn’t like the pic, sorry i’m just not a fan of hers.

    • True BieberBabe

      I heard about some possible dates in Jamaica for MyWorldTour. Justin loves the caribbean. One of his favorite places is the Bahamas. He also took some vacation time in Barbados. When he comes to Jamaica I am so there. I love it there.

  • Lexi

    Ever since Selena came along, Justin has changed in ways no one wants to see. We all miss the old Justin. I’m happy that he’s happy….But why can’t it be with someone else? Someone who he won’t act differently around? Turning down a fan?

    I’ve NEVER seen him do that, and there’s definitely something wrong when he does. I’m just as upset about this as you are. We all just want him back, but as long as he’s with Selena, I don’t think it’ll happen.

    You’re right though. He wouldn’t be where he is if it weren’t for is fans. Selena is ruining his career, and she’s ruining his. If anyone wants to bitch about this, go right ahead. I don’t care. It’s my opinion, but I’ll say what I wanna.

    • Paloma

      Like I told someone earlier totally agree..Full support goes out to you!

    • Anonymous

      how did you know that??…huh?

      justin is just sick and that fan is out of time..it’s not about selena..
      it’s justin’s… Don’t blame anyone ,if justin is doing something wrong..

    • Aniestin


  • Rain

    Yes..they should present together :] such a cute couplese

  • Aniestin


    • Bieberlicious NINI

      Guyz i knw that u r 1 of those who r bieber’s fans &i am 2 just leave everything to GOD IT’S GONNA B ALRIGHT&OKAY!!!

  • karishma

    I really don’t know. Cuz as far as Justin is happy being with her, it’s completely fine with us beliebers. 🙂 He smiles, We smile! <3

  • Jeslyn :]

    I LOVE how much attetion shes getting!!! HA even a justin bieber
    fan website has a link for her and everytime a belieber clicks that link HA you give her more publcity 🙂 I LOVE JUSTIN hes amazing >3 Talented GOOD LOOKING 😉 & I LOVE HOW HE DIDN’T START OUT WITH DISNEY AND NICKELODEON LIKE EVERYOTHER TEEN KID DOES!!! I will always support him but i just won’t support her i ALSO find it HAILIROUS HOW BELIEBERS THINK “WELL SHE’S DATING MY IDOL, I SHOULD SUPPORT HER NOW” well just leave them alone don’t click anything about him/her.
    WATCH EASY A, go to the movies ,mall, rip all his posters of your wall,…

    • Sheisafamemonster

      What happened with the Jonas Brothers is different from what’s happening now. She’s changing Justin completely and he’s dropping fans like flies. people didn’t care about her back then. Now she’s changing him and if we just ignore it, he’ll change even more. What I’m afraid of is him losing us. The best fanbase in the world. To some girl that’s just gonna end up breaking his heart.

      Think of it this way Justin: 9,000,000 versions of what you look in, in a girl OR a girl who’s just using you for fame that you find “cute.” I don’t see much competition when the girl who’s using you doesn’t really love you, and we actually love you.

      • Jeslyn :]

        I get where your coming from he shouldn’t choose a girl over his fans come on justin, yeah shes pretty but shes also not the prettiest their are people prettier, funnier and down to earth then her out there. He should commit to the realtionship he just shouldn’t take it soo seriously because from what i’ve seen he looks like his in a serious realtionship. I wouldn’t have a problem with them dating if he didn’t tell his fans “not now guys” when he was with selena at a hotel completely injored them the only reason he took the pic was because the group was getting bigger and he didn’t even smile just a serious face like he wanted to get it over with,and she didn’t even say go i’ll wait here. she just stood their. annyoed. AND IT WASN’T THE FIRST TIME BACK AT THE MOVIES WHEN THEY WENT TOGETHER THEY DID THE SAME THING!!!!!! I JUST DECIDED TO QUIT LISTENING TO HIM BECAUSE IF HES THIS STUPID TO REALIZE WHATS GOING ON THENN………

        • Sheisafamemonster

          Exactly. Why do we even need to listen to what either of them are saying about each other if it’s fake and it’s all a big lie. We should all just stop listening to them until it blows over because all we are being fed right now is lies.

  • Sheisafamemonster

    He should date a fan because we know what the other fans approve of and want. We have the experience that other stars can’t have. We KNOW the fanbase, and that’s an advantage. If he goes out with one of us, we know EXACTLY what he and the fans would approve of. It’s totally unfair to see this whole waste of time that’s just breaking girls hearts. He could be with someone else that isn’t changing him and that he would be happy with and we would love seeing him with. He can tell he’s changing too. But he’s turning a blind eye on it because he has been lonely and wants someone to love even if that means he and Selena are “dating”.

    • Jeslyn :]

      YUP you took the words out of my mouth 🙂

  • michelle :)

    please does anyone know if the billboards awards r going to be aired in australia?

  • Anonymous

    what channel in australia are they on????

  • WHAT A JOKE! ok, justin really? selena? like your better off dating barney. seriously, selena? with out you justin, she would just be another loser disney kid trying to grow up in the public eye. justin you are way too down to earth for another celebrity. UGHHH i hate celeb couples. so expected. and what pisses me off the most is when they deny their relationship. selena should give justin a blow job for making her career take off. she is just some loser taylor swift wanna be. nahhh scratch that, i like taylor. she just sucks basically. and justin if you havent noticed, she is always dating a person relevant. attention, she is NOTHING! justin i liked you bc you were such a regular guy, but i see your another shallow celebrity. im kinda pissed i just wasted moments of my life watching never say never and also, typing this lame comment. soooo yeah, screw you two. and i hope your relationship crashes and burns. haha… really.

    • Tashii

      I totally get wat ur saying, but dnt hate justin. i thnk tht his people and selenas people put this 2gthr. i mean, even wen ther with eachothr, thy arnt rully INTO eachothr; ther just There. personally, i dislike Jelena with the burning passion of a thousand suns, but i love justin. if u evr rully liked him, thn yull trust his judgement; besides, you prbobly nver met selena, she mite not be a complete poo-head(mabey,tho i doubt it)

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you as well selena is only with justin so she can get noticed in the famous world, and once she is noticed she will break up with him just like at the billboard awards when he wins his first award, he holds her hand and trys to take her on stage and she pulls away and laughs at him like it is a joke. Selena is changing him, i want the old regular kid the one that does pranks and is always doing something to make people laugh. We want the old justin back (:

    • Sheisafamemonster

      I agree with most of what you are saying. He is turning into one of those shallow celebrities because of her. His twitter and hers are like twins at this point. It’s all for the advertising, not for reaching out and getting to know us anymore since this Jelena crap. JELENA IS A WASTE OF TIME THAT IS TEARING APART THE FANBASE. Go get my new perfume coming out. NSN weekend. Blah blah blah. It’s all the same. He used to NEVER tweet like this. Now it is like Oh yeah, I’m Justin and since you guys love me, you’re gonna just get whatever I post on here.

      I got NSN the day before it came out (I preordered). Watching it over and over made me really sad, because it showed me just how much he has changed over the past year. It showed me the Justin Bieber I really liked. The one who stopped for his fans with the biggest wacky grin on his face. Now he doesn’t smile around us. It’s all lets get this over with. It’s like he’s sick of us, and we’re embarrassing him or something. Whatever Selena has turned him into might stay forever. One thing is for sure, we never expected Selena to jump outta nowhere and change him like this.

      Who says is a HORRIBLE song, and it’s only on the top 100 because she is Justin Bieber’s “girlfriend.” That’s stupid and unfair. People work THEIR BUTTS OFF in the music world and they aren’t noticed, because there are people out there like Selena who got brought to the top by their famous boyfriends, or famous friends. That really SUCKS.

      Anyways, that’s how I feel. You don’t have to agree. But I think that we can all say that we feel neglected lately, and that Justin is changing. It’s NOT age. I have a 17 year old brother who still sings spongebob songs. YES, spongebob songs. I don’t see what has happened to make Justin think that he is some MATURE 17 year old, but he isn’t. I fell in love with him because of his personality, now it’s like some dried up bland board. He’s JUST LIKE SELENA. And I’ve always hated Selena.

      This is dumb and unfair, and this whole fakeness is a waste of our time.

      • Sheisafamemonster

        ADDITIONALLY, I can’t wait until this is all over, because I will SERIOUSLY THROW A PARTY. I will always be a belieber, he changed my life, and I can’t just throw that in the trash because of some stupid girl, and I won’t. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN <3

  • alix

    i cant imagine what it would be like to stay away from someone i really like for so long. im happy for them ^.^

  • V

    for anyone who still thinks Selena and Justin are “just friends” – http://youtu.be/Qwr1j95nHoQ – he says give it up for ernie halter…… and my beautiful GIRLFRIEND selena gomez

  • hey justin i love you but is it true that you choose your gf over your little sis and I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <33 and say hey to ya family

  • I Think They Cutes ! they are so sweet and so beauty ! hihihihi
    🙂 <3

  • selena and justin biebers fan

    i love you guys you are both cute. selena you are one of my bighest fan and justin bieber. i have a question how are you so pretty.

  • Hi Selena.

    I am doing a magazine as a school assignment (IT’s a fashion mag) and I would really like to know what you would wear on a date with justin and what your favourite clothes are and what you are going to wear to the next rd carpet and any other fashion info you want to throw in.

    I am a big fan and I think you and justin a great tog. I live in perth aus.


  • i hate selena gomez!!!! she is lesbo but she does dont want other to no !!!!!! bieber is every one”s exep for her casey anthony or lady gaga <3 lauren paige bieber hit me up on facebook tell me ur a bieber fan then whoooooooosh sending friend requist to lauren paige bieber

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  • nobody

    i love u selena but you sould stop dating justin he sucks so bad just had to tell u sorry