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Justin Bieber Taiwan: Common Denominator Live

How about a comparison of then and now?

Thanks JDBieberNations

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    tht is such an AWSOME SONG!! i <3 u justin !!!!

  • Terri

    I love that song. Daisy you are awesome.

  • Emma

    He has his earring in!!!!!! Hawt;)

    • Terri

      Did he? I didn’t notice!!!

  • Taylor

    Omg!! Finally he sings this song. I noticed that a long time ago…I wonder when he’ll sing Stuck In the Moment live cause he hasn’t sang that one live yet…

  • Patricia

    This is my absolutely favorite song of his and I’ve waited forever to hear him sing it live! Im so happy. He sings the new accoustic version with so much passion that it makes me cry. I love him so much <3

  • omg his voice got so deep and he took out the earplugs to hear his fans 🙂

  • Aniestin

    wo thts a big diference, luhv you justin <3 belieber| jelena <3

  • Violet_SwaggerX

    I noticed that his voice matured alot !! 😀 <3
    –That's great because right now and before.. is.. someone that I like. 😀

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