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Justin Bieber will perform in Japan with or without his crew

Justin Bieber is going to Japan this month no matter what … TMZ has learned — despite his crew staging an outright mutiny … and refusing to go with him.

The Biebs is scheduled to perform across the Pacific in two weeks — once in Osaka and once in Tokyo — but as we previously reported, many of his crew members are flat out REFUSING to take the trip … because they’re afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.

We’re told the crew is still locked in stalemate over the concerts — but the Biebs has decided … he’s hitting Japan with or without his crew.

If Bieber doesn’t have the manpower for stadium gigs — we’re told he’ll take on whatever smaller venues he can … all the way down to homeless shelters.

See? Good things happen to those who Belieb.


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  • brittany

    i personally dont think he should go…..he should wait until everything in japan has been repaired and fixed

    • Kate

      Everything in Tokyo and Osaka is fixed. In fact they were never broken!! If he was going to go to Sendai or Fukushima I would understand why his crew wouldnt want to go. But there Tokyo is very far away from the nuclear plants and Osaka is was never in danger of getting any radiation whatsoever. And the crew members are getting more radiation touring around the world in an airplane than they would staying in Japan for the rest of their lives. Japan especially Tokyo and Osaka are completely safe and there is NOTHING to worry about.

    • Anonymous

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  • Andrea

    I think brittany is right…Justin should wait…

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  • Pewpasaurus

    They’ve already had a nuclear accident, they don’t need aonther disaster!

    Then again..with all that radiation…. HAVE PHUN JB!

    • Patricia

      If you’re gonna hate on JB, then why bother coming here? GTFO!

  • Terri

    He’s got a good heart. He will be fine, don’t worry. Scooter and momma wouldn’t let anything happen to our guy.

  • Kate

    Japan is completely safe. There is nothing to worry about. Justin PLEASE come!!!

  • Patricia

    I agree that Justin shouldn’t go to Japan. The Japanese government has a history of lying to the public, so who knows if its actually as safe as they said it is. Im sorry but I want Justin to stay safe and healthy, even if it means disapointing fans out there.

  • Its times like this we should all realize were humans, and act like it. Not making racist comments to any race/religion. But to wish this group of people well, health, and a bright future. It doesn’t matter whether you are japanese, jewish, persian, african, or european. In times like this everyone needs to help each other out.

  • I agree with Patricia. I am sorry guys but all of the Beliebers want him to be safe and they dont want anything happening to him who knows what they could do to him!!!!! How would all of you guys and girls feel if something happened to him or people say something happened to him and everyone thought that it really happened and it spread like that one time when they said he got shot in the chest that was people making stuff up!!!!! So i dont think he should go. But if he does go I give him all support on whatever he does.

    P.S. If you guys go to clares that store at the mall did you guys know they had Justin Bieber lunch boxes,purses,CUPS,lip gloss,nail polish,stickers,cds,eye mask for when you go to sleep!!!

  • MrsBieber

    i started crying when i saw this.
    that would just be the end of my life :'(
    stay healthy and safe justin.I LOVE YOU<3

  • Angie

    what if justin gets cancer? what would happen to the belieblers?

  • jdirh lik idt mlprareor the noe mlmeorvd ar I

  • brenda

    I love my hope to see you in Portugal , I adore you frow the bottom of my heart

  • brenda

    Brazilian yours and I just love you so much

  • Gredshy

    I love u justin bieber <3 dont go to japan!!!!

  • hej justin bieber du är bäst

    • I love u justin bieber

  • Sonali

    I think we should not comment on his desion.he know what is good for him

  • Sonali

    I think brittany is right justin should wait