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Scooter Braun gets off charges, Justin Bieber does PSA

Talk about taking one for the team.

Remember when Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, was arrested for allegedly inciting a fangirl frenzy during a November 2009 appearance at a Long Island mall? Well, the charges against Braun were dropped today after the teen heartthrob agreed to make a public service announcement for an anti-cyberbullying campaign…

The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office confirmed to E! News that as part of the agreement worked out with Bieber’s camp, a charge against Braun for violating a county fire prevention ordinance and creating what became a dangerous situation was dismissed.

Instead, the popster’s record label, Island Def Jam, took the fall, pleading guilty Friday morning to the ordinance violation and agreeing to reimburse the county almost $8,000 to pay its share of the costs associated with the law enforcement and fire marshall response created by the melee. And then, of course, there’s the PSA.  

“Mr. Braun created a dangerous safety situation using Twitter,” D.A. Kathleen Rice said in a statement. “This is a unique opportunity to use the Internet, social media and Justin Bieber’s star power to help make our communities safer.”

Braun was originally accused of using social media to whip up a crowd of more than 1,000 young and rowdy fans that had gathered to see then 15-year-old star at the Roosevelt Field Mall. The chaos that ensued when the Canadian crooner appeared ended up sending one girl to the hospital and prompted organizers to cancel the event.

A prosecutor’s spokesman tells E! that the charges against Scooter were dismissed since the company accepted responsibility for the poor planning that led up to the incident.

Braun was unavailable for comment as he and the Biebs are currently Down Under avoiding getting pelted with eggs.

No word when Bieber will film the PSA, which will be shown in local schools.


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  • Carla.Bieber

    So where was this? in AUSTRALIA??

    • kka

      No, it was on MARS.


  • Patricia

    Its good that the situation finally got resolved. Free Scooter!!!! lol. Will Justin’s PSA will be shown everywhere, not just in schools? I hope so cause I want to see it.

  • abigail woodford

    justin dont listen to them personally i think what happend u can move on and scooter braun im trying to email you i wnat to sing but cant get your email contact me back

  • abigail woodford

    justin whatever happened i think u can move on and be happy and scooter braun i need your email because i want to sing and hope u can be my producer

  • angelina

    Hey justin I am having a birthday party and I really want you to sing at it I am a major fannn!!! Please contact back oh and I want you to bring selan gomez I want her to sing as well 🙂

  • Justin is best

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    Love u JB…………..follow me on twitter plz…………..@aaryaloverboy
    I am just 16 and nt any bad boy don’t go to my username it was only available.