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Sydney teen charged with egging Justin Bieber at Acer Arena

NOT everyone was impressed with the Bieber Fever that swept Sydney when the Canadian pop star arrived for his long-awaited concert last week.

A Bondi Junction teenager has been charged by police after he allegedly broke into the roof of Acer Arena to throw eggs at Justin Bieber during his performance on Friday night.

A number of eggs were thrown at the teen heartthrob and his backup singers during the performance, but all missed.

Acer Arena complained to police after becoming aware of the incident when details were posted on a social networking site.

A 17-year-old was arrested at his home at 7.30am on Thursday and taken to Waverley Police Station where he was charged with break and enter, trespass and malicious damage.

Police also seized a mobile phone among other items.

He has been granted conditional bail to appear at Parramatta Childrens Court on June 2.



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  • Christelle

    OMB.. that is good 4 her.. how can she be bothered to go up to the roof tops of acer arena and egg my man… GLAD SHE WILL ME IN JAIL AND LEARN HER MISTAKESSS 😀

    • Kami

      @Christelle im sorry but ur completely blind, its obvious its a guy.. :\

    • meg

      it was a guy they said that if u read the stuf!!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad they caught him.

  • Caitlin

    Hahahahahaha sucked in see what happens when u mess with the biebz and his army of beliebers

  • Brad


  • Jelly

    He got egged in sydney. I hope he gets bricked in Perth. Unlucky this kid got caught. Good role model though! Don’t like someone? Climb through the roof and chuck eggs at em!

  • Carolyn

    haha the kid must be kissed, didnt hit Justin with even one egg & now he’s arrested, hope it was worth it JERK! However he is really a legend for having the balls to go through with it. Oh and P.S. I knew it couldnt have been from the audience!

  • Carolyn


  • Mayela

    Haha! Beoch!

  • the best 2.0


  • MrsBieber

    what an idiot–show some respect to justin.

  • Patricia

    Im so glad that the loser finally got caught! Thats what you get for messing with the biebs! Now he has to be afraid of the 9 million+ girls and women coming after him and wanting to kill him. Good luck dude 😀

  • glamgirl108

    that wat the bitch gets

  • Fatima Obeid

    Hey Justin, if you read this I just really want to meet you!
    I have a baby sister and she just loves you, she cant sleep at night without watchng a video of yours on my ipod!! I really like you too coz ur so cool!
    And please who ever else see’s this dont copy it!
    I have videos of my baby sister on my Youtube. its Youtube.com/fORtmaoBEid xxx

  • good job man! 😀

  • Kami

    saddening that he got caught D:
    but i applaud him for chucking eggs at justin bieber, he freaking deserves it

  • Noureen Bieber

    Why throw eggs ?
    Why not roses ?
    Justin deserves roses
    or maybe something better then that!
    That ‘vampire’ as known as that kid
    That egged Bieber shouldnt just be arrested
    He should actually go die in hell!
    Now he deserves that!

  • Suzy

    Why get pissed at him? He hates JB and so do I. I honestly think he did the right thing. While you girls obsess over JB, this dude was awesome enough to plan this!

    I also think it’s unfair that he got arrested! What about the retard who threw the shirt & candy at JB? That person didn’t get arrested or anything! >:(

  • #Jelena Support

    Jesus People Leave Him Alone C’mon Please !

  • hahahahahaaahahahahaha SUCKSED IN BEIBER

  • did you realy went to jail. did you broke up with selena gomez for mily cyres

  • raby

    fyeah that bitch got caught..
    throwing eggs at people isnt funny at all someone could’ve got hurt and justin didnt even do anything wrong