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6 Year-Old Brain Tumor sufferer Olivia Bianco meets Justin Bieber

A six-year-old Maui girl diagnosed with a brain tumor had a dream come true over the weekend.

On Saturday night, Olivia Bianco met her favorite pop-star, Justin Bieber.

Olivia was diagnosed with the tumor four months ago. Since doctors in Hawaii could not treat Olivia, her family relocated to Santa Clara, California to get the medical attention she needed.

When Olivia’s doctors found out the singer was performing in the Bay Area, they quickly made arrangements for Olivia and her family to attend the concert.

In order to go the concert, Olivia needed to be on an ambulance gurney the entire time.

Her medical team made the transportation process extra special by decorating the gurney in Bieber’s signature color purple.

Olivia’s family uses www.caringbridge.org to write journal entries on Olivia’s progress. To find out the latest information on Olivia, go to the “Visit a Website” section and type in “Oliviabianco.”


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  • jade

    thats amazing they can do that! all the best for the gorgoues little girl

  • LT

    this website needs their own app 🙂

  • That’s beautiful. I love how the doctors were the ones who thought of this. Just beautiful. <3 I wish her the best of luck and my thoughts and prayers are with this little Angel. xoxo

  • annika paigeebieber

    awwwwwww that is so nice<3

  • Ohhhhh!

    God bless you sweatheart

  • Hhhhhhhhhheeeeelllllloooooo
    Gggggggggrrrrrr it’s cold in hear there most be a Justin bieber in the atmasth

  • Patricia

    This is such a heartwarming story. I pray for little Olivia that she gets healthy and strong. Im so happy that her dream came true <3

  • i dont like selena at alll shes just using justin and i dont know why he dont see it but i see her and she not wining me over so she just need to back off because no one is going to use my justin thats just wrong she wouldent want somone to use her so why would she use him she will never get nowhere in life and thats just how it is and justin i hope u dont get hurt at the end of the day well have a good day