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Justin Bieber is Little Will Smith says Jada

Jada Pinkett Smith stopped by the set of Chelsea Lately last night to promote the upcoming season of her show Hawthorne and, inevitably, the topic ended up on host Chelsea Handler‘s favorite person — Justin Bieber.

When Chelsea asked Jada about her relationship with Justin, she shared: “He is my little sweetie.”

“I see he put his charms on you just like he put his charms on me,” Chelsea quipped back, before asking the actress and mom of two why Justin reminds her of her hubby Will Smith.

“I remember when he did the MTV Awards and he came home with Jaden [Smith] to stay with us that night — our home is like a little haven for him when he comes to L.A.,” she shared, adding, “Immediately he went to the computer and he wanted us to gather around and he wanted to critique his show. That was the first thing. I’m looking at him and I’m going, ‘If I’m not looking at a little Will Smith…’ ”

“He’s passionate about what he does, and he does it for his fans,” Jada continued. “He just really, really loves what he does.”


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  • he looks soooooooooooo good loooking in this pic <3 xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo i love you justin bieber

  • Patricia

    Its always nice to hear about how Justin loves his fans and is passionate about his work. Thats why I love him <3 Btw I love Chelsea Handler, her show is hillarious.