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Justin Timberlake’s advice to Justin Bieber: Have a plan dude

Justin Bieber probably gets more advice than he needs from people he doesn’t want it from. This time Bieber got some advice from a fellow Justin. Justin Timberlake thinks Bieber needs a plan for the future.

In an interview with Playboy Timberlake said that Justin Bieber better watch out for the next big thing and that he needs to think about the future.

“You need to have a plan…Otherwise, before you know it, there’s going to be some kid who’s younger than you.”

Has there ever been truer words spoken?

Of course there is going to be someone younger than Justin Bieber who is going to steal the hearts of young girls sometime in the future. However, by the time that happens, Bieber hopefully won’t be trying to entertain 13 year olds. It is true that Justin Bieber needs a plan if he is going to remain relevant in the music world, but his plan is not any different than Miley Cyrus’ plan or any young star for that matter.

What Bieber needs to do is make sure that his music matures as he does. As kids get older and turn into young adults there music taste tends to change as well. If Bieber is well managed and changes with the times he will be just fine.


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  • Timberlake is right! 🙂
    Justin does need a plan

  • fuj

    • bieber lover-tina


  • Sweet_Elegant

    Well for sure this Justin is speaking from experience! And he has transitioned very well into the comedy/acting world himself! Also, who better to help him through it than his mentor Usher!? Usher not only started @ 14 much like JB but he has also been able to grow with his fans. Donny Osmond also offered some of the same advice, as he should, because ALL of these guys have traveled this road before~ Justin Bieber isn’t the 1st, he’s gonna have to #PayItForward one day too!

  • Patricia

    I love Timberlake. I grew up listening to him and his band NSYNC. Biebs really should take his advice cause he already has younger kids behind him, catching up to him. Cody Simpson and Grayson Chance. I like all three of them, but Justin will always be the original and my #1 <3 If he continues making good music and stays off drugs, then he should be fine.

  • A person who can write correct English, unlike you

    Spelling mistake: THEIR music taste, not THERE music taste.
    Grammatical error: HAVE there been truer words spoken, not HAS there been truer words spoken