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Download Justin Bieber theme for Google Chrome

If you were following JBShrine 1.0 since last year you probably got tired of me trying to get you guys to start using Chrome. It’s the only thing you’ll ever find on this site that isn’t about Justin.

Chrome is a browser (program you are using to surf the internet) made by Google so it’s free and safe. Honestly it doesn’t matter if you have a old or new computer, a PC or MAC, everyone should start using Chrome. It loads websites amazingly fast and websites look so much clearer and more detailed. It’s hands down the absolute best thing you can do for your computer.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to try out Chrome then hopefully this will help. Google just made a Justin Bieber theme for people who use Chrome. And the theme was created by Justin himself! I’m using it now and it’s awesome!

Using Chrome (and Safari) you can even see 3D animation.

Everyone MUST download Google Chrome and then click here to install the Justin Bieber theme. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

I’ve also posted a Justin Bieber theme for Windows 7 users.

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  • ilovejustydrew

    I started using it when it was released last night. AMAZING! I’m using it right now (:

    • flora

      i started using it last night! amazing!

      • justin bieber you hot best
        in new york

        • i am prince ahuja and i went to delhi and me study in 8th class your song a very famous in delhi an i am fan in justin biber

        • javiera paz

          i love j <3 b is for beautiful

        • adele sabel

          don’t believe that!…….lol

    • Anonymous

      i’m just using it right now!

    • Anonymous

      i love you jet

  • iloveJDB

    i always use google chrome it’s amazingly fast and it doesnt have any tool bars or anything it’s pretty darn amazing 🙂

  • Allena

    Google chrome doesn’t work so well with me, like I’ll open it & try to go to a website & nothing will happen. It’s so annoying! My sister who’s all the way in California has that same issue but it works completely fine with her husband, so she just uses her iPhone instead.

    • Anonymous

      Hi i love you love form h

  • Anonymous

    Cool now i just need a bieber mouse lol

  • true belieber

    oh my god thanku so much whoever it is!!! first i thought u r lieing m sri for tht bt whn i used it omb it wus awesummmmm!!!thanku sooo mcuhhh

  • brittany snow

    i downloaded it but am i supposed to see justin’s face anywhere? cause i dont see it, all i see is purple trim around my computer when i put a link up, someone help me please!!

    • Anonymous

      you will see justin’s face when you click on the little + next to your tab and then it will be a big purple screen with address bar on top and picture of justin ;))


  • selena

    he is awosme

  • I LuVVv UuUuU iM NeVeR GoNnA StOp UsInG tHiIiIiISsSsS!!!!

  • wooou lo baje y se bajo re rapido es impresionantes muchas gracias esta muy bueno !!!♥


  • shakir durrani

    justin ur ma favr8 umaaahhh….!!!

  • hey i think he a dork

    • Anonymous

      A sexy dork

  • ya i think he is a dork of love i love u Justin Bieber i ahave your fever bieber

  • hey I have JB feber bieber right now!!!!!! oh i wish me nd justin seen each other and go out cause i love him i do i do he is my baby!

    • idk but think u r in love with him i just like him thats alll

      • well it’s more then liking him?

        • ha ya should i bring hot cheetos or taxis

        • takis but 4 what?

  • hey i think justin is hotter then cody who agrees with me?

  • haaha hump the table

  • hjbsz<jkdjhnzxdfksdcfksdlñgldfphbkvgb

  • Anonymous

    i love jb

  • Anonymous

    jb is my boyfriend i am selenagomez

  • cargar

  • I had a whinnie the pooh theme but then when i saw this i like- passed out!
    def cool!

  • Anonymous

    justine bieber kath ; ayloveu

  • Vaishnu S.K.

    Kamaal ki chiz hai yaar!!!!!

  • Míín Ná Má

    Y Love You Justin Bieber

  • Anonymous

    i think he looks very sexyyy! more that sexy! he is my boyfriend and i love him! i met him yesterday! HE FUCKED ME UP! hahaha jk

  • hey

    • Neeraj

      Hey i am a big fan justin biber i liked so much he is a knowledgement person

  • i love justin drew bieber
    i want to meet it
    it is left handed
    i m also left handed

  • wow! i love this themes!♥
    much love♥

  • Hello! He Is My Son… I Love Him. He Is Very Cute Is Not Is Girls?I Am Very Proud That I Could Come To This.

  • Izzaty

    How can i use this?

  • Anonymous

    i love you justinbieber

    • Parth

      i realy like her songs
      i wont to meet her.

    • Parth

      Do realy love her i mean justin bieber.can you marry her?

  • Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….LOVE



  • Parth

    i m part
    i m justin’s friend ,
    i like her sonds,it was a very beutyful songs.

  • Parth

    i m parth
    i m justin’s friend ,
    i like her sonds,it was a very beutyful songs.

  • Nemesis

    I love justin bieber BABY BABY BABY OHH!

  • iarudebieber

    justinnn cambiastes mi vida no se como pero lo hicistes, sos mi munto i love you jusss!!!

  • gina


  • jais bieber

    i love u justin bioeber

  • jais bieber

    i love u justin bieber kiss me

  • xxxxxxx

    i have use it last month ago n still using its til’ now

  • RD Forever

    arghhhhhhh , sloww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aditya Joshi

    Justin is my favaroute singer

  • vitz

    yua invincible..JB..

  • veronica

    i love you justin bieber

  • elle loves justin bieber

    omg justin bieber is soooooooooooooo fit i think we should have 1 with his top of like if u think we should 🙂 xxxxxxxx <3

  • kayla


  • Giorgia

    I <3 YOU JUSTIN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • belieber

    i love u justin!

  • An

    he is my feature hustband

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  • juliethh

    Forever Belieber! i love justin bieber

  • lilly anderson

    justin bieber i love u so much <3 i cant wait till 3rd of march 2012 at the o2 in lonjdon guna come and see ya<3

  • momo

    i looove him love u jb

  • Nicolle

    I love you justin bieber you are the only man ke cutest and seen

  • LyssaBeaar

    Justin you are so hot especially with your (new) hair I want to go to one of your concerts

  • nina dobrev

    i love justin bieber ..it’s my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • nina dobrev

      io amo justin bieber è la mia vita farei di tutto per andare a un suo concerto 🙁

  • Obama Jr

    hey guys im a guy who loves jb

  • rosa

    love justin sei un mito ti amo sei forte jb

  • kath baby

    kath babay just love uoy sj kl se si po nio me no go justin biebebr
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  • anonimo

    stupid beach fans de justin bieber

  • Anemona

    I love you Justin Biber !!! <333333333

    • Anemona

      I love you, Justin Biber !

  • maria

    justin i love you

  • Markus

    This appears intriguing. I’d which includes toward get hold of upgrades through electronic mail make sure you.


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