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Justin Bieber attacked outside Macy’s by 40 Year Old Man [Video]

Did Justin get attacked by some man in the crowd at Herald Square in New York City today?

I can’t see what happened!! Looks like Justin was greeting the fans to the right of the rails and all of a sudden a man starts attacking Justin. Kenny jumps in followed by some security guards. You can see Justin, dressed in black, head back in to the left of the rails after the attack.

I’m gonna make this post now and try to find out more info. If anyone knows anything please or find anymore videos please tell us what you know in the comments.

Stay tuned guys. If this is true it’s gonna be big news soon.

UPDATE 1: An eye-witness account:

OMG! Justin Bieber was knocked to the ground at Macy’s in New York! I was there, trying on some new bracelets and saw the whole thing! This big fat man jumped over a barricade and knocked the star to the ground. I know people like this. My stalker, Jack Mars is a good example. Get a life Mars! Bieber is said to have a minor injury but the police got the fat son of a bitch and dragged him away. Thank God! /

UPDATE: What really happened with Justin Bieber outside Macy’s

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