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justin bieber cmt award red carpet pics

Justin Bieber CMT Red Carpet Interviews with Rascal Flatts


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  • camilla

    VOTE FOR JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCHMUSIC! we are 2nd! 🙁 GO!

  • Sweet_Elegant

    His face at the end was too funny! Like “No Really guys, He’s just kidding”

  • hahah he loooks sooooooooooooo hot <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • leslie

    why he’s not smiling? her fans was smiling and he’s just like ‘okay, i dont wanna smile’

  • JbFAN

    Omg i really am depret to meet JB he looks Hot! <33

  • jennifer

    he looks soooo HOT! i used to hav that pic on my facebook profile!now i hav one of him that is only his eyes i LOVE his eyes:)

  • Anonymous

    selena sooooooooooooooooo.
    2012 yes