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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez High Speed Paparazzi Chase in Stratford

Maybe Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are so young, they’re unfamiliar with Princess Diana’s horrible fate.

How else to explain why the celebrity teen couple last week apparently allowed a bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, to drive them perilously through the streets of Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ont., just to avoid being photographed? In a charcoal-coloured SUV the threesome tore through side streets and even blew through red lights on the town’s main thoroughfare at speeds well above the posted limit — all in an apparent attempt to lose Canadian paparazzi, who were giving chase in their cars.

QMI Agency celebrity photographer John White was briefly part of the active pursuit and was witness to it all.

Attempts to reach Bieber and Hamilton for comment Thursday were not immediately successful.

Stratford Police say no complaints about a speeding vehicle were received when Bieber was in town last week.

It all started when Bieber, the 17-year-old singing sensation, and his singer/actress girlfriend, 18, paid a visit to Bieber’s grandfather’s house last Thursday, June 2. Fans tweeted that Bieber was there. It didn’t take long for the crowd to grow and for three Toronto paparazzi photographers — who were already in Stratford — to descend on the home, which had been shown in Bieber’s movie Never Say Never. 

After the visit, Bieber and Gomez were driven away by Hamilton, White said, with the paps in hot pursuit. That’s when White said he saw Hamilton gun it — at speeds exceeding 80 km/hr down residential streets, then even faster down Stratford’s main thoroughfare Ontario Street, running red lights in the process. The speed limit on both Ontario Street and side streets in Stratford is 50 km/hr.

White said he tried to keep up with the Bieber vehicle and the other paparazzi cars, but realized to do so would be to speed and be unsafe, so he backed off. He said he witnessed the Bieber vehicle running red lights up ahead on Ontario Street. Stratford, a town with a population of about 30,000, was teeming with visitors, as it was opening week of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival.

“Did I miss some shots because of my call not to follow? Yes, but I didn’t put anyone at risk either,” White said. “Really … putting people’s lives at risk just to avoid being photographed?”

Insp. Sam Theocharis of the Stratford Police said they did not receive any reports or complaints about a vehicle going along city streets at a high-rate of speed during Bieber’s stay in his hometown.

Theocharis did say that police patrolled by the home of Bieber’s grandfather several times in the few days the pop star was home to ensure that the crowds were respectful and under control. He said that on a couple of occasions police did have to ask people to disperse and move along.

In August 1997, Princess Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul, were all killed in a Paris underpass, when Paul crashed his Mercedes-Benz into a concrete pillar — at a speed more than twice the legal limit — while attempting to evade paparazzi, who had given chase in their vehicles.

White said the evasive actions he witnessed in Stratford last week didn’t make sense to him.

“Why wouldn’t Bieber expect the paparazzi to show up when tweets showed up that he was visiting his grandfather’s home with Gomez? He’s an A-list celebrity who knew fans and photographers were anxious to know of his whereabouts. Like I have always said, once you have turn the taps on with media attention, it’s game on.

“I think Bieber’s grandfather should have a word with Justin and Hamilton about how they should drive safely through the streets, and accept the fact he will be photographed. Not only in Stratford but around the world. It’s only a picture, Justin.”


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  • bieberlover

    I think speeding that fast is very unsafe!!! it could of put many people in danger. I mean it’s just a picture it’s not like we haven’t seen u makeout with Selena anyways don’t put other innocent people in danger

    • Anonymous

      thats vwery true i think the same as you

      • Anonymous

        Ha.And,that’s y evry1 is gonna start hating JB bkuz,he’s so annoying.

        • jacy bieber :D

          oh you better shut up….>.>

        • speeding is a bad thing and it could be alot of trouble with many people and some people could get hurt really easy so stop speeding

    • Anonymous

      I am Genesis I am your big big fan I love you so so much love Genesis! love you!

    • Anonymous

      Way justin bieber sad for the car 🙁

  • news flash and 911 just by david conway , please stop justin bieber right now , just when i was looking at those pictures on the beach maui hawai just look at justin bieber,s hands , please he w2hats selena marie gomez pregnant stop him now he kids just by selena gomez some body have to stop him , and put justin bieber in jail please , love david b conway

  • heheehehheh <3 that would b sooo anoying <3 xxxxxxxx love you j.b

    • Anonymous

      Why I love Justin bieber but he is darting to be bad how because he looks at selena Gomez boobs and v and he wants to have sex with her soo Idk if I still like him????

  • justin bieber whats selena gomez pregnant look at his hands just at the maui hawai beach he just touch her private parts , and please pass it on the internet web site , love david b conway

  • ashley


    • Why do you go on this website to hate? Like Justin truly cares about her & Selena cares about Justin. Stop acting like you know everything when you dont, there in love. GET OVER IT

      • Lilly

        I agree. IF you r gonna spread hate and make people mad then just go die in a hole cuz u can be as hatefull as u want there

  • dobre fotku

  • Sascha

    probably kenny just mix up miles per hour and km per hour

  • Yesenia

    Omg how scarry. He needs to drive safely. For Justin and Selena’s sake.

  • Randomgirl

    How irresponsible on KEnny’s part. They just figure if they get pulled over the cops will let them slide, its rediculous nd annoying. Justin, you are not james bond in an action movie, your a teenage popsinger in canada.
    Justin, you talk about making a positive change and being a good role model but thia action put many lives in danger and that is very disappointing.
    And also, its a picture, and look they got you anyway. Stop crying about it, your famous. If u want to stop being photographed then stop recording music, stop selling a million different products with your name on it, stop appearing at events, retire and go move out into the countryside, in a few months people will have forgotten about you.
    So tired of celebrities thinking they are entitled and complaining about people followig them.

    • Brookelle

      Exactly Well said 🙂 he wanted to be famous he is but with being famous your gonn’ have paps :/

  • AliceMelittaBIEBER

    i think they are an awesome couple BUT they need to stay safe from paparazzi if they want to continue their relationship

  • Egg

    I feel like this is one big dramatic, romantic movie..
    “lets run away” “i only wanna be with youu” kind of thing

  • RobynlovesJustin

    I am seriously pissed at this so called “safety” pap guy. Blaming Justin and Selena for avoiding a pic??? blaming THEM for putting lives at risk??? how bout, blame the Fans and papz not respecting privacy and leaving them be??? THEY are putting lives at risk! Doesn’t Justin give enough to the press and to the fans? why is it okay to objectify him and rob him of family time? WTF!

    • kel

      its not.
      however, he needs to accept that that is what comes with his career.
      and not retaliate immaturely

    • Nalia

      Thank you! Its his right to not want his pic taken.

  • crystal

    i felt selena with justin not that good but i still wish them loving forever

  • Brookelle

    This is just stupid to avoid being paped come on Justin the minute you got signed is the minute you lost privacy if you didn’t want to lose your privacy why the fuck did you become famous? you could have ended up like princess Diana dead because you wanted to get rid of paps come on GET OVER IT there gonn’ be there for the rest of your life now you gave up your privacy when you became famous so don’t fucking complain and try to out run them cause you could end up six feet under and devastate thousands of people!!!

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , is that i just feel the same way just about mis selena marie gomez , she is also restlickels some times , and she never thinks about her self any more just when she was changing justin drew bieber , just after the st, regis hotel , and she does look a street dog just by sinfying licking at justin drew bieber balls to munch , she might be punch drunk just by his balls , and that,s why she was runsh to the hospital for , she was drunk just by justin bieber,s ball,s love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      Just shut up you don’t even make sense.

      • Lilly


  • theresa mumford

    hey justin i am so happy for u and selena soz i didnt say it sooner but i am saying it now congratulations and us r the best singer ever xx see ya in a concer one day in nottingham xx

  • Edwina

    Hay justin can you come to Melborune.. please

  • Justins #1 Fan

    Hey justin im your #1 fan and i would like you to come to Melborune PLease im 17 years old and i love your mucie and i love you. i just wish i can see you in person that how much i love you and your mucie…. and sleana i wish you can come with justin bieber

  • belbluvzbieb

    justin seems really sad at the moment, mmaybe he jsut needs sum alone time? i respect wat ever he does as long as its in his best intentions x

  • jasminator power

    yehh justin look sad at the moment ,end his desteny is with jasmin ,,,,,,,,,,,end I think jasmin is the first love for justin end the first love not easily forgotten XoXo

  • jasminator power


  • Justin Bieber please come in Indonesia again.I love you so much.<3<3<3

  • Anonymous

    is that a tattoo on his elbowwww????????????
    answer asap!

    • Anonymous

      yeah hes had that tat…

  • sparkaii

    As soon as i saw the head line for this story i thought of Princess Diana. What a coquensedence this refered to that. But yeah their right Justin and Selena need to be more careful because i would be so sad if they both died 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Why does selena always seem to look pissed off like seriously the only time i ever see her smiling in pictures with justin is when its like at an awards show or when him and her take pictures privately like on instagram or something she always looks pissed off in pictures in public….. and i’ve also noticed this lately that when justin isn’t with selena and pap are around he is actually very nice he talks to them and stuff but when hes with selena not a word and they try to hide i don’t get it

  • No

    Justin has a right not to want to be photographed! They act like celebs have no rights, and like getting ur picture taking against ur will is no big deal. If he doesn’t want his picture taken, thts his right!

    • Anonymous

      selena……………………..yes….no 17

  • Anonymous

    jb 17 1994 yes [[[[[[[[[[[[,no

  • desiree

    justin bieber, im from california, im a fan of yours…not the craziest or hugest but a big fan! i really want to be an actress but i dont know what i need to do in order to audition- you can ask selena and stuff and get back to me?? i just need advice and help please! thatnk you so much

  • desiree

    oh anyone can leave advice!!! just please help..im an awesome actress i swear! i do plays at my school and go to DTASC! but please someone help me find REAL auditions please!