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Justin Bieber Twitter War with Jasmine Villegas’ Boyfriend Jinsu

Someone’s a famewhore! “How to Get Famous 101.” Lesson 1: Pick a fight with the world’s most famous teenager.

Some kid rapper named Jinsu decided to start a Twitter feud with Justin Bieber. Big no-no, dude. I guess he’s dating Justin’s ex Jasmine Villegas (yes, the girl from the “Baby” video) or something and Jinsu whathisface decided to make comments that were not directly aimed at Biebs, but were obviously about him. He targeted Justin’s current girlfriend Selena Gomez too.


How classy! This is a photo of the clown

And here is how it started. Jinsu tweeted:

Im the young best rapper out.. Ask around.. Aint NOBODY FUCKING WITH ME…

Insert stupid retweets like this:

@SQJINSU the haters are dumb.Selena is better than Jasmine?! OH HELL NO! Jasmine is better.

and this

Jasmine and @SQJINSU are the cutest couple, Justin and Selena could learn a thing or two about them. so presh, wish them the best. ♥

Then he wrote this sh*t:

I aint hating on selena at alll.. Thats my opinion iight.. Sooo keep the hate coming hahahaha.. Thank you.. I love youuuuuuuu sooooo much 😉

it doesnt matter.. Because im just doing me.. The funny thing about it none of that other side would say shit to me in person lmao

Dude, shutup. Please.

Obviously, Justin got wind of it and wasn’t too happy. He tweeted:

Some People Just Want Attention. Go Sell Some Records Bro Lol

And Maybe Get Some Followers With Out My Name In Theirs Before Talking 

(These were later deleted). Biebs then wrote:

just gonna chill…kill ’em with kindness

no one is gonna be perfect all the time. but we grow and learn from our imperfection. cant ever let them bring you down. i owe that to yall

Jinsu wanted even more attention, so she he said:

@justinbieber i respect you more if you say my name boy boy.. Thats what real men do.. I forgot you a lil boy…

Biebs was smart enough not to fall for it.

Why would i say your name and bring you more attention? i dont need your respect. rookie.  lol

Ahahahahhaha. Then the Jinsu kid went on and on:

Keep the followers coming.. I love yallllllll…. #fuckahater

Arguin on twitter is pointless when you wont say nothing in person when you see me.. 😉 #jinsu#jinsu #jinsu RT RT RT #jinsu

Everybody supporting the kid i love yalll.. Everybody hating on the kid i love yall too… This is too easy..

Then Justin went back to ruling the world. The End.


BTW, Justin’s manager Scooter Braun stayed vague when tweeting about the incident:

interesting day….just got made aware of something else. my response will follow now…

who? exactly. #keepinitreal

Moral of the story? This kid is still a nobody.

UPDATE: He’s trending on Twitter and really proud of himself. #DOUCHE.

PS. Jasmine Villegas has not said a word about the fight, but I think we can all agree that she can do way better than this guy.

Team Justin or Team famehore?


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  • belle

    luv u sooooooooo much justin, good on you!!!

    • justin nothin he just a white boy who think he the best he nothin he trying to be a singer i think he cute but he dont look better then young Jinsu he is sexy!!!!!

      • brittney

        jb is cute but not then jinsu he is like the bomb but i wish i can hug both of them and marry jinsu

        • brittney

          jinsu is a better on this twitter fight

        • Anonymous

          i luv jinsu

        • Anonymous

          fuck off justin is and if you cant see that well you need too jump off a clif, justin is well better

        • LOLA

          how is he better? he’s just going on and on trying to get attention cuz he’s a nobody… The better thing to do is ignore a useless people like these.

        • ILOVEJB

          How old is Jinsu??

        • pauline

          he is 18

        • Anonymous

          Think jinsu’s great, at least Justin doesn’t abuse his girlfriend like jinsu did to jasmine, I think jb is way better.

        • champricefranklin

          hey jasmine isent u a facebook request

        • sidney

          do you like chris brown? i bet you do. hypocrite

        • Anonymous

          Hey jasmine talk her nobody lilke you nobody tench mean hem fight lookend out kick buch girl don play farce book tell me Selena Gomez friendships she he 18 Sarah selina chirstuher Monica Noel Peter Andrew Ana boy girl she not manny fight angel saint a sing jasmine did kiss she not girlfriend no boyfriend thing she cry cassl see you lunch food mine her mine him hear feeing lookend him pepel here school tell Sofia stop David am friend Peter told her told me hey selina she see top bus love move said 19 people with him about him know him for love to St. Peter miss you gut here school selina back home happy mom said day first dete girlfriend

      • Anonymous

        dnt b racist!!! just sayin lolz

      • Anonymous

        from were jin poop is sexy idk nobody ask me?!?!?!?!?

        • justin bieber

          baies kas justin bieber tisht go to by haieus kaieus paeiuss maeusies paieea baieones saieoemd bIWISIWW Paiees payiss laoees bats bas baoeis waoes bays caieoend

        • Anonymous

          what language is this in

        • Sara

          What the fuck did she just sayv

        • raissa

          i love you

        • joey cypher

          they both fucking suck in my opinion.

      • Love-ja (real name)

        right!!!!!!!! lol

        • justin bieber

          justin bieber who you she go to scokeis me likes caieieus paieus waiiris haiesird aues pairirs Eaionrs Qaieissee games alexis krsch cbs tinoght loves me peeples baiees Daiienes laoes bays waes bats wats bats paoes hatss happles Gates school Baies Raies Aaies Kaiespoensd hatss baitss pats Taies poples bas kats bats kaitss batss paitss basoes datdurd Caies akes bats kats waoes Maies Kaiees Liesues poats baitss kays vats baies waties

        • justin bieber

          justin bieber and the was you havee is in baby go to like can like fast run balloon games Caieusies she waoeus paieis have shaioened laiones

        • Anonymous

          whoeva this fuckin person is talk english bitch u have no life get real! p.s. ur wastin evrybuddys time

      • matea brown

        jinsu is way betta than jb, he just a white lil boy tryin be a rapper new’s flash ain’t eva gonna happen just go bac 2 canada plez and do us all a fav…. i love u jinsu

        • whoknos

          u like boys who hit their girls? ….. lol …. good luck in your love life ….. and justin bieber is 18 too? smart one how is his age any dif from jinsus?

        • jessica holla

          You can’t even spell so that makes your opinion automatically irrelevant.

        • demi

          not been funny but justin never laid a finger on a girl so not has your little jinsu not yet famous.. hes also famous for beating girls up. JB’s girl. i love you jb

        • Maddie

          i didnt even know this jinsu kid was even alive, until i saw the video Jasmine posted. its funny how people say abuse is wrong but then go and like the guy that abuses woman. these people that like Jinsu must be abusers also. i mean really, go like a different guy that doesn’t abuse woman. Justin Bieber always has been my inspiration. oh and Jinsu supporters, people think you guys are stupid, learn to spell. lol

        • Anonymous

          No this is late but i’m not saying i agree with what shes saying but who is worrying about spelling. your not in english class get over it like fr fr

        • Anonymous

          Finally some one who speaks the truth. BOO! “Jb”. When jinsu is way better and south hotter

        • Hannah Ethelbah

          Jinsu is cute and of corse jb ain’t cute white lil boy tryna be a rapper your voice sounds like a gurls voice and besides i think it jasmine fault for whatwhatever she did and she got hetr lesson not to mess with jinsu. Also that lil white nigga should stay out of it did it say his name in their conversion no.

      • Maya

        Ya jinsu may be good looking ( I don’t think so but) but he’s a jerk I don’t like jasmine but I feel for her situation jinsu abused her so that must really tell you about him .

      • Hatejinsu

        Jinsu is minfuck he is just a games ore and he abused jaz he’s stupid and abusive Justin never laid a finger on a girl ,ever. Jinsu is shit .END OF STORY

        • Hannah Ethelbah

          END OF YOUR STORY. Justine never laid a finger on a gurls because he is a white mathafucka and jinsu is a sexy nigga and that’s why what he did to jaz. Besides jinsu is not a game and he is a REAL PERSON!

      • Amoni

        that is so …………. WRONG!!!!!

      • whateves

        jinsu is a woman beater

      • team justin

        thats why he beats girls? get real junsu is pathetic #team justin

        • Anonymous

          His name is Jah-Youth Lopez meaning Gods child

        • Hannah Ethelbah

          You are pathetic I’m team jinsu all the way .

        • jasmine


      • Joycelyn

        Jinsu was acting like a bitch and nobody even really knows him but I will credit the fact that’s he’s cute and he’s a good rapper justin beiber he’s cute and he does his thing and doesn’t let anyone get in his way or throw him off he doesn’t listen to the haters and he has good music

      • hailey

        wtf Justin is also more mature than jinsu… u don’t see Justin beatin up girls, do u??
        oh, and if u where dating jinsu hed probs beat the shit outta u :/

      • alex jr.

        yo he abused justin bieber’s ex girlfriend jasmine villegas.

    • Anonymous

      w.tf. justin bieber isn’t better then the person he calls a clown the clown is way better then u justin bieber

      • kyle

        right. my nigga jinsu makein movessss. #TeAmJiN!(;

        • nelly

          justin bieber is ok but young jinsu is way hotter

        • Sami

          You may think he’s hotter but he’s still a woman beater

      • Anonymous

        wow keep ur shit up u little bitches he never called anybuddy a clown so st fuck up whore go get a life! umm how many times did u say justin bieber ….2x so iff u dont like justin then why the fuck is his name always in ur fuckin mouth …?!how does it taste?!?!?

        • Hannah Ethelbah

          I’m not a bitch I jst say what I want and I say it. He never did call anyone a clown but he’s the clown. I do have a life and its awesome how is yours I only said justin bieber once how many times did you say his name? Actually it tastes alright but when I’m done saying his name ill spit it out like a trash he is.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      fucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk fuckin justin biever!!..#TeamJinsuBitchesss.

      • lina

        what the kid who abused jasmin and maybe raped her ? fuck you man ….. or woman

      • Amoni


    • kyle

      justin bieber reminds me of a lil ass 5 year old girl. #Lame-O

      • Anonymous

        you wuld no wat 1 looks like cuz yah c 1 evry day in da miirror onn daa wall

        • Love-ja (real name)

          that was weak #j.s r.n.s

    • Anonymous

      justin can we ever be friends on facebook

      • Anonymous

        i think yall can cuz i am

      • Anonymous

        Can you please help me get a Facebook

    • Anonymous

      u r very rite belle jasmine is nothin but a skank and she is very nasty and conceited i dont no how jinsu said she was better than selena he is not even a good rapper i just listened [tried] to 1 of his songs and it sucks BUTT!!!!!! stupid jinsu just leave the kid alone i mean its hard to be handsome you no wat im saying out therre boys say it : it takes time 2 b handsone aka sexy : #suck it jinsu

      • Anonymous

        jinsu is always gunna b cuter den justin ,justin is wack lke 4real who is one person that you know that still likes justin and leave jasmine alone she is way better den selena cause she goes to boy to boy that has fame for example she left nick jonas for another dude so she da hoe skank slut what ever.

        • Anonymous

          you are not my mother and i no plenty of people that still love justin [not like] . and jinsu aint gonna eva be better nor cuter than justin have you listened to his music obviously not…!#jinsu sucks a**!!!!

        • kalena

          feel ya on dat! she be jumpin from boy to boy not jasmin she hold it down.

        • Anonymous

          she had to because Jinsu threatened and abused her so she was scared to leave him. Selena’s with Justin because she loves him.

      • Jasmin

        dude jas is not conceited but i not taking anyone side in this but Jas. is better than Selena even though i support there relationship Jas. is a better singer than Selena

        • Anonymous

          just because your name is jasmine doesnt mean anything maybe you are like her too. SLANK!

      • Love-ja (real name)

        no bueno jinsu aint got to sucknothing but yhu do

        • Anonymous

          what do i got 2 suck bitch fuck u whore u just need to go somewhere else and suck ur moms ass whole bitch…and jinsu does need to suck somethin and it caleed a bottle while his ugly ass bitch holds his black ass

        • Anonymous

          Mahh Nikka Stop Bein Racist You fuckin dick head mann u dont know bout music soo sit yo ass down until u learn bout real music jinsu knows how to write music and rap so stfu and stop racist u bieber dick head fan and u hav a badass taste u lil bitch and stop being a fuckin whore u slutty ass bitch #TeamJinsuAllDaii

        • Ab

          you need to stop cussing and stop using all of that bad language so ha and no 1 agrees with you because of all that cussin there are little boys and girls that look at this do you think that they want to see al of this? well no they don’t my little sister was reading this and she i 7 wow that shows that you have nothing to do i do not care how old you are you don’t need to stop and you need to stop NOW!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

      • Sami

        You don’t even know Jasmine so stfu! Jasmine isn’t a skank or nasty or conceited! Do you even know what those words mean? Stop being suck a jerk.

        • team justin

          i know her and trust me she is far from nasty, skank, or conceited ! she is an amazing girl, sweet, great personality and she got talent

      • Samantha

        I don’t like Justin’s music or Jinsu’s music (just getting that out there). JActually I don’t like Jinsu period but Justin and Jinsu were both wrong. Jinsu shouldn’t have posted what he did and Justin shouldn’t have replied. People need to shut up since this happened A YEAR AGO!! Just get over it. Jinsu is a woman beating, conceited, overconfident, jerk that needs to grow up. Yes, I understand Justin was sticking up for his girl but that doesn’t make it better. All you Jinsu lovers need to stop talking bad about Selena and you Beliebers need to stop saying crap about Jasmine. They are both beautiful and talented girls and hating on them isn’t gonna get you anywhere in life.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t have to like it.I don’t like justin period and you are wrong too. So you shouldn’t have post this. We are not people we have names that you don’t know so stfu who cares if this happened a year ago and he is not he only beat up one gurl and she got her lesson and he is a grown ass man and you probably need to grow up. Justin has Selena or is it Jasmine he is probably two timing, what have we been saying about selena its just jinsu, justin and jasmine duh. Are you talented, smart and beautiful if your not then SHUT UP! it got me somewhere in life but you don’t need to know because you don’t know me so hoe STFU!

      • Anonymous

        Jasmine is better then selena and why the fuck are bringing her to the conversation cuz its all about jinsu being a dick!.

    • kalena

      i think both of them clowns overall. justin, stupid for replying. jinsu, stupid for starting it. they should both just shut the fuck up because they ain’t gonna get anywhere. since justin is a pussy. and jinsu just a young boy who got a lot to learn. as for jasmin and selena, they be doin the right thing. i think this site should be a fansite for those two girls, not these two little boys.

    • Sagine

      Hell nawl, Justin Bieber was SO smart for doing that & it’s true Jinsu is STILL a nobody I didn’t even know him until about he incident with the Jasmine getting abused by him thing ; the thing that really gets me laugh is that is BITCH (Jinsu) said something about how he should learn a thing or two about Jasmine & his relationship. I’m GLAD Justin didn’t learn SHIT from him & I’m so glad he DON’T ABUSE GIRLS! #JinsuCanSuckDickCauseHeANOBODY!! >_<

    • Na na

      aaaahahahahahahah he called him a rookieeeee haliriousssssssssssssssss justin is sooo funny and his manager sayin “wwho?” aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha “keepinitreal” PRICELESSS

    • Anonymous

      Team Justin ♡♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡

      • Anonymous


  • Marisol

    Haha well im pretty sure Justin STILL has WAY more followers than him :)…….teamjustin!

    • Hayleigh

      LOL!!So true!

    • Anonymous

      yea plus he is hotter th that jasmine boyfriend

      • Anonymous

        so how do i join this website help me plz

    • Anonymous

      its not about who has got the most followers dumbfuq

    • kyle

      it dont even matter about the dick riders justin bever got. jin is the nicest tean rapper out here and everybody knows thisss.

      • Anonymous

        Yo, everyone get off Bieber’s dick, after Jinsu made that song called “Shook Ones” BIEBER BITCHED OUT AND STOPPED TALKING TO HIM PERIOD!! Jinsu won the battle AND the war! And he can do it again! Bieber tries to rap, then goes to singing, STICK WIT SINGING BOY! LEAVE THE RAP GAME TO THE PROS! His raps sound like something Vanilla Ice threw away when making Ice Ice

      • anon

        nicest? yeah sure, nicest my ass, my definition of nice doesn’t include him hitting his girlfriend.

        • julia E. sharmaine

          where did jasmine uploaded the video?

      • Anonymous

        Actually Diggy Simmons is WAY better than Jinsu.

    • Anonymous

      i dought that honey…..

    • yuli

      team jinsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        So you’re siding with a boy who abused and possibly raped his girlfriend? Wow, really shows what type of person you are…
        PS: the name Jinsu sounds like freaking sushi.

  • u go justin teach that mother f u runs this town that dumb ass

    • kyle

      ya right. jin the hottest rapper out here..

    • That Jin Fan Kyle

      Man. Young Jinsu and Jas allll dayy!! <3 You Bielebers already know jin the best. Fuck justin biebers lil long haired squirrel lookin ass and selena gomez iron board body. bieb uses her in the mornin to iron his clothes. lol #TeamJinsu!.

  • Reah

    FUCK BIEBER. this article is biased as hell. Jinsu and Jasmine ALL DAY. Fuck Selena too. Wit her ole overbite ugly ass.

    • Hawtiie

      right it’s VERY biased. if it wasn’t for Selena fans this wouldn’t have started.

      • Regina

        If u guys hate them so much then y r u in a Bieber blog

        • Steph,

          I KNOW RIGHT!

        • Hayleigh

          That is what I was thinking!!!

        • shut up

        • Anonymous

          owned much? ^

        • Anonymous

          shut dnt go up flys do and my shoe!!!! there u go regina steph and hayleigh

        • queen

          U have no idea what ur talking about

        • Anonymous

          i no i mean they only doing diz bcuz they hate selena i mean there r some turn offs with selena but way more with jasmine ex. she put pictures then xoxo all conceitedly and [squeky voice] bye luvies! bye luvies!bye luvies! like we really all do luv her soo much!!!! yea ritez

      • Anonymous

        i feel you on this! he felt offended so he responded!

    • camilla

      so u guys dont have a fan page about Jinsu&Jasmine to comment on??? ………oh yes u DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • got two fucking retard in jbshrine…………. get back in ur cage………

        • Tyler

          STFU Beaver believer

        • Chelsie Bieber

          LOL I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tell em how the fuck it is!!!! #TEAMJINSU #JASMINATOR

      • Isabella

        its funny how your on here reading about how your team got dissed and decide to comment on a JB SHRINE where IS the jinsu shrine oh idk maybe he will make his own that pathetic douche he isnt mature his name sounds like a cure for diarrhea(: jb has ten million followers and jincrap only has 1,000

        • Jessica

          First of all u don’t kno how many followers jinsu has so go f*** yourself u probably already do anyway, oops lol and I meant it #TeamJinsu

        • Anonymous

          its called the internet jessica have you herd of it obviously not cus u sem pretty old to me wait i meant everyone

        • brittney

          shut up because actually jinsu has many followers because hes bomber than justin even thow justin is a little cute

        • Sammy F Babaee

          First Jinsu Beats JB ANYDAY.
          1st Hes Sexier
          2nd He Raps Better
          And Who Needs Followers On Twitter Not Everyone Has A Computer And Jinsu Is A Sexy Namee Way Better Than Yourr Namee

        • Anonymous

          Justin Bieber doesn’t rap….

    • Anonymous

      go. fuck yourself. if u dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.

      • alaina

        lmao team bieber all day..ima bieleber

      • brittney

        make me bieber follower

    • Jessica

      Thank u someone finally agreeable on tha same subject. All u little stalkers need to learn that YOUNG JINSU is more man than that lityle wanna be bieber who wants to keep up his lityle squeeaky clean apperance aleast jinsu is RAW bieber lovers take some tips from tha JINSU LOVERS dats all I got to saii. go JINSU

      • brittney

        yeah ur right jessica jinsu is bomb i wish i can marry him

        • Anonymous

          Shut up , you and your stupid comments. You’re not marrying anyone of them.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        and thas all your gonna say after we are all finished stalkking bieber

    • Sammy F Babaee

      Worrrddd #TeamJinsu All Day I HATEEE Selena Gomez Pedifile Or How Ever You Spell It How Do You Datee Someonee Younger Than Youu

      • Anonymous

        now u are stupid because selina issssss betterrrrrrr

    • Anonymous

      stop hating you hater

  • tiara

    team jinsu this makes me think that justin is a ass in some kind of way i love jasmine way more than i love selena so im going to go with jinsu

    • Woohooo

      • alaina

        jasmine has noe talent wtf

        • Sammy F Babaee

          Jasminee Has WAAAAAYY more talent than Selena Thats why even JB dated Jasmine First! -_-

    • Anonymous

      wow ur going against the cute boy just because of his girl how bout the[ way below ugly] boys girl cuz she a bitch …wait i no yall have somthin in comin BITCH! [tiara]

      • Anonymous


  • tiara

    and fyi barack obama runs this town justin is probaly not even capable of running McDonalds

    • Sinem

      why are you on a bieber blog if you’re gonna hate? and honey.. Barack is the president of United states… last i checked that wasn’t a TOWN.

      • tiara

        first of all i was a jb fan before i saw this and now im just speaking my mind barack obama runs this town ever other town and state in this country is that clear enough for you “honey”

        • Regina

          WOW so u r not a jb fan anymore cuz u saw this?! wow!!

        • tiara

          exactly WOW

        • Regina

          that is really pathetic….no offense

        • tiara

          regina i dont care

        • Tyler

          Shutup “Beliebers” aka crazy asses. Justin doesn’t even give a shit about yal he does that crap for money, awards, and fame!!!!

        • jokerface

          thank you tyler im saying every since justin and selena been together justin been acting like he dont care bout has fans scooter and his mom had to push him to talk to has fans yall seen that video with him and selena and how he was like to the girls they can wait….well duh dumbfuck they waited all day to see u and it doesnt take two people to talk to the person at the front desk selena could haved talked and justin could have went to take pics with his fans and the wanted each a photo not all together cause ur ass dont got time..and by the way justin already said he wont date fans anymore looked it up..

        • tiara

          guys selena got rushed to the hpospital last night for a headache and she nausea a few sites are saying shes pregnant cause that is the first symptom you get when you are early in your pregnanacy google this- selena gomez rushed to the hospital pregnant- do it

        • Anonymous

          here diaria oh wait i ment bitch i men tiara let me finish your sentence……. regina i dont care about anybody but my self cuz im a bitch aka slut

        • Belieber

          so basically what you’re saying is you were never a justin bieber fan in the first place. Cause a real belieber would stick with Justin through whatever.

    • Anonymous

      canyou follow me back and i will follow you back please..

    • Anonymous

      ya need to shut ya damn fuckin mouths cuz he run dis shit

    • claw caitlin

      dang u fucken guys need to chill out hes only a guy theres alot of guys out there like theres jst one fuckers need to think fucken COMMON SENCE dumn shits

    • Anonymous

      TIARA IS A BITCH btw is she a man or wat?!?!?!?!?!?

      • Anonymous

        for your infortoin jinsu is way cuter than justin ugly beiber

    • Anonymous


  • tiara

    this is really pissing me off one hes not a famewhore to this website does not have the right to talk about him like that yall dont even know him neither do you really know justin so do me a favor and stfu i used to be a bieber fan until justin just magically thought that he can make people famous becuase hes so big justin really you are a stuck up boy from canada honestly justin scooter didnt do good keeping you from changing god im going back to being obsessed with miley cause shes the only real person who is a star today that doesnt care about all the money and attention

    • Regina

      wait wait wait…. u just said that we dont know Justin well.. honey nether do u!!! so how can u say that Justin “magically thought that he can make people famous”? can u read his mind or something ??

      • tiara

        no how about you read the thing again and then come back and comment nice conversation

        • Bella

          regina is right just shut up!!!!! and look for some other selebrety to hate on!!

        • tiara

          bella who is you and who was talkin to yo skank ass

        • tiara

          bella and regina these are my opinions so you can stop replying cause i dont care honestly yall are with jb and you are defending him im with jinsu im defending him and yall just trying to start some shit who was even talkin to yall

      • Hayleigh

        I so agree with u!!!!!!

        • fuck yall

          first of all justin used to be about god now i bet he forgot he turned to a celebrity asshole just like everyone else and jasmine sings way better then selena because she started way before selena..selena was an actress dumbfucks until she meet justin and wanted to take here singing more and by the way there both mexicans selena and jasmine so maybe the dude loves mexicans…and by the way justins a white bitch he probabaly can dress like a nigga walk like a nigga sag like a nigga but he is the white and i bet thats how he would act to jinsu if they every meet

        • alaina

          noe selena can act though and jasmine cant ..plus jasmine cant sing to save her life

  • Chelsea


    • Brenda

      Ahahah your right….JB all the way!

      • hiewhgdfuiwheruiwhroiwqrwqehor


        • Bea

          first of all…jasmine was the first one who insulted selena at twitter, replying to her haters, followng them…and jinsu insulted bieber’s gf so he fights fo her!!! so why would you all blame the BEAUTIFUL, GENEROUS AND STUNNING SELENA GOMEZ for that?!!!

        • hiewhgdfuiwheruiwhroiwqrwqehor


        • tiara

          exactly and those stupid people on twitter started it first jinse didnt so im team jinsu

  • Sweet_Elegant

    Y’all forgot the tweet about the little whipper snapper threatening to beat JB up, which was also quickly deleted! And @Marisol try like 9 or 10 million more followers!

    • Marisol

      Sweet_elegant hell yeah! He is on his way to 11 million when jinsu doesnt even have have 1 million

  • u

    fuck you saying jinsu isnt signed thats the only reason hes a nobody this dude been rapping since he was 5 problaly younger then that you niggas need to watch the videos when he was 7 he smashed grown dudes in rap battles i see them both making songs together so dont talk shit about jinsu either because we all know if they actually faught jinsu would beat that ass because he grew up in the hood bieber dosnt know shit about a hood

    • tiara

      thank you i just wasnt tough enough to say that i mean jinsu has worked way harder i think he deserves the praise that jb is getting jb actully doesnt deserve what he has in my eyes my opinion

      • yara

        if he’s worked HARD ENOUGH like you said…he would’ve gotten all he deserved. but obviously, he hasn’t worked hard enough cause look where he is now, he’s not doing anything. he’s going no where. that’s not hard work at all. he probably had it all as a kid too. justin didn’t. he had nothing. no father. no food. not even a proper home. his mom was struggling to raise him. trust me, HARD WORK, really does pay off. because look at lady gaga and justin, they both work really hard everyday, and they’re both the top artists. just my opinion.

        • tiara

          not,justin does not work hard he just fucks around with selena all day and most of the talented people in the world today who do work really hard are getting no where because now a days everyone cares about the looks not the talent

      • use are pathetic get of this page if u just want to talk shit about justin this is the justin bieber “fan” website?!.. why dont u go to the jinsu blog?..oh wait he dont have one haha thats funny as hell saying justin hasnt worked hard to get to were hes at now is really redictulas because hard work pays off inless u try to become famous by creating a hole fude with him just to get pablicity?!wtf

    • Belieber

      Well, Justin’s dad was a fighter and Just went to his training session things so actually Justin DOES know about fighting. If you read his book you’d know that(;

      • tiara

        bue jinsu grew up in the hood where alll the stuff goes down so justin cant really compare to that

        • haha do u like live in the hood or someshit? u dont have to constantly be fighting unless ur just a hoodrat! and umm yeah theres a lot of things that could “compare” to that its not that bad living in the hood u make it sound like u would much rather want to be put in the electric chair:P iv been to the hood i havent been in a fight so wtf?

        • tiara

          yeh exactly been to the hood not lived in the hood my dad is from the hood bitch but i was more lucky to grow up on the right side of town celest or should i say BITCH

        • haha ur funny yeah i am a bitch and ud know it even more if u knew me[=
          anyway it doesnt matter were u come from just because justin didnt “live in the hood” doesnt mean he had an easy life either? and my whole family lived in the hood ok:/ but now i dont i actually live in a really nice place but why brag right cuz u shouldnt complain about what u got and what other people got

        • tiara

          ok your right im going to have to go on this one with you

        • alaina

          well anyone can rap i bet he cant sing like justin and tiara ur madh fake 2 justin cuz a real bieleber wouldnt leave him

        • Anonymous

          tiara u r actually the bitch here cuz you are just so ugh cant evean explain you you r just so stupid celest is like the funny one you are just stupid

        • Dallis

          U dnt knw justin or tat other kid so just fuk off its not ur problem okay oh u didnt see the pictures of bieber flippin ppl off aperantly not!!!!!!!! Tat is the real biber!!!!!!

    • That Jin Fan Kyle

      hundoe. bieb a bitch ass dude. And yeah when him and the big dude was freestylin lol #TeamJinsu!(;

  • Team Justin!

    Like Justin pretty much said this kid is a nobody i’ve never even heard of him before I read this keep doing what you do Justin don’t let a “man” like this get in your way….cleary he knows nothing (Jinsu never heard of you so cleary your a nobody)

    • tiara

      kassy so most of us never heard of you so your a nobody actully none of us is a nobody i mean alot of people havent heard of me you or any of these girls on this website so that makes us a nobody?i have heard of jinsu and he is way more talented than the stars today way more talnted

      • katie

        bitch are you saying hes more talented then justin. gtfo.

        • tiara

          yes i am bitch that’s exactly what im saying glad you finally got it

      • bro if he was TALENTED HED BE SIGNED TO SOMEONE ONE OR AT LEAST BE FAMOUS LEAVE IT THAT NO ONE CARRREESSS WHO THE FUK HE IIS!! apparently he hasnt worked that hard ahahhah

        • Regina

          lol celest u r so right!

        • tiara

          most of the people who are talented are not signed so bitch no your not right i wish you were infront cause i would kick the shit out of you calest and regina ( bitch and bitch #2 )

        • ok what ever tickles ur peach[= and umm its not all about the fame but it is a plus this “jinsu” kid might be a good singer or whatever he does? but it aint shit if u dont have a record label sign u it suks to face the facts but in all realization its straight up the damn truth and u wouldnt feel the need to kick our asses if u werent on the rong sight[=

        • Regina

          Y the fuck r u calling me a bitch ??!! i was just giving my opinion its a free world!!!!

        • Anonymous

          for the record jinsu is signed now.ou said yourself you didnt know he was,so ou probabl dont know how hard he worked,aint that right.he did work hard dumb fuck,he started rapping since his young age .celeste,drown bitch,drown. justin is an amazing talented dude,but im #teamjinsu on this one. get over it gurl.

      • Anonymous


  • JVBieber_stunna

    Team Jinsu all the way! Jinsu is NOT lookin for fame! He is the shit! Just because YOU don’t know who he is does not give you the right to hate on him and say he’s a famewhore! Like what the fuck get your facts straight! Jinsu has opened for NAS but of course yall don’t know who the fuck that is! AND Lil Wayne! So don’t start bc you dont know ANYTHING! Justin was being a coward! He didn’t even mention Jinsu’s name! THEN he deleted his tweets! Like what the fuck?! Also Jinsu would kick Justin’s motherfuckin ass in a fight! Jinsu don’t play! Justin’s was being a little dumbass baby! You can’t get everything JUSTIN!

    • tiara

      exactly jinsu is just doing it cause he enjous it he can rap better than most of these rappers today and yes justin was being an ass


      • tiara

        ok so stop commenting if supposly no one cares appearently you do care

        • yeah i do care ok?! it just annoys the shit out of me when u people come on this website just to hate on justin but if it was us hateing on “jinsu’s” website ud be pist and understand where were comming from because onestly its annoying as fuk[=

        • JVBieber_stunna

          Im not hating on Justin…calm your balls Im a belieber

        • alaina

          wtf u def arnt if ur team jinsu

        • Anonymous

          puta,we dont just come on this website to hate on him. we just want to know about the effing fight.and we sa in what team we are on and stuff. are ou mad? are you? good cus i dont give two shits.

        • Anonymous


  • lexi

    Team Justin&Selena ! <3 and they could learn from jnsu (if thats how you spell it?) and jasmine ? Ha' ! I had forgotten who jasmine was until this popped up & jnsu, the fuck ? Whos he ! L M F A O, ahh.. and selena is better . 1. She's an actress 2. She's a singer 3. She has a Clothing line 4.she's gorgeous 5. She's Messican (lmaooo;) and 6. She gets way more money 7. She gets them hoess and 8. SHE HAS A BIGGER FAN BASE ! #TEAMJELENA

    • hiewhgdfuiwheruiwhroiwqrwqehor


      • OH? AND U UMM KNOW THIS FOR A FACT THAT THEY EDIT HER VOICE?:/ I DIDNT KNOW U WERE A RECORD LABEL WHO RECORDS HER SHIT?! HAHA. and yeah shes a hell of a good actor and a singer what does jasmine do again? umm be in videos?, stand and look pretty?:/ wow shes cool

        • Anonymous

          poor you,selena is a good actor and i like her songs.But girl,please dont talk shit if you dont know a single fuck about jasmine.She has been singing and acting since she wa slittle.Jasmine does not only act in music videos!she has her own app which is called up close and personal,and also she is going on tour as soon as possible.dont be hating just because she was justins ex.go watch justjasmine episodes maybe then you will stop the hate.selena and jasmine are both great.

    • tiara

      its not about the money bitch jasmine and jinsu are doin it because they enjoy yeh its all bout the money to justin and selena but not to jasmine and jinsu

      • what the fuk i read all of these messages come on people damn if they wanted to do it for the fuking money theyd say it u do something because u love to do it whats the difference bettween jasmine and selena u cant really even compare justin to jinsu because NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE FUK HE IS?! if u know them on a personal basis then yeah u can talk shit then otherwise SHUT THE FUK UP! ITS ANNOYING. and yeah talk shit back but use that say there doing it “for-the-money?” U DONT KNOW SHIT SO WHEN U SAY SOMETHING TO ME UR REALLY SHOVING UR FIST DOWN UR THROWT:)

        • gjyjdygfaezrdjufygfhcnbszedfgae


        • funny? iv never heard jasmine sing and to say that she was givin the oportunity she has is like such bullshit because u have to work for it?! u cant just say oh i think i want to be a singer and an actress today[= and sweety ur words honestly dont offend me:)

        • tiara

          yeh celest you just trying to start shit with everybody who trying to take up for jinsu

        • I WOULDNT BE TAKING UP SHIT WITH U ANNOYING PEOPLE IF U WERENT ON THE DAMN WEBSITE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! because if we wanted to here peoples opion on jinsu and jasmine we would go to their page..oh wait?do they even have one?[= because honestly we wouldnt be saying shit if use werent constantly makin on justin and selena[=

        • tiara

          celest ive been coming to this website all when it started i just dont agree right now about what justin did and i am well used to be fan ive been to his concert i have his never say never dvd and i have alot of magazines and books about him

        • ok!? so why are u hating on him i dont even understand what he did in the first place?

        • Alyssa

          shes not hating ,she’s just taking jinsu’s side on this fight.damn girl not everybod has to hate on him just because they pick someone else’s side.

  • Anonymous

    Teammmm Biebbeerrr !

  • ilovethePURPLEBIEBER:)

    DUDE! you really need some attention! 😀

  • katie

    LOL GUYS CALM YO TITS. WE ALL KNOW ANYONE WHO IS SAYING TEAM JINSU WILL BE BACK TO BEING A BELIEBER TOMORROW. SO JUST SHUT UP. anyway I think it was fair what Justin said and he is classy enough to delete the tweets anyway. Unlike Jinsu, is that even a name? but yeah whatever get over it and get back on with your lives!!

    • katie

      Just to add onto that I also agree with what Jinsu did because he was sticking up for his girlfriend which I’ve never seen/heard Justin do… maybe Justin should man up a little and finally speak out about Selena getting hurt. BUT also Jinsu could have easily dm’ed Justin via Jasmine’s account or called him from Jasmine’s phone instead of starting this whole fuckery.

      • Lauren

        I like Justin but not Selena sure she’s a great actress and singer but she’s not right for Justin and I think it’s time that Justin woke up and realized that his fanbase is gunna get smaller and smaller the longer he has a girlfriend no one wants to be a fan of a guy with a girlfriend

        • hiewhgdfuiwheruiwhroiwqrwqehor

          thats pretty fucked up of you to say that lauren, get out of here you fake belieber “no one wants to be a fan of a guy with a girlfriend” dude get out cause he’s gonna have A LOT of girlfriends

    • tiara

      not i will be a jasminator and i will bw on jinsu side cause justin is just really an ass this year he need to go back to how he used to be before he see me back

    • thank u! thats what i said the way people say umm jinsu? grew up in the hood he really must have and as u can see it wore off on him haha cuz hes gheto! justin is classy enough and better then some piece of shit:)

      • tiara

        no justin wants to be ghetto trust me you can tell

        • umm exactly how can u tell? oh ur right he sags WWOOW and he sags alot better then people that like to wear their jeans below their damn ankles[=haha thats about all i can think of[=

        • tiara

          celest really u can stop commenting on me i am going to think what in gone think so you cant change that

        • JVBieber_stunna

          Bahaha I agree with Tiara Justin needs to calm his balls and go back to what he used to be! And don’t start shit! What’s wrong with growing up in the ghetto huh? And Justin was NOT being “classy” he was being a coward! Omygosh don’t start please! Also Justin TOTALLY does wanna be ghetto! It’s so fucking obvious open your eyes! They way he talks, the people he hangs out with, the things he does! Gosh some of yall get on my last nerves!

        • then get off this page!!:/

        • anon

          get yo skank ass back to where it came from.
          why dont you get of this page .you are wrighting too much fuckery.smh

  • Anon

    Lmao at you guys….. I’m on team Idontgiveadamntocare..

    wait, I just give a damn.. O wellss

  • Tits

    Lmao yah, both of them are douche bag..
    Justin likes playing indirect tweet, and the other act like jackass who wear CAPS LOCK whenever he tweets…lool


    team Bieberrrrr ofcorse……….love ya Justin<3

    • Tyler

      SHUTUP stupid crazy ass Believer

      • how is she a crazy ass?! because shes a team bieber not team so-lame-u-cant-remember-his-name? haha thats crazy [= this is kinda the justin bieber FAN page so im not suprised she likes him?:/ i like him to anyway this is a website all about him..

      • how about u shut up tyler if u dont like it get off the jb FAN page…. and she is not a crazy ass… the point of this whole page is to talk and like jb so get off the website and never came back

      • Anonymous


    • I love u Justin. Bieber I want u be my boyfiends I love call me at 480 7039698

  • Tyler

    TEAM JINSU not Team famewhore BITCH!!!! Justin is a Prick, who is a Bratt!!!!!!! TEAM JINSU TEAM JINSU TEAM JINSU

    • Belieber


    • wow really cuz u know him so well? UR A NOBODY NONE OF THESE COMMENTS HURT HIM! GET IT THREW UR STUPID ASS HEAD! when random nobody people read these messages like me its annoying cuz u really are so pathetic u dont know him!! be team jinsu no one gives a flying fuk! anyone can talkk shitt sweety so come back when u know him[=

    • if u want team whts his face then go on his page if he even has one…. this is for jb fans…
      good bye

      • Anonymous


  • STFU u biased bieliebers Damn always got shit to say. Jinsu is a rapper and hes fuckn ghetto so chill of course haterz is the muthafuckn motivation. Justin is great to . he would did better not responding at all. Stop callin Jinsu a nobody becuz most of #TeamBieber is a bunch of groupies now i love them both, but yaw dawgin Jinsu. And tht aint Kewl. Sooo stop drinkin ya haterade nd go to sleep.

    • well its kinda hard not to be defensive when u come to the justin bieber page and talk shit thats some biased hypocritical shit right there?! thats all i got to say because i like justin and i dont even know who jinsu is?

      • Anonymous

        celeste ur pissing me the fuck off.calm yo tits.we get it,you are def team bieber.thats ur opinion,i respect it .but you really need to shut yo mouth cus whenever somebody says that they are team jinsu you think that the are hating on bieber.Not everbody does hate him.i like justin he is talented and all but in my opinion he was being stupid af by tweeting that shit. And btw,you do know who the fuck jinsu is now ,lets be honest.jinsu does not need motherfucking attention he is just doing his thing ,in fact he is been doing his thing for years and was never looking for attention.he was just speaking his mind on twitter.yes jinsu was wrong aswell but he said he was sorry.And people have come to this page because the wanted to know about the fight and frigging put commments on this page,whether the are temjinsu or bieber.get over your self .U have issues.grow the fuck up and go get a life instead of replying to every single comment on this page.lol ur pathethic.

  • WhadDaFuqBro

    Somebody Sure Needed Some Attention XD Jinsu (That’s A Fucking Weird Name BTW) Is So Famous That I Didn’t Even Know Him! -__-” STFU seriously!

  • Anna

    Jasmine should dump Jinsu, on my opinion…

    • christina

      i know, have you guys noticed its her mom and jinsu thats causing the hate, by keep saying crap, if jasmine isn’t saying anything they shouldn’t

  • jinsuforlife

    i jus want to say……..so what about 10million “beliebers” so the fuck what! teamjinsu are strong and proud, its not about numbers you wattless clowns! its about music. you can have 2 fans and still have better music. so what 10 million purleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    p.s michael jackson is way better than both so yeahhh 🙂

    • tiara

      exactly these bitches talking about the money and how famous one is its not about that so shut up

    • ok if hes so important to u why do u have to come to the justin bieber fan page and talk shit?! i get sooo confused when team”jinsu” fans do that cuz if it really wasnt about the number of fans which it really isnt one. justin still has better music. two. its only an OPINION! and threee. GO MAKE UR OWN PAGE OF JINFU AND GET OFF OF THIS ONE U WAK ASS CLOWNS and
      P.S. “michael jackson is dead he was better then these two but u cant live in the past u have to look at the new jenerashion and who the best singer is for the base which onestly is justin because ur right it doesnt matter how many fans u have but it does help[=

      • JVBieber_stunna

        Look some Team Jinsu people are beliebers…reality check bitch! Not all beliebers suck up to Justin’s ass 24/7! We don’t have to agree with Justin on EVERYTHING! Like seriously!

  • meh w/ #TEAMjinsu….all he is doin is just PROTECTING his love of lyf…thtz all….so plzz if u cn’t get wat he’s tryna do…thn 4god’s sake…STFU….& bout Biebzz…well I used 2 support him…but after all da DIRTY thngz he did in PUBLIC w/ i’m-da-sexy-BITCHY-disney-PRINCESS….my respect 4 him got in da CURB…he’s all chngd cuz of her….but ohh welllzz…i dun care bout wat he does…aftr all itz HIS lyf……..so, 2 da ppl who cn’t bear both of da dudes ACTION….shud REALLY just STFU..!!…


    • so why dont u?![=

      • Anonymous

        celest,Why dont U shut the fuck up .

  • Supporting Jinsu! (so called "famewhore")

    This shit is so fucking stupid, sorry. Jinsu is just defending his lady like a real gentleman. Justin could learn from that. Look at all the hate Selena is getting, and Justin is doing absolutely NOTHING about it. He’s just letting it happen. Like, honestly? Jinsu is awesome, he doesn’t deserve any hate. And neither does Jasmine. Jinsu is just giving an opinion. You should respect that. Jinsu might be an attention seeker, but he’s not a famewhore. He’s better than Justin at some points. I agree, Justin is not a famewhore, he’s just a product. Jinsu is keeping it real and would never lie to his fans. So you can hate all you want, he’s still gonna have an opinion, and he’s probably still gonna express it.
    Aight, peace. Much love.

    • [Justin's Sexyy],[Jinsu Suckss Dickk]

      Gentlemen? calling people niggas and whores is NOT a gentlemen. I f anyone JUSTIN was the one being a gentlemen

    • tiara

      probaly cause selena deserves it

    • exactly they both will but its “THEIR LIFE” i understand jinsu was deffending his “lady” but from who? justin and selena dont let haters effect them because they know that theirs always room for them in the world[= so when u say that justin dont care about selena? bullshit! they aint childish and dont take it to heart look how happy selena and justin are so do u think that the haters are really honestly affecting them the way it hurt jinsu?:/

  • omfg

    Idk who this bitch is who wrote this shit but GO BACK IN YOUR FUCING CAGE & LEARN SOME RESPECT! 1) Jinsu ISN’T a famewhore & a clown. No offence, but when someone would say Jasmine is better then Selena & your girl is Jasmine you would agree with that. And Justin lost ALL my respect. “Go sell some records bro lol” Bitch whats wrong with you? GET SOME RESPECT!! And Jinsu is a nigga? Bitch get a fucking life!!! Jinsu was just protecting his girl. When your fucking beaver would do that you all would be like “aww, he’s so cutre. a real boyfriend :)” but when Jin does that you all are like OMFG NIGGA, FAMEWHORE, LOSER! U know who is the famewhore here? The Beliebers, Yeah. You ALWAYS need some fame. When Justin has a girl everybody makes a big drama AAAAAND needs fame, like here. Its not your fucking business, kay? I wanna punch this bitch in the face who wrote this “article”. Bitch, wanna be a journalist? Well, a journalist wouldn’t say “Clown” “famewhore” and other things what are exactly the words how to describe you 🙂
    Okay, please send me hate 🙂 PLEASE. Justin, beliebers, selenators lost my respect FORVER! Bitches, I’m out 🙂
    Jus & Sel SHOULD really learn something from Jas & Jin. They are true love & aren’t afraid to tell the world. They are a real couple 🙂
    Oh, and u asked team Justin or famewhore. I say TEAM JINSU BITCH 😉
    Btw, Jinsu can’t be a whore… he’s a boy. GET A FUCKING LIFE!
    Peace out 😉

    • ihatejinsu

      didnt u see that jinsu called selana A WHORE?!?!? hes going too far.

      • tiara

        well she is but he shouldve put fame infront but he was just telling the truth

    • [Justin's Sexyy],[Jinsu Suckss Dickk]

      Yeah but Jinsu was calling Justin a nigga and calling Selena a whore. and he just went WAY to farr. and if Justin was sticking up for his girlfriend he wouldn’t be cussing people out, being rude & disrespectful, or looking for fame like Jinsu. He would just state facts like what he was doing yesterday. If I was Jasmine I’d either dump Jinsu or make him apologize to Justin AND Selena(even though I hate her). And btw if you don’t like Justin get the fuck off this website dumb shit.

    • tiara

      i totally agree with you omfg

    • sweety u really shouldnt wright such long paragraphs people get board[= and probably dont read it ahah which is really funny because im sure u put an extra ounce of hate on justin into it:)
      see keep short, simply, minus the hate and u get welll what i just wrote:)

      • tiara

        “sweety” you should go suck dick like your known for doing

        • oh u know me[= im a verginy sweety not like ur loos ass[= but its all good i dont judge whores:)

        • tiara

          im 12 celest really i am a proud virgin and its alright i dont judge people who are scared to admit they suck dick

        • haha well im 14 not much of a difference[= and im a virgin and im very proud about that but if u want to say i suk dick im cool with that[= and u know what im not going to appoligize because its my honest opion but i wont comment on ur stuff anymore

        • Anonymous

          ur 14? really bitch,really.lol at u.srsl then you really need to grow up aloooottt.stop hatin if you dont know nothing bout jinsu.goddamn

    • u call him a “famewhore” because hes more famous then jinsu? then hell yeah hes a famewhore and im sure the spot justin is in is much better then jinsu and if he was as famous as justin im sure he would be a HUGE famewhore as u can tell he tries to soke up all the pablicity he can get[=

    • alicia magana

      justin bieber i love you girlfriend jasmine villegas and alicia magana

  • Belieber

    you forgot! After that Justin did favorite Will Ferrell moments & tweeted & RTed aton of his fans just to show, he’s still in control(:

    • Belieber

      Oh and I forgot! TEAM BIEBERR! You Gotta love him!

  • ihatejinsu

    hey u forgot that jinsu called selena a whore 😉 ”#SelenasAWhore” < That's what he said. TEAM JUSTIN!!!!!1

  • selenasucks

    yeah!!go JUSTIN!!and….fuck selena…she can die..=)

    • lol

      thats pretty fucked up, shes in the hospital now…shame on you haha just kidding but she is in the hospital

      • alaina

        then ur not a justin bieber fan fuck off

  • Sarah

    team justin all the fucking way!

    • jasmine

      all jasmie v bf was going was sticking up for his gf

      • Anonymous


  • gjyjdygfaezrdjufygfhcnbszedfgae


  • livv

    Team Jinsu and Team Jasmine. I’m not supporting Justin on this one thing. I’m still a belieber, but Jin was sticking up for his girl, something Justin has failed to do. I respect Jinsu and I’m taking his side.

  • mira

    go team justin , wooohooo !!!

  • lucy

    hahahahha justin totally owned him!:D

    • tiara


  • MrsBieber

    okay.wow.thatss a lot of commmments?
    when you people say justin should protect selena or why doesnt he do stuff like this jinsu guy,is because he has a HUGE fan base,so he has to watch what he does.he cant go around to other people,cause that will lose his fans and hes a person that inspires people to follow their dreams,not to friggin swear!?jinsu shouldve informed jasmine what he was about to do.you guys need to stop talking about selena and jasmine,because this is about justin and jinsu.This is between them two,so you guys dont reallly need to get involved.Im obvs team justin and i love him LOADSSSS.

  • Go Justin, Go Justin <3

  • Sammie


    • sammie its just someone that started a fight with justin and he had to act the big bad ass when he really made himself look like a dumbass like justin said he totally made jinsu? look like a fool[= killenum with kindness<3 when it was really only jinsu arguing with justin and he really didnt care but because jinsus with jasmine he thinks hes a badass[=

  • tiara

    i read over this a couple of times justin actully started this fight cuase first jinsu fans said that the haters were saying that selena and justin were better and all jinsu said was i aint hating on selena but keep and all he said is keep the hate coming and i love yall(to his fans) then justin came with this shit talking about go sell some records bro so it started with justin cause jinsu wasnt even saying anything bad until justin came up with that shit

    • Anniizdevine

      sooo true..

  • TRUTH!

    everybody knows the ending but not the beginning. it all started when Jasmine tweeted a Selena hate account ( i think the name was ThatSlutenaG or something) saying she loved them. Selenators started giving Jasmine shit and thats when Jinsu got involved. now i understand he is standing up for his girlfriend but Selena and Justin had nothing to do with this so why drag them into it? he could have defended her and kept them out of it but nooooo.. all they want is attention. if they didn’t Jinsu wouldn’t have been carrying on hours after Justin said he’s gonna ‘kell em with kindness’ TRUTH! Jinsu thinks he’s the shit. he was saying ‘ask around’ ‘i’m known’ BULL FUCKING SHIT! nobody knows who he is, if they do most of them know him as Jasmine’s boyfriend who is known as Justin’s fling. beliebers defending Jinsu saying Justin is known cause of Usher & Scooter, your argument is irrelevant. when you say to somebody ‘Justin Bieber’ they do not automatically think of Usher or Scooter. he has an identity and status. if you say ‘Jasmine V or Jinsu’ their first response will be what Scooter said ‘who?’ POINT PROVEN!

  • Anniizdevine

    So if Selena gets some more attetion out of the relationship to justin WHY SHOULDNT THIS BOY GET SOME? pahahaha TEAM JINSU!!!!

    • Aniestin


    • Alondra Jimenez

      Yhu Mean Team Famewhore:D

      • Anniizdevine


  • Anniizdevine

    YALL should really think about this!!!! just because we love justin, we dont have to support everything he do!
    i think, sometimes, TOO MUCH KINDNESS is really annoying! and tahts just beacuse, justin KONWS if he meet Jinsu IN PERSON… HES GONNA BEAT HIS ASS!!!

    • Aniestin


      • Prisilla

        YEA shes not obsessed as much as you are, not everyone has to watch him change and ruin his life. I mean you already wont let him get into his own house without trying to kill him.

        • Anniizdevine


  • Lely

    Team jb all the way……love ya!!!

  • Aniestin

    JUSTIN!!! 😀
    jin…whatever the fuck his name is, is a ASS, HOE, BITCH

    • Prisilla

      Ew selena is ok, jasmine loks much better, and justin beaver looks like a beaver and needs to grow up already and stop having erections and basketball games, lol nvm i take that back…i feel bad..that justin doesnt even care about you

      • umm prisilla how does someone actually look like a beaver? cuz his teeth are actually pretty straight?[= why take it back? u said it. if u wanted to take back what u said u wouldnt have typed it in the first place?

  • Alondra Jimenez

    Ha Team Bieber… I Never Even Knew That One Other Dude Existed Till He Started Shit With Justin(: Ha What A Nobody:D

    • Prisilla

      Lol! But hes more known then you, so how about you let justin talk? Your not gonna marry justin, get over it all you beavers team

  • jokerface

    what yall dont kno alot of people think jinsu can sing and rap and yea justin more famous because he was found on youtube..but if the every meet in real life jinsu we whooped justins ass…

    • how did this become an arguement about justin and jinsu fighting? cuz honestly THEIR NOT GOING TO?!! yeah he was found on youtube what does that have to do with anything?! and NOOONE said anything about jinsus singing or wrapping everyone has their own opion so why dont u just do u?

  • fuck yall

    yall dont kno jinsu cause hes BLACK but i bet if justin was BLACK non of yall belibers or w/e would have been like to niggas fighting but justin is not to blame cause he WHITE i hope jinsu beat his ass like chris did to rihanna

    • Prisilla


    • justin has a fan base of all enthisities so to be racie and say because hes white he has more fans is a load of bullshit their are alot of famous BLACK singers chris brown! ti! akon! kanye west the list goes on but come on some people just become famous no one can stop that and thats really fuked up because chris brown beat rihanna like a little bitch and his career still stood sure he lost a lot of fans but it was his fault?!

    • Anonymous

      Not everything is about being black or white or hispanic or green purple and blue. Do you pick the music you listen to by race? Cause i don’t, and i don’t know anyone who does. He’s not as popular because his music doesn’t reach out to such a huge fan base the way Justin’s does. I like both of them in different ways because their music is different. And quite frankly no body needs to not like him because is he black just like how no body has to not like him because hes black. Using racism is getting old and one getting to the point were it is completely irrelevant..


    I love justin all the way no matter what! I mean yeah Justin has made some mistakes but what celebrity doesnt everyone does. Honestly i really didn’t know who jinsu is and im not hating on him at all but just the way his language was i think was very unnecessary. I love justin all the way no matter wat and i cant stand selena gomez.

    JUSTIN LOVE!!!!!!

  • Prisilla

    Uhh, Jasmine and Jinsu are a cuter couple then justin and selena, selenas a famewhore to i guess since she got famous off of nick jonas. Jasmine look way better then selena gomez and im not a fan of any disney stars except those two shake it up girls, the only real ones. beaver and gomez, for a disney star she sure has alot of fun in her bathing suit. They cant have a real relationship anyways because of the media, So what? Jinsu isnt known, better for them people will leave them alone. AGAIN all these teams like jasminators selenators, beaverteam or whatever, you guys should stay out of their buisness cause you guys caused it from what TRUTH! said, he will never ever like you or date you, stop obsessing over him fighting for him because if he wouldnt fight for his own gf, why would he fight for you? #Truth

    • Bahahah

      Wow finally someone with this sense!! Justin uses all you brainwashed believers to get rich!! And you gullible bitches fall for it

    • exactly for the reason u like jinsu? u like his music is it so crazy that we like justin for his music? is it simply no one can like justin becauase hes soooo much more famous then jinsu? and its an opion everyone has a choice?[=

      • tiara

        so why you keep getting mad at everybody who has a different opinion than you huh

        • theres a difference between an opion and just hateing i dont know or care who jinsu is but i dont say a bunch of mean shit i dont mean. but the fight between them two and their girlfriends is between them and somehow people brought in fighting and mean ass words and its just not cool:(

  • saw

    I’m a proud young black woman, born and raised in Spanish Harlem. I find what’s his name to be a young egotistical idiot. Someday, uh what’s his name again, whatever, he may indeed make a name for himself. I hope by then he’s learned a little humility. Until then let me just say that JBs fans r hardcore and millions strong and when somebody messes with JB they mess with his Beliebers too. We r like a family and what’s his name should worry about us Beliebers cause we can bring him down. Take the money out of promoters pockets and who do u think they’ll drop. The millions of buyers of their merchandise or what’s his name again? I’m just saying.

    • alaina

      yo that was deep..jk but really true

    • tiara

      beliebers are just known as crazy ass little girls that’s what yall are known for i would be embarrassed to be a belieber

  • Anonymous

    im pretty sure the kid was just giving his opinion on justin like any other person. justin gets hate from people everyday and should learn to ignore it like every other celebrity. By singling out the hater, he is stooping to the haters level. Plus, the kid is obviously not a nobody bc he got attention from justin, jasmine, scooter and the rest of the world. People know who he is. I love justin but he really didnt need to take it to the next level. He is supposed to be a professional.

    • Anonymous

      I TOTALLY agree on this. Justin NEVER does something like this!

    • Jane

      agree with u! and Jinsu wasnt saying anything bad about Bieber. He just said that Jasmine is better than Selena (which I think is true) and he is her boyfriend so its ok to say that about his gf.
      Justin’s reaction wasnt right.

      • joan

        He said that Justin’s not a man, he said Justin’s just a kid, if you’ve twitter and look at Jinsu’s tweet, you’d see that it’s obvious he wanted to get attention, he keeps on coming at Justin.
        Well, I honestly hope Justin and everyone wouldn’t care about Jinsu’s tweets though, because that’s probably what Jinsu wants.

        • SelenaSupporter

          Justin didnt pick outa hater it is Jasmines boyfriend so hes oviously gonna see it. Justin didnt stoop to haterz level he was just sticking up for his girlfriend. What would you do if he was saying shit bou someone you love? Jinsu oviously then just wanted to get noticed he started calling Justin a little boy and shit and he knew thousands of girls were gonna start getting mad and by that he’d get noticed. I honestly think Jinsu is fake and Justin had every right to say what he did. Jinsu said hurtful things, Justin said truthful things.

      • Sara

        Well I think you are really wrong! Justin was defending him and Selena! You owuld do the same if some douche bag was saying stuff about you and your girlfriend! Its kinda shit about people saying Jinsu was right and Justin was wrong…He is a famewhore that Jinsu kid… Just saying… I think SELENA GOMEZ AND JUSTIN BIEBER ARE WAYWAYWAYWAYWAYWAYWAY BETTER THAN JASMINE AND MR.famewhore,i’msocool,stupid,dumbbutt,douchebag. I love you Selena and Justin!!!! <3

      • alaina yea if he is talking bout hyim r u stupid wow u must be ...i noe its ur appinoin but u must be blind cuz selena is reall alot prettier


      • Charlotte

        Not trying to be rude but Jinsu did actually diss Justin, he even made a song and video. To be honest there was just no need for this pointless fight, but Team Justin all the way!

    • Anonymous

      Justin is a fake ass kid gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      noe he did the right thing if u someone was talking bout ur girl/boy friend u wouldnt egnore it would u

  • Francia

    Team justin…….

    • Anonymous

      Team Jinsu… real talent bitches

  • But Y’all got the understand Jinsu , you call Jinsu a kid but look how justin looks tbh I’m not gonna lie I like justin better than jinsu but just keeping it real… the dude did nothing wrong he said he wasn’t being a hater he just gave his opinion like everyone did on this page. Justin talk about about not being diffrent because hes famous but he called jinsu a rookie. So all in all what neither of them did was right plus the guys half black and people started calling him the N word but no everyone just looks out for justin. Justi keeping it real ….

    • Anonymous

      I Love you jUSTIN BIEBER CALL ME MY PhONE 508 461 9545

  • Anonymous

    TEAM JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :L :L i just noticed how retarded i sound:L WE <3 U JUSTIN 😉 XXXX

  • truebelieber

    ummm teamm justin forvever!!!!!!!!! <3 but jinsu said hat cuz selena fans were hating on his girlfriend so yeah

  • Mikyla

    He is just jealous, and its kinda ridiculous, I mean, I used to like Jinsu, but yeah, not anymore.

    Ha, kinda wish Justin didn’t delete those tweets. He doesn’t want that bad boy image, I guess… But Jinsu deserved. He was comparing Jasmine Villegas to Selena Gomez, and I may not like Selena, but Jasmine isn’t nearly as beautiful as Selena, and isn’t as talented either.

    So yeah. I dislike that idiot…

    • um you guys act like bieber is a saint well he isnt

  • i’love you

  • Belieber


  • im in team justin bieber 🙂

  • chantelle

    I’m just saying We have kinda all seen that Justin has a SHORT Temper so he’s obvs going to speak back be he was hardly being horrible he was just getting pissed ://

  • ahmmmmmmmm ….. gosh i dont know that jinsu . say that words . i used to like them both , but now ? haist .. ..

    • omg i bet justin says words like dat too duhh

  • Nanana

    kay so i didnt really mind jinsu and i dont think justin did anything wrong.

  • Nanana

    i dont think justin did anything wrong :/

    • mmmmm yall just on his side kuz hes famous but watch wen jinsu gets famous then dats wen you guys r goin to like him more

  • Anne

    Justin didnt do anything wrong! if some dude insultet my bf i would react the same way.. people are talking about him changing cause he called jinsu a rookie, but thats just being real.. real people call others rookie. get used to it. hes not becoming a monster, hes being a normal boy.

  • ashley

    Fuck that justin is hotter more popular and has more respect and followers this dick got none he’s a haters we adore justin ily sexy ass

  • ashley

    100% on team justin te amo papasito

  • M.S

    WTF your saying jinsu ain’t a Hater he just called Justin a Bitch and justin did nothing wrong he was just being real and i agree with him… Justin had every right to say those things to Jinsu and it;s not like he insulted him he just said he doesn’t care what jinsu thought about him and that all so stop saying jinsu is the Victim you are blind if you think that!

  • MCGonzales

    Jinsu ALL THE EFFIN WAY!!! He stood up for his grl, so what, isn’t that what he’s posed to do? PLUS, he’s NOT a nobody. And he should be more famous than Justin Bieber, because he has more talent. My opinion, of course!/:

    • SelenaSupporter

      Umm thats EXACTLY what Justin was doing he didnt just say that stuff for fun, he was sticking up for Selena. And no why should Jinsu be more famous then Justin. Hes nasty and hasnt gone near the amount of work Justin had to get to were he is now. Half the people only know Jinsu from this shit and thats what Jinsu oviously intended on doing, to get noticed by picking a fight on the worlds most popular teenager.

      • MCGonzales

        Yah, I knoe Justin stood up for Selena. And in the end, they both did. Jasmine gets a whole lotta shit bout Selena being better than her. And it probably finally got to her so her boyfriend did that to make her somewhat feel better. I would appriciate it if my boyfriend did that for me. Now if everything he said and chose to say was the “best way” to stick up with her, maybe not. But I dont think he should be so disrespected. And the whole Jinsu should be more famous is my opinion because I like his music better, but I have some kind of respect for both of them. So it’s not me completely hating JB.

        • i agree about da jinsu being famous part

  • MCGonzales

    AND Justin shouldn’t be doin that anyway. I don’t knoe if Jinsu was aiming at Justin or not, but Jasmine has a lot of haters cuz she used to date him and now she got haters tellin her Selena’s better. For all we knoe, he could’ve just been tryin to make her feel better and stick up for her from all the haters. I would appreciate my boyfriend doin that for me!(: But again, just mah opinion../:

  • aylin

    well i totally lobbe justin bieber but who? will fight for selena gomez shes all skinny has nothing neither does jazmine so their both ugly && why make a big deal of two skinny ladies that just wanna go out with justin for his money cause selena has haved boyfriends like hotter and bigger and all of a sudden when justin is getting rich she likes him to??? oh well

    • buh wut dat gotta do with jasmine all she did wus go on his video nd they aint ugly plzz dnt hate girl plzz

  • Anonymous

    well first off…
    Jinsu is a try hard “look at me” “i’m gonna get famous” “i’m dissin on yo’ girl” type of guy.
    Jinsu is a lookalike of Usher :O
    justin was standing up for HIS girl (you guys will quite possibly to never get him)
    i’ve never heard of him. reply to this if you’ve never heard of this ‘Young Jinsu’ kid until now :/

    • Anonymous

      First of all…
      Jinsu was sticking up for his girl, also posted something that my opinion says, was just a brag.
      Second of all.
      Justin Bieber, is associated with Usher, was that supposed to be a ‘dis’ to Justin Biebers associate.
      Third of all…
      Jinsu was sticking up for his girl.
      I’ve never heard of Jinsu either, but does that make him horrible.
      I’ve heard of Justin Bieber, and so did ALOT of my friends. Yet they don’t like him o.O

      • Kelsey

        see that the thing you’ve never heard of Jinsu so why dont you take all the energy your wadting on her with you BIASED comments & go type his name in youtube , stfu & listen to one of his songs! you’ll then realize if you have more sense then i think you do that Jinsu is a good rapper & talented. . . . he may not be as famous as Justin Bierber but he still getting love thanks to the haters like you :] #Hater.

    • Dasia


      • Anonymous

        hate bitch u shut the fuck up

  • Su

    I like Justin and Jinsu just the way i like Selena and Jasmine..But this animosity has got to stop,everybody should mind their own business..Let Jinsu do him and Justin too..A couple of a**holes.lol.

  • Abi

    Team Bieber all the wayy Stupid FameWhore. Don’t argue with Justin like that, Who the HELL he think he is? GOD. People these days.

    • ddnt go puttin gods name in this
      nd wtf jinsu aint non of dat
      ugh you just got issues lmbo

  • joan

    I hate Jinshit, everyone who’s got a twitter should’ve known that he’s an attention-whore, this war should’ve been done in a day, but he wouldn’t let it stop and keep on coming at Justin.
    This guy’s not real, seriously, but justin shouldn’t have replied to Jinshit, you know that’s what that jinshit kid wants, attention.
    Justin’s only 17 and he keeps on saying he’s normal kid, talking back and defending himself is what most 17 year old boys do! I know he gets a lot of hate, and I think he didn’t do anything wrong.

    • SelenaSupporter

      Hahaha i love how you say Jinshit 😀

      • ahhhhhaaaa no dat aint funny yooh rere
        ugh ppl these days

  • i love justin bieber


  • Anonymous

    Everybody’s, sticking up for Justin , because , obviously , they like him . >_> I like neither Justin or Jinsu ; And that’s my opinion , but that right now isn’t the point , I’m preeetty , confused here , it says Jinsu brags and says ‘blah blah best rapper’ then Justin basically says ‘Blah blah M girlfriends better then yours…’
    Enough said. Im just gonna leave it their , caaause , I have no ideaa , how that had to do with Selena Gomez Buuuut . Whatever .

    • Dasia

      no one probably like u cause of what u said jb and jinsu are both hot okay

  • Brittany



    • you got sum issues i aint gunna respectsum dude i dnt even no da hell with you you need to fix dem ears of yours mmmm.

    • Kelsey

      STFU YOU IGNORANT ASSWIPE! people like are so stupid & annoying. i swear if you said this around me i’d punch you in the mouth & make you swallow your teeth! your clearly IGNORANT as hell. YOUR A GROUPIE BITCH, & i bet you’ve never evern heard a soing by Jinsu to state that he’s a nobody & stuff so STHU! cause if you did listen to a song by him you’d realize he’s talented .. Bitches like you make me angry ASSHOLE INSECURE & IGNORANT BUMSSS!

  • soo tiara? you just need to grow the fuk up even though ur only like 3 years old:P your just a fukin big ass hater i dont understand you just need to fukin keep your trap closed and go back to kindergarden to learn ur ABC’S:) luv yuh

    PS:you need to get yo ass kicked:)
    find you in da hood haha

  • $&$

    Really calling jinsu “famehore ?” your immature.
    He’s just sticking up for jasmine and wasn’t saying anything about Justin until he came in and tweeted , so what if he tweeted about Selena and about jasmine being better .. He’s her boyfriend he has opinions .

    Jinsu isnt a nobody if he got the attention of Justin beiber.
    It’s like saying if I hated on selena , he wouldn’t care at all.


    Leave it be , it’s their problem not your , so stop hating.

  • brandy

    follow my twitter @dayummbieber and jasmine bf was wrong he just wants fame and he could of kept his oppinion inside!!! tTEAMBIEBER BITCHHHH

  • Team so-called "famewhore" like wtf?

    This is honestly the stupidest thing ever… I mean i understand you’re fans of Justin Bieber and not Jinsu, but honestly? You’re writing it so that if you didn’t experience it on twitter, and only read it here, you’re automatically on Justin’s side. You’re making Jinsu look like a big douche bag when in fact he’s not. Justin isn’t much better himself. At least Jinsu knows how to stick up for his lady instead of just ignoring everything like Justin is doing with the hate coming towards Selena. Justin knows if he say it straight to Jinsu, rumors will be all around the world like… I don’t know, “Justin Bieber fighting with Jinsu over Jasmine V, leaving previous crush Selena Gomez heartbroken!” So i respect him for that… But still team Jinsu! 😉
    This was just my oppinion… Aight peace! 🙂

    • MCGonzales

      Thank yhu!!!! Someone who finally makes sense! LMAO!(: I agree with everything yhu just said!!!!(:

    • jay

      i agree with yu girl ppl need to go on nd fix dem ears of therez cuz justin asz sounds like a gurl aha.

    • Kelsey

      THANK YOU… finally someone gives a nuetral opinion!

  • wow


    • $&$

      THE comment is so fucking rude!
      You don’t know him ? Yeah obviously You don’t know about him.
      Idont know who you are. I’m automatically hating on you !
      How does that feel.

      Youse love JB BELIBERS all the way! But wtf just go attack when you have nothing to do with it .

    • SelenaSupporter

      I actually LOLed at this, im not being rude just truthful.

  • Anonymous

    Team justin!!!!!! ♥♡ u would have to be crazy to think that JUSTIN did something wrong!! Jinsu is a weird name just btw………

    • Blah stfu

      He has a weird name?
      Really bitch really ..
      Who gives a fuck

  • dontmatter

    whoever wrote this information and calling Jinsu a nobody watever can shut the hell up i mean he aint a nobody but then u wud say he is as u aint making nothing compared to him…………he may not be as big as bieber but he still making something u douche bag…….stop downgrading Jinsu and downgrade ur own ass

  • Kirst

    team justin! i mean who is this fag?

    • Blah stfu

      Jinsu isn’t a bundle Sticks ..AWKS!

    • jinsu aint no fag ya r dumb to b likein dat justin yall just ugh



  • SelenaSupporter

    Some doushbags realy need to get lives. Keepin it real..

  • Anonymous

    Psh if i was Justin i woulda tagged the lil bitch in the tweets & when i see him in person punch his little face in….but im not…and he probably wont haha

  • Nick

    Oh shutup, honestly grow the fuck up

    • SelenaSupporter

      No, id rather stay a kid then someone who doesnt give a fuck about anything.

  • MadyNichole

    Sorry,im on jutsin’s side or whatever I dont even really accually never heard of the other person..?
    i just found out about this..?

    • exactly because he thinks hes famous and everyone knows him. the only reason they know him is cuz he insulted our boy justin. this ends now

  • TrueBelieber

    is that even a question at the end? i think its obvious, Justin’s side. he’s mature and is actually dealing the right way with this motherf***** who just wants to be famous.

  • Stephanie

    I’m just concerned why Jasmine hasn’t done anything about it. I thought Justin and Jasmine were friends. Guess not. But Jinsu gets on my nerves he started this whole thing. Sorry but i’m team Justin & Selena!

    • alaina yea if he is talking bout hyim r u stupid wow u must be ...i noe its ur appinoin but u must be blind cuz selena is reall alot prettier

      thank u ur smart

  • Anonymous

    If Jinsu was a Nobody JB wouldnt bitch like the little girl he is.

    • Anonymous

      thank you ur a smart person (:

  • Als

    Okayy first of all Jinsu is just being real. he’s not a famewhore! He is a really good rapperand deserves to be famous for his talent. Justin Bieber is a snotty ass kid like jinsu said he is a boy. and then ur gonna sit here and hate and choose justins side why? cause jinsu is speaking the truth. shut the f up suck ass

    • alaina

      yea he is a famewhore…almost noe one noes him and cares bout him justin is not stuck up…i met him b4 he is really sweet and was just deffending his girl so hopp off

  • Anonymous

    Jinsu stuck up for jasmine. And For everyones damn information she is way more talented then selena. Jinsu is being a man. wud you not want your man to stick up for you. everybodys just hating because he can see through the fake ass persona justin has yall believing . justin is a snotty ass mo’fukkin boy that thinks he is all bad ass for making it. news flash lil boy your 15 seconds will end just like the jonas brothers did. yall just need to get off justin biebers dick and realize jinsu and jasmine are real talent not that fake ass shit the other two bring to the table. #fuckahater

    • Anonymous

      I can Wait for the end of those 15 seconds haha love ya

    • alaina

      noe he he was hatting on selena cuz he was madh his gurl doesnt have tallent …justin has been out 4 a long time so thats how dumb u feel …hardly noe one noes “jinsu”who ever that is …most people noe more bout justin than they do bout the president

  • How Much ?

    • Rong Send ! Sorry ! ^_^

  • alaina

    honestly justin iz gunna give his appinion noe matter what he is human so y r u getting madh at him its not bout sides ..i respect justin 4 doing what he did…so calm down..i think the other kidh was rong thats my appinion so what like it matters in the end its up 2 them…and yes in a bieleber

  • Chloe

    This is stupid y’all kno justin ain’t perfect and he’s normal and starts stuff too. Idk why y’all calling jasmine a fame304 she is famous regardless if he was with Justin or not. And maybe Justin stil has sum feelings for jasmine because If he didn’t he would ignore jinsu. So yea and we all kno Selena is the fame304 not jasmin. So calm down because jasmine looks and sings better than Selena.

  • umm wow, jinsu is a nobody. while jinsu was sitting making diss videos, justin was making an OFFICIAL music video with chris brown. whos more famous now? yeah. justin. and hes calling justin a kid? umm justin acts more mature than jinsu will EVER ACT. jinsu just one question for ya; you think u have fans? I GOT MORE FANS IN MY HOUSE then u will ever have, so leave my boy justin alone or i will seriously hurt u.

    • Lopez

      Ok .

  • yu guys r blind jinsu has alot of good talent and how is jinsu a famewhore if he just telling the truth. i think yall should live that issue between bieber & jinsu anywys dats there [problem yall need to get a life and stop gettin into ppls problems there just ppl to who cares about who did wut damnn yall r dumb nd they all have good talent sooo go on …
    HATAZs FALl BAKk.! (they really do)

  • i think Jinsu is ight he was giving his opinion, and im a belieber and i still think that justin wants jasmine, thats why he care and i think that same JASMINE IS CUTER. anyway idk i just think that calling jinsu ROOKIE was rude because he was rookie too and if he’s still kidrauhl he should be humble, who cares if jinsu is WOW FAMOUS or just a rapper? his opinion is important TOO.

    • ado

      justin bieber = famous.. i agree.. jinsu = more talented..

    • Anonymous

      Jasmine is better than Selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Justine met with Jasmine?

        • MADELYN

          no selena is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kara

        ok um NO selena is a better singer and justin is way happier with her. I think theyre gonna break up soon because selena is going on world tour and they wont be able to see each other

        • Who cares if selena will have a tour and they will not see each other.!! And u know justin had a tour before right,but they didn’t break up.!JUST SAYIN’

        • notafag

          i dont think she can do better, after she dated justin she is lucky to get a real man.

        • MADELYN

          i dont think they were dating when he was on tour??

        • Anonymous

          justin and millie

        • hahaha u told her lmao 😛

      • OMG GURLLL U ROCK!!!!!!!! IKR 🙂 TEAM JINSMINE~!!!!!!!!!


    • Anonomous

      can you be my boyfriend

  • I think that there is nothing wrong with Jinsu. Trust me he is no rookie. It’s youtube videos of him when he was 7 rappinq. Just because he is cominq at Justin Bieber he is wronq.?

    • ummm sweet heart i think ur wrong

      • Anonymous

        Um no shes not wrong. Its an opinion, opinions dont have a wrong or right answer

        • anonymous

          aw damn, thats right there ^

      • Kelsey

        your clearly stupid & cant tell the differnec between fact and opinion; because you cant tell someone their opinion is wrong… you sound like a #BieberGroupie more than a #BieberFan

    • Anonymous

      wath is rookie??

      • Samantha

        find a dictionary! Clearly you’re too young to even be on the internet/this website -__-


  • mmmmhghm ya jst need to stop gettin in to pplz problem an yall need to get a life cuz it doesnt even better stop hatin on jinsu he way betta an i hear ppl dnt like jinsu kus he black yall races justin aint perfect uh why kuz he white uhh srry honey no he aint with his ugly self

    • Moonshine

      I would suggest you need to learn to spell and type… and stop making it a racism case… you have no proof that they hating because he’s black. I hate Justin Bieber with a passion. But you mam are a moron

  • Anonymous

    iThink Ya Needa Quit Hatting On Jinsu ! He Actually Is Uh GOOD Raper & iThink Him And Jasmine Make The Cutest Couple Everrr

    • ur stupid

      • hhaha i love how people could say just a few words and make the other person sound stupid[= lol luv it! and cant u tell yet N all these hoes are stupid they cant find anything better to do wit there life:P

      • anonymous

        um, im sorry honney, but shes not wrong & its her opinion on what to say you dont have to go hatingg @i <3 JB..

      • Kelsey


      • Samantha

        Why are you bullying people over the internet?
        Get a life child.
        Justin Bieber does not rule this universe there are other things to life…. like a book or other types of music that hold greater meaning to them!!
        But i forgot, you don’t know that yet because you are still so narrow-minded and naive.
        woops, my bad!!

      • you’re not a true justin bieber fan. you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Ya Really Needa Get Uh Damn Life & Stop Being Instigators ! Jinsu Is Uh GREAT Raper . Y Should It Matter Whos More ” Famous ” Or Not ; & I Think Jinsu & Jasmine Make Uh Cute Couple So Those Justin & Selina ! iDk Why They Gotta Be Arguing Over Something Liqke This .

    • Kelsey

      thank you, finally some one speaks the truth

      • Nadia C

        Exactly, what is the point of arguing? Boys will be boys, they always have to man each other up, it’s life people.

  • YoItsYoGirl

    Even though im a belieber i support Young Jiinsu! he is a veryyy good rapper! and justin is a very good singer. another thing is to all the beliebers out there YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HATE ON YOUNG JIINSU JUST BECAUSE JUSTIN AND HIM FOUGHT! its sooo stupid! If you listen to his music i know you’ll like him! he is veryy talented! I not only support Justin but i also support Young Jiinsu and Jasmine Villegas! they make a cute couple! I’m not choosing sides! >.< okk love you guys and i hope this won't happen again!



  • courtneyluvsJB

    That Jiinsu kid ovbioiusly knows that he is nowhere near Justin Bieber. So he has to act all cool like he can hate on JB. sayin stuff like “im better” and all that sh*t, hes obviously insecure about the fact that he knows Justin is waayy more talented and successful than he is . I’m glad that Justin sticks up for himself and does’nt let people push him around. And im not hating on Jiinsu, but I’m just saying there is no reason to try to bring Justin down just because he has a stable carreer and relationship at the moment. Besides, you cant bring him down.. He’s the best-est!!! ~forever belieber <3 <3 <3

    • Nikki

      umm WTF cann u hushhh bcuzz Jinsu is not brinqinn himm dwn lykee y evri1 qotta start hatin on JINSU juss bcuzz he BLACK shit fuck outtaa heaa jinsu waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bettaa lukkinnnnnnnnn n cudd rapp betta den Justin Biever or watt eva n pluss Jasmine V n Jinsu or JB n selena r both qreat couples att sum point juss becuzz ur ah belieber datt dnt meann u hav 2 stick upp 4 himm n shitt lykee yaa hav 2 realize dat att sum point JINSU has ahh point so ya nikkas need 2 FALL BACK n relax n juss noticee dat Jinsu iss juss qittin witt diss “famous” thinqq n diss iss how hee feels

      • Anonymous

        Are you dumb or just plain stupid? Who cares if he is black? I have no idea who he even is! If the general population doesn’t know who he is, then he shouldn’t be talking so much crap. Until he is successful, he really needs to take a step back and grow up.

        As for you, you need to go back to school and learn how to speak. I had to read your posts several times to understand you.

        • Samantha

          FAME does not value what your talent is…
          10 years ago when Justin was playing the drums or whatever he was doing, singing etc. Was he not talented?
          Was he not talented when he was an undiscovered star?
          NO HE STILL WAS…
          so Jinsu is still very talented and has strong supporters, and with time, his fame will grow, but in the meantime he will continue to make amazing lyrics that have meaning to them, but that Beliebers will never understand/acknowledge because they are being narrow-minded with their taste in music & stubborn!!

  • Joy

    This Whole Thing Is Stupid…..Justin is over it hasn’t tweeted about it it’s dead…Jinsu still going on tweeting about it writing about…. End it its immature and idk why he’s calling justin a kid He’s one year older….If Jinsu is older and more mature he needs to end it…. Beliebers and whatever you jinsu people call yourselves. need to stop talking about it i don’t understand how shit starts on TWITTER. it’s stupid. Justin shouldn’t respond to the diss because its over hes over it its dead there’s no need to bring more attention to the situation. Justin’s winning all the awards he’s nominated for he does not need Jinsu to care about him he has over 10 million Beliebers. When and if Jinsu actually gets noticed, wins stuff and Gets over 10 million Jinsunators (i guess thats what it would be) and played on the radio i’ll say the same for him. all i got to say is Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Justin’s Known In Every Country Jinsu Who?

    • I totaly agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

    • Nikki

      umm listenn hushh lykee ii toll summ othaa chick Jinsu did qitt playedd onn daa radio n umm BLACK ppl r juss lykee datt deyy nevva kno wenn 2 stopp soo noww heree it cums………………………: LEAVE JINSU DA FUCK ALONE N STOP WORRYIN ABOUT HIM OH WELL HE DID NOT WIN A AWARD OR SHIT FUCK IT N JB ISNT DA SHIT EITHER LYKEE IS NOT WATT U THINK HE IS ALL DA SHIT IS WAT HE DOES ON TV ……..YESS ……….TELEVISON……………ITSS ALL FAKEE JB ISNT AH GUDDIE TOOSHU qeeshh mind yaa business leave Jinsu alone

      • Person

        Lmao @Nikki I tried to read ur comment… I really did. Hate on Bieber when you pass first grade. So what if Jinsu is black?? It doesn’t matter. The reality is that he kept on going when he knew he shouldve stopped. That’s what made him look immature. The fact that Justin kept his calm and carried on made him the bigger person in this conversation. Jinsu shouldn’t have started it in the first place. All he wanted was more followers, but that was NOT the way to get it. He was rude. Just stating my opinion. Jinsu is very talented, but what he did was so wrong. Justin did the right thing in his situation. That’s my opinion, don’t hate.

  • I dont understand why people that like this stupid Jinsu kid!?!? he is a nobody right now!!!! And if u do like him why are you posting stuff about him on the JUSTIN BIEBER FANSITE BLOG!!!!? really. come on people grow up think!
    go make your own fan site blog about the dumb ass!!!

    • alex

      ur the nobody!

    • Kelsey

      just because its a bieber blog sight does’nt mean you can dog OTHER people, & just the same way you can make beiber look like a saint or something is the same way we can come on here & dissagree. so YOU can go to another blogsite if you dont like our opinions .. and believe YOU & your rude/biased opinions wont be missed :]

    • John

      he might not be as famous but niggahs way more talented listen to his rhymes bieber aint got shitt on em and why you in love with this skronny lil white boy anyways you dnt even knw em so sad!

      • Nikki

        thank u ii aqree witt JOHN ……………… lykee chickk u dntt kno hiss dumm ass ………….n whoo helpedd JB blackk ppl which onee ovv dem iss USHER n iff u knoo JB personally cumm bacckkkk 2 mee n denn say shit ………..n ii meann personally ………ii dntt qivee ahh fuckk iff u mett himm

        • Anonymous

          What does it matter if you know him or not?? Obviously, people on here are fans, not personal friends. But the point is that JB took the higher road. What does black or white have anything to do with it? So Usher discovered him, what does the fact that Usher is black have to do with it either??? He obviously saw something in JB. Anyhow, clearly this other guy is just upset because all he could get is JBs leftovers.

          Oh and Nikki, go back to grade school and learn proper English. Any argument you will EVER make will sound stupid because no one can understand you.

  • haha i think that when people “say” there a justin fan but just talk shit about him makes no damn sence and i think its pretty fucking funny[=
    but u cant say anything right because its just a damn opion this is old dumb shit about justin-jifu-jasmine-and selena like honestly it seems that the only person that still cares is jisu haha

    • Anonymous

      yxxycfkugogyftyfftuxxctu,cggcigci ;j j cyu cgycgygccuc,gcycygcg

  • jinsu'sadork

    About this: “…you won’t say nothing in person…”
    Jinsu wouldn’t say anything cuz he know that he’ll end up in hospital.not b’cuz of Justin hitting him.B’cuz of pointless yelling.Justin would say one word,and this guy would be emberrassed.the end

    • John

      what a dumb fuck LOLOLOL that was hilarious “Justin would say one word,and this guy would be emberrassed.the end” what a fagg can tell all yall are lil girls who are in love with a lil skronny white boy backing him up and yall dnt even knw him hahahahaha what a sad life Jinsu is raw talent can bieber rhyme like him not even close thas something that cant be fkn taught fck the fame he got pure talent not no lil white boy that lil girls are in love with!!!!

      • Person

        Go wash Your mouth with some soap boy. That’s some nasty language you got here. And if bieber is really a “scrawny white guy” then that’s what I love. Do I have to love big black guys? Hahahaha c’mon seriously kid. Get over yourself. Jinsu isn’t even that big anyway. And even if he was, it’s personality that counts. Justin has GREAT personality and that’s why we love him. Jinsu? Not so much. He needs some Discipline…

  • michela

    first of all this jinsu kid is crap and justin is the newest thing so this ”fight” thats going on is stupid and pointless jasmine is pretty she is and so is selena but if i had to choose it would be selena like for real 🙂

  • Kelsey

    whoever wrote this is clearly Biebs & has #BieberFever because this whole article is biased as hell. So STFU & give facts not YOUR opinion. Let people whose reading this decide if Jinsu is a “fame whore” & your dumb as hell because if you stated he’s a nobody so how could he be a “fame whore” at the same time? Dude I dont listen to Justin Bieber & never heard of Jinsu so im telling it straight up, and im not rude or whatever… it just makes me mad when i see ignorant shit like this on the web & when people are biased about unneccessary things! `Oh and OF COURSE you guys are hating on anybody who has an opinion thats against Justin Beiber hence the url tittle smdh!

    • Person

      Dannnnnng calm down. This page is full of opinions like yours! We all understand, but look at the URL. It’s a Bieber fansite, so of course you’re going to hear the Belieber’s side of the story!! If it bothers you so much then go and make a Jinsu fansite with your side of the story. Seriously, you and the other Jinsu fans need to keep it real. This site is about JUSTIN, not Jinsu.

    • Bringmefoodok

      actually, he is a famewhore. Yes it might be biased but everything is true okay. He wanted attention. He asked justin bieber to mention his name. like fuck. he obviously wants it okay so don’t you dare tell me ho didn’t asked for it.

  • Anonymous

    Jinsu = Good.
    Justin = Good.
    Justin & Jasmine = Good.
    Justin & Selena = Good.
    Jasmine & Jinsu = Good.
    Jinsu & Someone = Good.
    GOD, like for reals?

  • pff

    best young rapper hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    not even in your dreaams

    • Ireallydontcare

      omfg i really dont care about this fight aiight its none of any of our bussines!!! its there problem now all of you are acting like fucking 5 year olds i like jinsu hes koo i don tlike justin birber but he is koo too so STFU AND GO ON WITH YOUR LIVES DAUM AND ALL YOU BELIBERS A OPION IS A FUCKING OPPION OKAY?! ACT LIKE YOUR FUCKIN AGES AND JUST DROP IT!!

  • Anonymous

    Ya Needa Quit Fkng Hatting On Jinsu . Damn ! Wtf Those Fame Gotta Do With All This , TALENT Is What Counts & Jinsu Is Veryyy Talented So Stfu ! I Mean Ya Justin Is To I Kan Admit That But Ya’ll So Damn Chilldish Talking Shit Bout Jinsu Liqke Wtf Grow The Fuck Up !

  • tony

    team JUSTIN all the way bro bro

  • alyssa

    All Jinsu was doing was defending his girlfriend jasmine v cause a fan of selena said jasmine is ugly and selena is wayyy prettier. He was just doing what any good boyfriend would do.

  • LeslieLovesYou

    Team Jinsu cut the shit with team Famewhore. justins dating a fame whore. Jonas brothers are big She dates Nick, Twilights Big She “supposedly” dates Taylor Lautner. Glee Is Big She admits feelings for Cory. Beaver Fever Is Big She Dates him so like fuck off of jinsu cause beaver aint got shit in between his damn fucking legs so like d.a leave Jinsu and go back to tryna get with Justin which aint happening so like fuck off

  • Mikayla

    The whole fight is dead, so you people shouldn’t be arguing about this crap anymore! The twitter thing is dead. The whole thing was immature. So stop hating on everyone’s opinions, If you like Justin Bieber, Ok? , If you like Jinsu, um i really don’t care about that either!
    That doesn’t mean you have to go and hate on all these comments just because their picking sides. And Jinsu should atleast grow up and not make a diss rap on youtube, that just puts more heat on the whole situation. And if justin replies and says something dumbass, then he’ll just put even MORE heat on the fight! For now the fights dead and people should chill and stop calling jinsu a nigga, or justin a white scrawny boy-it’s not like you guys are any better than both of them by hating on the them? And most of you need to learn how to spell, i mean really, if you want people to get your point, use proper grammar and spelling dude. I cnt undr$t@nd CmmeNtz dat r lik d!$ <— So really all of you people get a life, it was just a stupid twitter fight. & about their girlfriends-you never know maybe selena's a famewhore, but maybe she's not, but right now she's making the situation look like she kinda is? And Jasmine, i dont know about her very much but seriously, just cut it and leave the whole thing alone. It's long gone.

  • adrian

    first off Lil Boy Bitch aint fuckin wit jinsu!!

  • betty

    jinsu was stating his opinion but justin was also stating his opinion, so for those who r saying that jinsu was just stating his opinion, justin was just stating his opinion also ok hun 😉 and thats how it is

  • Anonymous

    i am sara

    • Anonymous

      im sara too.

  • Anonymous

    No offense to all of you people but i dont take sides and i really think jasmine and jinsu are cool together but, no offense to yah bieber fan like his cool and all but him and Selena are just stupid!!!!!!! he needs to realize that the bitch is gettingfame from him,and he puts HIS TIME 4 SELENA THAN HIMSELF AND OTHER THINGS SELENAS ONLY FRIEND RIGHT NOW IS THAT BITCH TALYOR SWIFT WHO FUCKS AROUND WITH MEN AND BREAK THEIR HEART I FEEL BAD 4BIEBER SOON OR LATER HIS HEART IS GONNA BREAK!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lmfao word .
      I deffinetly agree with you .

  • i love justin bieber

    • Nikki


      • Anonymous

        At least she call spell correctly. Where do they teach that sort of Ebonics? Is there a trade school for that?

  • Taylor

    This post is one sided, of course its on a justin bieber page. Jinsu is FAR from a rookie, Justin Bieber is a product of the music industry I dont care how long hes been doing music. Just like everyone else who’s been doing music their entire life, it doesnt make him any less of a product.

  • Anonymous

    jinsu is stupid!! why ddnt he just ignore the haters!!! JUST WANTS TO BE FAMOUS


    i think justin just wants a girlfriend that he can rely on and he’s way happier with selena than caitlin or jasmine so i think u guys should just back off of selena because nothing is going to change justin’s love for her

  • Anonymous

    guys, jinsu is not an idiot, or a fool, so stop complain he is. it all started with a selena hater, write something (nice) too jasmine, and jasmine retweet by sayin, ” luv u 2″ and because of that, the selena fans get nuds, and writting shit about jasmine, and write to jinsu, that jasmine is ugly, you make a ugly couple, selena is way better than jasmine. and the poor guy, jinsu, just trynna defend his girlfriend. then bieber came, and make the hole thing worse. and after that you now the story.
    sooo. im all on jinsu side. because, it was selena’s fans who started this (not jinsu) and jinsu just want to defend his girlfriend, and then justin came and did the sitation a lot worse.
    ps: sorry bout my bad english..
    pss: dont hate..

  • betty

    and i dont think that jb knew that he was refering to jb fans, thats y he wrote back

  • butter finger aka biebers gurl

    he is a hater TEAM BIEBER:)

  • Colin 'Fuck The JB Fangirls' Doran

    Wow……… I don’t even know how I managed to get onto this page, But until about 15 minutes ago I’d never heard of Jinsu, or Jasmine whatever her name is, and dint even know Justin Beaver was going out with young Gomez (I thought she had standards but whatever).
    I just find the whole thing hilarious and damn retarded! All the bieber fangirls (Belieber? WTF) seriously make me LOL. I have no opinion on this actual issue here except for one!
    Jinsu, who I looked up on youtube about 10 minutes ago, is actually a really talented guy. There’s absolutely NOBODY on this site that can say he has no talent, because he does. Maybe you don’t like him, but he has talent so please cut that shit out 🙂
    Now onto my next point, Bieber also used to be a youtube guy himself, dont you fangilrs remember how he actually got his fame? He USED to be a really good R&B singer. Then he was blasted into the spotlight and Millions of girl decided ‘OMG he’s so cute I’m gonna pretend to be a fan of his music, even though I dont like his songs, so I can go to his concerts and maybe, just maybe he’ll see me and we’ll end up together forever and live happy all our lives’.
    Ladies…. Wake up 🙂 Bieber will never, ever, EVER, want to date you girls! He’s going out with SELENA GOMEZ for God’s sake! Do you really think any of you, that you have more to offer him than her?? Yeah well lay off the weed if you do 🙂

    I have no problem with Justin Bieber. I simply dislike his music. I admit he has talent.
    What I dislike are the ‘Beliebers’ the Fangirls who DEVOTE themselves to this guy, and hate on EVERYBODY ELSE. Those kind of people ain’t music fans, the just want Bieber in their pants.
    Justin Bieber is a Canadian kid who, out of sheer luck, became an international star. Right now, I personally think the fame is too big for him, I think he has the wrong people around him, and HOPEFULLY in a few years he will wake up to the world, and grow up, and his music will grow up too 🙂 Justin, if you read this, best of luck in the future, and maybe someday my iPod will have a song by you that I enjoy.

    But until that day, grow up. Your, what, 17? Please stop hating on people like Jinsu, who’s just standing up for his girlfriend, and tell your fans to do the same. Remember who pays your wages… The public… Remember who could turn on you at any time, leaving you a broken guy… The public. And finally, think of what your mother, and God, would say.

    Thank you

    • butter finger aka biebers gurl

      how dare u,u jackass the last time i have read a stupid message like that was 2009 and now that i read this bullsh** message i think some 1 is a hater so stop sipin on that hater-aid…i think u know im mad now so all i have 2 say is that u r a hater and that u should b a shame p.s his can change thew world stupid

    • amy


      • amy

        Justin doesnt understand jinsu was standing up for his girlfriend unlike justin he didnt say anything about his gf. He didnt even want people to know they were dating. if oyu like someone and your dating them wouldnt you want to be showing them off all the time. ok. im done. 🙂

  • amy

    Jinsu is’nt a rookie, he had albums and songs out before but he left his record label. Jasmine can sing better then selena. justin is a little too proud of himself, yeah he can sing but he doesnt even tweet for himself?? And girls who are trying to defend justin all day, he will never date any of you soo shutt upp. Jinsu is a good rapper who had a break for a while and justin needs to be quiet and relize he is a rookie too. They both are talented and i have no clue why all these fans are trying to get into this when it was a month ago….


    fist pump *pumping* wat wrong time lolz go team BIEBER

  • Moonshine

    It has come to my attention that you are all morons… Please none of you have children and dear god please learn to spell

  • Selena Gomez

    I know Justin is only using me for positive PR, but he’s going to come out of the closet pretty soon…..he’s hot and heavy for Jinsu, just give it time, they’ll be married in NY state in no time

  • jinsu & JB

    stop all this BS. so what if jb is more famous. jinsu has talent. to me jb’s just a pretty face but thats just my opinion and EVERYBODY has a right to their opinion. yes, jinsu was immature not to drop the whole thing but we never know justin’s people might of been calling jinsu non-stop. he just didnt put it on twitter so he looks like he’s not doing anything but i bet he was calling jinsu and arguing about this. the point here though is that they actually finally stopped so everybody here should go get a life instead of writing all this BS. come on. who wants to go hang out with some friends or something. you guys look like u need a break from staring at the computer all day long just to hate on jinsu or JB

  • Jessss

    Nawww, he was defending his girl, which is what every boyfriend SHOULD do

  • LizetteBabyy

    Wtf!? Jbieber yeeah man. Screw Jinsu like justin said sell a record babe! All the haters take 2 steps back!

  • I like young jinsu better but I still like Justin some what . But I really don’t line this review or whatever it made Justin seem like he was a victim and jinsu was like basically the bad guy or he was just attacking justin . No, to me that’s not what happen . And in the first tweet I didn’t seem like he was talking to anyone , it seemed like he was just putting something . Anyways , to me it wasn’t fairr lmaooo . #TeemYoungJinsu ,

    – P.S I’m not a hater I just tell it lime it is , FWM
    Hmu on Skype , my name is -Kaliya12345
    If you wanna hear it be told like it is
    Text me @ 319-42-3797 ( :

  • vicky

    ha man they is hecka funny but that jitsu guy or watever his name is he is kinda cute i mean i kinda understand why jasmine v and justin bieber arent togeter anymore justin bieber is still hot no matter wat<3

  • i love you cane youn cume to my haus hear is wear i live silvunseret and my haus is 14811 uporment 4.

  • Kaara

    deff team justin haha luv him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    i think that Selena and Jasmine r both pretty and beautiful and u guys should stop comparing them!! i also think that Jiinsu should just keep his opinions to himself. i mean obviously if u tweet it, ppl r gonna c it and make a big deal about it especially if that’s ur girlfriend. i think that what Justin did was just stick up for Selena.

  • hahah, that kid is f stupid. Like really your a no one, jb is the best. He is just jealous that justin is doing so well for himself.. jinsu ( or whatever your name is) is a dumb ass , sore loser..

    jb won that battle


  • Jaay

    Reading this , I’ve lost ALL respect for whoever wroth this dumb ass article . You did NOT get the story right at all . If you want your website to be successful , then you should think about telling the TRUTH .

    Personally , I like Justin , but I think Jinsu is WAY more talented . Justin is only successful because of his appearance , and he can sing , kinda . But Jinsu can actually RAP , Better than most of the rappers in the game right now .

    I thunk Both Jinsu & Justin were in the wrong for this whole conversation via twitter . Obviously , if you read what was written , Jinsu was simply retweeting what his fans thought about his girlfriend , and JUSTIN tweeted that SELENA was PRETTIER than Jasmine . I bet you didn’t get that part , did you ?

    Make sure you get the facts , before you mess around and fuck up everybody’s career .

  • Rk

    Personally, I think selena is much maturer than Selena, and is right for Justin. Obviously things didn’t work out, which is why they’re not together anymore. Jasmine seems to have lots of rules for bf’s.. on a ustream question.

  • Yeah! Jasmine iS SOO much better than Selena!. Selena cant even sing that high!!, Jasmine can sing high notes and all that stuff!!.


  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard Jinsu rap. And I’ve heard Justin sing. Granted they are both good. But sweetie you can’t compare a rapper and a singer. Two completely different categories. And the whole famewhore shit? Really? Saying he targeted Selena is stupid. He CLEARLY stated he wasn’t hating on selena at all. This article seems biased as fuck, all the way through. Making Justin seem so much better than Jinsu. THE FANS , yes , THE FANS were the ones who tweeted about jasmine and selena. At first all he did was take pride in his girlfriend and retweeted them. That’s it. JUSTIN indirectly called him out. JINSU wasn’t saying ANYTHING about JUSTIN and SELENA except the fact that he had no hate towards them. Justin or whoever else missunderstood his point in the RETWEETS. Pay attention. RETWEETS. Jasmine is Jinsu’s girl. OF COURSE HE’S GONNA PICK HER OVER ANY OTHER. Same goes for Justin. He probably thought seeing the retweets that Jinsu was sayin selena isnt better than jasmine. To Justin selena is better. she’s his girl he’s gonna stick up for her. That EXACTLY what Jinsu did, but in a different way. Think about it. P.S YES I’M #TEAMJUSTIN AND #TEAMJINSU. But you all are so DAMN SIMPLE-MINDED. Good day …

    • wtf

      who the hell is jinsu

      • Anonymous

        hey tsup

      • Anonymous

        Jasmine V Is a better singer then Selena , without Justin Selena Should Just Give it up thats the only reason she’s holding on .

        • jasmine v is a better singer than selena , selena is ugly and she cant sing.

        • Anonymous

          What are you talking bout Selena is much better then jasmine

        • Anonymous

          well as you can see i think their both good singers and their boyfriends shouldnt get mad at eachother deciding whos girl is the best cuz thats just you know messed up so yea their both equal and people need to stop hating on selena and jasmine v gosh and just becuz jinsu isnt famous doesnt mean hes a nobody and cant say wat he feels and justin bieber is nice but yall need to stop fighting cuz thats just like pplz are hating on the others persons girl so yea stop please

      • Brenda

        Who The Hell Are YOU!:)

      • Anonymous

        i know who is that

    • Anonymous


  • zariah

    i do think jasmine v can sing better and is better than selena’s autotuned ass

    • Anonymous

      Lol zariah

    • d

      yea u r right

  • Justin’s a good singer but selena can’t sing shit look her up singing who says on Ellen that’s some funny shit

  • Justin can sing but selena can’t sing shit look her up on Ellen singing who says its some funny shit Justin can do way better

  • Bemsigal

    Guys take things easy m.e.n. we don’t manna see anoda Tupac & B.I.G,

  • shakalakerdingdong




    • Anonymous

      talking bout get a life,get off this shit,

      • jinsu is hotter and does know how to sing. justin is good but all the girls like him cuz he is cute but he dont got to many talent jinsu is very good, him and jasmin make a good couple but selena and justin dont she cant sing for shit she is good at acting but thats it so she needs to do what she is good at and stop hurting my ears. sorry its my opinion

        • Anonymous

          I respect your opinion but u say jb has no talent he can play instruments and he can sing

    • Jelena

      I’m on no ones side. I gotta give it to Justin for sticking up for Selena but also, he doesn’t stick up when Selena gets hate.

    • Brenda


    • Anonymous

      The both of them are very talented. Justin is a great singer and Jinsu is a great rapper. And who the hell do you think you are to say that Jinsu will have no future? Your not god so you have to right to say so.

  • erika

    odio a jasmine villegas

  • kitkat

    This jinsu guy needs to get his career started b4 he starts gettin all rude 2 justin stupid idiot i love jasmine im a jasminator 4 life and i think me and everyone else knows that justin can do much better than him shes such a sweet girl. but ppl stop comparin jasmine with selena there both unique in their own way plus selenas with justin and jasmines with this stupid idiot jinsu so just leave it as that ok.oh and i LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!! XXXXXXX

    • tanay

      first of jinsu has had his career started every since he was 4 years old look it up on youtube he couldve been famous if he wanted to but turned it down and he was defending his girl fuck all this biased shit because at least he’s a real man and treat jasmine like a princess girls would kill to have a man like that but your just so far up justin’s ass because he’s on tv and what not and usher’s his mentor and what not so look up shit before you make yourself sound stupid on the internet dummy

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you !

  • kitkat

    i meant jasmine is 2 gd 4 jinsu not justin lolz x

  • halo i jast want to be frand

  • ok, i agree with whoever said that you cannot compare Jinsu to Bieber… they are two completely different types of artists.
    If you are a Justin Bieber fan and under the age of 16 please make sure you are not being biased & before you judge Jinsu, make sure you have some type of clue as to what hip-hop is… it’s NOT what Bieber’s style is, so while you may not like it, that does not mean that it is not good, or talent. I love Bieber, and his music but i also love Jinsu and his music…

    Whatever the argument was about, face it IT WAS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS TO BEGIN WITH!! With that said, it does not mean that you should judge someone else based on your narrow minded and one sided taste in art.
    * Know what you have to say & how to express it, as well as a good perception of the info. before you give in your opinion on something, or in this case someone…

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with the persons who says they’re two DIFFERENT artist so how the hell you comparing them and people come on it really not your business your a fan of justin cool continue being his fan your a fan of jinsu continue get the hell out of their argument jeez I like both artist….. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Why are people arguing/ so obsessed with a relationship that is not their business?

    there are way more important things to worry about for your future!!

  • hei justin bieber kom til norge jeg og marthe skal komme på konsert i høsten i 2011 jeg liker deg jeg er kjæresten din jeg hvet om det hilsen mina hils patti malette og jemy bieber og jacmin

  • mary

    jb nd jasmine v can do wayyy beta then them two! End of story!

  • I may like jb but I love Young Jinsu all the way he speaks the truth and takes up for his girlfriend while Justin sits there and let’s Selena Gets talked about that’s a real man !!!!!(: Jasmine V and Young Jinsu all da way!!!!!(:

  • kimberley

    why is everyone hating on jinsu??! hes really talented! and so is jb but really? why are you guys hating him? all he did was stick up for his girl by saying she better than that other bitch selena. honestly i agree with jinsu. hes only saying his opinion is that so bad? yall people that hate jinsu yall are stupid cuz you dont get wat hes saying yall just automatically take biebers side on it. my advice girls, is next time actually READ it and understand it please ? oh and btw jasmine is wayy better than selena!!

  • kimberley

    why is everyone hating on jinsu??! hes really talented! and so is jb but really? why are you guys hating him? all he did was stick up for his girl by saying she better than that other bitch selena. honestly i agree with jinsu. hes only saying his opinion is that so bad? yall people that hate jinsu yall are stupid cuz you dont get wat hes saying yall just automatically take biebers side on it. my advice girls, is next time actually READ it and understand it please?

  • she cant do better he is perfect for her !!!!! he defends her not like justin so yuhh haterz just get a fucken life and stop fucking saying yuhh hate them cuz all yuhh haterz are just jelouse and wish yuhh had such a cute relationship like jasmin and jinsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dalal


  • crissy

    yall dont evenn kno if any of that was really saidd so why are yall hating jinsu. who ever madee this could be lying so everyone hates jinsu so yall should stop hating ppl that you dont know unless you say jinsu say this on twitter with your own two eyes stop!

  • nunofyabusinessss

    What pisses me off is tha fact tht justin thinks he can kiss any grl in tha world and itd b okay! okay i get jinsu shouldnt have said ALL of tht and wat i realli dnt get is tha fact how ppl said jinsu was tlking all this crap abou selena when all of tha haters were saying jasmine was a horrible person or watever.. i cnt stand tha ppl tht r n love wit ppl who dnt kno thm and ppl tht they dnt evn kno themselves okay so stop hatin cuz all tht shows is tht u wanna b hated.

  • Brianna

    Jinsu haters are stupid A’F !
    Aha , let’s here Justin rap like him?
    Yeah betchuu the kid can’t! && jasmines voice is
    Alot better than Selena … Soo Fareal..
    I’m totally a jinsu fan .. <3 .

  • Brandy! (:

    I think that Jinsu did nothing wrng he was just sticking up for his girlfriend what he suppoesd to do! and justin and selena and jasmine and jinsu are a cute couple with each other so i dont understand why everyone has to get in there business and say stuff about them its annoying and stupid! Jinsu and Jasmine forevr <3
    selena and justin forever<3

  • Anonymous

    Jinsu who? Yeah, a nobody needing attention…so pathetic..:(

  • Anonymous

    all i gotta say is since this is a justin bieber website , they are obviously going to give the side of the story that will make jinsu look badd . i am a bieber fan but i am also a fan of jinsu and i have been ever since he started rapping as a kid . they are both talented young men and i am a huge fan of them both . i just think jinsu deserves a little more respect seeing as though NONE of us know what actually went on . from what i see , jinsu was simply sticking up for jasmine like a good boyfriend should . who cares is justin is known world wide while jinsu is getting out there little by little . fame has nothing to do with the situation . i just think the fans should stay out of it – cuz in the end . you really dont know anything that went on . THEY do

  • Let me just put it out there that I have no Problem wih who Justin is and I rly do like his music…..and jInsu is a amazingly good rapper. Hes lik a breath o fresh air from all this retarded mainstream music…. I must say tho that Justin blew this way outta proportion and jinsu totally won this. Jinsu clearly stated HE WAS NOT HATING AND HAD NO HTE TOWARDS ANY1 including Selena, Justin although twisted everything jinsu had said on twitter, people must realize that Justin bieber Is a teen pop sensation and almost every girl is in love wih him he has the power to have every one being on his side, jinsu on the other hand is a star on the rise and trust me he will make his name heard and he wasnt tryin to have Justin state his name for the fame but Justin might as well have because obviously the tweets were directed to jinsu either way….. Every one just needs to realize is doesn’t fuckin matter, Justin n Selena will live there lives and jinsu And jasmine will live theirs…. But at the end of his all yu damn obsessed Justin bieber fans needs get a fucking life to y’all are paying to much attention to other people’s lives, Justin can sing but jinsu is a badass rapper and beats Justin bieber anyway and jasmine sings better than Selena, but really who gives a damn. Y’all r SOOO consumed in wondering what other people are doin and trying to back up Justin bieber because yu love him but in reality yu don’t yu don’t even kno the fuckin dude and it’s not like he’s doin shit for yu anyways, so stop bein glued all up in peoples twittera goin crazy on what might happen next damn pay attention to yur damn life,…..

    And for y’all who gonna call me a hater THANK YU BITCHES cuz yu may say shit but I love yalls hate in fact I fuckin enjoy it 🙂 …. And y’all who r gonna say “why the he’ll are you tellin us to live our lives when yur commenting on her too?!?!” the first thing I have to say to yu is thank yu for caring bout me so damn much that yu comment on my comment then fuck y’all bcuz I do have a Life and the reason why I’m commenting is bcuz when I’m on YouTube tryin to watch good rap and y’all haters r writing all this crazy gossip n shit in the comment bar n dissin on ppl lik jinsu when yu don’t even kno him gets me mad then y’all make videos bout it so I wonder what’s happenin and to find out everyone are just HATERS and I bet HALF OF Y’ALL AIN’T EVEN HEARD JINSUS MUSIC!!!!! the dudes fuckin raw and he’s gonna be big one day so FUCK OFF
    *DUECES BITCHES!!!<3* :]

  • Anonymous

    oh , stfu , im probably late and all , but You Cant Compare the two , honestly Jasmine’s prettier and a better singer then Selena and has way better songs Selena is holding on to Justin Because THE BITCH SUCKS SHE HAS NO TALENT SHE NEEDS TO GIVE IT UP AND GO TO COLLEGE AND BECOME SOMETHING ELSE CAUSE THIS SHIT JUST ISNT WORKING NOW WHAT FUCKERS !

  • Dalal

    I Dalal
    I’m from Kuwait

    But I speak English

    But Justin can you
    To write to us
    I am one of the stronges
    Please write to me
    t Maajabink
    Mjpetk Dalal

  • jojo

    Hello Justin

    I am a big fan of your
    Can you please give me your number

  • plolpsqafxfynbumioxliuhgnmjfydpoloshnbyidjsijddnhynyfhndjdnjjhnuudjcu
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    shnnshhngnhdbgxb mzkzh hhj,jn znxhxkjnzjzmzjsjjnsjnnhjbz kjxhbznmzjxhnhsbsbxhgdbdgbshhbghxnmzjhz zml;ol,hxbxxbznzxhx bznz
    zmxjxnxhxbxbhxxbmzxgxnxhxnxxmzxgzbhxnxjmxjxgb mzhhxhxnxxhbzxxjhx

  • Mee .. *imma'bbe'famous!*

    really .. who ever made this stupid article need to GROW UP .. This aint yoo life .. why yhoo in it in the first place ?? huh ?? My name is Tiya Harris and my youtube channel is MrsxximmtheCooKiiE . please look me up .. , && subb’ me .. Thanks .. , I LOVE YALL ! ( : Now back too the moron .. , get A Life ! like real talk yhoo need one .. , go to church .. , read a book .. , but stay othaa others life !!! Thanks .. , ohh && in s couple months .. ull get to write about me saying .. , oowwwee i got to talk to a famous person .. , go on and SPERD my name 😀

  • Anonymous

    Lol you all are hilarious!!!! Justin give me your number please that’s pathetic lol damn I like some of these comments… Some of you really need a life…get the hell out the artist business and you same haters gonna go crazy over Jinsu when he gets big and he’s on his way….. Just leave them both alone and have them live a peaceful life lol

  • dala

    hi ilove you

  • hei justin bieber jeg savner deg så lenge du må komme til norge nå at jeg er kjæresten din jeg er sørste superstjerna i los angles og london og jeg fant ikke på konserten din og du kan gi meg blomstern min og jeg kommer på cena hans da skal jeg synge høyt hva du vil for at jeg eclipse filmen som jeg har kjøpt på stavern og larvik og da vile jeg ha justin bieber t shjorte den er for litten for meg kan jeg få av deg da

  • Ash

    NO HATE!

    look. I like Justin, but Jinsu is waay better! Justin is maturing some what… but eventually he’s going to do what most popstars do get a chick pregnant then drop off the face of the earth. Pop is going out of style, where rap is just begining to be a HUGE thing! More pop artist are trying to rap these days, and I’ve heard JB rap.. he can’t do it. Where Jinsu has a gorgeous girl, can rap, dance.. etc. Justin only has one of those things. Justin is going to be like JT one day where going to love him the next it’s going to be like who’s he again? We all go through infatuations you just gotta know where to draw the line. And on that note Justin doesn’t know how to draw a line and stay on his side, he can’t even talk to Jinsu like a man. I’m sorry but I’m on Young Jinsu’s side.

  • Anonymous

    This article is so fckn biased. All jinsu did was stick up for his girl Jasmine. Someone on twitter called Jasmine a slut and said that Selena was prettier. He then replied to the fan stating his opinion which was that Jasmine is prettier and better. Of course he’ll say this! He’s her boyfriend! If someone called you a slut wouldnt you want your boyfriend to defend you? At least Jinsu talked directly towards Justin while he insulted him indirectly. Jinsu did something that Justin is yet to do and thats to stand of for his girl. Selena has been bashed and hated on ever since she and Justin go together and he is yet to say something.

  • Anonymous

    These twelve year old girls talking like they know everything. The fans or beliebers or jasminators watever you wanna call them blew this whole thing out of proportion wanting to cause some drama. Yall just need to learn to mind your own business.

  • people i like justin bieber not selena because she is ugly.

  • i love justin biber

  • Qcwfhsg fwjdyvmdjfd

  • halo ik ben nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i love you

  • this person is just talking crap about jinsu just because shes a ‘bieber’ fan…a rapper and a singer are two different things!!!…justin has fans tht are what 13, 14 yrs old?…those girls are going to grow up and move on to another singer and justin will be forgotten…im not hating but come on…leave jinsu alone!..im #teamjinsu motherfuckers!!! justin is still a little boy trying to act like an adult…he should first learn how to wipe his butt:)…K THNKS BYE!!!! GO AHEAD LET THE HATE BEGIN!

  • hey guys did u see the girl hoo look just like him

  • i dont agree and i wont get over it

  • and he 17 whak up and smell the coffe bepppp

  • and hes 17 whak up and smell the coffe bepp

  • dayse

    eu acho q jasmine devia namora o justin por q ele da um belo casau

  • anon

    Um. No actually Jasmine’s not a better singer than Selena. Haha good one though.

  • that is good!!for boyyyy!!

  • Bad girl

    I am Justin’s big fan and he is so than any one

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I do agree that jinsu kept going after justin clearly stopped and for him to call Justin bieber a lil boy was unnesscary because he’s acting like a lil boy by being immature and making a big deal out of something so stupid because Selena and jasmine and amazing In their own ways. Idk who jinsu is, like honestly and yeah jinsu may have been doing things since he was 4 but justin stated drumming at 2 so.. Not trying to make a bug deal. Their both wrong but jinsu is just being immature and needs to grow up and stop starting unnesscary drama. Pointblank this was an unnesscary moment that could of been avoided but jinsu made it into something more bigger than it was. :/

  • Justin bieber is cute

    • Anonymous

      its true he’s soooooooooooooo hot .i can’t stop looking at his videos. love u justin bieber

  • Nihanna Brown

    Jinsu should control his feelings and talk in person not online so people can read it. Justin shouldn’t have responded…That’s what started the rest off….
    Team JB and Jinsu! Hope that they can werk out their probs! LoL #Don’tHate

    • Anonymous

      I I

  • lol

    BITCH! PLEASE! girl if you saw justing you know your ass will be freakin the f*ck out, so chill your dick or tits… okay? ya feel me?

    • I am a Justin Bieber fan, Selena Gomez fan, Jasmine Villegas fan, and Jinsu fan.. I’ve been reading all these pathetic comments you all have been writing. Hating on Jinsu isn’t going to make it better. If you were a TRUE justin and selena fan you would be supporting them the RIGHT way. Don’t just blame Jinsu, yes he did start the arguement but also look at what justin has said. NO HATING GUYS, if you just carry on.. then wow you all are pathetic fans.

  • Autumnnn

    Ugh . This site is pathetic? No reason to hate on Jinsu . He’s amazing . & I might not be a Justin hater , but he aint got nothin on Jinsu . Their both talented , but hell . There’s this insane video on youtube of Jinsu when he was 7 , rapping . And mannn , he was killin itt!(: But anyway , whats even the point of this sitee? Its all trash .

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      wow, you showed this to the whole world and it will never be delted. watch your dirty mouth dude kids see these comments

    • 3256250

      yeah i think justin b should leavee them alone and just be,

  • I don’t won’t to go to school tomorrow do you Justin bieber fans do reply me lol 🙂

  • Lala

    FUCK A JUSTIN BIEBER !!! Jinsu is a nice ass rapper & justin was dead wrong for fucking widd rap. HE’S HORRIBLEEEE ! He needa stick to singing -_-

  • VillegasBiebs

    i LOVE justin, and Jasmine.. i like jinsu to, him and jasmine make a good couple. but to put all the blame of Jinsu, is wrong. Justin was just as immature talking back to him, & what justin said wasnt nice either. They were BOTH immature, so dont kiss Justins ass when he’s in the wrong to. they were BOTH wrong. & jasmine had nothing to do with it.

  • omb …wow i didnt no celebs fight like that but jinus or watevr im never even heard of u so justin is right u r a rookie and shut up u dont no what u r talking about but im not going to hate on selena or anything but yes jasmine is better i just dont like selena but to stick up for justin sense im a huge fan jinsus shut ur freaking mouth

    • Anonymous


  • puteri irdeena

    wow is so beautiful justin bieber and jasmine v

  • puteri irdeena

    i like jasmine v with justin bieber

  • *YouNgHiZPaNiK360*

    LOL hate got Justin Bieber famous, and all the hate you guys showing Jinsu gonna get him famous too. Actually Jinsu worked with Bow Wow when he was a youngin’ so he ain’t a nobody…..

  • Justin y do u kiss all girls nd y do u hve 2 break up wit selena wat did she do 2 u.am rily upset.jst say dat u like jasmine villegas.u always like kissing her. 1st. u kissed her in a car 2nd.u kissed after u finished singing baby.jst be careful.

  • Hi justin my name is damaris i am ur biggest fan u ‘re so cool and u rock but i am upset with u in some ways.why did u choose 2 brake up with selena gomez?. Leave jasmine villegas alone she and jinus are young couples am disapoited in u. lol.

  • Hey!justin is samantha again .y do u lyk kissing jamsmine.1st.u kissed her in a car.2nd.u kissed her after singing baby.i bet dat’s y u broke up wit selena.jst leave jinsu nd jasmine dey a great couple.jinsu can rap more dan u i bet.am ur fan bt am so upset wit u.errrh!!

  • none of your bussiness

    look i dont care how much you “love” bieber , i mean i like him and all but that doesnt mean you go and target this guy , bieber has said some wrong stuff in the past , its not right , i bet when her new boyfriend becomes famous …. you’ll cry …. so back off . and btw now that i look at his pictures …. he is WAYYY hotter then bieber ……. he is a really talented rapper , and obviousily jasmine likes him …… so who ever is in charge of this website …. idc if its bieber or not …….. FUCK OFF…… ! jinsu is HOT …. hotter then bieber would ever be ! …… and i bet the person who made this website …. is white no offence , just because jinsu is black doesnt mean anything …. im sooo tired of this media and celebrites ….. its so fucking stupid !! and whoever made this website…. bieber or not ……. Fuck You …… ……. !!!!

  • none of your bussiness

    Fuck off ! bieber is famous ….. but jinsu is more talented !! i officially hate bieber now …. i have posters and everything in my room ….. coming down now … making a big deal out of nothing !! biber has did bad things and said bad things in the past !!! why do you target her new boyfriend only !!?? and wtf , i watched vmas last nite, bieber = ” i dont only wanna thank god , but also jesus ” are you kidding me !! you have to be really stupid to say that !!! gosh bieber go to church and learn the bible before thank god ….. ” or jesus ” there the same person ! if you went to church youd know that //.. Damn .

    • not a biebs fan

      This is exactlty wat im talking about

  • Azalea

    Haha obviously the person who wrote this is a Justin bieber fan.. Look I’m not on either side but seriously they’re BOTH lame.

  • Aysu

    #TEAMBIEBER but I dont hate Jinsu ;p

  • U see justin everyone hates u.nw.i’m srry 4 hurtin al d jinsu fan.so the beliebers.teach justin hw 2 b nice 2 jinsu.f**k

  • nice website, i like it
    do you know how to make blog? tell me, thanks1

  • justin bieber is so beautiful i love hem so mush but his heart belong to selena gomez will that make her the most lucky girl in the world but there’s always hope

  • he is perfect boy to love

  • Anonymous

    suck my ass it smells bad and i could suck your bolls

  • Anonymous

    okay. sooo, why do people keep sayin shit ? Honestly i like justin bieber and stuff. But i love jinsu. and i get were jinsu is coming from with this. Because jasmine is his girlfriend. Not justin’s. If your a boy, and you find out your girl still talks to her ex alot. wouldnt you be mad too ?

  • i think you sould go out with jazmine -ANDREA

  • Michelle

    Ok seriously whoever posted this is stupid. Jinsu was defending his girlfriend Jasmine V. when a justin bieber fan called her a slut and said selena was more talented. Look you don’t need to go insulting him when he’s trying to defend his girlfriend. If your gf/bf was being called bad innapro pro things would you defend them? Honestly… you’re being just as bad as you think Jinsu is… and no I don’t hate selena, justin, jinsu, or jasmine im a fan of all of them just stating the facts.

    • not a biebs fan

      Tots my gurl

  • Bieber Fan....

    Team Justin…

  • i love justin ,jasmine,bieber,selena 😛

  • i love them all,im not a hater 😛

  • chris

    ilove justin sooooo mutch and iwant to meet him at least one of my live and ihope to read my message

  • moutasem

    ilove justin and selena byby





  • Kimberly:)

    Ummm….. Okay, yall are fuhkin deuches ! Ndd idgaf if liddo kids read this shit but you guys r dumm jinsu was standing up for his girl ndd at least jinsu got the balls to say shit straight up ndd diss the mommas boy ! Okay I like bieber buhh JASMINE IS WAAAAYYY BETTER THAN SELENA HOEMEZ!!! Ndd whatsup with that girl tryna call jinsu out? Yall needa calm yo tits ! So guess im #teamsexyfamewhore(jinsu) ndd justin can go ‘bang,bang,bang’ selena or she can go fuck herself! Bye niggas member me as loca cuz yall will be hearing alot of me on this stupid stalker website ! Ay pinches impocritas !

  • Laras

    I LOVE Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez but i don’t like if Justin Bieber with Jasmine Villegas !


    • not a biebs fan

      Why becuz of something this dumba** wrote. Thats really thinking for yourself

  • bravo51

    the only reason selena is as famous as she is RIGHT NOW is because she is with justin when they spilt up in a few months as PLANNED her “fame” will fall faster then lindsay lohan at a cocaine party.

  • ulets go for a bevie

    he is stuck up his own arse
    hes a munter

  • Anonymous

    Justn Hayes you mss

  • bi#@!$ stop haten on selena and justin i hate all of u white girls give me the number and (ps i dont care who u hate thats my cosin !)

  • and justin is not stupid nigga u are be forely blood shut your mouth bi*@#$ hes a cute a$#@* nigga and has telented } and smar t personalety

  • im the baby girl and hot chick comment for more its barbie bi#@*!$

  • im the princess im jbs girl and no bodys gonna stop that

  • b@#$!* u not classy shut the fu@#!* up childish bi@#!$* please im gonna f*!@#$ bieber

  • fuck jb jinsuu all dayyyy 😉

  • Anonymous

    The Author of this is a dumbass. First off Jinsu was known before Bieber was even thought of, this kid has been rapping since 6 years old & there’s proof. Bieber & Jinsu aren’t even in the same bracket, Bieber sings & Jinsu raps? The feud is stupid but so is this article.

  • Anonymous

    Okay first this is old as hell so what the point of still talking about it?!? but anyways both of them are equally talented, so theres no need to be a hater about this because 1.)It didnt involve you. 2.) Neither of them know who the hell you are! 3.) If you dont like somebody dont like them for who they are and not for who you heard/think they are. Jinsu haters learn about him before you start hating on him and Justin haters need to learn about his personality too before you judge them on some dumb shit that happened over fucking twitter. So unless they said your name in this arguement go back to doing what the hell you were doing before you found out about this dumb ass shit.

  • not a biebs fan

    First of all, the reason so many people hate justin bieber and his little army r because yoou do this kind of s*** were you talk about other people like there nothing and there peices of poop. Second, if your gonna make a big deal out of things like this , like jump at every comment about justin biber, bad or good, of course there gonn aget famous cause of the headlines. Last but not least, i actually like jinsu and so domany others so by hating him your just creating alot more haters for JB.+

  • Hey i like it justin i am youe biggest fan in the world. I have you all over my room i evan have a stocking of you my grandma got it for me lol….. So are you heart about jasmine villeges wow how is salena is she good

    • ya i think o good

    • Anonymous

      justin i im you biggest fan too my is jada

      • Anonymous

        juss because you got him all ova ur room dont mean u his biggest fan!!!!haha

        • jinsubaby:)

          oh im the one who said that by the way

        • jessica

          How are you to juge

    • Anonymous

      I think Justin should be sexy

  • TeamJinsuBitch

    Team Jinsu all the way ! YOUR STORY ISNT EVEN RITE !!! someone tweeted jinsu talkin trash about Jasmine and was sayin selena was way better and prettier than jasmine , Jinsu just was stickin up for his Girlfriend ! Justin didnt even stick up for his girl ! so Jinsu won this war ! fame dont mean shiiittt !!!!!!! i like justin , but sieriously Jinsu is amazing ! fuck tha haters

    • jinsu all the way

      Ur totally. right! I fuken agree with u >:D she’s telling it all wrong..thiz is B.S she dont now how the story even whent! Omg i just waisted 12 min of my life reading the fuken wrong story! >;( ( JINSU ALLL THE WAY BITCHEZ <3 )

      • It took u 12 minute to read that!? Go back to kindergarten, it takes most normal humain beings less then 5 minutes to read that. U ARE A LOSER! TEAM JUSTIN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!I AM UR BIGGEST FAN JB!!!!!!!!!LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Shy

          did you seriously just call him/her a loser? Ha. omg this is too funny, gettin all crazy over justin beiber. i mean hes cute & talented but damnnn. take a breather, its not that serious.

        • Justmehhh


  • No school to day or sun or Monday or tues lol:)

  • Hahha he’s mine jk lol

  • Anonymous

    aku benar-benar membenci selena gomez dan aku sangat mendukung jasmin villegas dengan justin bieber ayo justmin

  • Hey I’m sexy and I know it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he is sexy

  • shay

    not trying to any beef with anyone of these people but it’s funny how you guys are riding justin bieber like there is no tomorrow yes the kid has talent but atleast Jinsu will forever remain him self and nothing has changed him yet and he has sooooo much more talent than anyone else dont sit here talking wild s**t just because your obsessed with justin bieber. if anything you guys sound mad childish arguing over this bull im just keeping it real with all of you i dont really care for people i’ve never met before -.- but in this case jinsu is right and justin is wrong take it how ever u guys wanna take it smh people these days

    • Anonymous

      i Agree With You , To The Fullest.! shhhhhht uu DONE SNAPED, On These Females Lmfaoo.!

    • Anonymous

      Haha, never even heard of this jinsu kid #LOSER

      • a person

        You never heard of Justin till he became famous so stfu

  • i’m happy justin handled it the way he did n jasmine is not better than selena and even if she was why did jinsu feel the need to comment about it like justin said he is just craving attention ! #teambieber

    • Anonymous

      I agree that justin handled it well but Jasmine is way better than selena im just saying Selena has a LOT and i mean a whole fucking LOT of auto tune Jasmine is talented dont bring Jasmine into this bull she didn;t even comment on the fight ._.

  • Anonymous

    jinsu is raw and all yyou people never really heard his music cuz he not sign to no one big so you guys are all over justin nutz

  • you guys are stupide and mean as fuck

    • Shy

      you misspelled stupid.

  • fukyou guys

  • Shontal(;

    Fucccccck JB & Selena. Team Jinsu and Jasmine alllll dayyy <33333

    • gabb

      why the hell are you here then?? and to everybody else stop saying jinsu won the fight because he defend his gf, he just start this fight to get more fame and followers, and justin was mature enough to dont even answer that much stuff like him, actually, he deleted, so TEAM JELENA IS BETTER

      • teamjelenaandselenator

        oh hell right!
        selena iz WAY more BETTER than jasmine!
        btw imma flipino and who the hell cares ! jasmine iz a half filpino and half american.! most of filipino supports their “kababayan ”
        but wtf guyz?! selena iz more talented and more beautiful than jasmine! ! HAHAHAHHA #fuckallhaters!


      • Lalala ;)

        youuuuuurr maddddd 🙂 get over it. #TEAMJINSU .

  • BB love


  • BB love


  • BB love

    omg i love justin bieber so much he is so sexy!!!!

    • holle

    • Get Off His D**k.
      Excuse My Language , Buut Yha’ll J.B Fans Are Waccckk Asx Fuqqqk..

      • Anonymous

        Justin is WAYY BETTER than, that guy….
        yes hes made a movie, so we could see what hes been through, to become what he is now! (one of the biggest teen celebrities on the earth!)
        ‘he has just made a movie and a couple of songs’ Yeah he has made A MOVIE!! And that guy dosent have a moviee about him self…. 1-0 for JUSTIN… A COUPLE OF SONGS, SERIOUS? He has made f***ing 3 albums!!! USHER AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WERE FIGHTING OVER HIM ….. 2-0, and he has worked together with Mariah Carey, Usher, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Sean Kingston, jasmine Villegd many more.. 9-0… He has made a book, he has helped Jordin Sparks to a concert and he can rap.Busta Rhymes vers. In Look at me now .. So dont say that guy is better than Justin because hes not, hes nothing besides Justin… YEAH its right we dont know him, thats the reasen why he has made a book and A movie, so we could get to know him better…
        And i dont think we should fight over this, this is Justin and that guys problem not ours!!! Seriuos im not wanna get down on your level im not gonna get made over something i dont know…
        But it pisses me of that your saying That he a nobody, cause he is diffently NOT!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Jasmine Villegas, mad****

          Sorry for mine mis-spelling

  • #KeepitReal

    Wooooooow. You sound hella mad. Okay the kid was stickin’ up for his girlfriend you don’t like it? Well fuck no one said you had to. He had his opinion on it and insulting his shit makes you look dumb. Are you hating? Are you mad? He’s is a good rapper and new flash EVERYONE who is famous wants more attention. No one wants to be forgotten about. The POINT is to get NOTICED !

  • BadBitchessAmYoLeader

    not being a hater.. cuz i love justin! damn he’s cute. But what am saying is why is he getting mad at Jinsu,i mean jinsu was just defending his girl. And justin never defend Selena when she gets hurted by some beliebers. And anywayz niggas always win so….bieber is mad for no reason, Just saying -.-

  • anonymus

    WHAT THE HELL?! Like seriously, You can tell this site is for all the Justin Bieber bum licker’s out there. Just reading the first sentence, i knew whoever wrote it was being biased. I swear, licking Justin Bieber’s arse isn’t gonna get you any closer to him! Now I’m NOT a hater- I actually love Justin but this fight is Jinsu and Justin’s fight; standing up for their girls- well at least Jinsu did. But seriously, calling Jinsu Whathisface?! Are you that pitiful that you have to do that. Whoever wrote this may have not have known who Jinsu was but that doesn’t mean loads of other people don’t know who he is! And if standing up for your girl makes you a ‘famewhore’ then so be it- that probably means all the fame Justin has, has gotten to his head that he can’t defend his girl! Damn these HATERS! Chill out, No matter how much you fight for Justin he ain’t ever gonna say thank you to you but at least Jinsu might actually be humble enough to. He appreciates his followers unlike Justin. Justin prefers quantity not quality when it comes to followers. And my intentions here are not to be biased for Jinsu cause I’m Pretty in the middle- I can’t choose a favorite! But I’m here to moan about the bum licker’s out there- bum licking Justin without weighing up the fact and not even giving Jinsu a chance! Shame on you HATERS hating for no reason- all cause Justin had an argument with him. Get a life.

    • jinsubaby:)


    • How can u say u love justin when u just totaly insulted him and his fans? GO TO HELL BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    You guys are so dumb. Jinsu didn’t do it because he’s a “famewhore” he was sticking up for his girlfriend. And honestly, even if Jinsu did do this for attention it’s a good tactic because in the end, he got to Justin and got dumb websites like this one to post about it, causing Jinsu to get the attention he needed.

    You guys are really dumb for sticking up for Justin when he’s wrong.


  • liz gentry

    do you went to fuck justin bieber

  • jinsubaby:)

    im sorry. yea justin has chops an is very cute but jinsu beats him by all means and yall juss need to stop fighting over all of this crap because its all worthless. at least jinsu stuck up for jasmine as his girlfriend unlike justin sticking up for selena although thats his girl. all i am saying is this.jinsu is amazing and sexy as heck and yea selena is pretty and can sing but as far as this goes. jasmine has more chops and is way prettier than selena…thats all i am saying…JINSU ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • jinsubaby:)


  • KayCee

    So Like I Just Read This and I’m kinda getting pissed every sentence I go.. And what I see is.. The bieber fans are just so so boring.. You guys properly don’t even know the rest of the story.. And I can tell you this blog was created by a bieber fan.. Maybe that’s why he’s getting all the credit.. One thing you guys don’t know is.. Beiber is f****n rude.. You have no idea… Yes the boy is a good singer but he’s taking all the fame to his head.. And for jinsu.. What I think is.. He should of never intertained thes people… And the last sentance.. ”Jasmine didn’t say anything about the fight”… How do you people know?? You guys should all get your facts straight before pinning a lie on someone..!!

  • TeamJinsu:D

    People get your story right jinsu was sticking up for his gf. Thats what a real man does and btw jinsu has alot of talent not saying bieber doesnt but jinsu is unique and he stays true to himself

  • Anonymous

    I’m sexy and i now it

  • #jinsufan

    who ever wrote this doesnt know shit bout jinsu
    jinsu’s been around longer than JB and wtf his just sticking up for his girl jasmine so fck all the jinsu haters!

  • Jasminee Tellez ;






  • mitchell

    you shouldn’t be writing about this if you don’t know who jinsu is…. you write him off as if he’s a nobody. he isn’t a nobody, he’s famous. he’s just not a sellout like bieber who went commercial, and jinsu stayed to the street freestyling his own shit, doing his own stuff. jinsu > . learn your shit about him before you type away

  • Jb hater

    Justin has a movie and songs. Who gives a fuck? Jinsu can rap. Justin is too freaking white to rap. Or to even be from Canada And jasmine is way better then Selena. Selena can’t sing. Cause of all the autotune she uses .. Yeah and learn to spell. It’s famewhore. Not famehore. Justin can die for all i care


    • If u hate jb then why are u on this site loser!?

  • Jeez this was all in the past.

    ILU all


    • Jb hater

      lol. That’s kinda weird how you can be a 7 year old girl tryna be justin. And it’s Ily. . . Just saying 7 year old

    • Savannah

      Hey Justin I luv u to and please respond I am like one of your biggest fans and guess I might be comin to see you perform in New York on New years eve but its up to my dad cause we don’t have that much money to go there so please respond and maybe u can hook us up on comin to see u!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks love, Savannah

  • Rian Hagan

    Hahaha Justin Bieber is pathetic, idc what people say about him, he’s not that amazing, thats just my oppinion. I give him some respect for making money. But real talk Young Jinsu will tell you straight up, even to your face. He aint a famewhore, he just tells it how it is. Check out his Justin Bieber diss rap, he kills JB. Team Jinsu all day.

  • sparkaii

    This website is actually trying to make Jinsu look bad and in the wrong when really he is in the right. I love justin and stuff but Jinsu is only just sticking up for he’s girlfriend like a generally good boyfriend should but Justin didn’t stick up for he’s. But besides if Justin did he would of caused more a fuse because you know how famous he is, every little thing he does is big. But still, i respect Jinsu, seems like a good guy

  • jinsu all the way

    Omg u guyz ! Justin bieber has verly hit puverty n dusnt now wat fighting for his girl means….but in the case of jinsu he’s already growned up and he nows wat fighting fo ur girls means not like justin! >:D i now theres alot of JB fans but hu ever wrote the story on how where they fighting on twotter is zo out of her fuken mind…..that story is zoo wrong ..like fo reals…! JINSU 😀 XD XP

  • crystal

    this is fucking stupid . y’all . think bc jinsu is recognized doesnt mean he is a no body stfu . Jinsu is ten times betta then justin . he is real enough to stick up for #Jasmine what did justind do ? Shit ! Ya’ll Just FUCKING HATINGG !!!!

  • Jess

    Lotta people are saying “he was just sticking up for his girlfriend blah blah..” and thats fine but he can stick up for her WITHOUT insulting other people. Im just saying it was wrong of him to do that. but anyways this was the past so …ohh well

  • I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER HE SUCKS IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUNG JINSU!! It’s funny how justin called jinsu a rookie when in reality jinsu has been in this industry longer than justin. Between justin and jinsu who is better? Wait there is no comparison it’s jinsu all the way!:)

  • sushi jinsu lmfao


  • Anonymous

    only stupid people will cause such trouble. haters can back off. who is jinsu to judge justin anyway? he’s that famewhore . nobody cares .

  • Poor justin, this guy is soooooo rude. How could he? Most importanly how could Jasmine go from sweet adorable justin to ugly douche Jinsu? I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!

  • Shy

    i love jinsu & his mucsic 🙂 so he dont need any attention, his music speaks for hiself! you should listen to it? Ha. but dont get me wrong, i have nothing against jsutin beiber. love him too. good music is good music.

  • Lalala ;)

    you like justin beiber? cool story, bro.
    you like Young jinsu? cool story, go publish it!
    stop making a big ass deal, saying one is better than the other.
    i personally like BOTH. i dont think people should be sucking Justin beiber all crazy though, cause young jinsu is very talented as well. Stop acting like crackheads yall ? ha, but last & not least the person who wrote this probably fantasizes about justin beiber O.o it was so based on opinion, that i dont beleive there was a single FACT.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber all the way!!!!!!!! And if ur not supporting him & supporting this other loser, stfu this is a website for jb fans so go the fuck away #teambieber all the way hatrz!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      I wish ppl like y’all jb fans shut up cuz I was on google lookin up some info on young jinsu when I found this so y donnt u get get off nn b like jasmine v cuz wen u go black I swear u wonnt back nn I bet tha reason that some of y’all pick jb cuz some of y’all racist nn donnt wanna admit that jinsu looks better nn I’m not hatin on jb but he ainnt nothin to jinsu #TeamJinsu all tha way till tha end

  • Michelle

    Im just gon say this I know Im probably late but Ima say it anyway. Im not hatin’ I like Justin, & Im in love with Jinsu. yea #TeamJinsu all day. Come on tho yall both arguin’ over something that probably aint even worth your time if a girl is causing this much drama then let her go cause dont nobody need all of that ,,Just sayin’

  • jinsu143

    omg are you fucking serious. i used to like justin bieber, until i heard about this. he is so up himself. and he never says he loves selena or admits that he does or even bothers sticking up for her. good on jinsu, more men need to be like him and treat their girl right.

  • Anonymous

    i wish that justin and jasmine would get back togethter i hate selena and jinsu
    (what a name)

  • a person

    You got the story wrong anyways . smh get the story right please. Stupid JB Fans these days.

  • Anonymous

    Team Jinsu.. his music is really good to. But old girl gettin’ around.

  • Noname

    Ok this is stupid. It makes me wanna cry knowing that beliebers hate on other people just for hating on our idol. Listen to Justin. Kill em with kindness.

  • Carlina

    Dude fuck dis shit #TeamJinsu. #TeamJasminator.

  • Jenna

    It’s sad when not only famewhore targets Justin for something completely out of the question RIDICULOUS, but to then go on and target Justin’s current girlfriend? Does he realize what it’s doing to Jasmine too? What a douchebag. But it’s whatevs, because Justin will always be trending on twitter, EVERYDAY. #losers.

  • Anonymous

    I like Justin Bieber, but Young Jinsu was just speaking his mind when he said Jasmine is a better singer. He has the right to an opinion. I personally like both Selena and Jasmine. SQJINSU!!!!!!!!

  • hi justin i love u always will ur the best ever i love u

  • Im grateful for the article.Much thanks again. Wonderful.

  • Omg

    You all are acting like a bunch of love struck 5 year olds! Who cares who started it?! It’s over isn’t it? Stop hurting others with names and comments. My pinky finger has more sense than some of you! why do you sware, call names, and point fingers at people when it really doesn’t concern you?! You sound really immature and selfish. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault but didn’t Jinsu start all of the name calling and tormenting? And what did Justin do??? He said *kill him with KINDNESS* which not one of you is showing any right now. Me…I’m on team Justin because he is way nicer than JennySue if those are really his tweets and you all are his followers.

  • Justin. Bieber U are my boyfriends

  • claw caitlin

    u guys are fucken stupid theres alot of guys out there u guys make it seem like theres only one guy its fucken COMMON SENCE stupid dumn shits

  • chayne white

    i luv justin bieber but jst his songs

  • DownToTheGround

    who gives a shit about a tweeter fight between a rapper i never heard of and a guy that a billion girls want to meet but never will. LAWL, you people need a hobby..
    im hungry.

  • lisa

    not being a hater or nothing but im team JINSU all the way just for the fact that jinsu is better he might not be that famous but hes better in my favor and anyway what those it matter cousin justin is like country music and shit and jinsu’s rap/hiphop so wtf !

  • kayla leigh marino

  • Fantastic post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  • kyle

    fuck beverr & fanss!!! dick riders.

  • Justin Bieber sucks!! #TeamJinsu 🙂

  • Sasha

    This article… Biased much lol. Oh well, can’t expect much from a Belieber.

  • wildelys

    yo creo que jasmin y justin asen binita parega y jasmin es ermosisimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y selena q seballa al diabloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • wildelys

      jasmin amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Yasmina

    Well what tha f*** are ya’ll saying?!? I’m a bigg ass belieber and that will stay like that for ever..BUT WHO THE HELL IS THAT JINSU GUY?!? I never heard him on the radio, i don’t her millions of girls screaming his name, i don’t see him sell out MSG in 22min, i don’t see him with a tripple platinum album. So ya’ll need to shut up and waste your live listening to that jinsu shit..AND DON’T YOU EVER TALK SHIT ABOUT JUSTIN AGAIN, AT LEAST NOT ON THIS BLOG OR ANY OTHER BIEBER BLOG! And for jinsu; why Waste time on talking shit about justin and saying that everyone should RT your tweets, because looks who thw fame whore is now…BITCH

    • Anonymous

      this is all soo true, finally someone who gets it!!!! tbh i aint ever heard of this jinsu guy til now so go shut up haters and leave jb alone.

  • Anonymous

    0k guys just to say that justin is waaaay better than this other guy. i aint even heard of this other guy until now tbh. justin has way more fans and he’s more mature to argue on twitter. team justin always. fu haters.

  • we to me this is all crap one can good the other can rap good they both look good all do respect i like them both they music great the talking crap about each other is a wasted of each other time i laugh cuz they fight over this you dateing my ex type of stuff who cares yall both have cute couples .yall both look good idc about yeah maskets or yeah dumb problems get over yall self .respect ,pride and knowledge is what you should show no words should be said ……thankx for reading youngstar out if you want to talk tweet me or add me on facebook or email me—-ily all

  • Anonymous

    u haters u d
    ont say stuff of selina because she is better and dont say noting that u are goindg to forget

  • BelieberForever

    TeamBieber all the way..<3

  • Jessica

    LOL. That kid is a nobody!! I didn’t even know who the f**k he was until I saw this page!! LMFAO. I am SOOO Team Justin & Selena (: ♥ No hate to Jasmine though. Just that famewho*e.

  • Estephanie

    . i`m mad how ya making jinsu seem like a Bxtch -__- in my opinin jinsu someday is gonna get W A Y farther then justin . & he a C U T E ass niqqa * not even gonna front about that <3 much l0VE to #Jinsu :* Fxck Justin .

  • Asia

    Why is everyone defending jinsu he is a ugly woman beating jerk
    and justin is way better

  • Zerak

    the reason of why justin got more followers is because of the 8 years old girls.
    Jinsu has real fans. That knows things. Justin is the “pedobear” so girls… get the fuck off the computer and go to the kitchen instead. Jinsu is the best.

  • karina

    justin is sexyer than jinsu …. jinsu you know you a hater becaues you are hating on justin … you know you want jasmine back.. team justin hater.

  • karina

    ouit hating on justin ….justin is sexyer than anybody so chill out] to all the haters

  • Czerina

    acually jinsu didnt abuse jasmine listen to the song what yould you do my jdrew it explains everything jinsu was the getting abused by his mother

  • Anonymous

    i am a justin bieber fan

  • justin bieber

    then by she waht go to love dady toady you.
    caorlyn kirsch big haies paieos alexis kirsch

  • Anonymous

    hey karu3 u my bff

  • Chantrella

    just shut the fuck up all of you!

  • @almaSWAGG

    You know what dont be saying shit about justin jasmine or that other dued or anyone damn just be quite if u have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all plus yall are just saying stuff to deffend someone yall like this a justin biber website if u dont like him then i dont see why youare here

  • veronica

    I love jinsu people just hating on jinsu

  • veronica

    Justin bieber wasnt famous at the begining either so idk why peoplehating on jinsu i love you jinsu haters dont die they multiple let them say whatever you have fans:)

  • Mary

    Fuck Justin ! Smfh He Nothing Compared To Young Jinsu ! Jinsu Set Justin Straight . Ugly Ass Nigga . I Love You YOUNG JINSU

  • cniya

    you shut up cuz he cuter than him and that is not true

  • cniya

    you shut up cuz he cuter than him and that is not true

  • Brianna

    Justin is the best thing that has ever crawled this earth. If you ask me Jinsu is just jealous because Justin is way hotter than him and gets more attention than him so if Justin is being hated you know ima be there to support him! Go team Justin !!

    • Emily

      I agree Jinsu is a no body i bet if u walked up to somebody and asked them if they know who “Young Jinsu” is i bet they wouldn’t know but hey anyone knows who justin is….SO FUCK JINSU. . . .#TeamJustin

  • Brianna

    And you know what I have never even heard of Jinsu so that is how much more Popular Justin is than Jinsu .

  • Brianna

    If you look around on this page there is way more pictures of Justin !

  • lol

    the fuck man???? you dnt gunna have to go around and saw shit about people, like the fuck about Jasmine’s boyfriend tht anit cool daisy…. (wateva ur name is) stop with the freakin hatrd on ppl who hate justin bieber -.- justin bieber is cool, but dnt write shit about others-.- -_______________-

  • lolzzzzzz

    like wtf????? the person who made this is stupid……. dnt GO AROUND TALKING SHIT ABOUT PPL. i kno u like justin and wanna defend him, but he cn do it on his own, dnt help him -.- jeshhhh ppl have to be such a bitch these dayzzzz-.- (im talkin to u person!!!)

  • yanny

    justin bieber love you

  • Bringmefoodok


  • Delilah

    Who ever wrote this probably doesn’t even know what going on. You aren’t even sure of what you are writing is right. I love Justin AND Jinsu, but realize that this has nothing to do with the fans. By the way, you saying Jinsu is a nobody,? Sweetie, I wouldn’t be talking if I were you.
    Much Love,
    Delilah <3

  • jazmynNOvillegas

    this is all funny to me ……drama drama drama!!!! and its so peddi lol smh

  • Anonymous

    Do any of y’all have common sense? Okay, I love Jinsu and Justin. But the fact all of y’all talking down on justin is stupid. He’s the one making money, having a career. trying to achieve his dreams. Jinsu is trying to do the same. Their both normal people. But the fact Jinsu is being childish on twitter, thats not considered a real man. It’s being a little kid who can’t grow up. He should be the bigger better person since he’s older than justin. Justin shouldnt have to be the bigger person and ignore. Obviously Jinsu would win the argument , thats bcause justin is grown and knows the best. Which is not to argue back. Justin isnt stupid or dumb or a little girl , last time i check he’s out their doing something with his life. And y’all just sitting behind the computer screen and hate on him.

  • pauline

    i love jensu

    • Emily

      Darlin You spelled it wrong. . . JINSU!! kBYE

  • Ab

    PPL NEEDS TO REALLY STOP HATTIN!!! IT’S THERE LIFE NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trisha

    jinsu is sexy,cute.justin is iight

  • Kylie

    Jinsu is from the real hood where he’ll knock Justin the fck out…been listening to Jinsu since I was like 10 and I’m still a fan I got his first cd and everything so Justin can go kill himself with his wanna be black
    TeamJinsu all the way.

  • Jinsu

    Biggest bias website ever

  • DaFuqUHaterzThinkin

    wow you people are saying Jinsu is so hot and famous and one of the best teen rappers out there, its funny how I just found out about him now since him and Jasmine were trending on twitter today 😛

  • Larissa

    i didn’t even know who th f*ck jinsu was until this lil argument he did..he just wants attention cause he doesn’t have as much followers as justin, he is way to far!! but justin is known around the world as the youngest male artist & jinsu is known as a hater..just saying

  • Larissa

    & justin and jasmine didn’t even go out they just kissed that’s it..they both said that..

  • Mrs.Bieber

    that dude is so imature dude go get a life

  • Mrs.Bieber

    dued go suck a dick to get a life another amber rose

  • Hilda

    WELL DONE JUSTIN! SHOW HIM THAT YOUR NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL!!! MY BOY IS JUST AMAZING! Feel sorry for Jasmine though, she doesn’t deserve a boyfriend like that!

  • Kris Lorenz

    Fuck Justin He’s a bitch! Jinsu is way better than this lil dude. Justin cant reply with no song to Jinsu cuz Justin sucked and still sucks!!! Justin is just a lil bitch man.

    • Anonymous

      Wacht what you say asshole jb is better

  • You don't wanne know

    Okay Selena and Justin can learn from their relationship? At least don’t see Justin beat up ladies. Just STFU okay?!

  • Suzette

    Jinsu clearly won the twitter world. Bieber was trying to sound educated and not get into a twitter fight but him even responding made bieber on jinsu’s level. Bieber calling Jinsu a rookie is crazy, bieber is still a rookie. He maybe the number 1 teen superstar but compared to all adult artists, the ones who have been in the game since the late 90’s and early 00’s Bieber has nothing on them. Bieber is a rookie rapper and any rapper today would kill him. My problem with bieber is that he thinks he is the shit and he isn’t. His singing is good but he needs to leave the rap game alone. Boyfriend would have been way better without that cheesy rap in it, Drummer Boy would have been better without the lame rap. As long as you love me would have sound 20 times better without Big Sean’s rap in it. Bieber is a wannabe. Bieber won’t make it in the rap game. He needs to stay in the singing that is what he good at. You can tell he has a ghostwriter one second his rap sounds all hood and then next it is completely cheesy. The cheesy raps you can tell he wrote, he had someone else write his little hood raps then he has the nerve to pass it off as his own. He would get killed in a rap battle and the B.E.T. Cypher.

    • What the hell??

      who gives a fuck??? I sure dont. Respect every new thing an artist does..and clearly justin is doing a new thing..Leave him alone. Who says that he was going to rap on B.E.T?? No one did.

  • NiallHoranLover

    ok.whoever made this blog or article or whatever,i love you.
    Stating the true shizz here…
    Point N#1-I think that Justin would rather be a “lil boy” who plays with paper planes than a “man”(Jinsu) who plays with a woman’s heart.
    Point N#2-Nobody knows who da fack Jinsu is,i think the right thing to do when youre trying to start a carreer is put your name up high,not dragg it in the dirt by beating Jasmine.
    Point N#3-If he’s so mature(poiting this out because he called Justin a “lil boy”)then why would you start a twitter argument over something so stupid?
    Point N#4-Beating woman or anyone is wrong,it dosent make you more a “man” so think before walking with your head up high,i forgive you Jinsu,hope you dont feel proud about this whole situation.

    • zaynmaliklover_

      ahhhhhh! little sister snapped<3 😉 FAQQ JINSU!

  • NiallHoranLover


  • kirsty

    How sad hearing about jinsu abusing jasmine v…such a beautiful girl…Nearly cried about it!!

  • Someone

    Guys, it’s pretty obvious this post is bias. I mean look at it. I know I’m on a belieber site but still. The way it’s written is making you think that Justin is always right and anyone that has their own opinion is wrong. That actually is kinda douche-y…. Just saying… I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this. I know Im wrong just because I have my OWN OPINION.

  • #SWAGVkaybiebs

    Okay, Seriously?
    This is pathetic, Jinsu is not nice, and he hit his girlfriend!
    I understand that he has fans too and im sorry if im hating on him right now. But i cant stand looking at Jinsu doing this to Jasmine and Justin. He is just a rapper. Nothing more. He has done nothing good. Not to not respect you Jinsu fans, but this is my opinion and im a belieber so, of course i will hate on Jinsu and support Justin. But i think that Jinsu is jealous, and a fuckin gross. And now i say that he is gross, cause he hasnt respected his girlfriend he hasnt loved her. So i think that anyway if you love Jinsu you should think of what is right and what is wrong. And i dont hope for you that you are such idiots that you cant see what mistakes Jinsu has made. Thats it. Im done. #SWAG

  • matthew walters

    i still dont know y that dumb fuck beat jasmine i need to know and now i whanna beat the mother fucker who did that to her! becouse it got me pissed off and made me cry when i saw the video so y did he even do that

  • Anonymous

    some people dont know that justin hurted jasmine he lie and told everbody that it was just a kiss but that was his girlfriend friend at the time thats y jasmine song just a friend is about justin tell everbody that she just a friend i love justin dont get me wrong but jinus was wrong but he was stickin up for his girl at the time

  • destiny taylor



  • Roxann

    Why do people have to so fucked up to say shit about people I am not saying I haven’t said things but about people I don’t even know

  • LOLA

    In the end who the fuck is Jinsu?

  • Manny

    Jinsu beat Jasmine up

  • A.

    Really people jinsu is an abuser I prefer Selena but I feel sorry for jasmine that bloody bastard jinsu is on my hate radar no one and I mean NO ONE should ever be abused or raped 

  • Anonymous

    i think justin is doing something good by not reacting fooless like jinsu . i love justin.

  • Johnna

    Okay first off some of you need to quit text talking and learn how to spell. Second of all Jinsu abused jasmine and he’s some of your guys’ idol? Excuse me but what the hell is wrong with you? If anthing Justin was being the mature one… I’m not on anyone’s side and I’m not a belieber but I have a lot of respect for Justin and I like him a lot, he knows how to be mature about all of this. Jasmine and Selena are also both very beautiful girls with feelings and hearts so leave them both alone. Point blank Jinsu is a woman beater, Justin is respectful and kind, and Selena and jasmine are both very beautiful. They are both so kind besides you don’t know any of these people in real life.

  • Alice

    didn’t jinus or what ever the fuck his name is beat jasmine? lmfao. justin and selena need to learn nothing from their relationship.

  • Breeyana

    I honestly don’t like Jinsu. I thought him and Jasmine were an amazing couple, but he’s a jerk and an abuser. Jasmine admitted that he abused her and I’ve seen the pictures, she wrote a song about it and it breaks my heart. </3 I love Bieber!

  • Not tellin

    Well… I am not a fan of Bieber, but I will be on his side. He acted so nice and was smart enough not to give Jinsu attention!

  • Julie

    Jinsu abused Jasmine..why do you think they’re not going out anymore?! Men don’t hit females. He’s obviously still a boy.

  • niki

    hi then ur a justin bieber fan fuck off I love you xoox xoox xoox xoox 17 YOU

    • niki


    • niki

      YES PASS

  • niki


  • niki


  • kailey

    justin will bet that boy to the dirt and that boy will be i the docter office while justin is stuck i jail i mean good god

  • kailey

    justin will KILL HIM im not playing

  • Chanel

    Team Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~~~~BieberCondaLover ;)*

  • Anonymous

    See Jinsu Can Rap. If Justins Rapper Wanna Be Ass would get in a battle with him jinsu would win. im not into that beiber shit though i listen to real rap, not hatin though. I Will Admit, over the years jinsu went from a young up and coming amazing rapper and freestyler to a prettyboy. and whats written is bullshit, they made it look all good for justin cuz its his website.

  • Sarah

    I think I lost some IQ points and possibly my mind by reading these comments. LOL .

  • Anonymous

    anyone who is a “BELIEBER” really should kill themselves. they are just ruining society.

  • Natally

    I’ hate how jinsus is sayin jasmine is bettere than Selena he’s wrong !! People I’m 11 and I’m with Christ and he said “no one is better than him GOD no one is perfect every human is a siner so yeah jasmine is good at something’s that selena isn’t but look they r both pretty right and famose !! So I think Justin b should keep going on forget about jinsus because he knows tht jinsus was a mean and selfish guy to jasmien wen Justin knows he would never and never did touch a hair of jasmines hair and never punched her and I pray he won’t do it to Selena ! So FORGET U JINSUS you may be an angle for the outside but has the devil temping him to punch girl so bye a

  • I just like the valuable info you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look at again right here regularly. I’m slightly certain I’ll learn plenty of new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the next!

  • alicia

    dat was fucked up i feel bad 4 her <33 but jasmine is a strong persone <33 shes still pretty no matte wat

  • anma

    jinsu looks like a monkey…. and he beats up girlfriends, a big no no

  • p money

    you are the biggest jb dick rider of all time

  • champricefranklin

    jasmine v is a great girl that insnpered my to be what i want to be when i grow up

  • Bad Bitch

    i think that justin bieber was right and jinsu is wrong he is a piece of shit for beating up jasmine i cried for her so fuck you jinsu you ugly bastard jasmine is toooooooo damn cute and preety and smart for you bitch

  • kilav

    I love JB and all but Jinsu wasn’t the only one actin a bit stupid

  • Trent


  • sidney

    Justin beiber needs to not talk shit to people who can catch him slipping and fuck him up. wait actually keep talking justin i want someone to beat your ass.

  • sidney

    Justin beiber needs to not talk shit to people who can catch him slipping and fuck him up. wait actually keep talking justin i want someone to beat your ass

    • fuckya'll

      exactly ma motherfuckin’ point.

    • tisha bieber

      Stfu tfu

  • Anonymous

    hi justin

  • fuckya'll

    yo! leave Jinsu alone, its not his fault ya’ll worship a wanna be nigga like JB, callin’ Jinsu a ‘famehore’ huh? well, this nigga has worked to get where he is, sure, he ain’t exactly famous, but yo’ at least he’s workin’ and not wanting to get under fame’s fuckin’ shadow and destruction. Whereas Bieber, pfft..all he does is hog fame, he’s pathetic and he needs to grow up, I ain’t a ‘hater’, cause I don’t exactly know the idiot, but ya’ll, this is FACT, ya’ll don’t like it..sling a muthafuckin’ hook.

    • tisha bieber

      Practice what you preach

  • kamryn

    I love the ending it brought a little bit of funk to the story 🙂

  • brynney

    i goo for jinsu!!<3 fuck justin bieber and jinsu wasnt trying to get attention he was just protecting his girl friend wouldnt eny boyfriend do that? and i think justin is just jeliouse cuz jasmine is with jinsu and not with him well enyways jinsu is way better

  • joey cypher

    they both fucking suck in my opinion.

  • Loving life

    Her mom abused her so fuck what y’all saying team jinsu bitches.! And who go check me oh nobody

  • E

    This girl, Jasmine Villegas, is going to really look back an regret that she dated so many punk niggers. All these young beautiful girls now are desensitized to race shit, and I’m not even white but I’d much rather see her with a white of Hispanic guy than these half breeds and blacks. Every woman knows every and I mean every single black male has “side bitches.” And the fact blacks are better lovers is categorically false. Poor child Jasmine, someday when your beauty fades a bit you’ll look back and realize how dumb you are.

  • tisha bieber

    Team Justin Bieber ♡♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Melanie

    You ignorant ppl jinsu was the one who abused her it was a relationship she was in before jinsu she said it you are so stupid and it’s funny you talk about jinsu being a nobody but who exactly are dumb ass anyways at least jinsu is himself instead of justin tryin to be a black guy and act hood something he wasn’t in the beginning he was a white nice boy from Canada did a 360 trying to act hood and be down with black ppl just like many fake ppl like Miley the only one excluded is emienem who has always been him self that how he grew up.

    • quality music listener

      Wow nicely put and informed thank you

  • Chris

    Young Jinsu is actually one of my favorite rappers and I just want to say it wasn’t a publicity stunt it was just a fued. You make it seem like he only went at him for fame. He’s an underground rapper not much of an attention whore , it was just a fued thats all

  • bieber fever for live

    No matterwhat justin bieber is better

  • Ali

    This Jinsu guy is acting like a real jerk and I don’t like writing mean things about people online, unless I really feel the need to, and to those people that are being rude to Justin, at least he doesn’t abuse his girlfriends, like I have heard this Jinsu guy does. Jinsu is being really childish, using bad language, being rude. Justin Bieber is sooooo the bigger person.

  • Unknown

    Jinsu is way better than Justin when it comes to music they tie in looks but justin would never lay a hand on a female like wtf

  • quality music listener

    The person who wrote this and all the others that say Jinsu is a nobody is because none of you know who he is..he’s an artist that does dam near everything himself as oppose to beiber who’s just suppose to “look good” in front of camera’s while talking/ singing the shit he’s told to….you guys are retarded

  • mansoor khan

    Jb is a good singer but jinsu is a great rapper too. So I love sweet nigga jinsu. He is on right way.

  • Zoebieber

    Justin for life❤️

  • Young Jinsu

    Young Jinsu is 10x better than Justin Beaver jusin is ugly and fake I don’t know why Jasmine, Selena, and maybe other girls dare or like him he puts the uh in ugly