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Justin Bieber spotted leaving doctors office with tarantula spider

Justin was seen leaving a doctor’s office in Los Angeles New York yesterday with a tarantula spider in his hand. Some tarantulas are deadly. I don’t know if his was real but knowing Justin it could just be fake and he just wanted to prank the paparazzi.

Justin visited his doctor to get a physical to make sure he’s healthy. They even took some of his blood.

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  • i love justin i used to have a real pet tarantula it was scary but now its dead…..
    I Duno I Just had to say that random fact hahaha

    • Anonymous

      i love jb

      • Anonymous

        dnt we all love jb because i really do

  • me too mines still alive

  • emma

    this is the weirdest post i’ve ever seen.

    • KaylaBieber

      justin is soo reckless…and hot

  • Giani Bieber


  • Jenny

    what the heck? hahahahaha this is funny

  • Patricia

    Ok thats kinda weird. WTF?!?! How would Justin get a spider in a doctors office??? I really hope its fake cause Im scared of spiders.

    • Anonymous

      I know WTF hope it’s fake I am scared of theme to besides that I hope it’s fake that way Justin bieber can’t get hurt I LOVE HIM SO MUCH;))) :))))) !!!!¡!¡!!!!¡¡$)

  • Tiffany :)

    MAYBE he got a new pet SPIDERS ROCK!!!!!!!!111

  • Tiffany :)

    MAYBE he got a new pet SPIDERS ROCK!!!!!!!!


    Oooh makes since now he tweeted about pulling a prank. its fake. lol he is afraid of spiders

    • breeanna

      you dont now he is afraid of spiders bree

  • only she not good that away selena gomez stand this

  • THE.biggest.Belieber

    that is rly obviously a fake spider guys!!! ive seen tarantalas b4…


    wat tha heck i would be scearming for my life if i waz near a spider as tht big AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH P.S DEUCEZ

  • bekne

  • I’m a snake guy but i don’t like spiders and i’m afraid of them

  • AngelinaBieber

    I <3 uuuuu Justin 4 EVER
    be carfulll with datt 🙂 !!!
    <3 u lotss xxxxx

  • i love justin bieber and selena gomez

    eww! i hate spiders but when i was little i use to hold a tarantula spider but im over it but i love justin bieber!

  • Caitlin

    lol wtf this is such a random post

  • Olivia

    Justin Bieber is hot! Selena is Really lucky! She better saver him, cuz this dosen’t happen every day! Lol! Luv Ya Justin!

  • random

    tht taranchula looks like total fake those people tht took the pic are really stupid:) but justin is smart enough to out smart them! 🙂 lol love u jb!!!

  • random

    it looks like rubber

  • why do ppl have these damm spider creatures as pets. isn’t it a lil 2 dangerous???? i know if i see a spider not that big big lyk the size of a 2 or 3 yr old kid or smaller than that. i would scream 4 my lyf. i’m srry. have anybody seen A.N.T Farm. its wen this yr was performing a birthday party 4 the gyrls. and they lyked her. but she ended in another birthday party of a boy. and a lady let that same gyrl dress up in a parrateet bird costume. then the lady toll that same gyrl that the spider is a bird goliath bird eating spider. and that spider was born and hairy. that spider had 1 leg up. just kept crawling up 2 her. she was scared. and uumm lyk wen i ended up seeing that spider i had 2 close my eyes. Cause i ddnt wanna c the gyrl get eaten or she ended up eating that spider. thats just nasty. eeeeeeeeewwwwwww gross. my parents will go crazy if they seen a big spider the same height and size of my cousin’s height. we all will be panicing lyk crazy.

    • aries girl

      i hate it when people take everything they see on tv seriously. >.<
      and btw learn how to spell

  • aries girl

    ok first tarantulas are NOT deadly, unless your allergic to them.
    most bites are no worse then a bee sting ( unless the tarantula is in the ornamental family ) and most tarantulas aren’t aggressive, they just get a bad wrap because of their size. to bad it wasn’t real, would have given me a reason to respect him.

  • nelson

    luv his shoes wearing styles

  • john

    First tarantulas arent venomous im pretty sure not one of them is deadly, It looks real but maybe not,

  • Sabrina Justins girl

    Cant wait 🙂

  • hiiiii