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Justin Bieber, Chris Brown – Next 2 You [Behind-The-Scenes]

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  • awsome i love the song next 2 u

  • Sweet_Elegant

    Best line: “Do you smell Bacon?!”

  • Terri

    LOVED IT! Thank you Daisy.


    and she said she waz lucky ”hun you are lucky”

  • well i dont know what to say but i loved the vedio actually a lot

  • Squeeky

    Love the song, its my new favorite hehe <3 love you Justin. P.s you and Selena make a great couple don't listen to anyone that bad months you to…..

  • i love this song so much.My friend i call Worm and I have been listening to it lately and we think it’s so funny when the chorus comes on and then Justin says “when the sky is fallin'”really fast.like on the last time they do the chorus,the chorus goes “one day when the-” and then justin goes “when the sky is falling”.its sooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!now every time we listen to it we laugh at that part!you gotta c what we’re talking about.watch the video or listen to it.you’ll hear the part.it cracks me up.lol justin ur so funny thats one of the like 36 reasons i love you.

  • ok watch from 5:31 to 5:35 and listen to it.you’ll hear him go “when the sky is falling in the background.it’s to funny

  • adam jackson

    where can i get a jacket like chris brown’s???