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Selena Gomez won’t wear Someday perfume, jealous of Bieber’s fans

Justin Bieber has just released his new fragrance, Someday, but apparently you won’t catch his girlfriend, Selena Gomez wearing it anytime soon!

In fact, she claims that the scent was created for his fans and doesn’t want to wear it. Reportedly, the teen singer is giving away the new fragrance to every woman he knows, but Selena doesn’t want to smell like all of his fans.

A source said, “Selena has got a bottle but she stopped wearing it when she realized Justin’s mother was wearing it too. Selena doesn’t want to smell like Justin’s mom and she feels the scent is more for his fans anyway.”

Recent reports suggested that the Disney starlet is jealous of the attention that Justin gets from his large fan base. One snitch said, “Selena has become more and more insecure because of the way Justin is with his fans. Justin is a real flirt and loves the attention. While he tells Selena there’s nothing in it, she can’t help but feel upset about it and she told him so.”

I can imagine I’d see her point on the perfume, though. Could you imagine wearing the same fragrance as your boyfriend’s mother? That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?


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  • bibrlover21o1

    if i was her, i would wear the perfume even if jb mom wears it.

    • Anonymous

      i agree i would wear it to not its soooo last year

      • Anonymous

        you say that stuff ethier because you are jeasols or you just dont like justin but dont say that stuff because you hurt a lot of fans of justins

    • Caitlin

      same here 😀 .

    • Anonymous

      Me too

    • justinbieberr♡♡♡♡♡

      I know I love him tho♡


    well wearing the perfume is lik supporting jb and if tha perfume smellz PRETTY DARN GOOD THEN HECK WIT IT i would were it
    laugh;often P.S. DEUCEZ

    • Iyanna B.

      I honestly just have to say she is jealous of his fans. I wear the perfume, but only because of does smell good. You only live once, right? 😀

  • Latisha

    she’s too insecure like seriously of course he’s gonna treat his fans nice otherwise he wouldn’t have any and we’re the ones who got him where he is today selena should just be grateful she’s dating justin anyways she doesn’t seem to support him in what he does much…

    • Caitlin

      and if it weren’t for his fans she wouldn’t be dating him right now
      as much as i love JUSTIN and selena and them as a couple this is all bugging me right now

      • #1beblier

        Yea you are so right

        • Anonymous

          justin bieber is so so so hot and cute from;malia rose wolfe and amaya danielle lopez.we love yu j.b

  • Terri

    She should get over herself … really? really? She’s jealous? She gets what we don’t get and SHE’S jealous? Pfffft …. And the perfume smells fantastic. I can see her point about not wearing it … he’s gonna get pretty sick of it before long because every woman you know that goes around him is going to wear it … You would think that since he picked her to date that she wouldn’t be insecure but I guess that’s not the case …. even if they marry she will be jealous …. hmmmmm …..

  • Milane

    I can’t believe it ! Do I think it’s another proof that Selena doesn’t love Justin ? Her boyfriend creates a perfume and she doesn’t want wearing it, because Justin’s mom and Justin’s fans wear the parfume too.
    Does she want Justin creates a parfume only for her ?! She is so lucky to have Justin as boyfriend, and she’s jealous ?! Pfff

  • Giani Bieber


  • sheisafamemonster

    THIS GETS ME REALLY MAD! When he’s around Selena he barely gives us ANY attention. So don’t go and say that your jealous when he gives us the smallest amount of attention and shows the smallest amount of being the Justin Bieber we all liked before this Jelena drama.

  • Anonymous

    I wanna smell like his mom!!!! Lol just kidding 😀

  • Brendaa

    Look iim a jelena fan but it’s not fair…..Selena I love yuh but why are yuh jealous??? Yuh HAVE JUSTiN….we only have a perfumee…yuhhr shaw luckiest girl alive so yuh shouldnt be getting mad at us believers 🙁

    • becauseihave acrush onjustin

  • Brenda

    Srry for dhaa miss spellings my phones keeps on correcting me >:(

  • Miranda

    Really!!! Big deal wear it support your boyfriend!!!

  • Soamina

    Seriously you’re all right but there is really nothing weird to smelling like your bf’s mom. And if it’s Justin b’s mom than it’s actually pretty cool.if she really loved him she wouldn’t care. But since she’s dating for fame it just annoys her that Justin is the one getting more famous instead of her and I really hope Justin finds out and brakes up ASAP!! Lol

  • u must be worried about Selena meeting up with one of the young actor Shia Laboeuf

  • i’ll have a shower really soon

  • Courtney

    okay ya’ll need to stop freaking out. he made it for his fans and she wants to smell like herself not like something that he made. if my boyfriend made a perfume i probably wouldn’t wear it. i’d wear the stuff that i usually wear. you guys are coming up with stupid stories “oh she’s not wearing the perfume! she’s jealous!” that isn’t even logical. good grief.

  • angie5282

    I agree with some of the other comments. I used to like her until I heard about what she was doing here.
    Not to sound harsh sorry, but Why wouldn’t you want to smell the way your man wants you too? Who cares if his mom wears the same scent. Also she’s in the business so I’m sure she has a lot of guy fans that want her and want to kiss her too and I’m sure he doesn’t care so why should it bother her. Who cares if he flirts I’m sure she flirts with her guy fans too!! Did anybody see that video of her a that guy from transformers? She got to meet him and said she has a crush on him and that he is handsome It was all over the web the other day. She was really flirting with him and hugging him. So what’s the deal with her? I’m sure JB didn’t care about that. So it’s ok for you to flirt with another guy but not for your man too flirt with other girls. As long as he’s not cheating on you with any of them what does it matter. She needs to get a grip. If it bothers her that much then she should save her self the trouble and break it off with him so she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore and the whole “wearing his perfume thing anymore”. Seriously.

  • Jada

    i agreee lol

  • lol yeah this is funny shes so stupid i would wear it even if all his fans and mom wear it

  • myy fans are so annoying and i will awlays love selena more who cares if she dosent wear its her choice,not to or if she wants to and trust me im not breaking up with her anytime soon so get over your wetdreams.

    • keep beliebing

      pfft…dont pose as justin thats just sad and pathetic!

    • soha BIELIBER

      its rigt im happy that you ar with selena gomez i love her but you e litel but match
      I LOVE YOU

  • huh?

    hmm. if that is you. sorry but that’s not a good way to keep fans by talking to them that way. just ignore what they say if you don’t like it. Or tell them that you don’t care and leave it at that. But what ever it’s your choice man. by the way just so you know I’m not a chic I came across this article accidentally. I felt I just felt like commenting I don’t usually comment on things like this but with all the Sh@#$ people keep saying I thought I would. I do like some of your music and think you are talented.
    Hmmm…?? Anyway it’s sad for you dude, that you don’t really see what’s happening to you. And I don’t mean anything bad by that it’s just hard to explain what i mean by that but maybe someday you will figure it out when you are older. Just keep on doin’ what your doin’ with your music and try not to let anything bother you it’s hard I know. good luck man!

  • kesha

    that problay ain’t Justin saying that. It’s problay Selena pretending to be him cause she’s pissed and she wants his fans to be mad at him. If it is him I agree with you huh that is so sad.

  • Belieber and Simpsonizer

    ok, A, that’s not Justin Bieber. I doubt he would talk to his fans like that… he may be famous and may have his head in the clouds at times, but he would never, and I mean EVER talk to his fans like that. Even if he was annoyed/mad at them. if he did, I would instintally stop liking him. And B, I agree why she wouldn’t wear it a bit more, I mean. She can wear what she wants, but Imean, support your BF like he supports you. He says a lot of good things about you, and you wont wear his perfume? Im a fan of you, but come on. I love both of you, but please don’t get TOO caught up in your relationship…… Im a fan of you BOTH but I think all the rumors and haterz are getting annoying. If you were a fan of Selena and Justin, then started to hate Selena, your so stupid. And if you started to hate justin, shouldnt you be happy for him if he’s happy? What happened to U Smile, I smile? Guys listen to that song again and then think about it. If they’re happy, we should respect that. Come on guys, if you never liked them b4 dont hate, but if u used to then started to hate them JUST because of that, then get a recap and atleast be respectful. K? Im out. From,
    Belieber, Jelena fan, Selena fan, Simpsonizer.

  • Beth

    i think it quite fair that she wont were the perfume i mean i wouldn’t wear a perfume that my boyfriends mother was wearing and i understand why she in so insecure i mean he just picks random fans for his video shoots and then he normally kisses them in shoot and yous can say you are jealous of them but just think how Selena feel she is the one dating him in a way she has a right to be concerned P.S to every one that is sending her death treats for dating him for 1. you couldn’t do anything in the first place so you can all just shut it and 2. just think how you are making Justin feel when you are sending them he is going to be so disappointed in his fans for doing that so THINK BEFORE TAKING ACTIONS!

  • i’d still wear it:)

  • i think they should break up if shes having such a problem with it and selena i love you like a sister but please if its that much trouble just break up with justin bieber.

  • justin you keep playing and don’t let your fans down we love you justin

  • nelson

    why is he using the tattoo in jesus name . u know what jesus himself never tattooed his body

  • Danyel

    Ok so I agree with most people on here. I’m a huge fan of both of them but seriously Selena? U won’t wear the perfume cause ur jealous? That doesn’t say a lot about u. He loves u and he even showed it by buying u a puppy. At least u can support him with this right??
    Plus, so what if his mom wears it. It shows she’s supporting him like u should be supporting him. It’s just rlly disappointing. But I’m just a fan of both of u guys. I can’t do nothing but voice my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Selena get what every fan dreams of and she is jealous? The perfume isn’t even ALL for us! His mom is wearing it, probably a lot of the other women he gave it to is wearing it! Justin says he loves his beliebers soooo much so he WOULD give us at least a little attention. Even when he retweets us or something it makes us feel special and she is lucky enough to be able to hug him when she needs to or kiss him or whatever and she is jealous over a perfume? Get real.

  • kayla reanne

    OMGG!!!!(:<3 i love you justin bieber and hope to meet you one day!(:

  • i dont know if all of this is true but i think selena shouldnt get jelous cuz im getting the perfume by justin beiber soon and i cant wait to wear it and i wouldnt mind wearing the same perfume as his mum because i dont know his mum so i cant complain but plzz selena stop being jelous cuz its getting u bad publicity and it could ruin your career and i love you justin beiber dont worry bout wht selena gomez think i know shes ur girlfriend but if she is jelous it her problem not yours AND YOU SHOULDNT BE BOTHERED soo thats all i can say at this moment

  • CHUCKII beliebs

    My besst friend is a hater but loves his Fragrence… its pathetic how selena says shes insucure… like seriouse.. this girl has everything given to her, justin is a good kid ive been supporting him since april 2009, justin isnt gonna change for no girl, selena should realise justin is gonna be a flirt and a joker to his fans because its his personiality, she’s over reacting and i think selena is using him for fame, why? because selena has never shown any support to justin! that is puree bitch behaviour, he supports her so why doesnt she support him back…JUST SAYING no hate!

  • Anonymous

    I would suck you!!!!!!!!!



    hi hi hi

    lucy funs


    jutin bier



  • soha BIELIBER


  • Piper

    i wanna meet him too
    hahaha and i wanna play a match of ping pong with him! 😀

  • Jenna

    Okay well first of all, when did Justin say “there’s nothing in it” when it comes to loving his fans? Is that really how he feels about us? And by Selena dating him, she’s pretty much making a commitment to deal with the hate from the fans, & all the love & flirting between them & Justin. We have to deal with her & Justin, so she needs to STFU. Telling Justin that, KNOWING that he is really sweet & respectful, he would tone it down with us, which is NOT what he want. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?

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  • chloe

    i would wear the perfume,,, but why would it be awkward to wear the same perfume she had her own and other fans can wear hers. does that mean she ccan stop wearing hers because it is awkward from everyone else wearing it…i love u justin<3 jelena<3

  • mkmille

    This story is false. Ryan Seacrest read it to her and she started laughing. She does wear it, she thinks it smells beautiful. Unless it comes out of either one of their mouths in a live interview you shouldn’t believe everything you read. 90% of it is rumor.

  • dijamantina