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Selena Gomez sick of being in Justin Bieber’s shadow, will not do duet


Looks like someone’s a bit irritated.

They agreed that Justin wouldn’t do any interviews at Selena’s premiere and they wouldn’t pose for pictures together so that Justin does not overshadow her on her big night. From this interview it’s pretty clear she’s sick of being in Justin’s shadow. What’s also clear is that she definitely doesn’t plan on doing a duet with her famous boyfriend. I think that’s a good decision.

UPDATE: Oh! How interesting. Look what she said a year ago…

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  • Anonymous

    lol if she/he are so fed up with the questions they shud just come out and admit 2 being 2gether

    • ummm they have admitted to being together !!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        lol o yeah i forgot my mistake :$

        • well they should just admitt tht this whole thing is a scam…

        • courtneyluvsJB

          i totally agree with u “:)

        • Nicole

          well thnx but i think there gnna break up cuz selena wasnt there at the BET awards.. so yah

        • yup i think the same thing

        • Ummm. I met justin bieber backstage and he kissed me and he was singing one time to me and he told me if i ever break up with selena gomez he said then im going out with you and by the way im his age.

        • TJBS

          Sure i think he even do that he would neverdo that even though you are his age i bet your so uglly you just want people. Jelous

        • mrs .bieber

          They r gonna break up soon cause i dont think she can take the death threats .i dont like her she took my man im a belieber

        • UNKNOWN

          You dont like her becuase she ” TOOK YOUR MAN ”

          Oh WOW!

          Im a JB fan and Selena Fan and im NOT mad that she is dateing JB. Im NOT trying to be rude but…. GET OVER IT!!!

        • Zaywhatz

          And so what it is not the point about dating selena g and suff it is about supporting him not fighting over
          Him you lnow life aint easy so if. You wantJB to be happy then he is happy beining with SG

        • UNKNOWN

          Whats a scam???

        • Anonymous

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      • shinequa

        wait yesterday there was a magazine saying that justin biber and selena gomez were broken up and she is with someone eles

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      • telaya

        hey paige what is you last name:)

        • Zaywhatz

          Why you ask her that whanma do something to her

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    • They Have Admitted That Their Dating You TWAT!!!!……..They Announced It Like Ages Ago:L Your Soo Stupid:)

    • They Have Admitted That Their Dating You TWAT!!!………………How Could Youn Not Know That<3 O.M.G:) Likee REALLY??

      • Anonymous

        to bad so sad

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments today is that frist i do feel sorry some what to justin bieber , but i but do,nt feel very bad just for mis selena gomez , it was her fault and her mother mandy tiffy , the mother off miss selena gomez is the one that set up the date just for selena gomez just to go out with justin bieber , and the mother was a a stage mother , love david b conway

      • Anonymous

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  • Maria

    What a bitch. She doesn’t deserve Justin.

    • agreed

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    • courtneyluvsJB


    • Your A BITCH…..You Dont Deserve Any One…Now Go Get A Liffee You Freakks:):)

      • tiara

        BronwyBieber you shut the fuck up and stop calling people names apparently you don’t have life cause you keep calling people names excuse me sorry you probably do have a life as a hater who is not happy with what she see’s every morning so you take it out on other people

        • tiffany

          yes datz rite speak da truth she deserve a junky

        • jevina

          Someone had the heart to tell her off, but i think we should give selena a break because anyone in her shoes would feel hurt of all these negative comments, and they are some possitive comments, because when she was with him there was a lot of death threats and now that they are broken up there still some negative comments, and we need to realise that she still human and alive.

      • Emily

        YOU gets life with your ignorant ass! How are you ganna tell someone ONLINE that they don’t deserve anyone!?! Your clearly stupid! You don’t even know them!

      • Anonymous

        you need to get a life at lease shees famous unlike you

      • this week im going to make my frist comments soon just about justin and selena , here im back here now to make comments again , and my birthday is coming up again in june 7 th im going to be 50 year,s of age soon and do,nt blog me right now love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      i know. shes just using him for publictity like what she did to all her other boyfriends.

    • carey

      no he dosent deserv her !!


      What you taking about???
      Either way your still rude!!!

    • Zaywhatz

      Yeah she does so what thay datr i mean it is going to kill you then kill your self

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  • what the fuck why is she wearing justins neclace she deserves nothing

  • alysia

    they are so cute together u guys are hater’s

  • yes i am a heter of jelina only because she has changed him even his parents think so !!! but i love justin

    • but i am starting to get over it because if justins happy we should be happy 🙂

      • belbluvzbieb

        yeah ino but he dosnt really seem happy…

        • courtneyluvsJB

          he seems like hes always in a better mood when he;s NOT with her.. hes not afraid to have some fun.. and yes.. imma make it clear right now im a Jelena hater! love justin.. dont really like selena that much,, hate jelena.. U?

        • yes i hate jelina

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  • ashley


    • wish there was a like button

      • ashley


        • they actually do, imagine tht u and ur brother doing wht they do.. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

        • ashley

          @nicole they actually do what?

        • Nicole

          they actually look like brother and sister

        • Hannah

          Brother and Sister dont date, thats gross.

        • Nicole

          ik but they jst look like it

    • She just got out of hospital with a pregnancy scare didn’t she?

  • Giani Bieber


    • yes they do need more pubictiy why not may i ask there the ones whats to get married and justin bieber is going to purpose next munth , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      Wanting to focus on her career does not make her mean or selfish without her career she won’t really have a way to get by so just back off of her she is a sweet girl & I bet some of u r a fan of Selena & Justin and now that there in love u can’t stand it so u choose 2 h8 well tough luck it happened now leave poor Selena alone she did no wrong. >:(

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i just made a prefect speach today and tonight , just for mis selena marie gomez and i just hope that some day that mis selena marie gomez can just read this post some time just in her future please , why do,nt you mis selena marie gomez can just give up your shit career and your future career and your side projects shit and just leave l a , calforina and just leave hollywood calforinia all together and just go back to mexico just wehere you belong to selfish mis selena marie gomez , and my last comment is that just to mis selena marie gomez is that she doesn,t desrive to be a wife and mother as well just to a child , love david b conway

    • dhdbdjzh

      JB Shrine
      u NEED to add a like/thumbs up etc. button

      • like seriously ilua butttt u guys need to stop swearng like how old are u al im13 and how old are?

        • well im 16

        • Nicole

          ok then ur like 3 years older then me but we all like jb right?

        • yes

  • dhdbdjzh

    I feel betrayed……Justin has changed so much b/c of that bitch.
    Justin, and Lady Gaga r actually the only celebrities that CARE about their the fans. other celebrites like Selena for example don’t really care about them, they just say it but they don’t really act like it or try either:'(

    • Hannah

      Little Monster Beliebers!

  • soon they will break up and then they will finally admitt tht this whole thing is a scam…. so yah! 🙂 luv u baby

    • ashley


      • Nicole

        idk but they will prob fake it that they broke up

        • Yaa I think so. Even they say their relationship is fake and Selena uses Justin just for publicity but he really loves her , she doesn’t love him that’s just my opinion. I don’t like it when you guys start arguing with me but I say the relationship is fake and they may break up. 🙂

  • i think shes in love with herslef then in love with justin.. he deserves better.. she deserves to be thrown in a garbage bag and thrown off a bridge. a high bridge..js

    • Hannah

      shes more in love with the cameras than with Justin.

      • Nicole

        i agree

      • Hanna I totally agree with you. Her mom , Mandy Cornett tried to be famous but she didn’t succeed. So she lets Selena do many things to make her famous.

    • Hahaha. But do you have feelings? xD!!

  • as my older sister says slutlina goatmez

    • Hannah

      HAHAHA. i call her Slutena Homez

    • tiara

      lol goatmez love the name fits her perfectly

    • I call her Selena Gohome. :p

      • lol i call her selena hoemez hahaha 😛

  • allie(:

    ok so ive read the comments and i mean im not a hater at all i love selena and i love justin but what selena said in that video just made me upset… “Oh no I’m sure hes fine..” like really…and then like when he asks her tht like is there ever going to be a duet and shes like no im focusing on me i mean its about me right now..thts was just low at first when i heard the rumors about selena changing justin i didnt want to believe it but now im starting too…i mean even his family believes that selena is changing him IN A BAD WAY and me and my friend are noticing it and yes he is growing up and probally most of that is cause he is growing up but i believe that selena is changing him but he has good people surrounding him like scooter,kenny,his mom,his dad,his stepmom, he little sis and bro, and all of his crew i mean if it gets to out of hand they wont let him go down that path of fame getting to his head

    • Nicole

      he should just stop hangin around her like WHF? shes just not a nice girl. shes like this girl in my class named jaunita, she thinks shes all tht cuz shes pretty and she can sing good. but she cant. so she flirts with all the boys in my class. even the one tht still plays star wars and we are all in gr. 7

    • I really don’t hate Selena like I mean I am not a hater nor a fan… But even if I was a fan I’ve to admit she really changed him and I noticed that too. Same here my friend was like Oh I need the old Justin Bieber. And then Selena fans started arguing with my friend but that was perfectly true.

  • xomandyluvxo

    what a sweet person. all you jealous haters are just sad that u arent the one justin loves. I believe only the ones that support Justin through whatever he wants are his true fans. I love jelena


      finaly someone who is not totaly crazy and jealous hahha 😀 thats the same thing i think 😀

      • xomandyluvxo

        haha good. everyone else is so stupid and jealous. selena is a great girl, and justin is a great guy. god bless em

      • lol i am t tru jb fan but i think its cinda strange because on ellen she said they were like brother and sister

    • Hannah

      Just because we dont like her doesent mean we are jealous. wowwww. we dont like her because we think shes using him for publicity. and did you not just watch this video? “oh im sure hes fine..” Just because one person is jealous doesnet mean all of the people who dont like Jelena are. and EVERYONE wants to be Justin’s girlfriend. even you guys. So dont just say we hate Selena cause we’re jealous, k? cause some of us actually have our reasons.

      • xomandyluvxo

        I never full out said that you guys hate Selena. I’m just saying it’s a little ridiculous how much hate, and even death threats the poor girl receives. No one TRULY knows for sure if the relationship is real or for publicity. So we should all stop judging and just support Justin in what is happening in his life. I’m not looking to fight, I just think it’s stupid how much of a big deal people make about a relationship. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but this is mine.

      • Nicole

        go hannah, like how old are u tht is the same thing i think, i love selena shes a great girl but she is to full of herself. she is using jstin for publiicity

    • I am serious and I say the truth most are jealous but I am not. She going to be 19 in July and he’s 17 … I am not jealous I am happy they’re nice together but truly she changed him and they are not nice together , I mean as couple they are amazing but she uses him for publicity and he just loves her and doesn’t care about cameras and fame and blah blah blah xD!!


    its a little bit sad that even at the premier from her movie they just ask her about justin :O i know hes very very very ppopular but i think its a speciel moment for her and there she want to be in the middle of everything and i think its right haha and everyone here who says its not a real relationship are u sure you arent just jealous 😉 i am happy for justin and selena that they have found each other 😀 and everyone who is not is not a real fan for me !! he also doesnt write to your boyfriends if u have one that he will kill him and stuff like that its just realy childish to to stuff like that but thats all just my opinion 😛 now start flaming 😀

    and sorry that i didnt write so damn well :DD

    • Hannah

      Just because some people dont like Selena doesent mean they are jealous. some people have actual reasons that arent jealousy. okay? and everyone wants to date Justin, not just the people who dont like Selena

      • she is a bad influencwe on justin and how many times do people have to be told that were not jeliouse of justin and selina daiting

  • Randomgirl

    Uumm. Im kind of confused at the comments on here. Why are peopke attacking selena? Lol i agree with her. If i was her i wouldnt want to duet with him either, because hes a better singet and because its kinda unprofessional. Anyway, i agree with selena. They may be involved in eachothers personal lives, but they dont have to be proffessionally, and she deserves that space to her own carreer.

    • JessYall

      ok look im not a jb fan or selena fan but im just saying that u guys dont really know weather its a publicity stunt or not u cant just go up to them and ask them can u so just let them do what they want to do and just leave them be its not like their rubbing it in urface and i bet most of u ‘selena haters’ use to look up to her until she starting dating jb. and yeah i know selena took off her promise ring but dose it really matter if she wants it off let her take it off its not a big deal! so what i suggest u people do is get back to ur lives and let them be and yeah they may kiss or makeout in public but didnt eva stop and think that maybe they r in love cuz if u were ‘real jb fans’ u would b a happy that hes happy and also selena didnt change him, he change himself (prpbley cuz his sick of u people getting on his back all the time) and u can say wateva u want about cuz it dun matter cuz i dont care i just stating my opinion and there is a right to speech!

      Luv JessYall ;D

      • Hannah

        not to be rude or anything but have you ever heard of ‘puncuation’?

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you randomgirl

  • Emma

    does she realize that the second she’s not in his shadow she’ll fade ? what a retard .

    • Nicole

      hahaha i agree she is sort of a retard

    • sheisafamemonster


      • Anonymous

        Stop being stupid

  • cem1214


    • Hannah

      Justin doesnt need anymore publicity but Selena DOES. thats the point.

    • xomandyluvxo

      i agree. i feel bad for selena and all the hate she gets

      • Nicole

        maybe the people tht made up the thing said its time to pretend to be mad at each other so its obviouly fake

    • tiara

      not really because they get publicity by going out and selena being the little whore she is not by making a song and if she made a song with him it would mess up his career

    • Ya Justin doesn’t but Selena does. A proof?
      When Jonas Brothers became so popular she stole Nick from Miley and dated him. Then when some other guy became so popular she dated him. And now Justin. And no one knows whom she is dating next. Another thing: She lies so much like one time she said he’s a dork and she will never date him and sometimes she’s like I really love Justin !
      That’s mean from Selena

  • Gabby

    she looks maddddd

  • im going to kill my self or murder my self just if selena gomez have a baby a and to be pregnant and to get married just to that un fit minor father just off justin bieber , love david b conway

    • Please stop on repeating your name after each and every message! you make me angry 😛

  • viki

    i hate that she treats him like that i mean if shes soo fed up she shouldent be with him……she changed him … and i dont think it’s real anyway i mean dont get me wrong i love justin more than any1 and i like selly 2 but theres no relationship it’s all a setup :L <33 -fluf justy 4 eva- ehehh

    • Mrs.Bieber

      what i want to know is why did they make a setup?? she did it before and it did not work what makes her think that shes going to become some superstar everybody knows because shes not. all she wants is fame she should have know justin was going to over shadow her i mean hes the most loved teen on the planet and she. she is a actress on a child station. if she wanted more fame she should have became a singer not an actress and should have got some singing lessons cuz she sucks!!!! I <3 JB not selena

  • Molly

    Hell no! “Everybody said he’s fine” wtf she didn’t even call him to check if he’s really “fine”. She doesn’t even care about him. I don’t think this whole relationship is fake, but i think that they don’t look for the same, she is using him for fame! She knew that people will ask questions about their relationship, and that’s what she wanted/needed. Attention and Publicity!! so she shouldn’t act like that because of a question.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think its fake

  • christina

    she is such a bitch. this just proves shes only in it for the publicity now. before, maybe, when they were closer friends, she really wanted to do a duet-proving that at one point, their relationship was genuine. but now, as she realizes she doesnt love him, shes just using him for pub. and..its all going wrong. she is obsessed with herself, her movie, and like everything to do with her. she said shes blessed to have her fans, but i think she knows deep down that theyre not really hers-or purely hers. i think she just wants some genuine selena gomez fans, without being linked to justin bieber at all. i do feel bad for her a lot, but at the same time it is her fault. shes done so much in public that theres no way people could hear selena gomez and not think justin bieber. she doesnt want this..and i think the only way theyre gonna achieve this is if they break up.

  • courtneyluvsJB


  • courtneyluvsJB

    in the first pick.. he really saw that movie.. with her? Imean the only reason im saying this is because she makes out with the dude in the movie like twice.. i know its acting but there prolly was still some akwardness…..and honestly.. i cant even see this relationship lastin even another month :/

  • hye justen i am your bigest fan and my cousen said she hates you becaus bracing up whith selena gomez .O and my cousen said you hada ababy whith a girl named jenet and she is a fan of yours. and she is 9 and y am 18

  • johail

    i dont think there relationship is set up because justin is not that bad of a person to make up one…he really loves God if u ppl have noticed already…and i love jelena there so cute together but i have to admit she was kinda mean to him here…but still maybe they had a fight or something but u could tell they really like each other and love. oh and almost forgort y would they want more publicity? justin has like over a million fans and selena shes been having a longer career then justin in disney channel. kay. #jelenasupporter

    • Anonymous

      Just because she has been around longer doesn’t actually mean anything if you compare Justin to Selena there is a huge difference!! And I honestly think she does need more publicity no body cared before they went out anyways! I’m not saying their relationship is fake but hey she got what she wanted!! Now she is just gonna have to deal with ALLL the questions but if you can’t handle the heat get out the kitchen!! Do you hear me??? It’s that simple like I said before it ain’t rocket science

  • sheisafamemonster

    OK, so you don’t want to be in his shadow? What are you TALKING about? There is no SHADOW when you’re using him for fame! Seriously? This is for publicity and we all know, yet now you “don’t want to pose with him at your premeire” or “do a duet with him” because you suddenly realize that you are coming in second to him? You aren’t as LIKED as Justin is! It was always like this in you’re other relationships. You have always dated someone more famous then you. So what is the difference now? That you want to cause even more drama for everyone? You are only pushing him away. That’s like saying “I don’t want to pose for pictures with you because you are too famous”. That’s the bottom line. GROW UP.

    • sheisafamemonster

      We should all stop worrying about it and be happy because most of us that don’t support them together should be happy that they aren’t going to sing together. I support the J in Jelena.

      • Anonymous

        Sheisafamemonster is absolutely CORRECT!!! if you dong wanna be known by just being JB’s girlfriend than breakup!! You wanted this so know you have it!! You get what you get so don’t throw a fit!

  • justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments today is that i just hope that mis selena gomez , can just read this post here some time when every she has time to read just in her future some time , i just what her to know that i just feel so sorry that she every ment me before as well , i am also a down to earth boy just like justin bieber , just with my headacape , i was born just before mis selena marie gomez , just on the birthday date off june 7 th 1962 , , love david b conway

  • Anonymous

    Who isn’t in his shadow when you go out with him? I mean ever since Jelena happened everybody is all over Selena before she was just some Disney star! You have to admit she has gotten more fame being with him. I mean what do you expect. but she shouldn’t be mad! Honestly if you don’t like it so much just BREAKUP!!!! It’s that simple it’s not rocket science!!

    • Anonymous

      hi selena

      • Anonymous

        omg hi selena

  • i love justin bieber and selena gomez

    selena gomez is so pretty! i can wait to meet here on setember 2 2011! shes coming to broomfield!

  • nava

    you know, this just makes me sad… selena changed him and now hes loosing fans shes a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Stop hating they split all ready

      Stop hating he won’t like I bet so don’t start

  • Anonymous

    im sick of everyone saying its for publicity. im a bieber fan, not a selena fan, but if it was for selena to get more publicity then why does she never want to talk about it in public or to any reporter. i mean if she wanted more fame she would always be talking about their relationship but shes not. she hates being asked and hates bringing it up and that obviously says its not for publicity. they have always tried to hide it and which shows you it isnt fake

    • Mrs.Bieber

      she dose not talk about in interviews because it makes it seem more like a mystery and that gets more pap following them all over taking pics witch gives them more pub and more stories like you see on this site.

  • they have their own life. why would you have to find out they problem to make them break up?a true fan will support them when their need not make them break up. we loves justin because he has a beautiful voice and face. right? so why would you care about justin bieber and selena relationshjp.please leave them alone. they just people. they have feelings too. so why don’t you thjnk they really love each other..?.!!or if they don’t, it’s their problem,not us. if you are a true fan of justin, you should support him when he need us. right…? if thjnk now you’ll khow what to do?

  • biebs forever

    Is it just me or does the name of justins chair say “king guest”?

  • ooh, look at the top picture. poor justin seems so desperate, while selena looks like she couldn’t care less. i can’t believe that selena’s gotten a crapload of publicity – just because of justin. for heavens sake, he’s 2 years younger than her! justin is way too naive to realize that she’s using him. poor guy, i kinda wish we could say something to him, but every time we do, he thinks we’re hating. 🙁 does anyone else agree?

  • dear justin bieber shrine blog web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here im so sorry just for my old comments here , and to the pepole whats to make us think that we have to acceptting them together i think that is so stupit , and i do agree 200% just about the relationship was fake and the pubcitiy act as well , love david b conway

  • i Think the way she is feeling is perfectly fine she is always being looked at as the disney starlet or justin biebers girlfriend she is finally doing something outside of disney and she has every right not want to be asked about justin that was her big important night leave her alone
    go selena<3

  • Blieber3

    it seems like they r gonna break up….Selenas such a bitch

  • jayde

    well im a belieber as well as alot of people commenting here, but i like selena and justin together, im a way bigger fan of justins than i am selenas. but she makes him happy, i honestly dont think its all a publicity, stunt. cause justin wouldnt do that to us fans, and i know that for a fact. i was at the australia sydney concert, and there was rumours that he might cancel cause he hurt his back, but he told everyone know cause his not letting down his fans, it proves that he would do anything for us beliebers/fans. hed wanna make us smile and be happy, not make some beliebers/fans all sad, and angry. yeah everyones gonna have there own suspicions and opiuons/thoughts. but thats mine.

  • Are you and Selena Gomez rilly married?I love you Justin Bieber with all my haert you are every thing to me.And I heat that bich selen Gomez YOU SHONT BE HAER BOY-FRIENDxoxo P.S WRITE BACK PLEASE

  • unknown

    selena is great ! she and justin makes a cute couple, i can see why she was upset! i mean, come on she is trying to promote her movie and all they wanna do is ask about justin and about her private life!!

  • jelena

    anyone who knows me knows that i’m in love with justin bieber, i love him with all my heart. and at first i’ll admit, i was pissed that he was dating selena gomez! now, i think they are the cutest couple ever and i think that selena is the biggest sweetheart! they are happy together, and i know justin loves his fans, but i don’t understand why people think calling his relationship a scam for publicity or sending his girlfriend death threats is gonna make him love you anymore. and idk, maybe the reason why he’s so stressed all of a sudden is because his fans are not loyal enough accept his decisions and be happy for him. i sayy,, you’re not a true belieber until you can do that. he deserves it.

  • Lexiboo

    Those fans aren’t there for he they are there for Justin

  • I HATE SELENA GOMEZ!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she is not beautiful…..

  • Diamond

    hear me justin i love you i swear to god she is using you why because she said doing a duet with you the peron who interviewed her when he said that she said it in a harsh voice a bit quick so i notcied it and she said u was fine without caring i really swear to god and to my dead grandmother and grandfather she is using u for fame! Really i swear to EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE!!!!!! And she was only caring about her movie that interested her!

    • Callie Dickson

      Are You Kidding Me ?

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me..

  • Callie Dickson

    Um , Justin and Selena Look Good Together and They are Going To Be Together Whether You Like It or Not I Don’t Understand Why EveryBody Has To Hate ! I Mean Really ? Selena is Really Cool And Justin is Too So Y’all Best Be Getting Over it Because They Are Old Enough To Do What They Want ! Selena Doesn’t Deserve To Be Called A B**** or a Gold Digger or Whatever People are Calling Her ! Okay ? Okay ! So Stop Hating 🙂 Thank You !
    To: All Jelena Haters

  • lili

    I LUV justin bieber but i dnt think he should b wit selena gomez shes waaaaaayyyyyyy 2 pretty 4 justin LOL

    • Anonymous

      I hope she reads this wow drama in hollywood I like selena allways will foforever

  • Danielle

    i like them both

  • justing beaber dont delete thise massege please ……..read this leter hi jb It is the firs time sending for you a massege I am a 14 years old I cant write engish very well but i can siging in english andsinhala songs well now i learn in englishe because i want to toake withe you but i am writing it to you to tell you that i love you so much and i really want to be your and selena good friend and siging withe you(jb) and selena but is all is the dream becaus i am in sri lanka but i know your home but i cant meet you i am a good sinhala and english singer in sri lanka please visit my country and meet me please please please enter me in your (jb) and selena group please i can siging and dansing please enter me please thise is my phine number 0718158981-0714880900please call me i waiting for you call and meet me i congradiulassion your (jb) and selena love i say prayrs for you(jb) and selena all nite and god take care of you (jb0 and selena i like your home and your fox your mother and father is so good but my brother and i have not mother and father love because my father in italy my mother is died please help me to join you i serch your and selena number but is not real number i waiting for you and selena call me i send selena masseg please call me

    waite for me

    • mady

      hey yea dont put your number on here cause random people can ring you so just be careful 🙂 bye

    • What jb real number

  • you shouldnt put your number on here ashen

  • julia

    love you s2

  • samu

    hi…i’m also 4rm sri lanka……….i’ve a huge dreame to meet justin and selena too……………..i hope that will be come true someday ,if not i’m fly to america and meet them

    • nelson

      ”all the best”

  • loll person

    u cant spell and i am sorry there is no way you are gonna be justin bieber’s friend….unless you become famous….

  • anu

    hi justin..i’m also from sri lanka..i love your songs..
    Plz justin..vist to s.lanka..
    Good luck..

  • kellie shroder

    woah thats a freakin long number! its has 20 freakin numbers in it! ours in america are only seven! well unless u use an area code but still:D

  • Reagan Barber

    I’m the biggest Justin Bieber Fan in the world. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER so much.
    Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez would have really CUTE kids. The Kids would be so cute.

    • justin bieber

      heyy to all my fans out there ill try to make everything happen but i doubt it and please dont put you # on the website thank you

      • Anonymous

        hi justin im a huge fan of you my names Paige and ill always be your number 1 fan:) please write back if you can:)

      • NATALIE

        hey JUSTIN BIEBER MY SIS LOVES U AND WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lorena

        I luv u justin I wish I can have ur number or I give u mine nd u txt me but only somewhere where nobody will see our messages plz write back nd tell me where we can write private I promise I wont tell no one ur phone number: )

      • Lorena




  • Emily x

    Hi Justin just letting you know that i am your biggest fan ever and i love you i hope that one day i will meet you in person love you xxx

  • justin bieber

    selena please talk to meee

    • nelson

      Yea me too!!!!

  • selena gomez

    huh hay justin not in the mood

    • nelson

      why not?

  • Sarai

    hey justin.. umm i was never really obsessed with you but i do luv your songs. I heard that you know Greg Miller and that you and your parents went to his church and that you use to hang out with his children.. I know Greg Miller he is a prophet so he prophesied over me and im really close to Greg.. um I dont find it fair for people to say and start rumors that you got a girl pregnant.. i personally dont believe that!! well God Bless you and i hope that you will keep stepping in his ways!!
    God Bless !!
    Love: Sarai Melo
    p.s. im dominican by the way lol!

  • sasha monteenez

    you go gurl god bless everybody

  • christina.p

    hi my name is christina and to tell u the truth i am not a big fan of justin bieber i listen your music and everthing but thats all. I just wanted to say to justin that because your are a famous person people are going to try to get something out of you and the situation between you and getting that girl pregnant is just crazy. You not even 20 years old yet and all of this is happening and all of you that are out there and that are juding him dont because if that was you you will have been upset and you would’nt have want everybody in your businesse like that. Everybody makes mistakes. And justin wat u and selena have other people will kill to have wat u guys have so dont mess that up and if those results come back postive boy you got a lot of begging and pleding to do. You guys are the first couple that i have evey seen in love like this. And to selena i love your music and everthing i you must be pissed right now to find out the one you love might be a baby daddy to an other women i understand that i really do but selena you cant hate him for bringing a new person to life even if it was not with you and even though you guys wasn’t even dating when he slept with the girl. Justin i hope all of this will teach you to be careful next time. And i have a question while you are one the rode who is going to be taking care of this child please dont tell me your mother because she didnt bring this kid into the world and please dont tell me the mother cause it looks like all she want is a little fam and a litte somthing in her pocket so she can brag to her frans that she hit that . selena you have an amazing personaltiy i hope that when the results come back you two are still togther because you two or an amazing couple. Keep your head up and dont let no one bring you done because at the end of the day you guys still love each other.(well i hope)

  • christina.p

    hi my name is christina and to tell u the truth i am not a big fan of justin bieber i listen your music and everthing but thats all. I just wanted to say to justin that because your are a famous person people are going to try to get something out of you and the situation between you and getting that girl pregnant is just crazy. You not even 20 years old yet and all of this is happening and all of you that are out there and that are juding him dont because if that was you you will have been upset and you would’nt have want everybody in your businesse like that. Everybody makes mistakes. And justin wat u and selena have other people will kill to have wat u guys have so dont mess that up and if those results come back postive boy you got a lot of begging and pleding to do. You guys are the first couple that i have ever seen in love like this. And to selena i love your music and everthing you must be pissed right now to find out the one you love might be a baby daddy to an other women i understand that i really do but selena you cant hate him for bringing a new person to life even if it was not with you and even though you guys wasn’t even dating when he slept with the girl. Justin i hope all of this will teach you to be careful next time. And i have a question while you are one the rode who is going to be taking care of this child please dont tell me your mother because she didnt bring this kid into the world and please dont tell me the mother cause it looks like all she want is a little fam and a litte somthing in her pocket so she can brag to her frans that she hit that . selena you have an amazing personaltiy i hope that when the results come back you two are still togther because you two or an amazing couple. Keep your head up and dont let no one bring you done because at the end of the day you guys still love each other.(well i hope)

  • Justin Bieber

    Hello my dearest fans, I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry to say that I will be making my last album. I have been diagnosed with a terrible sickness that will tear my vocal chords if I sing too much. So, I will have to stop and not take the chances of loosing my voice forever. I hope it gets better and Thanks for your love and support. <3

    –Justin Drew Bieber

    • Belieber

      ???? Don’t lie to us.

    • I hope you get well and i hope you are the ral justin bieber

  • i think justin beber shouldent go out with selena gomez she is ugly

    • you are maybe jelouse because I think selena is the swetest person in the hole wide world and you should look your self on the mirror

  • Savannah

    Today is my birthday and you (Justin bieber) can respond to this if you like! Bi!!!!!!

  • its funny how selena was so keen on doing a duet with him, nd now she suddenly backs of, they should give each other time by themselves to hangout with other friends, and just not stick together 24/7, we get it your in love, but this is too much. #nohate

  • claire

    You people all need to learn how to spell.

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  • Hey m only 13 and I pefer to be with my family justin bieber makes me sad sometimes I wish he wasent fammous his mom and father maybe miss him alot justin probavly is just sad also he is maybe tired of being a super star

  • i dont know why people like him I use to like him but i dont see him so is just sad for me i won’t be able to meet him one day but i wish icould meet him my freinds also like him but thiers going to come a day that they are going to forgrt hi my school wich is carmel del mar hates him but theres only like 5 people who steel believe on you i wish you could come to san diego in carmel valley too i wonder what your mother feels like when she does not see you i know you love your talent but at least stop being everything im not saying that i hate you but if you do read this I wish you could come . Happy 2012 justin

  • kayla


  • tiffanie

    I don’t hate Selena Gomez for singing bad or for dating Justin Bieber. I hate her because every time someone gets big there she is. Nick Jonas,from the Jonas Brothers,Taylor Lautner,from when the Twilight saga started getting huge, and now Justin Bieber. He is the biggest star on the planet. I can’t say that the relationship is fake or that she is a mean bitch because I’ve never met her. But now that she said “Oh i’m focusing on me and my career” that got me angry and now I know the relationship is fake because if you’re dating someone you don’t say that about them. I’ve hated her ever since she started changing her type of music and the fact that she started coping everyone else made me hate her even more. S

  • amy

    Haha KING guest x

  • tguyhinjomk,l

    i think that selena gomez shud just leave JB alone if she’s just doing it for publicity and shes no even happy, get over it woman!!! 🙁

  • Belieber


    if you haven’t noticed they came forward about their relationship! that article isn’t recent, becuase in mid-2011, they came forward about their relationship so if you believe this don’t because it isn’t true AT ALL!!!!!!!