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justin and selena gomez birthday 2011

How much older is Selena than Justin? 588 days!

It’s Selena Gomez’s birthday today.

The Texas actor and singer has plans to relax on her birthday and will likely spend time with, you know, that younger guy.

The star of ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’ – she’s very good in the show – and nowadays also a talented enough singer is now officially the older woman in Justin Bieber‘s life. Selena Gomez turned 19-years-old on July 22, 2011 and the entertainer from Grand Prairie, Texas is now 2 years older than her equally, if not more, famous beau.

Technically of course she will always remain exactly 19 month and 7 days, or more precisely 588 days, older than Bieber. But still, she’s 19 now, he’s 17. The two have been dating for somewhere around…well, that’s uncertain but as long as 10 months, or more. What is certain is that he was but 16 when they began dating, but a rather mature and confident 16-year-old.


Happy Birthday @SelenaGomez gonna be a special day.

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  • hamed

    look at his dick,wow,what will happen?

    • bieber Fan

      Lol XD .. everything’s happened 😉 ..

    • hamed

      happy birth day dear selena,I wish you to have magic birthday with Justin.

      • Anonymous

        How old will you be

    • Anonymous

      Justin biber

      • hamed

        any thing what you said.

      • Anonymous

        I love you justin

    • Tasha

      He is amazing
      From tasha

    • Anonymous

      hes hard!!!

  • mikiJB

    is excited Justin!!!!! oh my gos Justin what happened? U saw Selena so hot??? mmmmmm

  • me

    they wont be together today

    • hamed

      but it sounds thay will be together.

      • me

        because he will be in atl in the studio and she will be doing tour reherals and maybe the new wizards

  • BieberJing


    • hamed

      this is funny and magic for selena.

    • Dana-belieber

      IKR I was like WTF

  • Jessalyn

    Dear, Daisy Can you please report stuff on justin & not selena or whats their couple name ? Jelena because ther realtionship is very annoying now i’m here for justin not for her. And please choose correct facts “amazing actress on that show wizards” “good enough singer” that is all a lie she has no talent & if your about to bitch on me and say i’m jealous well guess what i dont wanna date him. So i’m not jealous and if gonna say i’m jealous of selena then please i play piano,guitar and violin she doesnt play anything. She should be the jealos one because i have some talent

    • hahaha

      Lol you have no idea how pathetic you sound

      • Jessalyn

        Shut up. Its true i dont care for jelena or selena i’m here to support justin STFD.

        • its mee

          yeahh its true its the JUSTIN BIEBER shrine but i mean hes always with selena so ur going to see alot of them. im not a jelena fan but there a cute couple. but i wanna know about justin not jelena or selena.

        • THE.biggest.Belieber

          guys…if u want to know about justin then u have to know about what hes doing and the relationships hes having….therefore u have to know a bit about selena!!!!

        • hello

          your annoying then stop reading and commenting if you dnt care

    • believenov

      yes you get the talent for judging som1 you don’t even know , and i’m not a selena , jelena fan but i think selena is a good actress unlike justin even if i love him , sucks at acting

    • Anonymous

      Selena is so hot

    • Anonymous

      Selena Gomez IS very talented and a great actress and a great singer

    • shut up she my best friend watch ur mouth not because i am black means i don’t talk kkkkkkkkkkkkkk foo/fool i ain’t afaid of u

    • Anonymous

      Uhmm… she is an amazing singer, and yeah i do think your JEALOUS…. and yeah you do sound pathetic.

    • m02

      Ok so listen you may play all those instruments which is great and a beatiful talent but singing and acting also take talent and also justin bieber did get in trouble with the law not to long ago and yeah he has talent but so does selena a

  • courtney bieber

    umm is that sentence on the pic really necassary?? -_-

  • hamed

    yeah this is necessary for selena to figure out Justin’s fans.

  • angelina

    justin is going to be in atl selena said shes working on rehers for her tour

  • dear justin bieber shrine 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here im so sorry just for some comments i made here , and no one is not reading them any more , when never you do read them just by david conway ,,, please do some time , i just hope that justin bieber will not do propose marriage just to selena gomez , i just what to die or kill my self frist just before they walk down at church ,, for there marriage and get married ,,,, love david b conway

  • Dana-belieber

    Let them be! There two teenagers living there dreams like most teenagers do! My parents are FREAKIN 15 years apart and there making a big deal that selena and Justin ( I LUV U JUSTIN) are only 3 years apart! idk but all I’m saying is just let them be! Justin knows what he’s doing:)

  • Dana-belieber


    • hamed

      What do you mean?

    • Jessalyn

      Happy Birthday then :]

      • Elle

        happppppppppppppy birthday dana!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • hamed

      You said,”you hate selena”.and now,why do you say,”happy birth day selena”?

      • THE.biggest.Belieber

        there r alot of anonymous’

        • hamed

          you are right,I made a mistake.sorry

  • ShanniaG!!

    They probably already had sex (no doubt). 588 days!! Crazy!

  • Patricia

    I hate selena but i’ll still wish her a happy birthday 🙂

  • brianna

    happy birth day selena!!
    get some Bieber!! x)

  • name

    HBD SELENA LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luke

    look at his dick it is standing up

    • Anonymous

      what bad luck for selena,she will have some pain somewhere.

  • Tiffany

    I wonder what is going to be her birthday Justin put on twitter gonna be a spaecial day???

  • hamed

    when his dick stand up,it will be special for all of them,more for selena.

  • Anonymous




  • Anonymous

    lol..his dick is standing up..a topless selena gomez can do that to guys..

  • John

    i think justin is having a boner 😛
    if only it was with me

  • nong noi

    happy birth dayyyyyyyyy.
    im your fan club

  • BieberBabe

    OMG JB IS AWESOME! JUSTING + ME = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Anonymous

    selena hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot 2

  • abigel

    u hate selena!

  • Mew

    Justin bieber gooooooooooooo anddddd havvveee sexxxxxxxxxx with sseelleeenna goomeezzz …. so when you marry she can see you ddddiiicccckkk orrrr cccoooccccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmm

  • Justin b you shouldn’t broke up with selena g you guys match each other… and i want too let you and selena have Sexxx toogether…… and pregnet and when you see selena bbbooobbbsss YOU WILL BE EXCITED AND YOUR DICK WILL BE EXCITED TOO….. YOUR DICK WILL BESTAND UP AND GOT LITTLE DROPD OFF WATER COMING OUT FROM YOUR DICK….. IT FUN TOO HAVE SEX…


    • someone

      that is wrong!!

  • Guys just because I am with him doesn’t mean that u have to be all mean to me. I know he is your favorite singer, but I am with him. Sorry hate or love me idk up to u

  • Rachael

    Its not Selena’s birthday… Her birthday is in July

  • Tasha

    I love you justin bieber

  • taylor zhang

    dont talk about justin anymore, he is not that good boy , but his gf is quite good , we need to respect her,not justin .girls wtf

  • Shane Khan

    that’s your perfect jodi congrulation this perfect jodi
    what’s up just

  • Shane Khan

    your hair style is awesome bro just have a one proble please solve it selena first time meet him please answer this e-mail for me ooooooooooook!

  • Maidas

    It’s a bummer that I have the same birthday as JB. Not in a bad way or anything. I’m neutral for JB and any other celebrities so I don’t have a favorite celebrity. It’s just that my friends only remember my birthday because it’s the same day as JB’s. Lol, it applies to others too. -.-“

  • non yo business

    That’s disgusting y’all need to stop having a fantasy and go into the real world

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