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justin and selena gomez birthday 2011

How much older is Selena than Justin? 588 days!

It’s Selena Gomez’s birthday today.

The Texas actor and singer has plans to relax on her birthday and will likely spend time with, you know, that younger guy.

The star of ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’ – she’s very good in the show – and nowadays also a talented enough singer is now officially the older woman in Justin Bieber‘s life. Selena Gomez turned 19-years-old on July 22, 2011 and the entertainer from Grand Prairie, Texas is now 2 years older than her equally, if not more, famous beau.

Technically of course she will always remain exactly 19 month and 7 days, or more precisely 588 days, older than Bieber. But still, she’s 19 now, he’s 17. The two have been dating for somewhere around…well, that’s uncertain but as long as 10 months, or more. What is certain is that he was but 16 when they began dating, but a rather mature and confident 16-year-old.


Happy Birthday @SelenaGomez gonna be a special day.

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