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Justin Bieber gold head sculpture worth over $1 million

Justin Bieber fans, take note: this replica of the tween heartthrob’s head, from precious metal company 1st Bullion, is worth $1.023 million at the current price of gold.

His shiny hair alone is worth $250,000, the company said.

The sculpture took 10 people 10 weeks to create; they started by molding Bieber’s pate out of clay and creating a mold, which was then filled with molten gold.

Given the way gold prices are going, the sculpture could continue to increase in value long after Bieber’s fame has fizzled.


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  • courtney bieber

    WOAH!! thats awesomme haah!!

  • belieber fever...( sry man i got BIEBER FEVER TOO)

    omg!!!!! awesome…

  • Dana-belieber

    Wow that’s amazing! But that’s his old hair!

  • Patricia

    I want that statue. That would be so cool to have in my room!

    • hamed

      yeah,and its money is so cool.

  • ♥Mandaa Bieber♥

    cooool <3.

  • rema

    ooooh my god i can’t believe this justin!!!!! i wanna buy it!! :p

  • Lola

    But why did they make it? Like, what is the significance? Also, why are people making these when their time and effort could be put into helping the people in Kenya who are suffereing due to the drought?

    • Sarah

      Thats so true you know…
      It’s crazy. It sort of looks like him, the detail is pretty good lol.

      • Lola

        Yeah, it is, I just don’t get what inspired them to make it 😛

        • Sarah

          Well Justin Bieber ofcouse! 😛 It was kinda pointles, I mean, if anyone has enough money to do something like that they should be using it on people who need it.

  • selena gomez

    this is selena gomez and i do love justin

  • selena gomez

    i will love him till i die so youll haters need to quit

  • selena gomez

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    you and justin right? well again if i came off rude but hes my boyfriend annd i truly
    love him this is the true selena gomez if youll dont belive me well i dont care
    but if your my fan i love him and i love youll

    sincerly,SELENA GOMEZ 🙂

  • selena gomez



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    • ezabella

      oh that is very stupid
      i never do that

  • selena gomez

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  • haha dont act like u wouldnt do that

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  • ayu wahyu

    so amazing


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