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justin bieber selena gomez boca raton 2011

Justin Bieber is in Boca Raton with Selena Gomez, not Canada!

What is going on here?

Earlier today Justin tweeted that he was in Canada. Turns out it was a lie. He was on his way to Boca Raton, Florida to meet Selena Gomez.

I understand that he was trying to trick the paparazzi but honestly I’m kind of upset that he would lie to us like that. He tricked the papz at his own fan’s expense.

After seeing his Canada tweet a fan saw him in Florida and she seemed just as upset.

β€œJustin Bieber is a liar! He tweeted that he is in Canada and I just saw him in south florida leaving the studio with Selena Gomez.”

Does this upset you or am I being a bit too sensitive over this? What can I believe in the future? Arrrggggh

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  • Anonymous

    you’re definetly too sensitive over this. he just wants to have a private life without all his fans knowing every minute where he is. he wanted to support his girlfriend without the papparazzi following them. he maybe wanted to avoid the fan drama complaining about him being with selena.

    it’s also possible that he was in canada for a few hours and flew then to see selena. maybe he didn’t lie at all and if he did it’s ok. I still love him.

    • johail

      i agree, that pic of him is problily of him in another place ,that pic does not show anything.

    • Truth

      He created his twitter account so that he could tell his fans what he’s doing/where he’s going etc. so that’s a lame excuse. He didn’t have to tweet ANYTHING if he didn’t want ppl to know. Like honestly, what were the paps all gonna hop a plane to Canada??

      As for wanting privacy, understandable. But in the same breath, privacy wasn’t such a big deal last year, when he’d provoke the screaming girls to scream more & enjoyed it. When he wanted/needed to build his fanbase he’d tweet where he was gonna be next, what he was doing etc. ….What’s changed?

      • Anonymous

        what’s changed is that he has 11 million followers now. he can’t tell them everything. you know how crazy his fans can get. he’s allowed to have a private life. he doesn’t owe us fans anything.

        I agree that he didn’t have to tweet anything if he wanted to be private,but maybe that was his way to avoid that his fans come to selena’s concert and do stupid stuff or maybe he wanted it to be a bigger surprise… idk just a thought

        whatever it’s not a big deal and some fans get crazy over the dumbest things,seriously

        • Anonymous

          Look, it was extremely wrong of him to lie, because it IS a sin. I think he really cares about his girlfriend, he was doing it for her. If he told everybody, do you think anyone would care that Selena was performing on stage – almost all of Selena’s fans are also Bieber crazed fans and I think he didn’t want to divert the attention away from her. Honestly though, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where I have no freaking space. If he smothers her too much, and diverts the attention away from her like he did in her concert in Cali, then they will not stay together. Their relationship is none of our business, none of mine at all – I’m just saying in my POV.

        • M

          A “sin”? LOL who’s gonna punish him?

        • Anonymous

          um god. and god can take his carreer away. god can do anything.

        • Anonymous

          Learn to spell…it’s “career”. It’s a good thing all the idiots believe in God because no one else will…

        • Anonymous

          he did not divert the attention away from her. all the people who were at her concerts came to the concert because of HER. they didn’t know,that justin would show up. they were all happy,that justin performed,because most of her fans are also justin fans,but that doesn’t mean that she became irrelevant after his performance.

          justin is the most popular teenager in the world. he will always be more popular than any girlfriend he has. if that’s a reason to break up a relationship than he will never be in one.

          but that’s so wonderful about selena and justin. they got so much crap from the fans and the media for their relationship and they STILL STAYED TOGETHER AND ARE HAPPY TOGETHER. they don’t care about the haters. selena and justin aren’t competitive. he was happy to perform for his girlfriend ans she was happy about the surprise from her boyfriend. that’s it. no competition. just LOVE

      • Anonymous

        Dude, its not that they would hop on a plane to canada, its THE CANADIAN paparazzi that would be following him around. whats changed is that now that his fame has grown and people follow him wherever he goes. its not fair to say that nothing has changed, because you only know what is said and done in public and not what has changed in his personal and private life. just cut him some slack man.

    • mira

      i agree ..

    • Sarah

      You are half right there. He wanted this career. If you choose this carrer you ave to expect that. If he did lie that is so slack.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Justin’s twitter profile got hacked? Doubt it but it just doesn’t make sense why he’d lie? Fooling the paps… thought that too, I dunno? Wonder if/when he’ll acknowledge it??

  • Anonymous

    in my opiion your being a bit too over sensitive. he just wants to be alone sometimes an not have paparazzi follow him everywhere..

  • Bieber lova 14

    Yea I mean I would so the same thing if I was him, and yea he lied but ya know, us Bieliebers shouldn’t reall be stalking him and yea I knew he was in FL and he wasn’t in Canada already so yea but I think we should all calm down and not worry cuz it was for a good cause and its totally normal and everyone knows he’s a prankster too so just remeber he likes to prank his fans especially!

  • Anonymous

    I honestly dont care where he is. If im not with him, it doesnt matter to me. You are being too sensitive, he just wants a private life. I would do the same thing to keep the paparazzi away. Hes JUSTIN BIEBER. The most popular person on the planet. Just let him have his privacy, he really needs it. And its not like he blew off his concert… he just wanted to be somewhere secretly with his girlfriend.

  • mel

    Why is it OK that he lied?? It’s like everything wrong he ever does has a “legitimate” reason/excuse ~ he doesn’t get a free pass on everything b/c he’s “Justin freakin Bieber”. I’m not saying make it a big deal, but let’s be real about it all. There was frankly no reason to tweet anything. Really the paparazzi will find him if they truly want to.

    I still love & support him despite the lie just for the record.

  • Patricia

    I love Justin but he really disappointed me with his lie. He shouldn’t be lying to us cause we are his fans. We made him famous and we can take him down. He makes all of his money off us, so we have a right to know everything about him. Too many beliebers always defend him when he does wrong. I should know cause I used to be like that too, untill I smartened up. We shouldn’t put up with his bs just because we love him. He needs to learn from his mistakes. I still love him and support him. #justsaying

    • mrs bieber

      i agree with you but its that hes with selena everywhere she goes its like he loves her more than us #nohate but ill love him till the end

    • Anonymous

      he doesn’t owe you anything! you buy his music not him. his fans don’t have any right to know everything about him. what is wrong with you people? you’re not talking like a fan you’re talking like a stalker.

  • hayla

    no hes smart he did the same thing before to trick paparazzi and hes getting tired of the hate selena gets

  • Anonymous

    I think that we shouldnt over react. celebs as big as justin deserve some privacy sometimes and they deserve to have some time to themselves and whatever it is they wanna do in their private lives; which is why sometimes they might have to lie about where they are as so to avoid the paparazzi. and im sure that he isnt the first one to lie about where he is.
    so please guys cut him some slack yeah? and selena, too.

  • anon

    selenas boobs look good in that picture

  • dahna

    well my opinion is that he does want a private life but he said that he was in canada and he told all of hes fans so that is not a nice thing to do to ur fans that look up to him so justin sorry to say that im not a fan or a belieber anymore u just cant lie to us like that πŸ™

    • belieber

      but what u need to see it that he is human so he is gonna lie and he is gonna make mistakes and he isnt perfect no matter how much we think he is and he did it so selenas concert would stay abt selena and not b a chase justin bieber event. u shouldnt let this one lie convert u from a belieber bc it was a lie to protect him and selena from mobbs of his fans

      granted it didnt really work but u shouldnt stop being a belieber over it

    • Anonymous

      you are not a fan,because of this? this means you were never a fan OF HIS MUSIC,but only a fan of his private life and his twitter. lol

  • belieber

    ok so justin isnt perfect he is gonna lie he is gonna make mistakes we just have to accept them and never let those mistakes change us into non beliebers

    he mostly lied so selenas concert would still b selenas concert and not just a way to see him andi think its cute that he went to her concert it showes he loves her and cant stand to b away from her for too long <3

    • u know what’s weird Selena didn’t do as much for him as he does for her I don’t think she likes him as much as he loves her im not saying she is using him for fame but I think when your in a relationship you give each other the same amount of love

      • believenov

        i don’t think it’s true because when their star dating it was always selena who went to his show, and visit him

      • Anonymous

        that’s not true. she always visits him and cares about him as much as he does. when he was on his world tour she visited him in malaysia. she flew over 15 hours (!) to spend two days with him. they are both smitten with each other.

  • Jelena 4Ever

    Justin is wearing a shirt with Selena’s face,right?

  • MoreBiebs

    Honestly I don’t care πŸ˜› If he doesn’t wanna tell us where he is, that’s up to him! We can’t be in the know about everything he does, all the time!!

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion you’re beeing to sensitive ..
    He just needs some space , everywhere he goes people follow him .. He needs to breath , and if he’s in Canada or in FLORIDA with Selena is none off are business . Like he has a life too , he’s just a teenage who tries to have normal life wich is impossible but we should respect him and give him some space . I’d do the same if i was him .
    The one’s who stop beeing belibers or fans , don’t truly like him .
    He just want to support and be with his girl . Like , they don’t see each other that much , they’re working all the so , respect them .
    I still liking him <3

  • :)

    he could have said nothing..but he did,which was wrong,but yet he wanted some priavcy..which is understandable..if you were in his place you would have wanted to spend some quality time with your gf/bf..but still he could have not tweeted anything..so you are right and wrong

  • Ti Ti

    I think you’re right and wrong to some extent.

    I think he just said he was in Canada to get the paps to leave him alone. He probably just wanted privacy with his lady on the first night of the tour. He wanted her to shine bright on her night. I mean, we know how it gets when Biebers’ in the room. No one really pays attention to anything or anyone else. Thats why he didnt answer questions or pose for pictures at the Monte Carlo premiere. He didnt want to take the attention away from Selena.

    But at the same time, he could have not tweeted although it would probably cause mayhem like “Bieber, Dead?” or “Bieber’s been banned from Twitter” or something. Fans probably would’ve started to get their big tubs of ice cream and their box of tissues, their sappy movies, and cried, “Why Justin? Why?”

  • Anonymous

    Exactly . He has to tweet something because if he don’t girls get crazy but he need some privacy so he said that . Don’t need to get mad or stop beeing a fan . We don’t need to know evrything he does , it is his life . Do you everybody when you go to the toilet ? No so stop making scenes ..

    • Ti Ti

      Thank you sooooo much for understanding what I just said. I just read over it and now I cant comprehend it. LOL. I guess i just said what was on my mind. πŸ˜‰

    • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here and to the actress of mis selena gomez the real person, i just what to tell her just from me david , i just feel so bad for her , i just think that selena marie gomez can just do much better just with out justin bieber , i love you selena gomez , please come back to wizards of waverly place one more and the last season 5 , love david b conway

  • Anonymous

    I dont see how its a big deal he was just trying to keep paparazzi off his back. It was personally for his privacy which he deserves to have

  • Anonymous 2

    I think ur overreactin. I mean like the reason why he said that so the paps woun’t get him and Selena bein together. The paps r ALWAYS gettin them together. So….ya. Does anyone get wat I’m sayin???

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think this is a matter because Justin and Selena are in love is the fact. We can’t change anything about this.
    But i just feel a little bit sad about how Justin loves Selena.

  • hara juku

    ok girls…. lets not be over sensitive about this!! justin bieber obviously has a strong relationship with selena…. sooo if hes has to tell a lil fib now and then its ok. now to lie to his fans was wrong… but unfotunetly we all love him and there is absolutly nothing we can do about this situation. im sorry Canada fans!! Justin loves you and im sure he is sorry! to support his girlfriend was lovely and im sure we all would like the same thing to happen to us!

  • why would jb lie like that so if the paprizze are takin pic dnt lie

  • jbs number one fan

    ok so they say he lied maybe he did maybe he didnt. i dont care if he did because he just doesnt ant the paparizze following him around or he went to florida then he went to canada!

  • lucy

    selenas changed our boy so much:'(

    • brandy


    • Anonymous

      lol selena didn’t put a gun on his head and told him to tweet that. justin is his own person. don’t make selena responsible for his actions.

    • Anonymous

      she didn’t change him. it’s not like she put a gun on his head and told him to tweet that. justin is responsible for his own actions. don’t blame selena for his mistakes. she didn’t change him. he grew up. it’s called puberty. one day you will go through that too and understand


    i think is sweet of him but also he probably did lie to the papparatzi or he just wanted to lie so his fans wont fallow him emagine if the fans in canada were waiting for him and had a surprise that wold suck

  • xoDidixo

    It was her first show on her very first tour, of course a good boyfriend would be there to suport her.. its only right I think anyway <3 u JB

  • Anonymous

    you can tell he is with her because he’s wearing her when the sun goes down fan shirt

  • Lauren

    Way to sensitive! You never know what he is doing but Justin wouldnt lie! Maybe he told us he was somewhere else cuz y’all bug him so much when he’s with Selena! He could have been in canada for a little while and then left to go see her or someone could have mixed the pictures up and just told a rumor! Whatever it is, just take a chill pill y’all and calm down

  • Anonymous

    You are not being oversensitive at all i am with you on this! seems strangee…

  • britt

    i agree with a comment above, i mean he didnt have to tweet ANYTHING if he didnt want people to know where he was, maybe thats just me…

  • trece

    He could of been in canada first and then went to flordia. and if he did lie it was defenitly for the papz. the papz are crazy they come out of no where, they push u, they scream at u, and disturb u whie ur eating. Like really i know how it feels my dad is a famous boxer and every where we are the papz are there. U cant say what is the papz going to jump on a plane and fly 2 canada because they proubly would

  • trece

    you guys dont know how its like. its stressful

  • nigger@optonline.net

    who cares where he is

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know why I’m here…… I’m not even a fan of Justin Beiber.
    Ohhh well, imma look around some more πŸ˜€

  • Julie

    This has nothing to do with the case… But Selena used to have NOOO boobs at all, and now she have like watermelons? Whats going on

    • Anonymous

      little girl grew up fast. it’s also the bra that makes them look bigger.

  • valery

    lol i bet there a bunch of things that he doesnt tweet so whatever

  • Anonymous

    mabe he was in canada then flew to were selena is you never know!!!

  • Anonymous

    he might just wanna get away from the press,people need there space!

  • Tyler

    HAH. This doesn’t surprise me. Who knows what else he has lied to us about. Justin might have had sex with Selena for all we know! :/


    i think selena is wearing something way short( her top) right???

  • pris

    Honestly when i saw that tweet and then saw the pic I was like “is he lying us?” cause i know he wants privacy and stuff but i mean lying is not cool… lying is not justin.. period

  • THE.biggest.Belieber

    guys he was in florida wayyyy before he tweeted that he was in canada….i dont think he was lying!!!

    • Ti Ti

      he was in florida……..so he could have been pranking us or something….

  • Anonymous

    You are being wwaayyy to sensitisve! He gets attacked by paparazzis everyday! He needs to be away from them sometime!!!!

  • Mrs. Bieber

    You are definately being overly sensitvie. It’s not like he lied directly to you. How do you think you would feel if the papparazzi followed you literally EVERYWHERE you went? He probably just wanted a break so he tweeted something else to throw peole of ,and maybe he doesn’t feel the need for every single part of his relationship to be totally public.

  • Mrs. Bieber

    Everyone seriosuly needs to calm down over this! You make way to big of a deal over every little thing he does! He is just a person, cut him some slackk!!

  • Anonymous

    Selena is a whore she tells jb what to do I hate her

    • anonymous

      You should respect Justin and not call his girlfriend a whore, you may not like Selena, but if you like JB you should respect them.

    • Anonymous

      are you stupid? she doesn’t tell justin what to do. he does what he wants. don’t make selena responsible for justins mistakes. she is not a whore.

  • helen grace

    eww justin and selena are not meant for each other…….. selena is so ugly!!!!! i dont like her she was too old for you justin boy….

  • Anonymous

    i think youre being too sensitive. how else is justin supposed to see his girlfriend without the papz taking pictures of them and basically suffocating them?itz not like he can let the fans know where he really is without letting the papz know as well.give him a break.

  • Anon.

    Let the poor guy have a private life!

  • Taylor

    Oh my gosh, guys. Really?! Its not even a big of a lie so dont flip over it.
    Girls are being way too sensetive about this crap. Get out of his personal life and move on with yours. WGAF WHETHER HE’S IN CANADA OR FLORIDA!!!
    Gosh damn.

    • Anonymous

      look don’t talk to us that way you are not the bos of us if you don’t like what i’m saying come to my house my name is jazmyn roberson my address is 20369 till man mill rd. my zip code-35614 my phone number is 256 444 1549

      • Patricia

        Hun its not safe to post your personal information online cause theres all kinds of creepers out there who are waiting to take advantage of naive young girls like you. Please be safe and don’t do it anymore.

        • Shelby

          you’re an idiot

        • .....


      • Jelena

        Yaa..I woudn’t put my PERSONAL info on interenet, you can’t take this off. But who cares, it’s your life, just wait till theres some stalkers going to your house. :\

      • Shayy28th

        Hey thats not safe!!! now im scared for you! ):

      • Sweet_Elegant

        Dang! For Real?! You just gone give up your info over some stuff about a kid??? That is a problem sweetie. But other than that, the chick who saw him in Florida instead should have just been glad she caught an unexpected glimpse! Am I right?!

    • iyanna

      Taylor is soo right gosh why do you care he just wants to be with his girl Selena without people taking pics god DAMMM peple !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dear anonymous.. youre screwed hahah

    • Anonymous

      I’m with ya!

  • Taylor

    Selena’s an ugly, slutty bitch anyways.
    And, no I dont hate her because shes “dating” Justin. Im not that obsessed with the kid. I just always thought she was a stuck up slut.
    And, ecspecially now because she can dress like a slutty fairy and get away with it and Miley dresses age appropriate. Shes, what? 19 and dresses in black and Selena dresses in pink, ruffled dresses. Like, c’mon bitch. Really?! Ya look like a slutty fairy. Miley is gorgeous and way better looking than Selena. Thats for damn sure. (n/h)

    • Anonymous

      Rlly ur soo effing bored wit ur life. u have to talk about a person u don’t even know. Wow I bet ur ms. Popular prob. Not ur probably that loser who has no friends. Sucks to be u. Ohh nd don’t lie u no it’s true

      • Anonymous



      • Anonymous

        I was going to post something about how i agree that people get far too worked up over celebrity’s personal lives, but then I read some more and now I’m just gonna laugh because people are friggen psychotic. Lmao.

        • Anonymous

          Right! Like tell me how ppl be bein madd ignorant over shit that don’t even affect them. Its such a trip to see these lil girls gettin all crazy and shit because the kid was seein his girl. Come on, now.

          Where in the rule book does it say that he aint allowed to be a human being, just because he’s in the spotlight. He probly already tones down half the shit he WANTS to be doin. He’s a fuckin kid goin on 40 and what? All you lil girls want him to be single and a virgin forever. THAT is not gonnah happen. Look at thah fuckin kid. It isn’t fair for ANY of ya’ll to expect him or ANYONE else to live THEIR lives playing a constant role for YOUR pleasure. Shit don’t run that way, but be my guest if you wanna throw on a banana suit and be a dancing fucking banana for me cause that’s what I find entertaining. Just be ready for thousands of ppl to tell you that you doin it wrong and you have to change.

    • jazmyn roberson

      look how would you like it if someone talked about you that way you call selena a bitch why don’t you look at you asswhole.

    • Anonymous

      how is she a stuck up slut? do you know the definition of slut? you should look it up,because you obviously have no idea what slut means.

      and it’s not selena’s fault that miley gets hate because of her dresses and it’s not true,that selena gets away with everything. neither of them should get hate.

      you seem really bitter and dumb tbh

    • Patricia

      I agree. Miley is so much better than selena. More talented, better personality, and way prettier.

      • Anonymous

        hahaha miley does drugs and all this shit but im not saying i dont like cause i do but seriously selena is way better have you seen her smookin up a bong or getting drunk no so i guess you guys care about other ppls life more then your own but seriously get a effing life. -______-

    • Anonymous

      Why would u say that stuff do you realize what does words can do to a persoN! You dont even know her so how is she a slut! Selena Gomez is my Role Model! Stop being mean and grow up!

      • Anonymous

        i totaly agree with you she is also my role model. ^^

    • ahaaa

      i agree!!!miley look very gorgeous than selena!!!

      • Lily

        The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am not even gonna try to decide who I think is the prettier one. They are both gorgeuos girls whether you personally think so or not.
        That isn’t a slut. lol Do you even know what the word means? I think it is all up to the person’s style. I think Miley is the one dressing like a slut if you had to choose from the two.
        ‘age appropriate’? I don’t plan to be dressing like that when I’m 19. Especially on TV infront of the WORLD and dozens of little girls that look up to me, and if I ever have a daughter I am not gonna teach her that’s appropriate at all. I honestly think you are speaking hateful nonsense. You don’t have the right to judge these two and say stuff like this. They are both their own and you can’t change that and I wouldn’t want you to.. Selena looks cute and it just fits her to dress like a girly girl. Please next time think better about what you’re saying so you don’t come out so dumb. (:

    • Ja'Mya Woods

      thats fuckeddd up okayy u didnt have to post that on here . i would like u say that to selena gomezs faceee i lovee selenaa she my rolee modeell and second off all she not a slut the only reason she has that own is becuz her coustumee desingers pick it out not her smart oneee so check ur self if u everrr tryingg to burn on someoneee and so what i like what she has on so what ur not the onee thats wearing it so dont worry about it ! no go get a lifeee and quit trying to burn celebrittys on herrr

    • .....

      hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wutevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Shayy28th

      Taylor im fifty fifty with you i agree on half of you said go job!!(:

    • jbloverx

      Tht is asolutly right why does people say tht miley cyrus isnt a good role model wen they need to start looking at selena is it me or dosnt her outfits always shows her boobs off more nd miley she dresses propley she dosnt go around showing her bootbs off !!!

    • pixel chix 2001

      i think so but ,miley isn’t that pretty

  • Natalie

    wow he tricked the location of where he was cuzz he didnt want fans all over him knowing where he was. so what if he told one little lie?? give him a break.,…

    • Ja'Mya Woods

      rightt people aree so dramaticc over everythingg !

      • .....



  • angela bieber

    i can’t BELIEVE….
    JB LIEING BELIEBERS????????????????????????????
    THIS IS SELENA’S FAUL !!!!!!!!!!
    I DON’S h8 selena cos’ she is dating JB but i think she is with JB for his THE BEST BELIEBERS ( A LOT OF BELIEBERS DON’T LOVE JB NOW FOR SELENA )
    :'( :'( :'( :'( jb isn’t a lier HE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      your making a big deal out of nothing like seriously

  • Anonymous

    he isnt a lier

    • Ja'Mya Woods


    • justin beiber

      im justin beiber

      • .....WTF


  • courtney bieber

    hes not a liar!!!! maybe it was a mistake or something!!!! and all i know is that if i knew paps were going to follow me idd give them the wrong place too!

  • Ja'Mya Woods

    okayy what i dont understand how it really matters where he is , i mean dont get me wrong im in freakinggg loveee with justin bieber i will do anything to meet hom . but really okayy he lied to the parizzis or watever dont act like you wouldnt be in justins position riteee now it see how it feels …. exactly so need for fighting and all of this but okayy it praobly was wrong for him to lie to us but still he had 2 but he also had to becuz crazy wild justin bieber fans would be outsidee of selena gomez concert saying justin instead of selena that would make her feel so bad at her own concert , well it might as well might be justins concert if that ever happend . so im kinda glad he did lie goodjob justin !!! i loveee youuu :)) <3

    • Melissa

      exactly. we have to understandd things like this he did it for selena he didnt mean to hurt our feelings but he didnt want to hurt selenas feelings by bringing all HIS fans to HER concert…it would be disrespectful and rude…i am glad he did it:) way to go justin<3

  • Melissa

    I am a little sad that makes me annoyed i mean i understand that he wanted to trick the papz but he didnt have to trick his fans but i guess we just have to understand that he has to get a little alone tim without the papz so i guess i understand why he did that!!:'(

  • emma

    people why get hurt over it he just wants some time alone with friends and famliy if you were in his position i bet thats what you would want!

  • poopoo face

    hellooooo i love jbb sex.

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is a shet

  • Anonymous

    sorry my sis did that i love you jb<3