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justin bieber boca raton

Video of Justin Bieber sneaking out of Selena’s Boca Raton concert

Did it ever get crazy last night when Justin was spotted sneaking out of Selena’s concert in Boca Raton. Wearing a Selena Gomez shirt, him and Kenny ran straight for their car once they heard the crowd screaming.


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  • maddie

    The boy was interested in the Biebs 2!!!

  • @TaylorSwift is a great role model she should be on disney, shes even older than selena but Taylor is pure, innocent and down to earth and more talented whats not to like? i wish she would date the biebs instead 🙁 *crys

    • Patricia

      I completely agree wth you. selena is the wrong girl for him and I would be so happy if he dated Taylor Swift. I love her!

      • JB's wife forever

        oh yea i totally agree, selena is so wrong for him, he should be with me, and taylor should totally be on disney!!!!!!!!

    • Hannah

      as much as i love Taylor, i dont think she should be on disney at all. that would be low. i would actually lose some respect for her if she was on disney.
      its probally illegal for Justin and Taylor to date too… i dont think they should date. i like taylor just the way she is right noww

    • Anonymous

      Yes, i think he should date taylor too! love her, completely agreed!

      • i love taylor swift but she is older than justin !!!!!!! i think justin and selena should date !!!!



  • Alicia

    Poor Justin! This is what happens EVERYWHERE he goes! He barely ever has a chance to be a normal kid, I know it’s the path he took, but it’s sad. These screaming girls are worse than the paparazzi!

  • Patricia

    Im sorry but watching this made me laugh. I love the Biebs too but I didn’t freak out like this when I saw him. Damn I feel so bad for Justin and the security guards. I swear little girls get way too excited seeing Justin.

  • jbs number one fan

    i wish i was one of those ppl in the crowed!!!!

  • Hannah

    Sean kingston is in the top picture too..justt sayinn

  • Anonymous

    if i was justin bieber i would care about what people think about him and selena he likes her and she likes him too he probably was tired from a hard day so stop making him look like a trator he so sweet and no teenager would ever have the guts of ignoring the haters and name calling justin bieber i love you y friends dislike i do not care love you and do not listen to the haters i no one day i want to be your friend and more so bad but friends sounds good am going to by your dvd and the awesome guitar thinking of you always not as the imbrassed boy .

    • Aliyahx.

      my name is Aliyah btw on my birthday april 29 u were on tour boi i was happy i was watching u singing happy birthday wish u had tweetedme

      • Justice Kyle Ried

        Hey umm i feel the same and i wish that they would let Justin and Selena be alone i mean hayers will hate and i know that but ppl gotta move on about that and im happy for JB and If you one day read this Justin keep doning what you are and dont stop i wish you and selena the best <3.!!


  • oooooo WOW u cnt even see nothing

  • Courtney Bieber 4everr

    wow i just feel so bad for him. Everyone always says hes “changed” (which reaally gets on my nerves caus its not true) But people dont know whats its like to be in the position hes in with people around him 24/7 screaming and chasing him.. id be pretty pissed too, and he handles everything so well too 🙂 <3

  • selene

    i don’t think that selena should date with justin anymore.they are not a perfect couple.by the way,justin is not good enough for selena.

  • Biebsgirl

    Borer and Selena are cute! I feel so sorry for him! This happens to him all the time 🙁

    • #1 bielieber

      Justin and Selena should be together if their happy than that,s all that matters. pictures and videos don,t matter who cares what we c some of the stuff is fake any way its awesome that he loves her and she loves him and he suports her all the time

  • Abby


  • jj



    I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 he looked gorgeous

  • No you guys just didnt find the right news. Selena new about this. Justin was just leaving cuz that was after the concert and so you expect Justin to just stand there all alone and not go home?!? He was just leaving cuz the concert had finished.

  • justin el mas lindo de todos mi amor

  • dana

    love justin bieber and selena gomez so much ! so……………………… i love jelena !!!!!!

  • oh and justin and selena are very cute together !! really

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