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Old People Don’t Want To Buy Justin Bieber Magazines

With Bieber fever at high pitch, Vanity Fair decided to feature Justin on their cover in January 2011 hoping Beliebers would snatch up copies like crazy. Turns out they were dead wrong. Not only did the issue not meet the sales they were anticipating but it has now become the worst selling issue in 12 years. HUH?

Vanity Fair sells an average of 342,000 copies each month but Justin’s issue sold only 246,000 copies. What happened?

Well there is no doubt Justin is big among teens but that doesn’t necessarily mean that putting his face on anything will make it sell. Vanity Fair is a high fashion magazine read by adult women. From their history of putting men on the cover hey should have already known that putting guys on their cover doesn’t sell. Justin’s issue is the 3rd worst selling issue since 1992. Which 2 covers did even worse?

There should be no surprise that the 2 issues that did even worse than Justin’s also had men on the cover. In 1993 VF sold only 243,000 copies of the issue with Harrison Ford on the cover. And the worse selling issue was back in 1992 with Jaden’s dad Will Smith on the cover. And these 2 are huge stars. I guess women who buy VF aren’t as interested when a guy’s on the cover, no matter how big he is.

So is Justin to blame for the magazine’s poor sales? Nah, Vanity Fair just made a bad business decision by putting a teen boy on the cover of an adult women’s magazine. Maybe the headlines should read “Old People Don’t Want to Buy Justin Bieber Magazines” instead.

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  • brittany snow

    Hell yeah i agree with this!

  • baaaaaaaaaaaaad

  • kel

    why would they put him on this magazine in the first place, dumb.
    no one wants to read about him unless your like >20

  • Terri

    I would have bought it had I seen it. Can you still order it from the website? Don’t want to try from Amazon or Ebay …. would get raped ….

    • Randomgirl

      Lol i love this post , u made my night

      • Terri


    • Ms.Bieber

      its out dated already you cant buy it any more

  • hamed

    what do you think about old people?they have different aide,different belief,they are not suitable with Justin.

  • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

    Well, when Justin’s on a magazine I don’t buy it I just read the part with him in it (that’s all that I care about) and then I put it back on the rack..

  • Alyssa

    my grandma does

    • hamed

      This is strange to hear.

  • Anonymous

    there could be another reason it didnt sell ,IT WAS JUST AFTER CHRISMAS AND NO ONE HAD ANY MONEY? it wasnt justins fault!!!1

  • Hannah


  • how hot does he look hehe

  • Terri

    But seriously?! Vanity Fair?! First off … I’m glad they bombed because they should be ashamed of trying to capitalize on Justin’s fame and fortune by putting him in their OLD PEOPLE magazine. Now all the media is trying to say he’s faltering and going down in popularity because of ONE magazine. What is wrong with all these freaking haters? It makes me sad.

  • Crazy Z

    I LOVE Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!