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Justin Bieber Demi Lovato VMA snake

Demi Lovato to Selena Gomez: Your boyfriend just attacked me with a snake!

Here’s a candid video clip taken at the 2011 MTV VMAs of Justin hanging out with Selena. If you look carefully you can read her lips. She’s telling Justin that Demi Lovato just told her “Your boyfriend just attacked me with a snake!!” haha


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  • Victoria

    aw shes like ‘im dying in these shoes, they’re so uncomfortable!’
    aw selena!
    she looked so gorgeous!

    • thats demi lovato in the shoes, idiot

      • Anonymous

        Why are you calling people that you don’t even know names? Come on, chill, it’s just a pic. No reason to be rude

      • Anonymous

        am not an idiot I like selena gomez

      • fail

        actually in the video, selena says that she’s dying in her shoes… get ur facts right, idiot 😛

    • I Actually Am In Love With Justin He Is So Sweet, I Just Wish He Knew I Love JuStIn

      • Amitoj


      • swaggkillingniggasimustcallajudge.

        demi lovato is so pretty OMG i like her and leave her alone she do what she want to

  • ……….I like Snakes………..I want to hold his johnson ;p

    • Soamina

      Lmao!! So do I!

    • Sasha

      I do too.

  • I LOVE JB!


    • A.T

      Awwww i know its like they were ment to be together they look BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER,I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        heyy ?? I LOVE selena gomezz??!!!xx

    • no demi and justin were ment to be i hated sel gomez before they were dating now i hate selena even more and btw im a sel gomez hater so what hate me or not but u guys think you are sooooo awesome but ur not im nine btw and if you think you are soooo young to love jb and hate sel gomez then whatever i dont care about you, but im a jb lover and on the news they just said ”, justin is talking marrige but not with selena gomez but he went to see her in los vegas and her wrist said <3justin<3'' see i hate sel gomez and if you think im an idiot that go down down to hell you jerks

      • look at jbs leather shoes if that is jb

  • Anon.

    Haha I think she took her shoes off so she was his height in the pics..
    They’re so cute together!! They look so happy!

  • Crissy

    LOL,uncomfortable shoes!And yes,i saw what she was sayin’:)

  • lilly

    selena looked like a vampire that night, i love selena, miley didnt show any skin at all the show miley doesnt dress like a slut she dresses like that on stage because its a performance

  • jbs number one fan

    i dont get it

    • Anonymous

      I like you justin

  • isabella

    can you please post the video again or tell me where you got it ? Thank you =)

  • help!!

    i can’t watch the video!!

  • help!!

    can someone send me a link of the video:9

  • Didnt see the video

    I didnt see the damn video.Why does this always happen.Shit

    • Trinity

      I know right

    • your enimey

      how old are you because i am 10 and i could beet you so bad.

      • Cloud Pauler

        …….. 13

      • 19 jk 9 no joke…

  • can somebody send me the video

    • Anonymous

      I do not like gomey because we like you.

  • Soamina

    I can’t either!! DAMN!

  • lol

    he was looking at her boobs

    • belieber

      ikr omg lol

  • jake

    When Demi lovato”It was a snake in you pocket and justin bieber look at her boobs…… ewwwwwww

  • umm no proof that thats jb because jb does NOT have real glasses it could be a reptile show host duh

    • Name

      Are u dumb it jb look at the freckle under his ear then chech another pic. Plus nobodys that hot and I have seen other pic.s from that day and it is him

  • someone

  • Gosh,het yu ol.get aut ov celeb lyf n lv privatly.n jb ur a big jerk moreso a spoild brat. Used 2 b a fan bat nau i am a hater. jackass. JUSTIN

  • Anonymous

    heeyyyy I love You selena gomez and justin bieebr

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE Demi Lovato!!!! she is beautiful,kind and very talented!!!! whoever hates demi KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF!!!

  • anna

    i love you justin bieber , you so sexy

  • marjina

    i love you jb and selena gomez

  • Armando

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