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justin bieber hugs selena gomez

Justin Bieber supports Selena Gomez @ 2011 VMA while she works


While Selena Gomez was doing her pre-show hosting duties at the VMA Justin was there to support her the whole time. He even ran onto the stage (0:58 into the video) and gave her a kiss. And when asked by a reporter if he had any pointers for Selena he insisted “She knows what she’s doing. I couldn’t do what she does. She’s amazing.”


Awwww How sweet is this boy?


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  • Crissy

    1st to comment,YAY!:) And how sweet from Justin!^_^

  • looks like selena also scare with justin snake….

  • ssssssssss

    its funny hows hes looking down most the time hes talking about her

    • Zaiga


  • Trinity

    ROFL, Move your ASSES

    • ...me

      haha ikr!!

      • Anonymous

        whatever ,when would selena gomez ever goin to come online

      • Anonymous


  • ilyJUSTIN

    I want him to do another world tour 🙁

  • saiedeh

    love….. :X:x:X:x:X 🙂

  • jennalys


  • he is soooooooo sweet, selena is super lucky! ( ;

  • he is soooooooo sweet

    • Jenny

      He is not!!!!!

  • hey i love justin bieber!