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Lil Twist featuring Justin Bieber – Wherever You Are (Coming Soon)

Dallas rapper Lil Twist is cooking up his debut album and fans can expect a big-time collaboration.

Don’t Get It Twisted is definitely coming before the year is over,” the 18-year-old rapper said on the 2011 VMA black carpet. “I’m getting ready to put out my next record, which features Justin [Bieber], the one that everybody’s been waitin’ on. ‘Wherever You Are’ featuring Justin Bieber coming soon.”

Twist and Bieb’s friendship is no secret. Twizzy has been teasing a full collaborative mixtape between the two, but as of now, nothing has materialized. “Me and Justin, we actually met through a mutual friend, and after that, we got real cool, actually,” he told MTV News last November. “[We] started working in the studio, sending stuff through the MacBook and everything. And then he was like, ‘Yo, bro, we should do a mixtape. Let’s go.’ We just started then.”

While there is no telling when the mixtape will come, Twist is confident that their single will surface shortly. “It’s gonna be great. It’s a cool summer record,” Twist told MTV News of his and Justin’s upcoming collaboration. “It’s a party song. Straight for the sun. It’s a Miami record.”


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  • i love justin bieber so much

    • shawty fine


  • i love justin so much

  • Trinity

    Isnt this the same place were justin and Selena spoon swagged

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    I never new lil twist voice sounded like that!!! WOW!!

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    Damn Lil Twist has a really weird voice. He sounds like a nerd or something o_O

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    awww his voice is kind of cute.

  • Only you …”’ Holaaa Command xD Give my Father Tkm bye ..