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justin bieber madison square garden

Justin Bieber: Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes Anniversary

Justin Bieber fans worldwide are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Justin Bieber’s concert at Madison Square Garden.

The concert, which became the subject of 3-D documentary Never Say Never, was a phenomenal success, selling out of tickets in just 22 minutes. According to a review in the New York Times, the “entirely self-made” teen idol was a cool professional: “He’s not cheerful; he’s game!”

The show, which included appearances by Usher and Miley Cyrus, is one of the largest and most successful concerts in the pop music history.

In a concert highlight, Bieber pulled a star-struck fan on stage to present her with flowers, crooning to her: “I’ll show you what you’re worth.”

Surrounded by adoring fans, he later asked, “You want to get close to me?” as he stepped into a heart-shaped cage and floated above the frenzied crowd. “Who wants to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?” his D.J. asked later in the show.

Apparently, millions of girls and women around the world, despite the presence of Bieber’s current girlfriend Selena Gomez.



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  • YAehh! I saw never say never with my friends and it was like having a party!
    I love you Justin your performance was amazing!

  • Kendra

    OMG!!! I love Justin Bieber!!!!! I have both versions of his movie and i would really like to see him in concert one day!! Wish me luck!!<3

    • Anonymous

      well good luck

  • Saud

    I never understood why girls cried their eyes out in concerts and also out of concerts…never made sense to me. Those shallow teenagers mostly girls are such a disgrace to this generation, they don’t even know what real music is.

  • SamBieber

    I love Justin and Im waiting for him to come to madison square gardennn

  • JuliaBieber

    I love Justin and i cant wait for him to come to madison square garden

  • Monika Ševčíková

    OMG Justin Bieber is the best I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER

    • Anonymous

      ti jebe

  • brooklyn martin

    I love u justin!!! u taught me to go after my dreams thanks!!!Much love

  • Heaven


    • mayada

      i love you justin and i’m from egypt and of course i am belieber and i wish if i can see you , you have the most beautiful voice ever and don’t you ever stop what you’re doing don’t you ever give up about your Dream never say never right and i love you again ♥♥♥♥♥……

  • Taylor

    Justin I just wanna say I know you never read these pages haha but I seriously love you. I think to myself all of the time “what would the music industry be like if Justin’s mom wouldn’t have put those videos of him on YouTube?” seriously think about it I mean I respect you so much and I think you and Selena are the cutest couple I wish you the best of luck and by the way don’t do anything stupid like smoke or drink or party hardy ha cause its not cool and you are to highly respected to ever treat yourself in a negative way! Thanks so much for everything you do for people our age, you really have changed the world!

  • rachel greenberg


  • mayada

    omg!! i love you so much justin ♥ :* ♥♥

  • Komil

    ♡♥♥Justin bieber my live I very very love you♥♥♥♥