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Justin Bieber’s Chrismas album will have all original songs

In a Twitter conversation with his manager, Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber revealed more info about the album, even sharing that it won’t contain the holiday standards fans might expect. “This Christmas album is amazing. Might be the best album yet,” Scooter Braun wrote on the social networking site. “All originals … soon 2 b classics. every1 i play it 4 is blown away. #excited.”

The 17-year-old superstar then shared, “@scooterbraun yeah we are going hard for Christmas!! #mistletoe.” He later revealed that he had been recording tracks with some of his pals. “Had a great studio session with my big bro @seankingston and the talented @jonathanrotem #GOODMUSIC.”

Perhaps as a hint of what is to come, Bieber also retweeted a message from Braun in which Braun said, “Goin 2 bed listening 2 this new xmas album bieber is coming with. really #classic. original xmas tunes that r legit hit records. #greatmusic.”

Bieber has been working hard on new music, both holiday-themed and other. When MTV News caught up with him earlier this summer, he wanted his fans to know that anything is possible on his next album. “[I’m] writing about how I feel and producing. I’ve been producing on my laptop and on my computer,” he said. “I’ve been really into it and, hopefully, this next album will be huge.”


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  • Can’t wait justin baby! 😉

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  • Lilly

    I hope they are Originals cuz his new album, Believe, seems really cool & all but it seems as if he has ALOT of guests on it. I hope this new Christmas 1 will be mostly just him singing 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that interview was so cute. lol I love how the whole time he is looking at her face. I have a theory that she pulled away because the hand he grabbed with was the hand with the snake in his hand.

  • Bieber Bitch

    Eww. She called him “babe”. God i hate her.

    • Rosemary

      y? she didnt do anything wrong besides start dating him…its not like u wer gonna hav a chance anyway…


    that was so cute at the end and when she called him BABE so cute !! cute couple 🙂

  • Patricia

    I remember Justin saying in the TMZ interview that it was gonna be a mix of classics and new. And now they’re saying it all new stuff. Im confused.

  • AWWWWW Sooooooo SWEET!!!!!

  • oufff xxx

  • Jasmine

    Aww, Selena called him BABE! They are so cute together!

  • Nicole

    Yes I can’t wait until the new album Justin trust me it will be awsome

  • JBBelieber

    awwww they r so sweet 2gether, i love them both theyre’ awesome they really r i cnt believe he had a snake though but they make a great couple they rele do