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justin bieber Ferrari racing

Justin Bieber was racing in his Ferrari before car accident!

This is what happens when you put a 17-year-old in a Ferrari!

Justin Bieber found himself in a minor fender bender on Tuesday afternoon, but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the singer was racing his Ferrari just before the accident.

“I just raced @justinbieber down Ventura in his Ferrari I won but a fedex truck got in his way,” House of Pain member Everlast — real name Erik Schrody — tweeted at noon on Tuesday.“Seemed like a down to earth kid.”

Schrody’s tweet was posted at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, just moments before Bieber’s run in with a Honda Civic, according to LAPD Public Information Officer Gregory Baek, who told RadarOnline.com the incident happened at noon.

As we first reported, Bieber’s Ferrari collided with a Honda in the Studio City area of Los Angeles on Tuesday, but there were no injuries and no damage to either car.

And even though Bieber was in a Ferrari, Schrody said he beat the Never Say Never singer in his Audi R8.


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  • Patricia

    This story doesn’t make any sense cause EVERYONE was reporting that the accident happened when he was parked in an underground parking garage and the honda hit him. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  • jbs number one fan

    ok well i think it was the fedex truck that wrecked him. CURSE YOU FEDEX PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hannah

    well of course the audi r8 beat the ferrari! i love the r8!

  • Angelica China Mari Dela Cruz

    well i thank god because hes ok and i love u take care always we love u so much

  • vhiita

    wow this is cute

  • wow this is cute and cool

  • i loove youuuuu so much

  • Joanna Paton

    I didn’t even realize he was old enough to drive…

  • ha justin do you wonto hat sund ma ba aeml

  • ha iwas wudrig if you kan takst ma on the kupodr mak sor you takst