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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez date at Pennsylvania amusement park


The day after Justin skipped Kim Kardashian’s wedding to go to Selena’s concert, the duo hang around Pennsylvania — how romantic!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to be tied at the hip, and this lovey-dovey duo had a casual day out on August 21 —hitting up an amusement park in Pennsylvania and riding the roller coaster together!

Justin, 17, and Selena, 19, were spotted enjoying the rides at Hershey Park in Hershey the day after Selena’s big New Jersey concert —which caused Justin to miss Kim Kardashian‘s wedding.

What do you think, with so much commitment, will Justin and Selena tie the knot anytime soon?



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    that looks fun did he even got to kims wedding lol


      never mind he did skip her wedding but it was for something better than an wedding right ??

  • CLena

    Awww he sooo sweet! having a lot time with her! <3

    • christina

      no its not because hes ditching his own family

      • CLena

        Shuttup you just jealous. Enuff said..

        • girls if a guy skipps a celebs wedding for u, marry him

        • christina

          how am i jealous, i never said i didnt like jelena, read right dumbass

        • CLena

          Er- hello?!.. i dont see nothing wrong if he skipped that, even he has known Kim longer than Selena, it totally make sense & he did a great job as a lover, well just imagine if thats was your BF, you really dont wanna get lose from him right?..lol

        • christina

          uhm you cant lose a guy if he goes to a wedding, i wouldnt care, i already have a boyfriend and i let him put his family and friends first, if he wants to hang with his family instead i would let him, but this is just rude, i seen no picture of him and his mom in the past 2 months, if he hangs with his dad selena is always around, he needs to spend time with his family,cause you never know cause some family members will go away fast

        • kate

          SELENA GOMEZ IS A BRAT!! i freaking hate her! bitch.

        • ashley

          that is rude she is a very nice girl

  • Shannia

    If Selena means what she says then they wont tie the knot..but as you know shouldnt doesnt alwyas mean what she says

    • christina

      they only been dating for 10 months so they wont tie the knot, hes been with caitlin for 2 years so it has to be more then that

  • lulu

    there teenagers ovi not………………………….

  • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

    It’s not like I didn’t expect. Selena obviously needs the publicity…

    • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

      ***expect this

  • tara

    yeahhhhh we stood in pouring rain for two hours and he didn’t even come out to say hi at her concert THEN lied on twitter saying he was having a chill day playing video game. SWEEET, sike.

    • christina

      yea cause 1. hes now starting to lie to his fans which is fucked up 2. hes turning to a dick

      • NeverGuessMe

        Its for publicity. He never admitted to dating. So he didn’t lie to us. Theyre like friends…. with benefits lol.

        • christina

          uhm yea he did lie to us, he said he was on his way to canada but we was at selena’s concert then now he said he was in the studio but he was at a selena concert

        • Cocodutch

          What do you expect if he tells exactly where he is people will only go see Selena for him he is 17 cut him some slack gosh.

    • rawr

      wow they dont look happy -.-

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway i know how much your pepole here just at the justin bieber shrine blog just do,nt love me that much just by making comments to much , but my comment just about justin bieber i do,nt think his parents and family will not let hhim to get married to selena gomez , any time soon , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      he was playing video games. he wasn’t lying. he was with kenny at the concert and he tweeted he played video games with kenny which is completely true. plus he wasn’t going to just say he was there on twitter because it causes a riot and it takes away from her show. he’s nice enough to her that he lets selena have her fame without stealing it every time she’s in the spotlight.

  • Crissy

    I can’t believe he didn’t go to Kim Kardashian’s wedding:( And all just because of Selena…for me this really looks like a publicity stunt and so it was from the start,they don’t even smile,how could this be TRUE LOVE?! So dissapointed of Justin right now because he said he was going to Kim’s wedding,and again he lied to us,BELIEBERS:(

    • christina

      i know, they dont kiss in public anymore, everyime theres a pic of them its either them not smiling or them staring at the cameras

      • I love Jelena.

        ….how is it a publicity stunt if there at hershey park riding rides like normal people… just shut up

      • Johail

        Omg! They don’t have to kiss if they don’t want to..leave them alone already..they love each other, and he skipped a wedding for her? That just proofs how much he loves her.

        • christina

          well maybe he didn’t WANT to go to the wedding, some of you guys act like you know them in life YOU GUYS DONT, have you ever met them and sat down and had a long talk NO!. i swear you fans are crazy

      • Lexi

        well who would wanna smile if they got a bunch of strangers crowding around them taking pics?? Exactly, i wouldnt be so happy about that.

  • christina

    lmfao you guys say justin isnt smiling and hes pissed cause the cameras…WRONG, last week when he was shopping with caitlin jermey and christian, he was smiling at the cameras and doing rock n roll signs

    • Zaiga

      because he wasn’t with selena !!!!!

      • christina

        i knowww thats what im trying to say

        • Zaiga

          yea ..i know 😉

  • Patricia

    awwww they look so cute together. I used to be a former Jelena hater, but now I realized that as long as Justin is happy, Im happy. Just let them be together. Don’t get me wrong I still think that they’re a fake couple for publicity, but I’ve learned to accept them for Justins sake.

  • Emma

    Ahhh! I saw him at her concert last night & hershey park (:

  • glamgirl108

    I live right near hershey park , and two weeks ago my aunt said i shud go to selenas concert cuz jsutin would be there and i said hes probs busy doing stuff for his album and he was there. so now im mad. lol

  • MrsBieber

    aww,theyre so cuteeee,love you justin bebbb<3

    and jbshrine.com seriously stfu,theyre teenagers,i dont think theyre gonna be tying the knot anytime soon?! you mad?!
    Teenagers go out have great times,doesnt mean theyre planning theyre friggin wedding?

  • if a guy wants to go somwere with u but he skipps somethin really important, marry him and girls he lied to us cuz he dosnt want girls attacking him were he goes cuz he wants them to pay attention to his girl not him. he dosnt want to ruin the most important moments to her.. dont get mad at me please

  • WOW. this is literally 20 mins from my house one. second. i go to college in boca raton and i missed them in boca because i was home for summer, and now im at school and missed them in PA. FML. LIVID.

  • yes sire!

    they suck together…Nuff said :s


    tying the knot? no… they’re so young. they both said they’re not ready for marriage.

    they’re just kids in love. why do they have to think about getting married?

  • Dana-belieber

    I mean that’s nice of Justin to hang out with Selena instead of going to a wedding… But he could’ve been better if he skipped 1 day with Out her to go to KIM KARDASHIANS WEDDING!!!

  • Emily

    I was there! I saw him backstage from my seat. He hugged Selena when she came off stage and spun her around. It was cute.

    • diana

      suuuuure you did, he was in a room tweeting and playing video games with kenny

  • Lilly

    ugghh!! all this Jelena drama is frigging annoying!!! ok im not a jelena hater but im not a jelena supporter either but i am a Belieber so i have to accept his choices but im sick & tired of jelena.. Selena’s changing him sooooo much! he LIED to us.. yea ik he did it for a reason but he could’ve said he was with selena or at someones concert or something like that. all ik is that im sick on seeing jelena everywhere i go. We all know its a publicity stunt so idk why they keep it up. btw im not 1 of those jealous obssessed jb fans im just sick of seeing them everywhere. Like ik they’re “dating” & stuff but he should at LEAST do something for his fans again. we’re to 1’s who got him to where he is now not her. Now. every single day that goes by, i like him even less idk why it happens but it does. **BTW NO H8 PLZ IM ONLY EXPRESSING MY OPINION**thx

  • Lena

    Dude the guy I like lives in Pennsylvania near Hershey, I’m jealous that Justin & Selena have been to that state. I really want to go there really bad, I live all the way up north in Alaska!

  • first i love the biebs second not a supporter of jelena and third he skipped the wedding???? that is’nt like justin freaking bieber that is rude kim could of invitied someone else but instead she invitive you that is’nt nice but instead u would want to hang out with selena u guys see each other like everyday if not every week jb dont forget u have other friends to

  • Someone u dont need 2 know

    he should have gone to kim’s wedding. kim doesn’t even know selena so why would she want selena at her wedding?! grow up selena. you should have let him go.

  • selena gomez is a bitch.if they tie the4 knot i will punch her in the face and ask justin “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKIN?!

  • i take back what i said about selena. its to mean. #sorryselena. i apologise for everything rude i said and i dont mean it. i am 50 50 with jelena though

  • nino

    sjovt justin bieber