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Justin Bieber playing basketball at Selena Gomez concert in New Jersey


Justin Bieber playing basketball at the Selena Gomez Concert August 20 2011 PNC, NJ. Justin Has the black hat with the red and the black shorts with the white strips. The girl singing in the backround is Christina Grimmie.

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  • first to say it. Selena Broke up with Justin! she thought he wasnt ready for a relationship and she was caught flirting with shia labouf. how did i found out , well do u know those radio stations tht have a the latest song and info on celebs tht always turn out true? well my dad said he wuz listening to Detroits 98.7fm radio and they said told the hole story bout it.

    • .....

      yeah hunny thats called gossip , its not alway true. so i dont think they broke up

      • yeah huney, hehe, there are somtimes things tht r true so once u hear bout the break up. dont go cryin to u mama cuz a Canadian girl told u off…:)

        • Anonymous

          I really wish they did break up

        • .....

          im not sayin it isnt true im just sayin its a rumor, as we both know rumors arent always true! thats what im sayin, cuz this is the 2nd time ppl r sayin they broke up… I think its not true. thats all, youdnt need to get mad at me :p

        • srry i didnt mean to i thought u were angry at me for sayin tht so i just defended myself srry and im not being sarcastic

        • plus shia has been her long time chrush and she said she wuz really into him

    • Anonymous

      That is so not true, Justin and Selena are happy together and with. Their new adopted dog Baylor so don’t lie Nicole


    i dont beieve that they broke up !!! (rumors) 🙂


  • carly

    haha i was there

    btw its not pnc, new jersey. its holmdel, nj

  • melissa

    that just emberessing girls are just buying tickets to hopefully c justin, so many people have been telling me that they were hoping to see justin and not selena SUCKSSS

    • Zaiga

      true..so if they broke up ..many people will don’t go to selena’s concert!!

      • Stephorama

        true that:)

  • Anon.

    Seriously, you little girls need to grow up. None of us have a CHANCE with him. They’re adorable together.

    • diana

      shut up already, i think they know that. you jelena fans act like they we’re meant to be because their both famous. im a jelena fan but seriously some of you guys go over the top with omg their so meant to be, you guys dont know what goes on behind the camera’s. One day he will be with a normal girl not someone famous. I like them together but sometimes something doesn’t seem right

      • Agree with Diana 😉

        • lilly

          i agree with Diana too

        • i agee 3rd of all

  • Crissy

    OMG!!!! Christina Grimmie,I LOVE HER! I knew she will be famous,and about Justin how focused was he on the game:))

  • lilly

    woah selena should be opening up for christina, christina was actually born to be a singer

  • Patricia

    I love Christina Grimmie! I met her two weeks ago at the venue behind Selena’s concert. I got to talk to her a little bit and she’s really nice and sweet. She’s so tiny in person. Its kinda sad when people go to Selena’s concert just to see Justin.

  • It’s just rumors! They are still togehter 😉

    • u never no and im not sayin ur rong

  • Well I don’t think they broke up but if they did, I think Selena’s gonna lose a lot of publicity, just sayin…

  • Dana-belieber

    That doesn’t even sound like Selena?!!!!

    • lilly

      its not selena

  • Dana-belieber


  • Dana-belieber

    Idk y Christina grimmie is so famous and gets to sing at SELENAS concerts? SHE OK?!! she shouldnt be that popular

    • i havent even heard of her

  • Jbforever

    I love christina grimmie !! Who ever said she doesn’t deserve to be famous obviously hasn’t herd her on her new cd .. Honestly in my opinion I think she’s better then Selena . But i don’t hate Selena ! But I think acting is more of her forte’ . And so those who think they broke up ? It’s so false . I have heard they are on the rocks though . I’m a Bieber fan , (if I wasn’t , I would be on this website?) and I support every decision he makes . And who ever said we didn’t have a chance with justin ever ? I have 3 words for you : NEVER SAY NEVER (:

    • thts wht im talkin bout.. my dad texted me and he said there is still hope cuz selena broke up with justin cuz itwuz on the news

  • melissa

    wait apparently selena gomez says hes so wild for her and kiddish, it said that on the news ??? I was just wondering hahha

    • thts wht my dad heard he heard it on the news

  • Courtney Bieber

    Im happy they posted that it was Christina Grimmie cause i heard that person singing and i was like “no way that could be Selena cause that girl can sing!” LOL XD

  • Johail

    They saw them in the mall a few days ago so yeah they haven’t broke up..and if they last another year that means that is not fake..that they really love each other, and they been together now for like 8 or 9 months…and some u guys say that there not going to last long and look at them now. P.s love jelena!

    • i only said it 2 dasy ago not a few

  • okayy the break up story is true in both ways…..it is a rumor , but they didnt break up, they were thing about, all those rumors they did break up are not true i repeat NOT TRUE ..but u can beileve either way..in my dreams they r brokin up but in reality there not sad yes i no 🙁

  • okay this next comment is actually about the video up ^ there okay girl that is filming how can u not flip the freak out u just say justin freaking bieber i would of cryed and possibly faint