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Justin Bieber dared a girl to kiss him and she turned him down!

I bet you that girl is now swearing in her head! She could have claimed she kissed the Biebs and now she has no chance. hahahaha

Pic from Twist Magazine via OceanUp

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  • Maria

    Aww too bad for her. <3 JB

  • Rebekah

    I’LL KISS YOU JUSTIN !!!! xx

  • Naomi

    Stupid hoe.

    • bieberlover

      Lmao your comment made me cry so hard lol

  • Elle

    Im sure she regrets that now….

  • viki

    OMGG HAHAHAH wat a stupid girl seriously how cud u turn down justy hes like the hottest guy ever… nd when he was lil he was sooooooooooooooo cute i wud totally kiss him…. i bet shes like ….” I cud of kissed him -_- ” ahahahha xxxx

  • JB's wife forever

    i’ll kiss you hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    awwww poor Biebs. I bet you she regrets not kissing him really bad and probably wants him now.

    • gabriella hernandez

      lolz yup i agree with but too late justin bieber has a girl friend :p

      • gabriella hernandez

        you sry i didnt mess spell right X: <3

  • Nicole

    I kiss you Justin Bieber

  • I’d be like “hell to the yeah!”

    • Soamina

      Lmao!! Me too!

  • You’r totally correct on this blog

  • Could be this blog’s greatest piece I have ever seen!!!

  • jayz

    oh my god JUSTİN BİEBER you sweet so much Ilove you