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Justin Bieber surprises Taylor Swift on stage in LA

Do you remember the last posting where Daisy claims that Justin Bieber will do a surprise appearance at the Taylor Swift concert in LA ? (just scroll down)
Well, Daisy was right, they performed Baby together and he did his special Baby rap and even showed his sexy shoulder.

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  • Anonymous

    I luv the sexy dance moves he does towards the end

  • lilly

    awwwww i cant believe im saying this but, this is better than jelena

    • Zaiga

      ..but i don’t like jelena

      • lilly

        there’s another video on youtube at the end he hugs her and picks her up and spins her around, it was cute (:

        • Zaiga

          yea.. it was very cute 🙂

  • Basketballer

    I love Justin and Taylor instead of Jelena we need Jaylor they looked sooooo good together!!!!!

  • Patricia

    I love this. Justin and Taylor are two of my favorite artists. I went to Taylor’s concert last week and Justin wasn’t there 🙁 They should totally do a song together or even get together as a couple 😉

  • Shanaya

    I ALMOST WENT TO THAT CONCERT!!! omfg… i almost bought tickets but i didnt! OMFG! i hate myself now -.-

  • Dana-belieber


  • lilly

    did you guys notice, swifties taylor fans dont start any drama, and they LOVED justin, and clearly it seems like beliebers love taylor, i wish this could happen cause justin called taylor cute and beautiful

    • Patricia Monique

      jusTaylor is best 🙂

  • shawty mane

    whos daisy?

  • jessa

    wow its nice…
    i love both…;)
    I do not believe that is taylor swift and justin likes to ..
    but they thing than selena ..