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Justin Bieber: Evolution of a Tour [Featured Bonus]


A feature from the bonus disc included in the Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut edition.

Evolution Of A Tour: A behind-the-scenes look at the tremendous effort that went into mounting Justin Bieber’s My World Tour including footage of the rehearsals, dance training and more.


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  • cookieface

    thanks to whoeva posted that video thanks to whoeva though the idea thanks to whoeva and everyone that helped

    please post the whole movie so i can finnaly get a chance to see the movie my family does’nt soport me cuz they think it’s nothing but crap

  • hai hi justin bierber kifak wa sahwalak wa mapouk han hapipouk li fahalde piha . fa lam ouhipouk han fahaldaha wa ana hasif wa masilde ouhipek wa la dansa kidapade wa soukran han koula saih . ila dahihad hapipouk wada