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justin bieber hot tub water skiing

Justin Bieber hot tub and water skiing video


A scene from the director’s fan cut with Justin water skiing and taking a dip in the hot tub.

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  • mrs bieber

    firstt comment !!! ilove justin bieber !!! 😉 <3

  • Anonymous

    we u justin !
    your the best ! >3

  • Anonymous

    we love u justin !
    u’r the best ! >3

  • Sascha

    There are so many shirtless scenes in the directors fan cut …

  • Patricia

    I have this DVD. The funniest part of this video is the way Scooter and Ryan hold each other on the jet ski lmao.

    • Trinity

      I know right I was like WTF

  • hamed

    hey guys,I don’t wanna say Justin is not a good singer,yes he is,but Did you hear Cody’s voice?it’s as cool as Justin’s voice!What do you think?

    • trece

      actually i like both. i just love justin more. just my opion

      • hamed

        We should be honest,Cody is just 14,but Did you see?he is so tall and he is voice is cool,like Justin,but Justin is not as tall az Cody.

        • justin bieber

          yes cody is good but everyone is good in their own way

      • Anonymous

        f*** off

  • Christy C


    • hamed


  • Dana-belieber

    That’s why he got swagger like no other<3

  • ali vankurin

    i love him and hes soo hot omggggggg. This site is soooo goood! Ive been checking you out since deadass the first few weeeks it was madee!

  • yep first love h ilke

  • Kirstie

    Justin was wake boarding not water skiing

  • justin bieber

    thanks everyone i love u too

  • BieberFever1222

    I luv you Justin Bieber……

  • hey justin