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Justin Bieber & Drake – Trust Issues [Remix Lyrics]

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Justin Bieber & Drake – Trust Issues [Remix Lyrics]

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  • I love Jelena.


  • Allibabe

    He voice is soooooooo hot . I need this guy fu*k me. Bieber I need you

  • kayleigh

    is it JB singing the first verses? he sounds so so different! :O

    • lilly


  • bieberbabe

    is this song going to be on Justin’s new C.D????cuz that would be AMAZING!!!!

  • Lena

    I thought it was drake singing the whole time…

  • Lexi

    this song sounds kinda weird…i mean i thought at first then i started listening to it a lot and its growing on me…xD i kinda like it

  • SAS

    are you suuuuuuuuuure 😮 is it justin !?!?!?!?! SEXY VOICE :****

    • Cortney

      He tweeted this video saying he covered it..so I’m just guessing it is jb

  • Anonymous


  • Julie

    Doesn’t sound like JB at all!!!!!!!!! This can’t be him. Not in first verse and not in second. Something’s wrong with my ears if this is Justin..

    • Ashley

      It’s Justin. He tweeted it.

  • lucy

    his voice is so deep and sexy! i hope his new album will be like this! i just hope its not gonna be auto-tuned like his slut of girlfriends though…

  • Patricia

    This song is so damn sexy! Drake sings all the parts with the curse words and Justin sings the rest. Our little boy is growing up 🙂

  • cookieface

    wo wo wo justin’s voice is so low i’m surprised he didn’t say the s word or half of it or just that nobody heard it

  • Hope

    love that he doent sware

  • He has the best voice in the world
    I love you so much Mr bieber

  • N1bieberlover

    In skul yesterday ppl wer talkin bout s*x
    Nd da ppl in ma clas wer lyk
    ‘we’re sur u wud do it wit Justin bieber’
    I went soooooo red after dat

  • i think its a pretty mean it matches justin bieber