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justin bieber vmas mtv 2011 pictures

Justin Bieber snake charmer at 2011 MTV VMA Red Carpet

An echo of screams followed Justin Bieber into the 2011 VMAs as he made his way down the press line –but only half of them were from adoring fans, the rest were freaking out over his snake!

That’s right, a bespeckled Biebs made his way into the award ceremony carrying a snake wrapped around his hand. While small, it definitely stood out as the most interesting arm accessory of the night thus far. He continued the accessory trend with a couple gold neck chains, including one that had a golden skull pendant.

His slithery friend (named Johnson) seemed peaceful as they made their grand entrance, but we’re not sure how PETAs going to feel about this, or his girlfriend Selena Gomez for that matter!

Justin is nominated for his video “Make U Smile.”


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  • Kaitlin

    It’s the red pants, that’s what charming that lil’ ole snake. Red pants have awesome powers! 🙂 …..not as awesome as Chuck Norris powers tho!


    First cool um i wouldnt be scared of that snake would you??

    • Anonymous

      OMG YES

  • Marketta

    Whaddup with the snake xD The glasses are cute .
    (sent here from Facebook)

  • JB's wife forever

    the pants are awesome, as for the snake, SCARY!!!!, ur, glasses are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jb4evaa

    ** U Smile not Make You Smile

  • melissa

    i love how he named HIS SNAKE JOHNSON …. awkward

  • Brianna

    oh god. look what the music biz has done to him…

    • Anonymous

      wtf dou mean by daht ???? :S

  • Jblover

    HE was so hot btw i love his glasses ans snake lol

  • i just do,nt love selena gomez with justin bieber that much any more , love david conway

  • ali vankurin

    i honestly dont like the glasses, he looked sooooooooooo hot though, and the snake…awkwarddd.?

  • kristina :)

    I never thought anythin could make justin look less hot… but i don’t know, somehow i just don’t think the glasses worked :/ he’s worn glasses before and looked super hot, just don’t think this style of them suited him 🙁 apart from that though he was looking FLY. #SWAG. <3

    • mouaa


  • Zoe

    its the boa hes holding i feel sorry for, it should be safe in its viv where it belongs, not on the wrist of that idiot.

    • JB's wife forever

      ur an idiot he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      are u dumb

      • Anonymous

        Really? U r really stupid

        • Anonymous

          I love Justin! He’s HOT young successful sings incredibly beautiful seems really sweet has an awesome mother and family and has a good head on his shoulders:) God bless you Justin:)

    • Crystal AKA MZ BIEBER (;

      Shut up all yuhh haters JUSTIN has an amazing voice and persona shut up && leave him alone!!
      143 JUSTIN BIBER <33

      <3 crystAL

  • Hallusination

    jesus christ what a brat..and you suckers worship “it”.. get a life.

    • Patricia

      If you don’t like Justin then why are you here? gtfo!

      • Crystal AKA MZ BIEBER (;

        TRUE DAHT patricia GO GURL (;

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      you do like justin otherwise you wouldnt be searching about him and coming to his FAN website. so either stop talking mess about him or get out and get a life yourself on ur way out of here.

  • Serena

    U realize he was probably wearing it so that nobody would touch him or try and mob him

    • mouaa

      hahaha tru dat

  • mouaa

    ew the glasses are ugly Noffence i love the snake and hate the shoes and WHY DOESNT HE EVER SMILE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carlee

      the classes are cute to me lol !!!!! and his shoes are awsome

    • kristina :)

      you know you’re right! now i think about it, in alot of recent publicity shots, he doesn’t seem to be smiling? just sort of a “cool man” face? man, i miss that 15 year old kidrauhl sometimes :/

      • Sannie

        Yeah, I know right! He doesn’t seem to be smiling a lot these couple of months. I miss that 15 year old kid that’s from Canada where he always jokes around, playing pranks, and get hyped =/

    • makenna norton


  • Carlee

    omg tht snake plz dont bite him!!!!!! haha lol i saw his chetta shoes too !!!

  • JB's wife forever

    the shoes are amazazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Umm, does anyone get it?? He brought a snake, named it JOHNSON, and was showing it off to Selena. WOWWW Justin, I’m sorry, but you kids need to TONE IT DOWN XD

    • jess


  • OMG JUSTIN BIEBER LOOKED SOOOOOOOOO freaken BOMB:):):):) AT the VMA music awards especially with his glasses

  • Reptilica

    Poor snake. Taking it out to a venue like that is just simply cruel and unproper. It is a living, sensitive animal, not a freaking accessory.

    Snakes are sensitive creatures, that get stressed very, very easily, and they should not be handled in vain, and deffinately shouldn’t be taken as accessories to an event like that.

    As a reptile hobbyist I’m simply appalled and sad for this kind of behaviour. He should REALLY be ashamed of himself.
    It’s disgusting how people treat animals. Either because they don’t know better, or simply don’t care.

    • erin bieber

      i thought it was just a fake accessory

    • Chaaarr Bieber

      Leave him the hell alone, just stop picking things up about him, find something else to pick up on, stop aiming it on justin …

      • Crystal AKA MZ BIEBER (;

        I NOEE AYE I LOVE JB (;

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Hahha i like how he named it Johnson 😛

  • hahaha:):);) his snake is cool and justin bieber is bomb

  • Hi fuckers 😀
    im a beliber
    and i love justin bieber
    hes hot!!!1
    and i hate selena gomez
    dont you?

    • Anonymous

      hate her very much die selena

    • yeap

      • makenna norton

        she is a bitch dont you agree

  • justin is a sexy beast :’)
    and my dream is to meet him <3
    PS: i agree with genybelieber!!! 🙂

  • rgrg

    I love Justin bieber. Im boy, but I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rooo

    Dios como se parte en 1923998128490’32148 ese pibe :$ juro que lo amo y Aregentina lo espera el 12 de octubre ; hermoso ; te amo y esta buenisima tu idea de la serpiente , amo las serpientes yo tmb , y amo que los chicos tengan skate ; deportistas y el pelo que tenes vos 😀 la verdad que sos lo mas imposible 🙁 pero siempre te voy a amar sisi , a vos, si a vos JUSTIN!

  • kathie

    tath’s cool Jubi love you

    • kathie

      i mean THAT’S SO COOL

  • hhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy:):):):):):):):):)

    • Mrs.Bieber#1!

      Heyyy(: haha(: Im a huge justin bieber fan what bout you girls?

  • Jasmine

    I Will Love You Too Nice To Go crazy! How do you dress so well fuck .. <3 You drive me crazy You Are Too Beautiful Too Too …….. A Prince;) I love you more than my own life, Justin Drew Bieber! I hope someday to see you: D!

    • Crystal AKA MZ BIEBER (;

      i feel da samee way (;

      • makenna norton

        mee toooooooo he is my whole life i love everything about him and i i i dont care if he didnt have fame and fourtune i wouldent care if he was a hobo or he didnt have good looks its inside what count i i ecept that in him you can tell he is just a normal boy who want to have fun and to be left alone come on guys i see this in him and i only am 11 just quit botherin him and let him bee thanks 4 litseing ppls you can fiind mee also as heaven-lee but my sis gets on heaven-lee sometimes so its usally not me

  • Jasmine Di Paola


  • Lisa

    I think Justin Bieber Looks Funny on this Picture, but pure snake.

    • i agree with u.maybe justin wanna show that i never ever afraid from any thing

  • Can someone please tell me if it’s a real snake??

    • Crystal AKA MZ BIEBER (;

      yess it is (;

  • Chaaarr Bieber

    He Looks Lush, he can pull anything off and thaat snake just finishes off,
    iLoveeuuu justin … <3

  • Chaaarr Bieber

    Justin, iLoveeuuu sooo much, i love you mooree than anything—> my own life i loveuuu sooo much babe… someday i will meet you, i reaaly reaaly wannah meet you, but my parents and i cant afford it, im your biggest biggest fan..
    iDreamm of meeting you every day and every night and it feels like its impossible to meet you and i never will, but hopefully i will
    Ilove uu justin and i always will …. x <3 <3 <3 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • wwweeellll i gues i tried to be nice to u wut evs yo name is bhutt fo get u duces

  • Crystal AKA MZ BIEBER (;

    jUSTIN bIEBER just dont change the way youhh are haters will neva learn all you can do is SMILE 🙂 and love the snakee (johnson)

    <3 Crystal

  • over i dont really believe you juztin thats not real snake

    THATS FAKE : i say that coz juztin scared with snake

    • jess

      um, his name is justin retard.

  • Destanie Alazay Bieber

    I Love Justin with all my life. I love Johnson too.(: Hehe <33

  • i like so much justin bieber and i feel like he can be my friend coz i dont have a friend and i trust him!!!

  • oh my Gush i didnt now that u suprised me its so cool to take asnake in hand i live


    i always wanted a boa construter i dont knw how to spell yea but my mom said yea rite watcha goin do if it bites ya hahaha

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    hehehe i have a snake to, she is a dimand python, she is wild but she only bites when u p*** her off. i haven’t gotten biten yet, yay she likes meh. she is such a sweetie.

  • barbara norton

    yea i agree with my sister justin is just a normal boy who has talent and he needs left alone so he can be a normal boy for once

    • barbara norton

      o and my sister is makenna norton

  • Anonymous

    i love justin bieber <3

    • Anonymous

      i love justin bieber to <3

  • sasha monteenez

    do mee so hard you can tell he is fighsty

  • I love justin .he is so cute and amazing person that i ever seen in my life and i wish to see him because i,m singer too. i loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee bieber and we can say bieber fever

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  • justin bieber

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