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Justin Bieber Ice Cream Sundae costs $32 at Harrods London


Justin Bieber Ice Cream Sunday at Harrods

“Bieber Bocker Glory” ice cream sundae.

Justin Bieber’s debut fragrance, Someday, is a fruity concoction designed to appeal to the sweet tooth of the singer’s hordes of teen fans. So it’s fitting that when the fragrance launched in Harrods last week, the London department store created an ice cream sundae in its honor, which mimics the notes in the fragrance.

The sundae, called a “Bieber Bocker Glory,” is inspired by the top notes of Someday, and mixes in wild berry and vanilla ice cream, fresh pear, lavender sprinkles and even edible glitter. The treat will be on offer to customers at Harrods’ new Ice Cream Parlour cafe on the store’s second floor, and will cost 19.95 pounds, or about $32 at current exchange.

While that might seem a princely sum for an ice cream, all the proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, which raises money to fund unique experiences for sick children. The sundae will be on sale at Harrods’ Ice Cream Parlour throughout August, while Someday is exclusive to Harrods in the U.K. for the month of August, and will launch nationwide from Sept. 10.


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    • Anonymous

      Justin can’t believe I meet u why is the ice-cream soso expensive and by the way my name is Alexia and I home I can try t
      Your ice-cream it looks really really Yum
      Luv ya and $32 wow!!!!!

      • Alexia drew bieber

        Justin this is the same person as the anonymous um can’t believe I met u why is the ice-cream so expensive and by the way my name is Alexia and I hope I can try your ice-cream it looks really yummy luv ya and the ice-cream is seriously $32 not to be mean.

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    wow that sure is expensive…its just icecream i doubt its even big. but watevs if its for charity then its worth it :}

  • Dazza

    they should call it SWAGG-SCREAM. AYYYYYY? haha 😛 That sure looks yummy, just like justin. lol 😛

    • erin bieber

      lol yeah wish i coulsd buy it!!!1

  • brianna

    *british accent* oh…oh daddy!! daddy!! it’s bieber icecream! i need it! right now, daddy! i want it now, or…or i’ll just die!

  • Anonymous

    harrods is a dear shop anyway !!

  • Patricia

    Wow thats kinda expensive for ice cream, but I would still try it cause I like food with exotic ingredients. And proceeds go to charity. Why didn’t they have this in America when Someday came out? I wanna try it to 🙁

  • Kindzia

    at wat time is the launch of the ice cream ?

  • Justin Bieber

    Wow ! Deffo going there when I have my free time off work haha 🙂 hope my uk fans are ok ! Love you guys 🙂 #muchlove #ilovemyfans

  • Bieberfever

    I thought Someday was his fragrance? :S seriously confused here ! Anyways, for his fragrance, someday, I’m gonna wear Someday ! I heart you Bieberrrrrr 🙂 youu got my undying attention ! Beliebers for life ! Follow me on Twitter: @JB1World 😛 love yooouuu