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Justin Bieber grabs Selena Gomez ass in front of everyone at TCA

justin bieber grabs selena gomez ass tca

Justin Bieber grabs Selena Gomez's ass at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

OMG his face! LMAO!!

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  • courtney bieber

    o wow hahahah idc I LOVE U JUSTIN!

    • ery55

      hahaha look at his face
      an evil face lol

      • Caitlin

        lol yeah his face is hilarius it’s like mwa ha ha yes

      • Anonymous

        lol love u jb

        • valorie bieber

          i love u to justin

        • Anonymous

          i know he is so hhhhhooooottttt??????

        • heart

          Eeewww that is gross but he is hot.

        • Sophie

          Call me

      • Anonymous

        his face is funny

        • no it not so……………………………..

        • valorie bieber

          no it isnt

        • Anonymous

          my name is THANH UYEN. I think selena mustn’t love justin. Justin must love Park ji yeon because she a beautiful singer, she was in T-ara group. I hope……

        • Park Ji Yeon must be a chinese or japanese singer, stupid! Gomez and Bieber look great together! Forget Perk Je Yion..Oh whatever she is!

        • Anonymous

          you idiot
          Park Ji Yeon is korean!

      • Tiffanie

        Lol his face is like ‘hheheh I grabbed ur ass and u can’t stop me’

        • Bella


    • Rebekah


    • Dazza


      • Jelena

        Lol Justin face looks like he’s enjoying it! lol

        • Anonymous

          EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!TALK ABOUT PDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Samantha Bieber

        LOL! thats funny:)

    • Anonymous

      i love u jb

    • Anonymous

      wow really justin grabin her ass and her titties come on thats so disrespectful ..

      she should really dump u u little pervert..

      xoxoxo love ya justin

      • Anonymous

        If u think so y u lik jb then

      • Anonymous

        Well guess what if she likes him grabing her ass you might as well get the hell over it!

      • Anonymous

        Why do you call him a perver and then say “I love you jb”

      • :P

        Well she must like it in order for her to stay lol… shit I wouldn’t mind lmao….

    • Anonymous

      wow his face lol

  • DISQUSTING && i thought they broke up.?!?!?
    WTFF.? Justin You Could Do Better Baby(:

    • Anonymous

      EWWW this is nasty I want them to break up she isn’t good for him and all u c r nasty pics UGH Y DON’T THEY BREAK UP ALREADY!!!>=| it is getting on my frkn nerves no one cares bout them together and if she said she won’t marry him WTF is she doing with him what a b**

      • C12NE1

        Yeah they already broke up, in your dream…lol~
        Ok, people have seriously gotta stop hating on Jelena. Why hate? They’re just in love. And no, it’s not a fuckin publicity stunt. Do u really think Selena or Justin wuld do something like that? They’re both really huge stars so they wuldn’t even need to. Can’t u just respect that and be happy for them? Justin can’t be single forever and we all know that. Justin still loves his fans very much and nothing you can change that. We all knew that Justin had to get a girlfriend sooner or later. And Ik tht u don’t want Justin to get hurt but we all have to support them even if u don’t like Selena. Be happy for Jelena. Respect them. That’s all I’m asking for and nothing more. peace yo.

        • taylor

          I agree and that publicity rumor is so stupid selena was very popular before he came they both very huge and even huger together. Ps I love his mischievious face

        • anonymous

          dayum….. Looks like he’s about to make her ass bleed lol I love jelena

        • Christina

          i respect jelena’s relationship and all. but no offense to selena or any of her followers but she really cant sing. but im glad selena and justin are going strong

      • Jelennnnnna

        SHUT THE FUCK UP, STOP HATING. People actually care? I do, alot of people do. If she won’t marry him? He never even asked.. He is happy, so you be happy.. if you’re actually a true fan. You need a new hobby then to sit here and call her names. Selena is a sweet heart, & doesn’t deserve this…. k bye.

      • Peoplethesedays

        LOL NO ONE CARES ABOUT THEM. Hun.. you making a deal about them is caring.. So GTFO.

      • Anonymous

        so it’s not nasty if he does it to you is that what your trying to say bitch why dont u stfu shes with justin cause she likes justin idoit and he likes her there not going to break up anytime soon and there will be plenty more pics of them together that you’ll hate πŸ˜‰ i love jelena x3 πŸ™‚

      • lol grow up, she is only 19. I will be 19 next month and i would have said the same thing if i was in her shoes. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him , just means she isn’t thinking about marrage.

        Don’t get me wrong i don’t like her one little bit, but i didn’t like her way before she started dating him. If you were a real jb fan you would just suck it but and be happy for him.

      • Anonymous

        im with ya siistah

        • Anonymous

          Me too

      • wtf he ask her to marry n she said no what how came i dont nou that oh ya caz i dont care about jb n what her name is if they go out good for them i love them but i dont care wit they with there life is there life i have a life to live so

    • emily

      you cant spell disgusting

      • Rachelll


    • WhAt Ass ?????????????? im as boney as the next belimic chick but I still have ass some pretty girls in hollywood don’t have chest and back because you cant have it all LOl

      • Jbforever

        Hahahhahaha that was the funniest thing I’ve heard all day !!

      • to me i think it will not last long together justin bieber and selena gomez , love david b conway

        • stfu i dont know who u think u talkin 2 there the best couple ever so just shut up and quit bein jealous do want me to tell u that you and bf arent gonna stay together long didnt think so so just stfu!!

    • Anonymous

      you very an idiot

      • Anonymous

        You r idiot too and stupid

  • OMBitstheBiebs

    Looks like Justin’s just bringing his hand around for a hug, you can tell by the way her dress is bunched up. He wouldn’t do that because he just won and EVERYONE would be staring at him. He has class

    • Sascha

      I once thought he has class now I am not sure any more

    • Anonymous

      Thats true!!!

      • OMBitstheBiebs

        Yea, if there was a video of this I’m sure you could see my point, and even if his hand was there I’m sure it was just resting there not grouping her.

        • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that just from me i still it,s part off the pubciltity act , just because of one reason just from day one justin bieber was touching her ass just when they wehere spoted on the yactch in the st, locia and at the hawaii beach vacation ,, love david b conway

        • did you blog me , by david conway

        • i do,nt have to say did you blog me , i just what a reply to my frist comment please , love david

        • jambie julia

          I think they should break up because they are nasty

    • erin bieber

      i agree with this he probably isnt actaully grabbing it

    • im not going to make any more comments just untill some one cares to read my comments , im just wasiting my time and good bye ,, love david b conway

  • andria.

    gotta do whatcha gotta do. HAHA this is hilarious.

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! wooow wonder what selena felt …happy, excited, or embarrased whichever way its still funny…! LOL oh justin (:

  • I love Jelena.

    HAHAHAHAH, MAN THIS IS CLASSIC. there so cute πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Oh just break u already

    • dwkwsmjdne

      LOL How bout no -.-

  • melissa

    he was not grabbing her butt…he was moving his arm around her to hug her…in the other picture his hand was on her back!!

    • OMBitstheBiebs

      I totally agree!

      • me too!

        • Look behind u

          Me three people could be so crazy!

  • Anonymous

    hes just going to give her a hug hes not grabbing nothing

  • yafa

    i dont think he will do that, u need to see the video. it look like he grabs her ass… but he is just talking the hand to hugg her… lol

  • Sarah

    That’s my baby! πŸ˜€

  • he trin to get a little somthin

    • Bella

      Nono he’s trying to get his little bieber on

  • Anonymous

    oh stfu. just be glad hes not dating some like selena instead of anyy other girl. LOVE HER AND HIM<333

  • mary

    his face,, his hand,, love it!

  • MoreBiebs

    No he’s not grabbing her ass!! He wouldn’t do that on live TV with everyone watching. He’s not that kind of person. πŸ™‚

  • Rebekah

    Hahaha lol Gotta Love Justin!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • Anonymous

    hahahah classic, your a cutie justin look at his smerk πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie

    I laughed at this picture. Normally I would be furious, saying things like, “Your too young,” and crap but… this just made me laugh. πŸ˜€

  • Kameron

    Hhhmmm…. i think its kinda disgusting but then romantic and cute to the samee time… is that weird Bieliebers?

    • MoreBiebs

      how would it be disgusting??

  • Anonymous

    LMAO. that’s all i gotta say. (:

  • mary

    unintentionally he lifted her skirt! look at this: http://bieberphotos.com/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=2

  • Anna:)

    He’s like “heeeheee”

  • Rachelll

    Ok, first off. All you haters out there need to stfu and find a new hobbie. The two of them are in love, and so what if he touches her”butt”. THEY ARE A COUPLE, THEY DO THEY LOVEY-DOVEY STUFF. you retards hating are jealous and immature. The boy is happy, let him be. She obvi does not mind him doing that so, bud out. so if you support Justin, you should support his gf. I’M A PROUD JELENA SUPPORTER. <3

  • omg you all need to stop fucking hateing i’m so sick of you all hateing on my sis and bro . omg they are just like you and me and they are happy that is all that matters but i guess some of you can’t see that .

    • ilovejustin

      your are so right i mean like live them olne if justin whants to fuckig grab her ass, he will don’t you say all bieber fever say i love him no matter what.

      i love u justin

      stop being haters


    • im just sick off you the fake beliveier that we have to be accepptting them in love shunt up , love david b conway

      • page 2 / and this is short comment , and that is just with selena gomez , she is the one that admited that there only friends , and selena gomez just drop out from the there relationship , and do you remeber the selena gomez just do,nt what justin bieber just do the duet album just with selena gomez , and she was annoyed just to talk about justin bieber on this issue about justin , , and just get a hint pepole , love david b conway

        • heather michelle long

          i love ur coments post more plz

    • Anonymous

      Yes ashley u r the hell right

  • Justina!!

    Thats not right ever scince he went out with her she changed him. you can say im wrong but hey who knows. BIEBER FEVER!!!

  • jahonna

    yall is julis becuse he to my house ha ha ha

    • Anonymous

      hos dort

  • georgia

    i think he is getting a bit grabby πŸ™‚ LOL

  • Felicity

    Should they get married?? thoughts on that,………..

    He is getting more and more affectionate towards Selena……………………….

    • Dazza

      no theyre too young. she wants to wait, and justin is younger, so yehhh.

    • Anonymous

      I agree they are so cute together!!!! <3

    • Anonymous


  • LoVinYou40

    Look at my baby and his evil face Lmfao

  • Katie

    fucking lol oh my god. i love him so much

  • selena

    OMG datz so sweet <3 πŸ˜€

  • Dazza

    Hahahah his face is like “YESSS!!! She let me touch her ass!”. Justin I love you. HAHAHA πŸ˜›

    • Kiara

      I know Right haha

      • do you what me here at all , im so sorry im wasting my time here , love david conway

  • Kiara

    LoL his face is FUNNAYYY!!:D Great Couple!!<3LOVE YOU GUYS:)



    • (:


      • Dafuck?

        LOLOLOL you guys are funny… no juss noo.. Like hes yours? HAHAHA no

  • jajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj dobre

  • Alicia

    Lol some of u people r so pathetic!
    The picture was taken at that spilt second moment when he was in the middle of bringin his arm up for a hug!
    Your always gonna get pics like these coz u never know what photo I’ll get if u take it’s at the exact right moment! His face is a bit harder to explain but obviously he was excited about winning and was in the process of making a happy face πŸ˜›
    Also I just wanted to say- haters back off! If u were real beliebers u would respect Justin and not hate on his girl. You can have ur opinion but really what r u getting out of calling selena name’s. It’s really immature, plz get over urselves.
    Just wanted to say I LOVE JELENA and that I’m here to support Justin no matter what <3 xxx

  • I don,t like them but there’s a diFFerence.. I RESPECT THEM!

  • Patricia

    ewwww wtf! Unfortunately selena has no ass to grab. Justin needs a real woman with curves, not someone who’s flat as a board. Anyway Jelena is a fake couple cause girls on twitter who were at the TCA’s were saying that they were fighting the whole night and only appeared smiling and happy when the cameras were in front of them. Justin tried to put his arm around selena and she pushed him away. Does that sound like a couple in love? Hell no.

  • thehater'


  • lol

    he just luvs asses

  • Naomi

    Lol! He’s like “Oh, there’s nothing there…”

  • princess z

    luv you loads

  • que mala onda microonda cn justin i que pasa si es un agarron no matsh 8)

  • Londononer

    he acts like lil kid, you know after he’ll be like to his mates ‘ooh i jus touched a girl ass!..look at me!’

  • mother lee

    lol i like the way he looks that so cool .poor selena how dose that feel

    • selena gomez isnt right for him but i thank vannesa hugens again so sorryyyyyyy

  • Me Myself

    UMMM……………….Thats appropriate

  • dalal

    I do not have a good life
    But I have many dreams
    Them to be a fashion designer

    Meet you and you and Selina
    However, we found an apartment in Kuwait and will live freely
    I always cry I want a good life and will throw

  • Lily

    haha just look at justins face:-L funny as!

  • mayb dats his way of congrats..i want 2 b crongrat…sounds akward bt …..idk..keep having fun justin..n i love fun<3

  • Chelsea

    LMAOO his facee

  • how is that her ass…

    • Anonymous

      that is not her ass it’s her waist

      • Anonymous

        then her butt is that far down my gosh!!

      • Anonymous

        i knw rite….. itz just her waist ….. y do ppl think negative of him always???????

        • anonymous

          jb is a pevert….!!!!!!!!!>:0

        • Anonymous

          Get it justin bieber
          That’s Hoott Daaam….Js
          Juss saayin..

      • Mari

        it is her ass. why would her waist be all the way down there? smh

    • Anonymous

      it she waist

      • Anonymous

        Okay, ya’ll. I know you worship the boy n all, but he is definately grabbing her butt cheek. Even if you don’t want to use your eyes and see that her waistline is like 5 inches above his hand, you have to admit he is at least TRYING to grab her butt. Anyone, boy or girl, man or woman, who goes anywhere NEAR someone’s ass (one arm way up high, one arm way down low) is doing it ON PURPOSE. And it indicates a familiarity that is way beyond decent, especially between an adult and a minor. I mean really, stow the hormones until he’s of age at least! Set a good example, Bieber and Selena.

        • anonymous

          ikr…..hes is grabbing her butt

        • Anonymous

          Get jb

  • what the heck? thats not her ass

    • i just got banned just from the chat room just by a boy name cody he said he was annoyed just by my icon bart just because i love to talk about justin bieber and his girl friend selena gomez on it , he doesn,t love me to talk about my self just on the chat room, please banned cody please on chat room , love david b conway

  • Annie


  • erhm…rumor’s!! people have nothing better to do

    • anonymous

      just go and stock him on facebook……..

  • cookieface

    looks like he’s pick pockets

    • Anonymous


  • cookieface


    JUSTIN: do u need a hug?
    SELENA: yeah
    JUSTIN: oh come here
    JUSTIN: umm got it yeah!!!
    SELENA: comfused got what?
    JUSTIN: uhh got a phone call from my dad

    • hahaha wow epic..nice

    • Anonymous

      how on earth is that funny

    • hoochbagooch


    • anonymous

      u need to be more specific in ur writting, i wonder wat grade u hav in language arts????…??? >:)

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway i do,nt know just if you here will be trying to replying to my comment any more , i just have to confess tonight just to justin bieber and to his girl friend miss selena gomez , just before they started to date each other at the time offf last year off 2010 , i watend to tell them about my comin intrests , just when i was selena gomez age at 18 to 30 year,s of age , i already went to college at the same age of selena gomez , just before she was born , and i took a course in cooking , and after college i took a job at friendly,s ice cream , , love david b conway

        • page 2 / i use to do volnterring work just like charity work , i love care off anmal work just at the anmal shelter , i do help older medical peation,s as well at my locial medcial center , love david b conway

  • cookieface

    what is he doing
    uhh yeah don’t get mad i’m just play’n ya’ll

  • JelenaFan12

    her ass is lower…

    • Anonymous

      couldn’t be…nobody’s torso is THAT long…I mean unless you got in a taffy machine…nah maybe JB didn’t mean it, that’s what I’m saying.

  • Georgia

    guys hey was probably going to to put his hand up onto her back and his hand got caught on her dress. BTW her ass is lower than where his hand is.!!!! is you want to see what it really looks like when he is grabbing her as google it!!!!!! it is so wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe

    • darlyn

      that is true maybe he didnt ment to put it there anyway let them live their live and that ass is his anyway he could do anything he wants with it!!!!

  • selene

    i can’t believe it.so stinky

  • it looks likle he is hiding his smile in her shoulder…wow bieber

  • Anonymous

    aawhh thats cutee haha, and that is her but lol..

    • hi my name is david conway i just what to say im so sorry just for my asking about just if i was blog here by david conway , the reason why i was asking that just because no one is not reading my comments any more here , im so sorry i bother to come here ,,,, love david b conway

      • heather michelle long

        i read ur coments

  • Pixel girl 2001

    That is extra back

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  • bieberlover

    lol his face is like >;)

  • chick

    srry beiber fans but that is her ass

  • chick

    but to say the truth because he is smilling like that it looks like he is getting some thin out of her pocket maybe or he is touching her ass

  • Anonymous

    thats not her ass? but look at his face, lmao

  • Anonymous

    wtf thats not her ass? lol πŸ™‚

  • rekeisha

    i wish that was my ass

    • Anonymous

      well i love justin and well ewwwwwwwwwww i dont wish th do that i mean come on thats just sad

      • nadya bieber

        what the.. ewww u wish that thing hello???!gross!!i mean like you want justin grab ure ass???it is stupid wish ever i heard…

        • hoochbagooch

          ya… thats where the poo and farts come out of… its gross

    • sarah

      one word ewwwwww justin the fuckin bieber ewwww

  • omg

    wat the motha fucking fuck!!!

  • Anonymous

    That is not even her butt
    Lay off of Bieber
    He is not dirty

  • nadya bieber

    hey that is her but !



  • love this couple!!!!(L)

  • nice …lol

  • hoochbagooch

    ew y does he always have to grab there? XP justin thats where her poop and gas come out of…

    • lovely

      lolol hmmmmmm i hav a question y would ppl take pictures of that sure its interesting but ppl need to give im atleast some space …..

  • hoochbagooch

    wow u call THAT a butt? its so small! its like half of mine! maybe a third! (obviously not literally πŸ˜› just wanted to say)

  • lovely

    oopsys i meant give HIM some space lol

  • sophia

    justin is so fuck…………

  • jake

    he is so hot

  • wow
    soo nice picture
    tank You
    I love justin

  • Anonymous

    so what just leave them alone

  • somwone

    hey just leave them to live their live their live that’s his butt anyways he could do what ever he wants with it. look i love him more them you all think he just has to be happy at some point.i wish that could be me with him but he pick what he pick .stop hating and let them be in love 2gether.he is the best guy you could ever meet she is a better girl then all out there that just want their money and cuteness she loves him..

  • chelsey

    y whould u do that i hate u now

  • elo

    Ilove you selena & justin

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha lol me too πŸ˜€

    • hahahahahahahaha lol me too they are vary HOT THEY LOOKS

    • me too

  • She’s his girlfriend , he can do whatever he wants and they’re happy together πŸ˜€ #Obviously

    What they do together is their freedom and their privacy not ours no one wants people to stalk his relationship! πŸ˜›

  • lulu

    i hate justin biebers gutts and selena should be with some one whos not gross like him

    • lulu

      justin bieber looks like a girl i hATE U JUSTIN

      • ciara

        stfu u lil prudes get the fuck off the website if u wanna try blown down on him and selena loves the nigga so fuck off

  • fenfen

    that’s her ass period!haha he doesn’t give respect on her girl in-front of the public

  • Pq ele estΓ‘ fazendo?Γ© serio oq ele estΓ‘ fazendo?

  • dude’s thats almost the bottom part of her ass, look a bit closer then you’ll know its her ass! nuff said! πŸ™‚

  • i hate you justin

  • In feel sorry for selena she must be very embarrased….

  • JollyJieber140

    OMG!! His face. Hahahahaha rofl it’s so cheeky. I think he actually is grabbing her ass with a face like that he must of been trying to, even if he didn’t succeed. He looks like a 5 yr old that has said something naughty haha. πŸ˜€

  • pu


  • Anonymous

    :'( i miss the old justin bieber :'( Doesnt anyone else?

    • he never left, he’s still here, he’s just olderr, and he has his 1st real girlfriend in hollywood, just wait, when they break up, he’s gunna come running right back to us:) just waitt

  • who cares??? shes his girlfriend, it’s no big deal

  • jb girlfriend

    i wish justin was touching my ass omg my god he is so cute,man im justin #1 fan 4 real,who wann jb to touch your ass???

  • its just selena gomez’s waist why do people always thinks something bad at justin bieber thay always think negative about what he did ,what he do,and every step, move he make can u stop that greenminded brains of urs how childish brains u have!!!!!!!!

  • jada


    • Anonymous

      Justin is a f#****in perv

      • Anonymous

        i know seriously he always graps her butt every photo he is trying to show off like look i have selena

        • natasha

          no guys…his not….his smilling cause his happy and not touching her but and when your short you can only hug the ass to the hips…pls poor bieber

      • natasha

        dont say that…thats not very nice

      • bileber16


        • Kacee

          You don’t have to swear they’re just opinions…

        • to bad ugly

      • Justin Bieber


        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        now you lsy off young man

    • i hate that little selena gomez that should be me instead of her

      • Delaney

        why do you have to be so negetive?!? we all have opions but you dont need to share them if you hate a person! i luv Jelena!!!!!!

    • no

  • why does he do that i love justin bieber he is so hot

    • alexandria

      he is hot and he is dating one of my fave singers that is icing on the cake

    • bileber16


  • Kaylo

    hes going out with her, he isnt a perv xxx

    • bileber16

      he isnt it makes me mad if he was he would of been going out with a BOY but hes going out with a GIRL

  • jayde

    oh for god sakes, there dating what do you expect?
    its cute, they care bout eachother, hahah what i find funny though is his face doing it, and he tried to do it sneaky :L there cute together though!

    • bileber16

      HAHA they r good together

      • biggest justin bieber fan ever

        there r so cute together but i wish it was me haha if i had 1 wish it would be to meet justing bieber my room has posters all over it i swear i love him xXxXxXx


  • yoks

  • Anonymous

    omg hes so cool

    • Anonymous

      IKR!!!!!! I just want to put him in an ice cream sandwich and eat him up!!!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!

  • stupid selena gomez

    • Anonymous

      i know right i hate the bitch ( selena )

      • bileber16

        she ant no BITCH ok DAM

        • Anonymous

          ya selena aint NO bitch dont be hating, if you just being jelouse go get a better looking face, instead of being jelouse dumb bitches, so go play with ur nasty selves!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you. I think Jelena are perfect for each other.

        • Delaney

          i no they are so cute for each other!!!!!!!!!!

      • biggest justin bieber fan ever


        • Delaney

          if you love jb so much why are you hatin selena gomez she makes him so happy!!!!! if you truely love him you should stop hatin selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        look she is a b1tch ok deal with it he should dump her look b1tches whoo think she is cool she is not get over your self

        • mary

          i think 1 is not a letter …… -.- stop hatin it’s a waste of time isn’t it?

        • Delaney

          you dont have to be so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Delaney

        you dont have to be so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yeah agree!

      • Anonymous

        i dont hate her cuz o well justin wanted to go out with her
        and if it were u u would have said yes to him
        but yeah u kinda have to hate her just a lill bit

        • tbieber

          chill out about the whole i hate selena stuff and be happy for justin!! geez if your a true fan it wouldn’t matter who or what he dated, you would be happy for him cause he is happy!!!!
          thats what a REALL belieber does!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      stupid you

      • Delaney

        i agree stupid tbieber!!!!!!!

  • belieber baby

    he’s not a perv. they are going out… he would be a perv if he grabbed her ass and they weren’t going out. i just wish that was me getting my ass grabbed by justin. hahaha

    • tbieber

      yeahh hahaaa!!!!! NOTT!!!

  • Anonymous

    justin’s perv face hahaha

  • hudson pavlic

    i wish i was him also!

    • Anonymous

      i am selena gomez

      • yeah am im justins little sister woop de do da so take that for a piece of news

        • Anonymous

          yeah u r funny

  • hudson pavlic

    i wish i grabbed selenas ass!

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    they’re dating. get over it.

    • Anonymous

      i went to see justin bibber in the stage of a concert and he kiss me am another girl but he is already going out with me am not selena gomez she donest like selena gomez anymore justin bibber and me are goning out with each other already had 2 date we are boyfriend and grilfriend will you will not know what my boyfriend is like myt boyfriend is wearing a weg my boyfriend likes me better

      • u wish i bet u are a ugly mutt justin would never go out with u

        • mary

          this is just… if he was my boyfriend i would know how to spell his name sweetie. it’s justin BIEBER not bibber. if you ly then please do it without mistakes πŸ˜‰

  • looooool


    dam he such a perv!!!! :/

    • anonymos

      stop saying that it’s not cool…they are dating what do you think


    Justin Bieber Likes It Eh??

  • MericaMucos


  • MericaMucos


  • >>> i like your body justin bieber thats so hot?

  • divine

    i think its perfectlly normal for hem to do that because theyr dating get ova it ppls

    • no ur discusting they r dating but that is gross! wast about if they did that 2 u in front of allot of people nd they took a picture eww

      • tbieber


  • What the ass hole he thinking way 100 weird-o . Poor Selena and gross

    • selena is ugly! well i think!

  • Ew kinda idk i looked at the othe rone its gross but i would like if justin did that to me!!! πŸ˜€

  • haah sick

  • i think it’s true because there are boyfriend and girlfriend that’s right

  • Dude, they’re dating. You shouldn’t go against Justin because he has a girl and you dont. So, maybe you should try backing off a little bit

  • awwwwww u to are so cute togther awwwwwwwww so cuteeeeeee dont worry about those haters out there have fun awwwwwwww

    • bileber16

      ashley ant they haters…………..hes HOT …………….shes PRETTY just becuase they ant going out with JB they jelous

  • ang

    lol…wouldn’t it be more perverted if Selena grabbed Justin’s family jewels in front of everyone? She’d be like the ultimate cougar/perv/pedo…lmao
    Anyway, it’s their relationship and it’s not like our supportive πŸ™‚ or hater πŸ™ comments will have any hold over their relationship.
    Let’s just wait and see what else their raging teen hormones dish out for us πŸ˜‰

  • stargirl

    what ass the girl is flat

  • Valee


  • i went out with him i am not joking my boyfreind is goning out with me you wouldn’t regonize my boyfreind we were making this boyfreind and girlfreind a secet but my boyfreind is wearing a weg so that known can regonize my boyfreind he is in my house for tonight


  • omg grose

  • michelle

    haha what a perv

    • Anonymous

      shut up u dont know him ur such a hater =$

  • Kasey Coomber

    Look he might not even be touching her ass cause her dress was all puffed up

  • Amanda

    photoshop (:

  • Joe

    w8in for ‘Under The Mistletoe’ desperately

  • ka jangan ciuman terus dunkk (^^^)

  • u guys all just SHUT-UP ok justin is better than all of u put together just face it he loves selena i know some people are jealous but thats just life!

    My oppinion- JUSTIN IS HOT!!! but dont get jealous there 1 in a million chance that we will ever go out with him anyway they make a good couple.

  • Cait Young

    It’s funny how some of these Little 8 year old’s are saying ” Stupid selena or Selena changed justin” Well grow up , I’m a jelena fan . I love them both and There is nothing wrong with them being together .. So she’s 2 years older ? He loves her , and well there is nothing nobody can do to break them apart …
    Can’t you just except that if god didn’t wanted them to be together they wouldn’t but the fact that he does , they should be together because he isn’t gonna date 9 year girls that are to obsessed with Him . K ? Case closed. <3

  • Anonymous

    omg touching her but

  • Anonymous

    awwwwwwwwwwww how cute if only he had kissed her worth 1000

  • Hi you doing justin bieber Jazmin mixon love you justin bieber kahssa love you justin bieber kiss, YES OR NO KISS YES OR NO

  • Lindsay

    she has NO ass to grab justin….

  • Lindsay

    go grab Beyonce’s ass or someone who has one….

  • Maria

    Sel is soo luckyyyyy =p~ :X:X:X

  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i dont like selena

  • Anonymous

    Please, cant you see? obviously, in this picture thats not justin! and look at selena, she is not !!! those pictures was taken only for this page, only to laught, but some of them are realy, and the other ones are false-

  • Justin Bieber


  • you r right justin

  • yeah dont let them boss you

  • jb just once meet me i am dieing for u

  • anonymous

    they’re boyfriend and girlfriend you idiots!

  • Dnangel13

    Just because Justin is famous doesn’t mean he can grab Selena ass because that’s wrong his dating her not marrying her an Justin is fans to little kids his always doing this to Selena so is Selena but if she likes it and he does to i guess he can do it. All people are going to do is ether hate them or love them and they may lose there fans but i guess they don’t care so that why they do it. I think its mostly Selena cause she allowing him to do it to her. so just let them be and just don’t care about them or what they do if you don’t like it.

    • omg he can if he wants to cuz its hes choise so i think he has a right to you now i think they are really great couple and i think he can do that hes what wants to do and maybe selean gomez likes its boyfriends and grilfriend do that i now he shows hes littel fans that but its is choise to do that and i now jb is a good guy and he for one thing hes really sweet to selean so let them be the love ether have u ever been in love like really in love and ur like him or her and u think she or him are amazing and ur really feel for her or him and u cant brathe cuz u love hereing her or his vose and u think she or him are hot or pretty anway what i am try to say is hes showing how much love and feelings he has for selean gomez i now its not cool they are do what they want ok i think they are a amazing couple and there show feelings my name is courtney payant and i say what i think about this photo of jb and selean

      • Kimberly jo

        could you possibly spell correctly? because little is not spelled “littel” and its you not “u” and for Christ sakes it’s SELENA not “selean”. You talk like a four year old. Maybe you should learn how to spell. Oh! i forgot to correct your know… ITS FUCKING KNOW NOT “NOW” i’m sorry but know and now sound nothing alike. oh also maybe you should take some English classes because i didn’t understand anything you said, so before you go comment on shit. maybe you should make sure you are using proper English and that you know how to spell. because honestly you look like a stupid. pathetic. BITCH.

        • Isha

          agree with Kimberly jo

        • wat youll agree about.

        • Anonymous

          You should be ashamed of yourself for making fun of someone who cant spell, or may have difficulty with proper grammar. Its too bad that you only know how to curse and belittle others. This is TRUE bullying! So please STOP and try being a better person.

        • Kayla

          I agree with Anonymous

        • jenny ahmed

          i agree with anonymous

        • I agree with anyonmous couse somtimes when I write somthings my brain thinks faster than what i write and everbody diffrent so deal with it people and stop makeing in fornt of someone for it

        • Anonymous

          In theory its either because or cause

        • KimieGold

          They just said that she needs 2 work on her grammar a little more,that`s all.They don`t want 2 bully her.They are just telling her so she could know later.Look at me,I don`t live in USA or Canada or in whole America(so sad that my eyes are gonna pop out)and my English is GREAT!They don`t mean anything.

        • KimieGold

          Ok,I just forget I said anything.I just say that Kimberly wrote bitch.

        • who is a bitch girl i wont to now please.

        • Raveena

          Kinmberly Jo is a stupid cyber bully! Idiot!

        • anonymous

          just because she is correcting somebody doesn’t mean they are a cyber bully asshole

        • not a bully

          she wasn’t bullying she was pointing out and i could not even read her writing so b easy on her

        • wat up justin bieber wat u doing u selena gomez go with you .both of youll is my favoirte people.

        • who is stupid girl i wont to know

        • lyanna marrero

          stop hating cause they better then you.

        • Kayla

          Shut your mouth Kimberly jo

        • jenny ahmed

          u should shut your mouth u bitch

        • jenny ahmed

          thats right im talkin to u kayla your an assssssssss

        • ooooooooooh my god who is a assssss

        • KimieGold

          AND U(YOU) R(ARE) 10!MayB(I KNOW HOW 2 WRITE MAYBE,BITCH) she`s just not studying English in her home country.Oh,and 4 the record,SHE WROTE U BECAUSE IT`S COOLER 2 SAY IT THAT WAY(JUST LIKE I DID,U BITCH)!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Where are you

        • Anonymous

          jeeze, your parents shouldn’t have let you go to school. indeed you learned how to read and write (and of course spell), but you never learned how to respect other people. i’m saying this not because being respectful is something to learn from school, it’s just that you’re judging and hating people for what you can do.. that they can’t do. what if that gal you just bullied is having way too much personal problems, you’ll never know if she killed herself just because of you, adding more problems to her life. i honestly think you’re the pathetic one in this situation. she doesn’t look stupid to me, it’s you, you didn’t think of what or where could she came from that she spells like that, you do blabbing before thinking. you’re just another useless people in this world, you make other people’s life miserable. hopefully, someday you’ll realized all your mistakes.

        • Anonymous

          you fuckin stupid ass BITCH you dont even know who you’re talking to your the one who needs to take some classes and their called short texting classes BITCH you think you were correcting him or her what ever it is but the point is that you use “U” when ur texting and if you dont understand my language BASTARD then FUCK you and FUCK your mom, if you even have one…and if you even say “fuck you” back at me..FUCK YOURSELF YOU UGLY ASS BASTARD ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! and that goes for you KIMBERLY JO OH AND STOP MAIKING FUN OF PEOPLE WHO CANT SPELL before you correct others you need to correct yourself first PINCHE PENDEJA!!!!!!!!!

        • babyd

          ur really right

        • lilybug

          wow ur the bitch and quit making fun of people or get off the internet and why do u think they make cyberbullying such a big deal GOOD GRIEF get a fucking life u idiot

        • babyd

          lol omg!

        • LMFAO!

          All Im gonna say is you girls have too much eastrogen flying around and your being far too catty cause your saving yourself for beiber but really all you need is a good hard fucking! LMFAO!

        • Chilloutpeople


        • LAMFAO


        • payton

          Wat r u talking bout ur the perve

        • nun girl

        • payton

          Ur gonna have to Fukuoka a lot of girls if ur gonna Fukuoka every girl whovloves jb

        • maybe she’s not from america or england but from holland like me or from another country YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

        • anominous

          who gives a fuck if she had some typos!!!! all that matters is justin bieber anyways!!!!!!!!!!! what are u a teacher or somthing?

        • Hannah

          Um, use your “brain” “Kimberly Jo” Not all people speak english. Ever heard of shortenings? Yeah maybe you should learn them! You are like stuck in a time warp or something?

        • Rachel

          I agree with Kimberly and everyone who speaks English correctly. Today’s youth is getting away with shortening words and in turn, they are forgetting how to spell and construct proper sentences. I’m an adult and I already know a few people who texted all the time during high school. Now, they don’t know how to spell anymore. There’s people I also work with idiots because they didn’t practice proper spelling and grammar. With today’s technology such as spell check and grammar check, kids are becoming lazy and think they won’t need to practice it because machines do it for them. I am really worried about the future and this generation of technical junk food spoiling and rotting kids minds. Just something to think about.

        • hi wat they talking bout.

        • awesomeness

          ok so she made a few mistakes so i bet you made a bunch of mistakes once you are not fricking perfect i made mistakes in spelling u tell her she is a bitch you aint any better I’m sure that your just another selena hater and u are angry at this girl cause she is picking up for selena if you are gunna hate u should hate yourself for telling some girl that she cant spell or she is a bitch you don’t even know if she has some kinda sickness,you don’t know if she went through something in her life, like some people tell her a bunch of things YOU DON’T KNOW HER. you are the bitch u should really be ashamed of yourself.YOU ARE NT FRICKING PERFECT. so i have one more thing to say, GET A EFFING LIFE AND STOP HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE CHILDREN

        • Anonymous

          hell yeah! your so effin awesome for putting her straight!

        • Anonymous

          actually you look like a pathetic bitch for making fun of someone just because the misspelled a few words. Let it go its not a big deal, you dont know her reason for writing like that. so stop being so damn judgmental.

        • Anonymous

          beiber fever much?

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry, but your grammar isn’t the best either sweetheart. I could mark up your paragraph with corrections easily, BUT I wont do that because a person’s grammar online doesn’t make me angry enough to call them a pathetic bitch. I think everyone on this site would agree that you, in fact, are the one who presents that image. So, miss Kimberly jo, try adding a dose of maturity to your coffee in the morning and learn to be kind to people.


        • Anonymous

          You are so mean that is very rude and I hope you have a terrible new year I hope you get hit by a bus and die a very painful death

      • Im Sorry but . . Wtf’Aree you tryingg to sayy . ?[x Ican’t understandd anythingg . not trying to bee rudee but i didn’t understandd ur statementt .! o;

    • nana

      i think your right because lots of girls hate justin now because of selena im not saying they should break up but the should seriously get a room!!!!!!

      • jenny ahmed

        wat r u talkin about they should get back together

        • KimieGold

          They R already together.

    • i think they don’t care about everyone else. Also about the Justin Bieber getting girl pregneat Selena Gomez is going to get mad but she shouldn’t because it was a long time ago then when the baby is 3 months she decided to come out and say “HEY DUDE U HAVING MY BABY”. I don’t think he the farther and in a magazine it says that he took her to a bathroom and said i really want to f*** the s*** out of u NOT

    • Anonymous

      It’s a picture people, no need to get angry… Let Justin do what he wants.

      • brittany

        I mean seriously all this because she incorrectly spelled something get over yourself and grow up its not all that serious… she has a point don’t get mad because her opinion is different than yours k? (:

    • javier

      people stop being haters ok thats not ur life is his ok

    • chloe

      not being funny but he can do what he wants its his girlfriend so you syaing hes not aloud to have a personal life so what if he does do that selena they are a couple thats what couples do there sweet together…..!

      • i liked your comment sooooooooooo right your opinion

    • that is soooooooooooooooooooo stuiped

    • He can do what he wants because his tough ,i mean we had and she had no choice…If Selena likes it or hate it she had no choice..I mean JUSTIN IS TOO YOUNG TO DO THAT BECAUSE HES 17,,Well, hes gonna be 18 in march 1 2012…I’m a FAN of Selena Gomez and they are dating, so it doesn’t mean i’m gonna HATE THEM..even if i don’t like them, i can’t be a HATER..so LEAVE THEM ALONE THEY CAN BE TOGETHER and i think GOD SENT HIM to SELENA GOMEZ for SOME REASON..

    • jona

      He can do what ever he want’s, when ever he want’s he is not a kid! —JΓ³na

  • anonymous

    justin is a pervert

    • aj

      justin iz not a pervert he’s worse dan a pervert more lyke a homo n selena uhhh dnt even start me on her i use 2 love her but knw juzt not deh right time if dey both juzt had sum time apart den we would get sum sense but oh no dey both hav 2 stick der arms on top of eachotherz arse especiiiallly u justin uhhhh ( diz iz all my opinion you can desagree)

      • Anonymous

        Like shut up ok!! Let them live the lives. U guys are just haters and u hate for no reasons!!! U hate because u love Justin, but if he marry u the other biebers crazy fans are gonna hate u, and that the same things for all the other bitches who wants to kill Selena just because she’s living her life and because she’s happy. Like… stop hoping that u’ll marry Justin cuz you’re not!!!!!! XD Ure ALL like ”I LOVE JUSTIN AND HE LOVES ME TOO” and u’re a million thinking that. Just face reality… JUSTIN LOVES SELENA AND SELENA LOVES JUSTIN. THEY ARE GONNA GET MARRIED, AND YOU ARE GONNA CRY BECAUSE YOU PLANNED ALL URE FUTURE WITH HIM, U REJECTED THE HOT GUYS WHO ASKED U TO GO OUT WITH THEM BECAUSE ”YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE BABYS WITH HIM” YA RIGHT!!! IN UR CRAZIEST DREAMS!!!! XD XD XD

        • Yannie Babe

          Your so Right -Let them be

        • KimieGold

          So true.JUST LET THEM B WHO THEY WANNA B U IDIOTS!!!!!U can B his friend,but never like a gf or a bf kinda way!They are happy.ALL THAT MATTERS 2 U IS HAVING JUSTIN 4 URSELF!!!!!


      • KimieGold


      • awesomeness

        u spelt disagree wrong and shut the f**k up jeez if u people are gunna hate jus dont comment if it is your opinion keep it to yourself

    • jenny ahmed

      i dont think justin beiber is a pervert because what he said was right i do not think he’s the father of that baby the girl must be crazy i beleive justin beiber and i think that justin beiber and selena gomez should get back together.(this is my opinion)

      • KimieGold

        I fought they R together?Did they broke up?I saw them on MTV last night and they were fine.

    • I know right! I am forwarding all these pics…and i am postin them on JB fan sites! i am deleting my account on it!

    • Anonymous

      He’s a prevert because he grabs his girlfriends ass??? Wow, I’m pretty sure 99% of 17 year old boys have grabbed their girlfriend’s ass. It doesn’t make him a pervert! It’s not like he is humping her on stage! Also, to everyone who is complaining that he has fans that are little kids, so he shouldn’t do it… he did this at the TEEN Choice Awards, not the Toddler awards! The only way the little 5 year old fans would see it is if their parents were to let them see it online. He is a normal teenage boy. People need to stop being harder on celebrities and remember that they are normal people also.

  • grossness man i no u like her and all but grossness

    • claire

      he can do what he wants

    • jenny ahmed

      shut upp kayla ugly grossness

      • Anonymous

        Justin is so hot i won’t to date him :

        • dallas

          why hes hooootttttt

  • Mariana

    Estupida Selena

    • jenny ahmed

      selena is stupid 4 breaking up with j.b.

      • KimieGold

        ,,This singer is stay in our hearts and It`s not just because he told me to say that“!

        • KimieGold

          is staying.I don`t want tht BITCH,Kimberly jo ruin my life!

  • Mariana

    Justin Todo Un Papasito Pero esa Selena Gas Se Ve Horiible
    no Sabes Cuanto Te Odiio ! Estupida

  • Juana

    Justin Te Amo πŸ˜‰

  • Mariela Encarnacion

    Selena es una Perra y siempre Lo Sera
    Maldita deprabada Te Odio πŸ˜›

  • Oscar Fernando

    Justin es Muy Lindo
    Te Amooooooooooooooo Papasote
    Hay el Me Parese Super Tiiierno
    Cada Ves me Enamoro mas De El
    En Caso de q Algun Hombre se Interese En Mi
    Este Es Mi Mumero 3125869746
    Lindos Todos Los Hombres de este Mundo

  • Casimiro Tu Raja

    Selena Es una Fea ! πŸ˜€

  • serena

    hi ye peeple if selean like justin to touch her ass he can do it k beucse it not u choice k so shutup and if she liek it she let him do to it si shutup peopel u are just hater to them

    • Anonymous

      im with you

  • kim

    Just because Justin is cute and your all jealous that he is dating Selena doesn’t mean that you can slag him off. Selena likes him touching his ass. Just because he does it everywhere and there are cameras’s, he can touch her anywhere he wants to, until Selena tells him not to touch her like that then it is alright. I like them together they maybe too cute but I like them they obviously like each other or they wouldn’t be together. Also if Selena likes it then it is okay for him to do it why is it such a problem. Have you ever been in love with someone and I mean really in love because then you would really know how it feels. Justin and Selena are cute together but I have one problem they need to not do it in public too much there are paparazzi about and they post it all over the internet. What is his little fans that are going to think that are under 18 that is just sick they go on the internet all the under 18’s go on the internet.

    • jenny ahmed

      do you like jb u fricken slut fuck you bitch.

  • deer juustin beaver,
    u r mi boy, dont tonch othr grills bottys and buddies and u lic me 2
    luv hollie
    ps; dunt cheet on tesst.

    • claire

      you don’t even no his name or are you a hatter because thats what people call him if ther his hatters and he not yours and why would he like you or cheet on a test ?

      p.s. love you justin your #1 to me

  • claire

    its ok that justin is grabbing selenas butt i mean hes like 18 and they love each other its a man in love and if selenas not telling him to stop its cool with her and him

    • notcoool

      he is not 18

  • Anonymous

    Ok yeah they r a cpl but these to r role models & lots of kids watch them or listen to them. As a parent this kin of behavior is not acceptable. Kids are gonna see all these pics & think that kind of behavior is ok. I’m apolled.

  • Anonymous

    k first off how do u know that he is actually grabbing her ass, its really easy to fake something in a picture

  • sasha monteenez

    ummmmmmmmmmm i want him to squezzzzzzeeeeeeee my tits if he did i would faint

  • lump

    oh justin. Wipe that raping face of your frontage. You look like a pedophile.. which is weird considering selena is OLDER then you..

  • u can grab my ass any time babe u can fuck me aswell oh yeah oh yeah babe oh yeah

  • sorry about my last message it was my freind was messing around still one of ur biggest fans lov u so so so so much

  • Anonymous

    you fuckin pervs hes minnnneeee and we already had sx together and it was good!!!!!yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! i could still taste his sperm and his lips and his d###CK, and he sucked my tits toooo!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!

    • emily

      now that is just nasty im pretty sure he didnt do that too u thats discusting u pervert


  • Belieber

    actually he isn’t grabbing Selena’s ass. He was going out to embrace the hip and took the photo just as he rose his hand.

  • Avery

    Je pense que JB doit cesser de le faire. Vous pourriez Γͺtre plus Γ’gΓ©s, mais c’est le Teen Choice Awards faire quelque anguille, comme les Grammys ou quelque chose. Jeez, quelqu’un aider ces enfants bizarres peu.

  • brittany

    His hand isn’t on her butt its on her lower hip

  • da masta

    eww i dont like selenas dress

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahha Justin Bieber Pff you do it all the Time haha ! you are REALLY FUNNY !

  • o people if we replace her, we’ll love to let him do more than that k
    so let them to do what they want k we have no right to interfere in their lives.

  • terriann drew bieber

    i dont like this picture :'(

  • terriann drew bieber

    justin bieber isnt a pervert so use need to shut yer mouths cos hes not so shut up or ill make ye shut up if u say anythink bad about my justin OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    she is a bitch

    • emily

      really its his gf it doesnt matter yalls bf would do the same thing get over it thier cute together

  • julia

    no one in this i dont know what ever it is should say anything rude about selena gomez and justin bieber because i know see dresses good si acts good and she really sing very well and if she want to be with justin bieber it is fine because they really like eachother and i think selena is a really lucky girl she has a good boy friend justin bieber he is a really talented

  • payton

    I am justins biggest fan hes so HOT so I don’t care wat he does wit salena I mean hes a big boy he can make his own disicions. I love jbw

  • lolustupid

    you guys realize that he may not be touching her ass. the camera could’ve been on fast shutter and caught that moment in time when he’s about to hug her on the back. her skirt or dress IS flowy. it’s possible. but he could also be touching her ass. really, who gives? Lol.

  • omg gross who does that in public not me if my boy friend im gonna kick him

  • Anonymous

    i love selena gomez

  • Mrs bieber

    Anonomous on november 12, ur disgusting u make me feel sick ur the friggin perve!!!

  • i love you can i come to your next concert just me<<<<<<<<3333333333

  • lol…i like how they circle her butt as if we couldnt find it ourself

  • MishelleBieber

    whateves i still love him XD

  • listen to all u haters out there if they want to touch each others asses let them they are not hurting anyone are they. So if u love them then if u hate them then fuck off they are happy together and they make a fantastic and cute couple so leave them a fuck alone. Also leave the girl alone if she has problems with wrighter hard words leave her alone u cyber bullies no need to take it out on her for her spelling u twats. U need to sort ur heads out u bulling other people cuz of her spelling go and live ur own lifes ad let her get on with hers u sand pathetic wankers

  • Lindshei

    No comment! =)

  • puta sex

    como seria tocarle el culo a selena gomes y el sex mejor

  • Anonymous

    She has no ass

  • Delaney

    People chill!! They are happy together so leave them alone!!! I hate it when people hate Jelena!! Be nice! Would you like it if people hated you if you were in a relationship?!?

    I love you Jelena!!!
    Stop hatin people!!!!


  • Esmee

    ohh wow


  • hi i wish you can come to my house

  • hi

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A LOVE LAKE LOVE SONG BABY JUSTIN πŸ˜€ te adoro te amo tekiero sos todooo para mi si si si ea ea sos mi mundo eres mi ser tu siempre seras mi β™₯ y mi corazon en cantado esta por tu ternura eres mi tiernucho nunca olvides AMOR β™₯ que siempre estaras en mi mente :3 jAjuasakasjasojasoas πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› *-* tiernusho mio demi ^_^* Naaaa nunca estas solo estoy yo estoy con tigo

  • Anonymous

    te adoro te amo tekiero sos todooo para mi si si si ea ea sos mi mundo eres mi ser tu siempre seras mi β™₯ y mi corazon en cantado esta por tu ternura eres mi tiernucho nunca olvides AMOR β™₯ que siempre estaras en mi mente :3 jAjuasakasjasojasoas πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› *-* tiernusho mio demi ^_^* Naaaa nunca estas solo estoy yo en tu

  • Jaydah

    She don’t Have No Ass so i don’t know why he Grabben??!!

  • lol

    im not trying to be mean but come on selena ass is flat lol she is mexican and the have flat buts i can say this because im mexican and puerto rican lucky i i got my mom side and not the mexican booty

  • Anonymous

    i love them

  • wat ever get a life an ya he did grbb her ass

  • Mikeela

    Wow reallii

  • raichel


  • hannah


  • JAJA:D!! ay JUSTIN BIEBER,, JAJA:D,, sii tu eres feliz haciendo eso adelantee pero, no enfrente de todos ,,, JAJAJA:D… pero lo bueno q demuestan su amor,, y espero q duren muchoo & q ningun chisme ls separee,, me encanta verlos juntiitoss!! SELENA GOMEZ and JUSTIN BIEBER! (L),, la mejor parejaa,, no qiieran ponerlo cn otras:DD!!

  • justing bieber is stubib boy

  • Anonymous

    Omg she is way to old for him! Next thing u know he is 18 and she is 20 in only 4months really selena wants him cause justin is all famous and beautiful firt taylor then nick I hope justin breaked up with her not the other way around or else selena is gonna be in so much troubla! I hate jelena Jasmin and Justin.will always RULE! I STILL LOVE JUSTIN THOUGH!!

    • idk

      ik πŸ™‚

  • damm sooo aggressive ahhahahah its ok ready to get it in

  • Nina

    I love jb soooo much and im going to india in july and i hope he goes there because all i want is to hug him then get his autograph

  • rana

    i hate you .
    ihate justin bieber

    • rana how can you hate him hes like the sexyest guy ever

      • vl

        Wrong spelling and plus, people have different opinions

    • Ali

      Then why are u on his fan website? πŸ˜›

  • Daniah

    stop touching her booty your funkin nasty if you want to hug her put your hand on her back so STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vl

      I agree

  • Bueno para mi opion yo siempre sere la fan de selena y bueno ps justin es un maΓ±oso pero creo q es lindo pero maΓ±oso Mmmmmmmmmmm

  • seleha gomez e tapa

  • heis cute a me and amina cant stop lookingatjustin

  • kiss me justin me and amina want to kiss u

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez ‘s crazy

  • anonim

    ha ha :))
    justin profita de selena
    c fatza are justi=))

  • l

    theyre young… me and my bf act the exact same way…. some people are just PRUDES. get a life and stay outta theirs… jeesh…. o.O

  • wowwwwwwwwww .
    nape justin niey gatal sgt ek????
    24jm ask nak lyn je .
    agk x pnt kew selena 2??
    law aku dpt bf cm2 ley mpos twu .
    ahahahahahahahaha πŸ™‚
    *guraw je . pdahal nak gak der….. πŸ™

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Agak2 lar….
    nape mnunjuk sgy nih?
    x taw mlu ek???
    owg pndg kod..
    law aku mlu siot!!!!!!!!
    owh derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
    lek lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • justin nga sangap lar 2 kod?????????????

  • hello justin where selena toca cadena placer

  • Me

    Love you

  • was soll ich denn da zu sagen der junge ist einfach nicht normal er ist so giel wie er sich zu siete bewegt oder unauffehlich nach hinten guckt der ist einfach sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hieß

  • idk

    selena just wants him to do that to herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :L

  • justinbieberonelesslonleygirl

    : ( why did you do that i am crying right now you did that twice i know you love selena and i know your growing up but that really shouldnt mean you have to dissapoint your fans who care. Please stop because that hurts me!

  • yo

    i want to fuck selina

    • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yo your so nasty

  • Anonymous

    his face

    1. stupid

    2. crazy

  • emily

    I have one comment ( leave them alone , they are a cuppel and they will soon get married)

    • vl

      There ARE already married

  • are you katie valenzuela

  • dude all of yall need to back off of his realtionship let him be young wild and free

  • Ali

    At least he is not hiding and faking loving her. He does not mind showing off he loves her and I think it is quite sweet <3 πŸ™‚

  • BeliebDat

    OMG that was so cute! I love Justin, but I’m sooo glad to see them together! They’re sooo happy and it warms my heart to see that look in his eyes when he looks at her, awwww <3

  • Anonymous

    nice ass selena

  • justin's fucker


  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    LOL! Justin is so sneaky i mean like look at his face Justin is so cute!
    Love, i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

  • jessica

    worst teenagers i’ve ever seen.. pist

  • heather michelle long

    not to be a hater or anything but man he’s an ass monkey

  • elham

    His face is funny.hahaha
    This photo is so perfect.

    • vl

      Perfect?!?! Justin’s touching Selena’s butt!