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justin bieber teen choice awards 2011 pictures

Justin Bieber Teen Choice Awards 2011 Red Carpet Pictures

Justin showed up at the Teen Choice Awards earlier today without Selena Gomez. But why? Did she not show up? I doubt it because she is nominated for multiple awards. What I don’t get it why they still avoid being together on the red carpet. It’s no longer a secret.

Justin Bieber Teen Choice Awards 2011 Red Carpet Pictures

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  • Keke

    Damm your so fucking hot <333

    • Kyana

      I second that lol

      • Dazza

        third it 😉

    • sandra luvs justin


  • Martim

    Does anyone knows where can I find Justin’s black bracelet for sale?

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t walk the red carpet together because Selena needed to go with her band. They were nominated for 4 awards together and since she’s the front woman she needed to go with them. She still sat with Justin though after the performance.

  • Patricia

    Justin has the most gorgeous, sparkly eyes ever. They’re mesmerizing <3

  • want up pepole i love boys that with they sherts off i like him to he is so sex

  • hE Always wears the same high tops!! BUT he has great style with eveything else and i love the falling off bow tie 😉

  • AmyDavis

    Why is he so hot.? i mean everytime i see i new picture of him i think thats hot , he cant get any hotter and then i see another new one of him and he’s just got hotter.! I love you JUSTIN BIEBER <3 <3 <3

    • kka

      Sooooooooooooooooo Right 🙂 <3

  • kka

    Hes cute, funky and so hot, i can not breathe!!! The hottest boy ever!


  • Hello
    very very nice picture
    tank you

  • Jbforever

    Awh ! If you look closely , you can see the bags under his eyes ): annndddd he does look incredibly goregeous ! Another realization is his new album is called believe , and his fans call themselves “beliebers” before we knew about the album ! Anyone see a possible connection ?


  • I admit I still have the Bieber fever when I saw him this hot!!

  • sandra luvs justin

    OMB Justin Drew Bieber is SOOOOO hot ♥♥♥


  • lily hernandez

    he is cute he also like selena gomez if they marry each other they will make muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh money they r lucky

  • i love you

  • hi jb in your song in pray is so so nise. but u help they . because u r verry verry famous in the world

  • i love you justin bieber te adoro

  • julia

    bi cham dhairtai ntr

  • julia

    bi chamd hairtai hartai hongor mini ntr

  • grace

    i think justin bieber really cool like i love him!
    you can not like not love him!!

  • grace

    he rocks!!
    i went to his conset it was so cool
    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Hey My Name Is Doneyris I Am The Dominicana Republic ! Lmfao
    I LOve U Justin Biieber For Ever! I Like this Music
    Nothiq one music the he 😀 I LOVE YOU♥♥

  • Girl ! Belieber♥

  • leen

    hoi x you are so budefuhl boy jb xx

  • Justin por q te pusiste asi tu eras el chico mas sexy y bello del mundo ahora solo eres como un quinto lugar te extra#o tu no eres el mismo no te distraigas de tu carrera nosotras tus fans te apoyamos y aunq seas un quinto lugar igual te amo y te apoyo asiq afuera selena a fuera distracciones como ella y investiga en internet la verdada sobre selena gomez y ve con cuantos chicos salio antes de ti solo por q en el momento eran los mas famosos abre los ojos justin ella te esta utilizando. Bueno en fin te deseo la mejor de las suertes y te amo